The Changing Climate – “It’s a shame there isn’t more global warming – in my neck of the woods, at least. We could use some. Even though it is early summer, it feels like late winter. Temperatures in my part of SW Virginia have been in the high 40s – during the day – and colder at night. We lost several chicks to cold that ought not to be around anymore, by now. We still have the propane heater heating us – and it’s normal for us to turn the thing off in early April. There was a winter storm warning in effect for parts of West Virginia that aren’t far from us – with 6-8 inches of heavy snow expected. In May. Three weeks away from June. It looks like the globe is cooling rather than warming – which would make sense given how little C02 there is in the air to keep us warm. That is probably why one rarely hears much about global warming anymore. Instead, the climate is changing. Indeed, it is. It always has. Just as people change, over time. The young get old – and are replaced by new young. Leaves come – and go. The Earth’s climate does the same, essentially, over a much longer time-scale. People tend to confuse – and conflate – changing weather with changing climate. But they are not synonymous, though they may be related.” – Eric Peters  – ANOTHER GOOD READ FROM ERIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

King Charles and the Globalists set meeting for September at which they will plot how to accelerate goals of U.N. Agenda 2030 and the complete digitization of humanity – “The World Economic Forum and United Nations are so concerned that the goals of Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development and the Great Reset (aka technocracy under a one-world beast system) are in jeopardy of not being fulfilled by the appointed date, that they have called for a summit in September to discuss how they can kickstart their stalled totalitarian agenda. The September 18-19 Summit in New York will “mark the beginning of a new phase of accelerated progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals,” according to the U.N. website.” – Leo Hohmann

As a Digitized Iron Curtain Descends, Spiritual Faith Rises – “Two trend lines extend into the future. One tracks government’s increased oppression, surveillance, and social control. The other tracks people’s rising spiritual faith, desire for personal freedom, and determination that government should leave them alone. This is our reality. It also exposes the chink in totalitarianism’s armor.” – J.B. Shurk

The aspirin police – “SWAT did you say? what is it with every single government employee EXCEPT for teachers being armed and trained like they work for elliot ness?” – Gatito Bueno   – GUNS FOR ME BUT NOT FOR THEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will the Mass Poisoning of Our Skies Cause a Killing Field Effect? – “The term Chemtrails, while accurate, is a common term that has been widely mis-used by the general population and media, certainly by design, Those who expose this fraud are of course, generally called “conspiracy theorists.” This is most always an unwarranted and rhetorical ad hominem attack on character instead of examining substance; all in order to avoid any discussion of what is a valid subject matter concerning the top-down manipulation of weather, and the poisoning of all living things. There is actually manmade weather engineering, and toxic spraying of metals and chemicals, but that has not occurred due to one driving a car, or taking a trip on a plane, but has been affected by government and military operations. In other words, global warming, global cooling, or the benign term, ‘climate change,’ are intentional acts, and not due simply to human existence and the basic daily functions of life.” – Gary D. Barnett

BioNTech’s 30 Billion Reasons – “The real winner in the Covid-19 vaccine sweepstakes is the German company BioNTech, not Pfizer.” – Robert Kogon

World On Cusp Of Woke Totalitarianism As Governments Act To End Freedom Of Speech – “Media blackout as politicians in EU, US, UK, Brazil, Ireland, Canada, and Australia seek to jail citizens for wrongthink under the cover of a Big Lie about “hate speech”” – Michael Shellenberger and Alex Gutentag

Why Is It Easier To Get This Deadly Treatment Than Ivermectin? – “Fentanyl Flows Into the US Like Water” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

Daniel Estulin, Derrick Broze and the Technocratic State (VIDEO) – “Researcher Daniel Estulin interviews journalist Derrick Broze about his book, How to Opt-Out of the Technocratic State, and how to fight the coming technocratic tyranny.” – The Conscious Resistance Network

How Will The Aristocracy Keep What They’ve Stolen? Part 1 – “Doomsday bunkers, stateless storage facilities, killer robot dogs…wait, what?” – Johnj Rubino

Project Soul Catcher By Dr. Robert Duncan – CIA Capabilities Of Mind and Soul Hacking – “It has been quite the journey to understand pure EVIL. Watching the world move into this Transhumanist Satanic war that uses extreme deception of the masses, bioweapons containing nanotechnology, induces war, famines, HAARP induced earthquakes, geoengineering with the destruction of the entire biosphere, medical establishment as a means to legally chip and kill people. All to ensure that the “useless eaters” are being depopulated and that this is the “last generation of humans as the soul and the spirit will be a thing of the past” according to WEF representatives Juval Harari.” – Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD

Will Anyone Be Held Accountable for the 300,000 Americans Murdered by the COVID-19 Shots in 2021? – Brian Shilhavy


