When the house of cards comes toppling down… – “We don’t yet know which version of the New World Order we will be living under — the U.S./NATO version or the Chinese/Russian version. But whether we end up with a digital yuan, a digital Unicoin as advocated last week by the International Monetary Fund, or some other digital currency, the days of the U.S. fiat dollar being the world’s reserve currency appear numbered. As WWIII heats up, along with the prospect of a new world order, the wise will prepare to sustain themselves outside the system” – Leo Hohmann  – THIS ARTICLE BY LEO COULD HAVE BEEN LINKED IN ANY OF THE FOUR CATEGORIES, WHICH JUST SHOWS THAT ALL FOUR ARE PART OF THE BIG PICTURE. A MUST READ!!!!!!

The Mad Men of Artificial Intelligence – “Is ChaosGPT’s attempt to “kill all of humanity” a grand hoax? The first thing to arouse my suspicions with the latest update on Chaos’s activities was how Chaos’s latest words didn’t past the smell test. Why would a computer even care what humanity thinks? Why would a computer have such an ego that it needs to use its limited public reporting time to boast that naive and petty humanity can never stop it?” – David Haggith – VERY GOOD ARTICLE. NICE TO SEE SOMEONE CUT THROUGH SOME OF THE HYPE!!!

Beef Producers Panic Over mRNA Vaccine News – Dr. Joseph Mercola


What They Meant by Essential and Nonessential – “In all my thinking about the lockdown years, I’ve only had time now to think carefully about this strange distinction between essential and nonessential. What did it mean in practice and where did it come from? The deployment of the terms essential and nonessential, however, has no precedent in our language. This is because of a view stemming from the democratic ethos and real-world commercial experience that everyone and everything is essential to everything else. It appears that the pandemic planners think of society the same way. When they had the chance to decide what was essential and nonessential, they chose a society massively segregated between the rulers and those who make their lives possible, while everyone else was dispensable. This is not an accident. This is how they see the world and perhaps how they want it to function in the future. Now that we know for sure who and what our rulers consider essential and nonessential, what are we going to do about it? Should someone be called to account for this? Or will we continue to allow our overlords to gradually make the reality of life under lockdowns our permanent condition?” – Jeffrey A. Tucker

The Peak Season Of Satanic Blood Sacrifice Is Upon Us (VIDEO) – Greg Reese  – AROUND  APRIL 19 AND 20 ARE IMPORTANT DAYS!!!!!

PSYOP-MUSK On Tucker Carlson – “Musk like Zuckerberg and the Google founders are nothing more than front men. But unlike the other DARPA/CIA/DoD “woke” tech power players, Musk has now been deployed to win the hearts and minds of the conservative pro-human and pro-religion demographics.” – 2nd Smartest Guy in the World

A state of permanent emergency – “The UK’s new Emergency Alert system is a product of our fearful times.” – Frank Furedi

Your Guide to 5th-Generation Warfare (VIDEO and Transcript) – “The basic idea behind this term [5GW] is that in the modern era, wars are not fought by armies or guerrillas, but in the minds of common citizens. There are two important things to note about this definition. The first is that fifth-generation warfare is not waged against either standing armies of nation-states or guerrilla insurgents but against everyday citizens. The second is that this war is not being fought in a battlefield somewhere, but in the mind.” – James Corbett

Moderna threatens to expand use of its dangerous mRNA injections to all sorts of diseases – “The announcement is yet another sign of what many are calling “the golden age” of vaccine development [please don’t fall for their smooth words], which is largely credited to the pandemic’s use of mRNA technology to create covid-19 vaccines [which have been a disaster].” – Rhoda Wilson

