UN Secretary Laments World Not Adopting Sustainable Development Goals, Calls for New Commitment – ” On Tuesday UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres revealed the latest Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Progress Report shows a significant lack of progress. Guterres noted that the world is halfway to the 2030 deadline but only 12 percent of the SDGs are on track to be completed. The UN SDGs are a collection of 17 interlinked goals designed to be a “blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all”. The SDGs were set in 2015 by the United Nations General Assembly with the intention of achieving them by the year 2030. The SDGs were part of a larger resolution known as the 2030 Agenda, or Agenda 2030, aimed ostensibly at fighting climate change.” – Derrick Broze

Thermographic Imaging Shows Massive Blood Clots in the Asymptomatic Vaxxed (VIDEO) – Greg Reese – GOOD VIDEO FROM GREG!!!!!

Proof that the Vaccines Were a Military-Backed Countermeasure – Sasha Latypova

How Pfizer Bribes Led to Vaccine Mandates – Dr. Joseph Mercola

America (Finally) Admitted Recycling Doesn’t Work – “A few years ago, after sending my five-year-old daughter off to school, she came home reciting the same cheerful environmental mantra I was taught in elementary school. “Reduce, reuse, recycle,” she beamed, proud to show off a bit of rote learning. Recycling makes people feel good, but the idea that it improves the condition of humans or the planet is highly dubious. The moral virtue of recycling is rarely questioned in the United States. It has been ingrained into the American psyche over several decades. Cost is the key word. Like any activity or service, recycling is an economic activity. The dirty little secret is that the benefits of recycling have been dubious for some time.” – Jon Miltimore

Ivermectin ban lifted, Australia – “The ban on off-label prescribing of the anti-viral drug has been in place for over 18 months” – Rebekah Barnett

Washington Post covers up the role of bureaucrats in making the pandemic worse – “No matter how many lies or evasions Fauci and CDC made up, most of the media went along. People were told they would kill people if they gathered together. Churches were closed and fined if they refused to comply with the bureaucrats’ edicts. The CDC, unions, and other Democrats colluded to keep kids out of schools and sports. If Republicans opened schools, the media and other Democrats said they were intentionally killing people. No matter how many lies or evasions Fauci and CDC made up, most of the media went along. People were told they would kill people if they gathered together. Churches were closed and fined if they refused to comply with the bureaucrats’ edicts. The CDC, unions, and other Democrats colluded to keep kids out of schools and sports. If Republicans opened schools, the media and other Democrats said they were intentionally killing people.” – Jack Hellner

After years-long pandemic mandates, German Health Ministry admit they have no idea whether or to what degree masks prevent SARS-2 infection at all – “Pandemic mythology continues its slow decay.” – eugyppius

A Ban on Gas Stoves Is Officially Here – “Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm claimed the controversy was overblown and told Congress the government wasn’t banning all gas stoves. But in New York, starting today, all gas hookups on new buildings are banned. This includes hookups for gas furnaces and gas stoves. ” – Katie Pavlich

Testing and Filtering Your Water – #SolutionsWatch (VIDEO) – James Corbett


Suicidal Culture of Corruption – “There is one important question: Do you want to save this nation? I understand if you don’t. It’s hard to see what it was from what it is and sometimes it’s easier to let something crash, or to help it crash, in order to build something better in its place. The only thing most of us can agree on is that if those institutions we have always relied on had only done their job, fulfilled their stated mission, we wouldn’t be suffering the insanity that we are, but they’ve all been turned. Schools are communist indoctrination and Antifa recruiting centers. Hospitals are killing fields and laws are only used against the law-abiding.” – T.L. Davis  – VERY GOOD READ FROM T.L. ONCE AGAIN!!!!!!

Although Scarred by Violence, We Must Not Be Scared into Silence – “We have entered the time when the destruction of all life on earth through nuclear war is imminent unless a radical transformation occurs. If the word imminent sounds extreme, it is worth considering that there will be no announcement. The time to speak up is now. It is always now. For we have nuclear weapons now, not bows and arrows and spears. We have nuclear weapons hitched to computers. Digital weapons of multiple sorts and mad leaders intent on pushing us to the brink of extinction. The United States’ instigation of the war in Ukraine against Russia and its push for war with China are current prime examples. ” – Edward Curtin  – GOOD ONE FROM EDWARD AS WELL!!!!