Visibility Filtering 101 – “The way this template (i.e., model) works is, nothing is actually officially “censored,” not in the way we normally think of it. Or … OK, sure, a few things are, but most of what gets censored on the Internet — by global corporations like Twitter, Facebook, and Google, in collaboration with governments, Intelligence agencies, and an ever-expanding network of shady NGOs and so-called “disinformation experts” — is not censored, technically. Instead, it is “visibility filtered.” As most of my regular readers are aware, Twitter has been “visibility filtering” my Consent Factory account with these fake “age-restricted adult content” labels for years. It started sometime during 2021 and has increased under the Musk regime. Obviously, I don’t tweet “adult content.” I tweet political satire and commentary. Twitter knows this. Everyone even passingly familiar with my writing knows this. These fake “adult content” labels are just a pretext to censor my political speech.” – CJ Hopkins

The New Ugly Americans – “How odd that those on the Left who in the past decried “American imperialism” are now proving the greatest imperialists of all.” – Victor Davis Hanson

Does Government Believe in the Constitution? – “Last week, FBI officials boasted that in 2022 their agents had spied on only 120,000 Americans without search warrants! Under the Constitution, that number should be ZERO. This revelation is supposed to give members of Congress comfort that the folks we have hired to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution are in fact doing so. In reality, the FBI and their cousins at the National Security Agency continue to assault and violate a core freedom protected by the Constitution — the right to be left alone.” – Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

Example: How Propaganda is Done –  PBS/Frontline Reports on Press Freedom Day – “You cannot sincerely believe in Press Freedom while simultaneously supporting Julian Assange’s imprisonment. Question your sources. May 3rd is press freedom day and the propaganda outlets are using it as an opportunity to project themselves as champions of a free press while pushing propaganda” – Sarah Westall

Cable Guy Gone…..But Not For Long! – “We are not sure what the Murdochs were smoking last Monday morning when they shot the immensely profitable Fox News Channel in the kneecaps, but we do know that Tucker Carlson was one of a kind among commentators in the vast journalistic wasteland otherwise known as television news. Indeed, on issue after issue in recent years Tucker treaded forthrightly where his MSM competitors in both print and broadcast media feared to go. Perhaps that was because he was deeply informed, historically read and literate and possessed of an incisive, open, inquisitive mind that was not about to play passive stenographer to either the Deep State or the lobbies and corporate interests that suffuse the Washington beltway. Accordingly, Tucker has been nearly alone in smoking out the big issues of our time with a unique breadth, edge and consistency that neither Republican shills like Sean Hannity nor DNC conduits like Anderson Cooper and Rachel Maddow could hope to approach.” – David Stockman

Americans Have Something to Say That Biden Won’t Like to Hear – “President Joe Biden and his gun control advisors won’t like this news. One of the most consistently accurate and reputable polling organizations found more Americans oppose one of the president’s top gun control goals than support it. Monmouth found nearly half of Americans – 49 percent – oppose a federal ban on so-called “assault weapons.” The poll was released just days after the president once again called for a national ban on Modern Sporting Rifles (MSRs).” – Larry Keane

Illinois officials claim Second Amendment only protects handguns for self-defense – “I’ve seen a lot of dumb arguments from anti-gunners over the years, many of them repeated ad nauseam, so I’ll give Naperville, Illinois and its attorneys a small amount of credit for their originality in defending the city’s ban on so-called assault weapons in its latest filing with the Seventh Circuit.” – Cam Edwards

How do we know for sure that the Bidens are sinister? – “Everyone paying attention knows by now that Hunter Biden fathered a child with a woman with whom he met in D.C. and had a month-long affair. Hunter is a known pervert, according to the information and photographs on his laptop. The man is pond scum, an addict, a pedophile (some of the young girls he filmed himself with were clearly under-age), and a foreign agent. He had an affair with his brother’s widow then next, with the then-D.C. stripper with whom he fathered the child in question, Navy, now four year old. Hunter has never laid eyes on the girl. He tried to deny she was his, but a DNA test proved that he is indeed the girl’s father. He and his despicable parents refuse to acknowledge her existence. They deny her as their grandchild! Who does this? What kind of people do this? Grandchildren are one of life’s greatest blessings, whether they are expected or not, born into a marriage or not.” – Patricia McCarthy  – WHO DOES THIS? PEOPLE THAT DON’T GIVE A SHIT!!!!!

Antony Blinken’s ‘innocence’ claim adds to web of lies about Hunter Biden –

Chicago Mayor Tells Texas Governor to Stop Busing Illegal Immigrants to Chicago – “Gov. Abbott says take it up with Biden” – Ryan Morgan

A Libertarian Approach to Gun Control—That Will Actually Reduce Gun Deaths – “Donna’s Law has the potential to save thousands of lives, and its success will stem from embracing voluntary human action. It’s no secret that suicides account for the vast majority of gun deaths in the US. Though mass shootings receive the most attention, they account for less than one percent of gun deaths in America. Suicide by firearm, on the other hand, accounts for 60 percent of gun deaths in the US.” – Jon Miltimore

