Top Ten Quotes from the NYT Fauci Interview – “Billed as the most in-depth interview yet, the New York Times published a very long piece that contains some rather startling admissions, claims, and defenses from Anthony Fauci, the face of lockdowns and shot mandates. The author and interviewer is David Wallace-Wells, who before (and now after) Covid specialized in writing about climate change, invokes every predictable trope. So there was a sense in which this interview was a lovefest between the two. Still it netted some interesting results. If not for the flu vaccine, what is gain-of-function’s purpose? The creation of bioweapons and vaccines to confound them? The track record of this looks awful. Fauci and his friends keep trying to close the book on the Covid epoch. They have settled on the messaging and are doing everything possible to tie it all up in a bow in hopes that everyone will move on. The mainstream media wants to move on too. Everyone guilty for the wreckage wants to do the same, particularly the elites in every sector that pushed for and celebrated the mass violation of human rights. They are wrong. The book is not closed and will not be until we get honest answers.” – Jeffrey A. Tucker  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM JEFFREY!!!!!


The Washington Post tells us what the experts got wrong and right – “I tell you: Don’t listen to The Washington Post or its “seasoned experts.” The Washington Post’s motto is “Democracy dies in darkness.” Indeed it does. In fact, people who live in a “democracy” can and do literally die when society’s major “watchdog” newspapers refuse to shine any light on dangerous falsehoods.” – Bill Rice Jr.

Canadian Government Report Unveils Anti-Capitalist Agenda – “Health Canada demands collectivism and an end to capitalism to fight climate change. With COVID largely in the review mirror, and as predicted by many, climate change is now being proffered as the public health emergency du jour. COVID is barely mentioned throughout the 72-page report, other than to make the case that climate action should provide the basis for the same level of policy interventions as taken under the pandemic.” – Mark E. Jeftovic

Globalists plan for future policing to be done by militarily-equipped, transhuman, robotic police – this needs to be stopped NOW! – Rhoda Wilson

Dr John Coleman, The Club of Rome, The Satanic Transhumanist Agenda And How The Elites Protect Themselves From Plagues They Start – Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD

Now They’re Trying Censor Your Text Messages – “The Censorship Industrial Complex wants to censor “problematic content” on WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, and other encrypted text messaging apps” – Michael Shellenberger

Can Justin Trudeau’s Canada get any more authoritarian? – “The Liberal Party’s new online-streaming bill is yet another egregious assault on our liberties. Canadians will soon be relieved of the stress of seeking out content they find interesting on social media. Instead they will be able to relax, while the government chooses it for them. While the ruling Liberal Party claims the bill ‘will not apply to user-generated digital content’, it rejected an amendment that would have explicitly protected individual users and creators. Creators are now understandably concerned that their content will be hidden away from the eyes of Canadians in favour of government-approved, politically correct ‘Canadian content’, referred to as CanCon.” – Meghan Murphy

Pfizer Quietly Financed Groups Lobbying for COVID Vaccine Mandates – “Many of the supposedly independent consumer, medical and civil rights groups that created the appearance of broad support for the mandate received funding from one of the vaccines’ manufacturers.” – Lee Fang

Autism Revelation: Associated Medical Conditions Point Clearly to a Common Avoidable Cause – “Autism is often concomitant with other medical conditions. (Un)Surprisingly these conditions systematically fit Bolus Theory pathologies, a sign of a common root cause: accidental IV injection.” – Marc Girardot

Wisconsin Town Fights Big Solar (And Climate Corporatism) – “Chicago-based Invenergy wants to cover about seven square miles of the tiny town of Christiana with solar panels. The town and local residents are suing to stop it.” – Robert Bryce