Take Care Of America First! We Are Sending Mountains Of Money Overseas But Our Own Communities Are Dying – “Why do our politicians insist on showering other countries with money when our own communities are degenerating into rotting, decaying hellholes right in front of our eyes? We just learned that the Biden administration has decided to give Ukraine another 300 million dollar aid package.” – Michael Snyder

No, AI will not “kill 300 million jobs” (sorry media) – “Because technology never works like that. The literal point of technology is to eliminate jobs. Always was. How many jobs did the tractor take from famers? The cotton mill, The dishwasher, The forklift, The stamping press? How many did they take? The fabric mill, The assembly line, The robot? And yet we never run out of jobs. Goods and services get cheaper in real terms and new jobs are created.” – El Gato Malo

IRS has spent $10M on weapons, ammo and combat gear since 2020: watchdog – Victor Nava

A Record Low 13 Percent of Eighth Grade Students Are Proficient in History – “The Nation’s Report Card for history for 2022 is shockingly low. I have the solution.” – Mish  – BACK IN THE 60S AND 70S YOU HAD TO KNOW HISTORY AND THE CONSTITUTION TO PASS EIGHTH GRADE. NOW THAT THEY ARE TRYING TO CHANGE HISTORY AND CREATE FALSE HISTORY DOES IT REALLY MATTER ANYMORE IF STUDENTS ARE PROFICIENT!!!!!!!!!!

The first woke president – “Joe Biden has institutionalised identitarian dogma. As it stands, America is faced with a deathly rerun of 2020. No doubt, this is an unpalatable choice for most Americans: according to a recent poll, 70 per cent would rather Biden didn’t run again, while 60 per cent would rather Trump didn’t run again. But whatever else one might say about the relative merits – or lack thereof – possessed by these two candidates, one thing is crystal clear: those who said Biden would put a lid on the mini cultural revolution engulfing America were completely and utterly wrong.” – Tom Slater

Yes, The Trans Movement Is Coming For Your Kids – “An attempt by Minnesota Democrats to tinker with a statute defining sexual orientation is part of a broader attempt to normalize pedophilia.” – John Daniel Davidson

US Navy hires active-duty drag queen to be face of recruitment drive – “The US Navy invited an active-duty drag queen to be a “Digital Ambassador” – as part of a recent drive “to attract the most talented and diverse workforce” and combat plunging recruitment.” – Yaron Steinbuch  – EVERYBODY WILL BE SIGNING UP NOW. WHAT A JOKE THE MILITARY HAS BECOME!!!!!


Russian MP Says “Time To Launch Missile Attack On Zelensky’s Residence” After Putin Targeted – “Zelensky’s office is insisting it had nothing to do with the drone strike on the Kremlin, which Russian officials say was a “terrorist” attempt to assassinate President Putin:” – Tyler Durden

Watch – Powerful Speech by Sergey Lavrov at the UN Security Council – ” Russia is most definitely not the good guy but its politicians and diplomats speak a lot of sense. This may be part of Russia’s plan to destabilise the West but in such chaotic times, all voices and opinions should be heard. Banning Russian TV channels and censoring speeches will only ever make the situation worse. I have to report on this speech because the Western media won’t.” – The Naked Emperor

New BBC Report Insinuates Russia Blew Up Nord Stream Pipeline – “Back to this nonsense” – Steve Watson

Macron is waging an all-out class war – “Opponents of his pension reforms are being brutalised with impunity. May Day is meant to be a celebration of working people. In France, 1 May is a public holiday. It’s a reminder of the fact that workers’ rights were first achieved through struggle and can only be maintained through continuous action. This May Day, protesters were in the streets across France in large numbers – around 2.3million of them, according to a trade-union source. The main impetus for Monday’s protests was Emmanuel Macron’s notorious pensions reforms. The public sees these reforms as a form of class warfare. This is because raising the retirement age from 62 to 64 only really affects those who started working earlier in life – that is, the working class.” – Charles Devellennes  – NOTHING IN THE U.S. MSM ABOUT 2.3 MILLION WORKING CLASS PEOPLE PROTESTING. DON’T WANT TO GIVE THE WORKING CLASS HERE ANY IDEAS!!!!