BRICS Is Expanding: Here’s Why That’s Very Concerning for the US – Daisy Luther

Something Is Rotten in Schmutzig Switzerland – “In a ‘business deal of the century’ brokered by the Swiss government, Switzerland’s largest bank and its financial pride and joy was acquired by its smaller rival USB for a meagre $3.2 billion. The current affairs sections of the leading news agencies have recently been populated by the breaking news that Credit Suisse had to be sold but to the lowest bidder this time or so it seems. Though this takeover deal, brokered in such a frantic haste over the course of just a few days by the Swiss government stands in silent testimony of this colossal collapse, there is a question hovering in mid air, why did Credit Suisse have to be sold so suddenly ‘at such short (banking) notice’, given that the giant bank has existed for 166 years with a superb banking tradition among other cutting-edge world banks? Apparently, the reason was the obstruction of the Credit Suisse Bank surrounding the investigation of the financial funds which had been deposited by the Nazis (yes, you’ve heard well, the ‘bad’ old Nazis) after the Second World War into the bank accounts of Credit Suisse and its legal predecessors:”- Natasha Wright

Russia’s Accusation That The US Plotted Putin’s Assassination Should Be Taken Seriously – “Russia has the right as a self-respecting state to respond to this US-ordered threat against its leader however it feels is most aligned with its objective national interests. Its policymakers, who obviously have much more information available to them than the public does, know how best to achieve this. Whatever they end up agreeing to do should be seen as a response to the latest unprecedented US provocation, however, thus making America fully responsible for it.” – Andrew Korybko

Is Someone Trying To Provoke Russia Into Using Tactical Nuclear Weapons Against Ukraine? – “When you are standing on the brink of the unthinkable, it can be way too easy for someone to come along and push you over the edge. I don’t know who just attacked the Kremlin with drones, but it was obviously done for a reason. Whoever did it knew, or should have known, that the Russians would strike back really hard.” – Michael Snyder

Embassy Evacuation: Sudan – “The American Embassy in Sudan is closed. What happens when an embassy is evacuated? What happens to private Americans in-country? The decision to close an embassy rises to the Secretary of State for approval. An embassy evacuation really is a virtual chess match that some State Department critics say is as much about political signals as it is about the safety of America’s diplomats. The mechanics of closing an embassy follow an established process, with only the time line varying. All embassies have standing evacuation procedures, called the Emergency Action Plan, that are updated regularly. A key component is the highly-classified “trip wires,” designated decision points. If the rebels advance past the river, take steps A-C. If the host government military is deserting, implement steps D and E, and so forth. Early actions include moving embassy dependents out of the country via commercial flights. ” – Peter Van Buren


Here We Go Again: Troubled California Bank PacWest Craters 60% On Report It Is Seeking Buyers Or Capital Raise – “…and it is dragging all regional banks down with it.” – Tyler Durden


Bank Contagion Spreads, Shares Plunge Again Despite Fed Assurances the System is Sound – “Regional bank stocks are taking it on the chin again today. Let’s investigate.” – Mish

Powell Swats Down Rate Cut in 2023, Purposefully Leaves in Doubt a “Pause” for June Meeting – “We’re going to be looking at those factors to determine whether there is more to do.” – Wolf Richter

What the Fed Says Today Really Isn’t Relevant Tomorrow – Michael Maharrey

What If the Fed Has Lost Control? – “When this bubble bursts, there will be no fourth or fifth bubble, there will only be rubble.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Why gold is always money- “That America faces a severe banking crisis has become plain to see, but the authorities’ response less so. Almost certainly, the crisis has much further to go in America, spreading to other jurisdictions. We can only hope that central banks will protect all depositors, but that is far from certain in this early stage. These febrile conditions are made infinitely more difficult by the contraction of bank credit. The cyclical nature of bank credit means that the shortage of credit will intensify, driving up borrowing costs even in the face of a recession. Interest rates are no longer under the control of central banks, though market participants have yet to realise it. It has important implications for the valuation of credit.” – Alasdair Macleod

Is The Federal Reserve Trying To Cause An Economic Depression? – Michael Snyder

First Quarter GDP Data: Recession In All But Name – “The Suckage Is Strong This Time” – Peter Nayland Kust

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –9.26EUR


Nuke Drills, Banking Freefall, And Continued Rising Food Prices & Shortages All Have One Commonality: The Need To Be Prepared At A Moment’s Notice For Total Chaos And ‘The Unthinkable’ – Susan Duclos

Combat Boots 101 – “The term ‘combat boot’ can mean a lot of different things to a lot of people. However, I think that most of us envision the classic polished black boots soldiers wear when we hear the words ‘combat boot.’ For a long time, those classic high-ankle combat boots were the only option for anyone wanting to purchase a set for themselves. In 2023 however, dozens of companies manufacture tactical footwear that would be considered combat boots. When purchasing combat boots, there are several factors that you need to consider.” – Michael Major  – A MORE APT TERM THESE DAYS IS TACTICAL BOOTS RATHER THAN COMBAT BOOTS!!!

Our vulnerability to cyberattacks and personal countermeasures you should take – “The United States is fighting a losing war, and the American people are kept in the dark about it. No, I’m not talking about the War on Drugs since we lost this one a while ago. The war I’m referring to is a new type of war taking place in the cyber arena, cyber warfare. With rapid advancements in technology, the value of information has skyrocketed, and our infrastructure is constantly under attack by both amateur and professional hackers.” – Bob Rodgers


Luke 11:21    When a strong man armed keepeth his palace, his goods are in peace: