Fed Now . . . and What’s Next – “It was just, you know, the “Fed.” That is about to change. Come July, the Fed will involve itself directly in the affairs of Americans, via Fed Now – a chirpily named etiolation of the “Fed’s” manipulation of the nation’s money supply. The object now isn’t manipulation as much as it is habituation. To “federal” control over what you are allowed to buy and sell with the digital money it controls. FedNow is the Beta version of what is meant to become the Fed’s Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). It is just a matter of getting people used to it. As they got used to wearing Face Diapers. To being fondled as a condition of travel. To election months rather than election day. And so many other such things. All in good time, my pretty, the wicked witch says.” – Eric Peters

Defibs in Public Spaces: Predictive Cull the Herd Programming or Benevolent Daddy Gubmint Cares about YOU, Dear Citizen – “Maybe we’ll do Milk Cartons with Abducted Kids next? My gut tells me that this was all mapped out. And putting a bunch of defibs out in public spaces with results or not to stem the incredible tide of public heart attacks or cardiac arrests or commotio cordis or SADS…was not the point. The point was to normalize that your heart is a delicate flower and your gubmint loves you and wants to help when you clutch your chest and fall down in the McDonald’s or airport. But maybe I just see phantoms everywhere.” – Sage Hana

WHO Warns Of “Biological Risk” During Violent Seizure Of Lab In Sudan – “The World Health Organization has warned of a possible “biological risk” after Sudanese fighters took over the National Public Health Laboratory in the capital Khartoum.” – Mac Slavo  – AND WHO IS BEHIND THE BIOLOGICAL RESEARCH. THEY ARE. THEY HELPED TO FUND THIS LAB. IMAGINE THAT!!!

With a COVID vaccine reckoning coming, Canada’s PM Justin Trudeau tries a ‘limited hangout’ – ” It doesn’t take a genius to anticipate that a reckoning is coming for those who hyped the jabs, downplayed alternatives, and even coerced people into receiving the drugs whose long-term side effects are unknown. One non-genius who sees this is Justin Trudeau, Canada’s prime minister.” – Thomas Lifson

Decorated Russian General Says More Advanced Civilizations Are Keeping An Eye on Planet Earth – “If one person is making an extraordinary claim it can be hard to believe. But one of the most intriguing aspects about the UFO phenomenon is the fact that there are literally hundreds of respected high-ranking military/intelligence people from around the world who have made similar claims. What lends even more credibility to these testimonies, beyond the sheer number of them, is the evidence (photos, videos, radar tracking data etc) that’s now accessible within the public domain. What’s questionable, however, is the fact that these testimonies remain mostly unacknowledged within the mainstream. Instead, governments now have a monopoly on information and are primed to explain the phenomenon “officially” to the public. I don’t know where “mainstream” UFO disclosure is going, but it’s concerning that hundreds of high-ranking “whistleblowers” have never ever been acknowledged, nor their stories shared publicly. And it’s concerning that governments and big media have such a strong record of using their influence to shape the perception of the masses with regard to various global phenomena. Why should we believe the topics of UFOs or “UAPs” as they are now termed, will be any different?” – Arjun Walia

Just 3% of Australians Are Aware That the Great Barrier Reef is at a Record High, Survey Finds – “These findings are not a surprise, since the true picture on the reef has been downplayed, even hidden, by mainstream interested parties in the media and in science. For decades, scientists and their media messengers have hyped up the temporary loss of coral to secure grants and promote political causes surrounding climate Armageddon. It obviously worked – and is still working.” – Chris Morrison

Hijacking The Soul: Dr. Mihalcea Exposes Transhumanist Agenda (VIDEO) – “Dr. Ana Mihalcea of joins guest host Maria Zeee on The Alex Jones Show to expose the transhumanist agenda to digitize and surveil the global population.” – Maria Zeee


Perception Can Be Reality, and Reality Can Be Perception: So What Is Real? – “I guess this subject boils down to the obvious truth, that one sees what he wants to see, whether or not reality, logic, and conscience, are in direct contradiction to that perception. So long as the compliant dolts of this society believe they are free when they are not, they will take the easy way, accept all government stipends, follow all the ‘rules,’ and pretend that they are happy, because they will not have to make any decision for themselves. Truth and risk, you see, are not accepted by most, and this is a recipe for totalitarian rule to prosper.” – Gary D. Barnett

If You Can’t Beat Him In The Ratings – “s, Tucker Carlson applied to work at the CIA in the 1980s, prior to 9-11, during the Cold War, while a broke newlywed and after dropping out of college. Yes, his father worked for Voice of America and the U.S. information agency during the Cold War. No, Tucker was not hired and never worked at the CIA. If you watched his show over the past five years and still think he’s “a CIA shill” or “controlled opposition” I have just one question for you: Why if he was working for the CIA, and he had the highest-rated cable TV show for three years running, and he was doing his job as “controlled opposition” was his ousting just orchestrated by the…CIA, their election machine front company, and their Mockingbird media allies? No further questions your honor.” – The Good Citizen  – VERY GOOD READ FROM THE GOOD CITIZEN!!!

Fox News: Tucker Carlson – Soros – Dominion – and Abby Grossberg… A Tangled WEB – “In 2022, Rupert Murdoch was considering merging Fox Corporation back to News Corp control. Lachlan wasn’t fond of the idea – so it was dropped in favor of Fox Corp aggressively pursuing mergers and acquisitions. Suddenly, in the midst of the Dominion Lawsuit, Fox decides to settle. A week later, Fox fires two hosts and a producer without warning.” – Helena Glass – HELENA GOES DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE AS WELL!!!

Thank you, Tucker – “He spoke truth to the powerless. The loss of Tucker from Fox News isn’t an extinction-level event; rather, it’s like the death of the last of an endangered species. It’s depressing because you know there’s no replacement. Who else will argue for the poor and middle class from the right, voice such astute skepticism of the intelligence community and the war party, critique elites and politicians on all sides, promote the public good over corporate profits, fight the censors and disinformation experts, show contempt for Anthony Fauci,” – Techno Fog

“Good Riddance”: Military-Industrial Complex Celebrates Tucker Carlson’s Fox News Exit – “DoD officials express their glee.” – Paul Joseph Watson

BBC Musk – “There is a whiff of desperation in the air and it is emanating from the BBC. Following Musk’s take over, the BBC was listed on Twitter as “government funded media.” While this is an accurate description of the BBC, it subsequently appealed to Twitter which agreed to change the description to “publicly funded media.” “Publicly funded” makes the BBC sound a bit more like the commercial or independent media that is voluntarily supported by its audience. But no one funds the BBC voluntarily. Even those who want to fund it are coerced into doing so. The BBC’s need to describe itself as “publicly” funded, intentionally misleads Twitter users. We are simply told that the BBC is trustworthy despite that evidently not being the case. To his credit, Musk had no problem offering a coherent definition of free speech. Providing it stays within the law—doesn’t incite violence or any other crime—he described it well: Musk made the BBC’s James Clayton look particularly silly during their discussion about Clayton’s allegation that “hate speech” had spiked on Twitter since Musk took the reigns.” – Iain Davis  – LENGTHY BUT GOOD ARTICLE ON MUSK, THE BBC, AND FREE SPEECH!!!

How The GOP Will Whiff On The Debt Ceiling Showdown – “There are three long-term budget numbers that tell you all you need to know about why the upcoming debt ceiling battle is likely to result in a big whiff when it comes to ameliorating that nation’s roaring fiscal crisis. Mandatory Programs: $48.2 trillion. Discretionary Programs: $21.2 trillion. Net Interest: $10.5 trillion” – David Stockman

US Presidential Elections Are Children’s Entertainment – “So Democrats mostly don’t want Biden to run again, but he is running again, and also there won’t be any Democratic primary debates while he runs again? That seems even more undemocratic than most US presidential elections. Possible campaign slogans: “Biden 2024: Eh you know you’ll vote for me anyway ya losers.” “Biden 2024: Because fuck you, that’s why.”” – Caitlin Johnstone

DNC Aborts Primary Debates, But Elections Are Still Officially Not AT ALL Rigged, And You Can See Photos of Mick Jagger On Stage If You Need Any Reassurance That Joe Biden Is A Young, Fit Rock Star – Celia Farber – THE ONLY THING THAT MICK AND BIDEN HAVE IN COMMON, IS MICK SINGS “START ME UP” AND BIDEN NEEDS SOMEONE TO START HIM UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

‘I Wanted [Biden] to Win:’ Former CIA Deputy Director on Why He Orchestrated ‘Russian Disinformation’ Letter – “Tipping elections and overthrowing governments is what the CIA does. But watching it in plain sight is stunning.” – Jon Miltimore

At least 89 rounds fired in Sweet 16 shooting in Alabama that killed 4 – “Five of the six suspects faced a judge who will determine their possible bail in the April 15 shootout. Prosecutors and police have yet to publicly declare what they believe might have motivated the shooters.” – Jamie Morrison and David K. Li   – SO NOW WE ARE UP TO SIX SUSPECTS IN A BLACK ON BLACK HAND GUN SHOOTING. NO MOTIVE???  HOW ABOUT DRUGS OR GANGS, AS I SAID A WEEK AGO THIS IS SLOWLY COMING OUT LITTLE BY LITTLE AS NOT TO WRECK THE NARRATIVES  OF WHITE SUPREMECISTS WITH ARs  DOING ALL THE SHOOTINGS; AND VIRTUALLY NONE OF THE MSM IS REPORTING ON THIS. YOU HAVE TO LOOK FOR IT!!!!

NATO, Nord Stream, the North Atlantic and Nuclear War – “Though no one outside of NATO’s legions of Dr Strangeloves will admit to working towards a nuclear High Noon at the OK Corral, all of NATO’s saber-rating has consequences.” – Declan Hayes

US to dock nuclear subs in South Korea for 1st time in 40 years – Aamer Madhani, Colleen Long and Zeke Miller – LET’S SEE, WE PISSED OFF RUSSIA, PISSED OFF CHINA, PISSED OFF IRAN. LET’S AGITATE NORTH KOREA NEXT  💣 ☢️ ☢️ ☢️!!!!!

US threatens Russian neighbor – “A senior Treasury official claims Kazakhstan is enabling “sanctions evasion”” – RT


What If the Whole Shebang Unravels? – “Nobody seems to be wondering what happens should the real world no longer respond to the Perpetual Motion Finance Machine. Scrape away the hand-wringing about interest rates and we find a bedrock of complacency. Nobody seems to doubt that the status quo can grind on for another 30 years doing the same stuff it’s done for the past 30 years.” – Charles Hugh Smith

How Long Until The Fed Breaks Something Else? – “Fed Actions Have Financial Consequences” – Peter Nayland Kust

There Is A Growing Number Of Worrying Parallels Between 1914, 1939 And 2023 – “I’m not covering yesterday’s bad US data: if you want to count very small beans, go ahead. Bigger than that, First Republic Bank slumped again, which also led to market risk-off. For some, this means a Fed pivot looms; for others, more rate hikes plus acronyms, and the Fed taking more control of banking and shadow-banking. Yet even that is not the real Beanstalk: there, giants are talking about grinding the bones of an Englishman for bread.” – Michael Every

The Look And Feel of a Precious Metals Bull Market – “It’s starting to look, smell and feel like a sustainable bull market may be unfolding. For the first quarter, gold rose 8.2% and silver was basically flat for the quarter but rose 15.6% in March” – Dave Kranzler

You Can’t Taper A Ponzi Scheme – “Why a shrinking money supply risks a massive, uncontrolled crash” – John Rubino

Reality of So-Called ‘Crypto-Currencies’ – “Authorities hadn’t yet mastered how to track people and groups hidden behind blockchain wallet addresses, the series of letters and numbers used to anonymously send and receive cryptocurrency. One elemental feature of the system was the privacy it gave users. That’s a lie.” – Karl Denninger

Dollar Versus Euro: The Ultimate Winner Will Be Gold – “I’m using organized crime as a metaphor for how things have played out since the gold window closed in 1971. Fiat systems employ shenanigans interfering with natural market forces. Central bank policy allows for fractional reserve banking schemes and has reached the preposterous stage of zero cash reserve requirements. Zero interest rate policy intended to stimulate the economy has reached the point of absurdity. QE infinity (money printing) bailouts and legislation such as the omnibus spending spree and mis-named Inflation Reduction Act debase our currency. The purchasing power of the dollar is 98% less than a century ago. Since money represents your entire life and labor congealed, this theft is scandalous.” – Jon Forrest Little

COMEX Gold Options Update – Craig Hemke

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –9.49EUR


Out of Stock- Food Shortages And Food Riots Is Coming! (2022 saw a rapid increase in food prices and shortages of food supplies around the world) – Dave Jefferson

The Many Ways To Repurpose Household Items For Your Garden – “Growing a garden is almost a must in these days of shortages and skyrocketing prices! Buying all of the tools we need can add up quickly, even if we get them on the cheap. So why not use what we already have?” – Amy Allen

Preppers: What You Need to Know – “Preppers are people who are preparing for a potential disaster or emergency situation. They are typically well-stocked with food, water, medical supplies, and other essential items. Preppers may also have a plan for how to survive in the event of a disaster. Prepping is becoming increasingly popular as more people become aware of the potential risks associated with natural disasters, pandemics, and other emergencies.” – Will2Survive  – A FEW BASICS FOR THOSE STARTING OUT!!!

CSA Farmshares: Could One Be Right For You? – “Since the pandemic began, many food items have become harder to source on a reliable basis. Massive food shortages have been predicted for the future. Now is the time to find multiple reliable sources of food. To make that happen, I’m upping the size of my garden AND buying from a reputable local CSA farm. Have you heard of CSA or considered joining one as part of your preparedness plan? Investing in a local CSA may be the missing piece of your preparedness puzzle. Let’s find out why! What Is A CSA and How Does It Work? CSA is short for Community Supported Agriculture. Sometimes referred to as a “farmshare,” a CSA is an agreement with a local farm or farmer to purchase a portion of their harvest in advance.” – Chris Yergey

9 Reasons to Support Local Farmers – Brandy Schau Dibert

Keep Your Gun Clean And It Will Serve You Well – David Andrew Brown


Psalm 21:12  Therefore shalt thou make them turn their back, when thou shalt make ready thine arrows upon thy strings against the face of them.