JPMorgan Buys First Republic. One Day Later – “Wall Street Seems Less Than Happy” – Peter Nayland Kust

There Was a Blood Bath in Some Bank Stocks Yesterday: So Much for Jamie Dimon’s Prediction That It’s the End of the Banking Crisis – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

What Happened Yesterday… and Why Regional Banks Are in Trouble – “Thus far in 2023, there have been three major bank failures. And I do mean MAJOR: all told the three banks had $532 billion in assets. That amount is actually greater in size that the combined assets of the 25 banks that failed in 2008. What is going on here? What is going on is that the Fed created this mess… and bad risk management at the banks has exacerbated it.” – Graham Summers, MBA

We Can’t Afford to Let Biden “Finish the Job” (VIDEO) – “He hasn’t accomplished anything other than running up the debt, weakening the economy, and strengthening inflation.” – Peter Schiff

Crystal Balls, Soothsayers and AI, Oh My! – “Of the many astounding developments of the current era (AI!), none is more remarkable than the proliferation of soothsayers peering into crystal balls to predict The Most Important Trend In The Universe–a Bull or Bear stock market.” – Charles Hugh Smith

BE READY! Expect To See One Or Two MAJOR BANKS FAIL. This Thing Is Just Getting Started. (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino

COMEX Gold JOLTed Again – “Precious metal prices are rallying as it becomes clearer that the Fed’s reckless policy of continued rate hikes is having a significant detrimental effect on the U.S. economy. Just as the Fed delayed hiking rates by claiming inflation was “transitory”, the same “experts” are now crushing economic growth by overhiking rates. Just as summer follows winter, the Fed will soon begin a renewed cycle of rate cuts and QE. The COMEX precious metals sense this and have responded accordingly, with prices up significantly from the lows in late 2022.” – Craig Hemke

Back to the Future: The Biden Administration’s Loan Level Price Adjustment and a Repeat of the Housing Crisis -“The Biden Administration is back to its usual shenanigans. Just a month ago, it proposed an outrageous budget of almost $7 trillion of unconstitutional spending, complete with an obfuscatory smoke-and-mirrors spin about reducing the annual deficit, while increasing the national debt, punitive taxes, and more hubristic industrial policy. This time, the Biden Administration is attempting to play with mortgages, in an effort reminiscent of the pre-2007 federal follies that gave us the housing crisis and the Great Recession. The rule violates the federal government’s constitutional powers; it violates the dictates of fairness; and it violates the most basic tenets of financial prudence. At best, it would punish those who have saved diligently and managed their money carefully. At worst, it would place the individuals it is designed to help in a precarious position, saddling them with mortgages that many will not be able to service.” – Nikolai G. Wenzel and H. Shelton Weeks

New Bank Failures Accelerate Global Gold Rush – Peter Reagan

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –9.59EUR


The Scary Truth About Living in Big Cities During the Turbulent Times Ahead – “For someone living in a city who’s hoping to be left in peace, there’s no chance of that in a riot. Sooner or later, you have to go out, and when you do, you may become a casualty.” – Jeff Thomas

Hammock Hacks For The Outdoors People – “Sleep is often overlooked as a crucial element in survival situations, despite its profound psychological and physical benefits for recovering from stress. ” – Bob Rodgers

First 3 Survival Rules During Civil Unrest / Social Chaos- It May Just be That Crime Rises Due to A Financial Crisis, Or It Could be Full-Blown Social Unrest And Riots That We Face. – Dave Jefferson

Emotional Attachment to a Home Is a Hazard – “It’s almost impossible to avoid developing such a strong connection with the home or the land that feeds us and shelters us and our loved ones. However, when a home is invaded by violent gangs, the emotional attachment can lead to dangerous consequences.” – J.G. Martinez D

50 Uses For Aluminum Foil In Your Homestead- Michael B


Psalm 26:11    But as for me, I will walk in mine integrity: redeem me, and be merciful unto me.