LISTEN UP ALL YOU WHITE PEOPLE: Who are black people? They’re the ones who want to REDUCE CRIME – “Who are white Democrats? They’re the ones who don’t give a shit about reducing crime. Now THAT’S titanically embarrassing. And when black people say they want to reduce crime, they don’t mean they want cops replaced by social service counselors with “programs” for “disaffected youths.” Black people are smarter than that. They know what reducing crime entails. Cops. Law-enforcement. Real prosecutors. White liberals and black activist grifters are the people who come on with “social programs” as remedies. There’s enough aid money floating around in black inner cities right now to build thousands of basketball courts. But that isn’t going to stop drugs and shootings and flash mobs. White liberals never set up town halls for residents of black neighborhoods, where the white people listen to what the LAW-ABIDING black residents really want. The white people just ASSUME. They always assume. They always know best.” – Jon Rappoport  – GOOD ONE FROM JON AS USUAL!!!!!

Fighting Putin for Empire – “Can presidents kill whomever they wish in the name of national security or empire building? In a word: No. But American presidents have had their hearts set on empire building since Thomas Jefferson engineered the Louisiana Purchase. Yet, unlike Wilson or Bush or Biden, Jefferson did so without violence or bloodshed. But the modern American empire builders surely think that they can kill any foe — real or imagined. Bush claimed that he had powers from some source other than the Constitution. And he also claimed he could strip Americans of their natural and constitutional rights — all for empire.” – Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

Tucker Carlson: Trust Fund Baby, Wannabe CIA – “Agent Tucker Carlson’s role was to intensify the “culture war,” an artifice construct to steer the American people into counterproductive squabbling and violence.” – Kurt Nimmo –  HAVE LINKED SEVERAL ARTICLES ON TUCKER, SOME PRO, SOME CON. HERE’S A GOOD ONE FROM KURT!!!!

Struck Down, Tucker Will Become More Powerful Than You Can Possibly Imagine – “Though Tucker may have been tossed off his perch at Fox (or jumped – we will eventually get the details on how this denouement went down), he will land on his feet and crush the libs beneath his preppy Topsiders. Fox, on the other hand, will face some challenges. It does not absolutely own the conservatives today, if it ever did. The regime media and the leftists do not understand that a lot of conservatives have been annoyed with Fox for quite a while – these cons think Fox is soft. But that misunderstands what Fox is, or at least what it strives to be. Fox, for its part, has to both be the network that welcomes the 50% of Americans the regime media rejects and also maintain old school journalistic standards. The problem is that the Fox audience has little patience for old school journalistic standards in an age where the rest of the media slanders it as a bunch of racist, sexist monsters who think that only women can get pregnant.” – Kurt Schlichter

So Which Is It? – “Do we want the Truth? Or do we acknowledge that we can’t handle the Truth?” – Sage Hana

Fox News Decision to settle Dominion lawsuit for more than three-quarters of a billion dollars makes no sense – “Something fishy here. First, corporate executives don’t give away $787 million of shareholders’ money without a test of the claim in court. The uncontested amount is so large that one wonders if Fox News itself paid it or whether this almost $800 million was a gift funneled through an uncontested lawsuit to fund Dominion by our ruling elites. Second, it is not defamation to report the news. Tucker Carlson reported the claims of experts. That is news reporting. Dominion’s defamation lawsuit should have been filed against the experts. It wasn’t, because the experts had the evidence. Third, Experts supplied evidence that the Dominion voting machines could be programmed to count votes differently from how the votes were cast; experts supplied evidence that the machines could be hacked; experts supplied evidence that the voting machines were connected to the Internet. Fox News could have called these experts as expert witnesses. By agreeing to settle, Fox News refused the evidence its day in court. Why?” – Paul Craig Roberts

Dominion vs. ‘Russian Collusion’ and ‘Disinformation’ – “Massaging a U.S. election by conspiring to concoct a disinformation campaign must be as actionable as Dominion’s postelection claim of $757 million in damages. That’s exactly what happened in 2016. Fox settled with Dominion reportedly to avoid messy revelations of its internal texts and to stop the hemorrhaging of its brand. But by doing so, the network may have inadvertently set a dubious standard that any speculative opinion, voiced in public media, however nutty and later proven to be inaccurate, will be actionable. If that is the standard, we are going to see a lot more costly lawsuits.” – Victor Davis Hanson  – VICTOR COMES TO PRETTY MUCH THE SAME CONCLUSION AS DR. ROBERTS ABOVE!!!

‘Finish The Job’ Sounds More Like A Threat Than A Promise – “Perhaps Biden thinks he can hide out in his basement again and keep shouting “MAGA extremists!” Maybe he figures that the press will do his campaigning for him (which is a safe bet). Perhaps he and his inner circle hope another pandemic will come along to rescue him. Biden’s best chance, in our view, is that Republicans do what they do best: blow a golden opportunity. Just like they did in the 2022 midterms.” – I & I Editorial Board

“I Left Somebody Out – Didn’t I.. Anyway You’re Confusing Me!” Biden Gets Stumped By Little Girl Asking How Many Grandchildren He Has – Snubs Hunter’s Lovechild with Stripper (VIDEO) – Cristina Laila

BOTH Major Parties Pursuing Lenin’s “Capitalism”-destruction Strategy – ““The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them down between the millstones of taxation and inflation,” goes a line apparently misattributed to Vladimir Lenin. While the quotation is more likely a paraphrase of Lenin by famed economist John Maynard Keynes, it also “seems like a pretty good description of what the Biden administration is doing to America’s middle class,” wrote the New York Post a year ago already. A path of currency destruction is precisely what our government is pursuing. And both major parties are guilty — though perhaps for different reasons.” – Selwyn Duke

“You’ll Be Poor and Like It, Beggar!” – “The Bank of England’s Chief Economist tells the English peasantry they must accept being worse off. es, what Pill is intimating, if not outright commanding, is that while the Bank of England can print up trillions of British Pounds to finance things like lockdowns, the English people must eat the resulting price rises. The British elite love throwing around the term “fair share,” as if they ever take it themselves. No one has ever been able to specifically define what a “fair share” is.” – Sean Ring

Biden threatens North Korea with annihilation – “A nuclear attack by Pyongyang would “result in the end” of Kim Jong-un’s regime, the US president has warned” – RT  – AS I STATED YESTERDAY, BIDEN IS NOW TRYING TO PISS OFF NORTH KOREA  ALONG WITH EVERYBODY ELSE!!!!

Self-identified firearms amateur running Biden’s ATF is at the door – “Thought it couldn’t get worse than David Chipman, the former Gabby Giffords gun control lobbyist who lied about Waco and denigrated firearms owners as lowbrow rubes? Haven’t we learned by now not to underestimate the anti-American agenda of the decaying corpse currently stinking up the Oval Office? Enter Steve Dettelbach, the gun-grabbing Democrat at the helm of the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) — he’s insatiable, and your pistol brace is back on the menu — and he’s citing ignorance because after all, he’s an attorney, not a “firearms expert”. ” – Olivia Murray

Where Did All the Biden Illegal Immigrants Go? Hard-Up Sanctuary Cities Are Only Part of the Answer – “No one knows exactly how many people have poured across the southwestern U.S. border since President Biden took office, or where they’ve gone since. The official number of encounters by Customs and Border Patrol stands at 5.2 million people, logged over the last two full federal fiscal years and fiscal 2023 through March. But that number is imprecise because it includes repeat encounters with the same people and omits the many who slipped into the country unnoticed by border agents. Under President Biden, the U.S. smashed past the 200,000 monthly encounters mark for the first time in July 2021 and it has repeatedly topped that record in the months since.” – James Varney

Biden Energy Secretary Wants All US Military Vehicles To Be Electric By 2030 – “As if the US military was not already crippled by woke activism at the highest levels of the Department of Defense, the latest news suggests that the nation’s military vehicle fleet will be hobbled as well. ” – Tyler Durden  – JUST PULL UP THE TANK TO THE CLOSEST CHARGING STATION IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DESERT OR JUNGLE OR WHEREVER THEY MAY BE FIGHTING AT!!!

Mr. Lavrov’s New York Shuffle – “Now picture a true gentleman, the foremost diplomat of these troubled times, in total command of the facts and endowed with a delightful sense of humor, taking a perilous walk on the wild side, to quote iconic Lou Reed, and emerging unscathed. In fact, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s New York moment – as in his two interventions before the UN Security Council on April 24 and 25 – performed the diplomatic equivalent of bringing the house down. At least the sections of the house inhabited by the Global South – or Global Majority.” – Pepe Escobar

Britain Confirms Depleted Uranium Munitions are Now in Ukraine – “Ukraine was provided the controversial munitions for their British-made Challenger 2 tanks” – Dave DeCamp

Russia Is Right: “Political Engineering” From Abroad Is Responsible For The Sudanese Crisis – Andrew Korybko

Pivotal Moment in India-Russia Relations – “Most relationships undergo transition with the passage of time from appreciation of each other to a “state of having,” a desire to possess or even to control the other. But the present pivotal moment in the Russian-Indian relationship shows that an equal relationship does not fall into that trap.” – M. K. Bhadrakumar


More Bank Shenanigans – “Commercial real estate has just as many powerful oligarchs as the tech sector, maybe more. That means everyone is going to be betting on yet another massive bailout of the banking sector. All of this is a good reminder that America stopped being a market economy a long time ago due to the outsized role of banking. When you have control of the global currency, you can conjure money from thin air. When you have that power, you use it to command things of the economy that otherwise would not exist. That means this command economy is going to keep faltering as the people commanding it lose their power to command it to do things it should never have done.”- The Z Man

One Of The Largest Banks In The United States Is On The Verge Of Going Under – “As of March 31st, First Republic had approximately 290 billion dollars in assets, and that makes it much larger than Silicon Valley Bank was when it finally imploded. A 30 billion dollar rescue plan that was hastily put together last month was supposed to stabilize First Republic, but that hasn’t worked. On Tuesday, First Republic shares fell by about 50 percent after the public learned that “customers withdrew more than $100 billion during last month’s crisis”…” – Michael Snyder

Warren Buffett Would Like a Word With You – “Warren Buffett is arguably the greatest investor of all time. Put simply, this is a man who got unbelievably rich from the markets. So when Warren Buffet speaks on the subject of stocks, it’s a good idea to listen.” – Graham Summers, MBA  – ALTHOUGH NOT ACTUALLY RELATED UNCLE WARREN IS WORTH 100 BILLION AND COUSIN JIMMY IS WORTH A BILLION AND THEY ARE FRIENDS!!!!!!!!

Bed Bath and Beyond Bankruptcy Could Foreshadow Bigger Troubles for Retailers – “Bed Bath and Beyond might be a canary in the coal mine. The home goods retailer filed for bankruptcy earlier this week. And according to research by UBS, this is likely just the beginning of a surge of retail store closures.” – Schiff Gold


Consumers, Governments Spent like Drunken Sailors in Q1. Private Investment Plunge & Inventory Change Dogged GDP – “Americans came out of their funk they’d been in late last year. They’re 70% of GDP. And they blew money left and right; spending on durable goods spiked!” – Wolf Richter

Two Experts Agree: Home Prices Are Headed Down Hard – “Owners of vacant houses are about to panic” – John rubino

The dollar falls behind the yuan for the first time in Chinese cross-border transactions – Jindong Zhang, Winni Zhou and Tom Westbrook

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 9.89EUR


How to attract natural garden predators to help you get rid of pests – Bob Rodgers

15 Most Nutritious Plants To Grow In Your Garden – Alan Urban

Dehydrated Banana Slices – How to Make and Store Them To Last – “Dehydrated banana slices. Do you already have a dehydrator? Then don’t miss out on this yummy treat. They’re pretty simple to make. Here’s how I do it, how I store them, and how long they may last.” – Ken Jorgustin


Proverbs 6:6-7   Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise: Which having no guide, overseer, or ruler,