Which Country is More Tyrannical? China or the U.S.? The Myth of China’s “Social Credit Score” System – “to take a critical view and make an honest evaluation of China’s perceived threat to the U.S., we have to first admit that the western media, and especially the corporate media in the U.S., is primarily a propaganda machine that is totally untrustworthy in determining truth, and look at other perspectives as well, before we spend $billions more on another war, and potentially lose American lives over a conflict with Taiwan. I have no intention here of writing an article that supports China, which I know ahead of time is exactly what some people are going to accuse me of, but in evaluating the current world situation here in 2023, I think we as Americans have to honestly ask ourselves: which country today is more tyrannical and spies more on their own citizens: The U.S. or China?” – Brian Shilhavy


The Crisis of Humanity Lies at the Feet of Mass Indifference – “Why should you care? Why should you bother? If the misery of others does not seem to affect you, or in some way even enhances your lot in life, so be it, as what could you do about it anyway? If you hide from evil, if you say nothing, will that evil disappear? If you support or applaud the evil of others, as happens especially in war, are you not evil yourself? If you allow atrocities to occur without speaking out or lifting a finger to stop them, are you absolved of blame and responsibility? If great pain and suffering of innocents is allowed by your turning away, do you cry out in the night in agony, or do you sleep deeply in a state of hidden and ignorant bliss?” – Gary D. Barnett

THE WALL WAS TOO HIGH, AS YOU CAN SEE – “As I have witnessed and lived through the last three dystopian years of mass hysteria, mass delusion, and mass mental illness, I find myself drawn to the same thinkers, social commentators, and musical artists over and over. The wisdom, wit, and clarity of Aldous Huxley, George Orwell, and Roger Waters in describing a world gone mad makes me feel less alone in my observations about humanity, politicians, governments, bankers, billionaire funded NGOs, war mongering psychopaths, and entities intent on shredding the social fabric of this country and the world.” – Jim Quinn  – GOOD READ FROM JIM!!!!!

US Troops on the Ground in Ukraine – “It’s official – the US is at war with Russia. This is no longer a proxy war regardless of whether an official declaration has been made. Washington confirmed that there is “a small U.S. military presence,” but only made the admission after the Pentagon data leak. National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby insists American soldiers are not fighting on the battlefield.” – Martin Armstrong  – THEY MAY GLOSS IT OVER, BUT FACTS ARE FACTS!!!!

Pentagon “Leaks”: 5 ways to tell REAL from FAKE – “Having established how to spot a fake “leak”, we can see that these “highly classified” Pentagon papers fit perfectly into the “fake leak” category. Now, the question becomes, if the leaks are Deep State psy-op, what is the objective? Well, we already partly covered that. Ukraine running out of missiles, for example, will be used to justify even more resources and money being sunk into the murky and bottomless pit of “military spending”. Secondly, we can already see the establishment crosshairs centering on Discord – the platform where the leaks were first published. Not just Discord, but group chat services in general.” – Kit Knightly

D.C.’s Whistleblower Inc distances itself from possible Ukraine whistleblower – “There are “whistleblowers” who support the Current Thing, and then there are whistleblowers who do not support the Current Thing.” – Jordan Schachtel

Free Those Who Expose Government Misdeeds, Jail Those Who Try To Conceal Them – “Teixeira’s life is being ruined, perhaps permanently, under the justification that he revealed true things about his government. That is the one and only crime he stands accused of. And I don’t think people pay enough attention to how insane and outrageous it is that this happens.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Endangering Washington’s Divine Right to Deceive – “Do Americans have the right to know if the $100 billion in their tax dollars that the Biden administration is delivering to Ukraine is being wasted? No, according to the U.S. Congress… Do Americans have the right to know if their own government blew up the Nord Stream pipeline, the biggest act of environmental terrorism in history? The Washington Post reported that the message from the U.S. and western European governments is “Don’t talk about Nord Stream.” Do Americans have the right to know if Biden administration officials have perennially made false statements about the prowess and victories of the Ukrainian army fighting the Russians? No, according to Washington journalists who proudly fly Ukrainian flags on their own lavish homes.” – James Bovard

Sad but Predictable? Kevin McCarthy Wants to Lift Debt Ceiling – “Will House Republicans support the GOP leader?” – Andrew Moran  – OF COURSE THEY WILL. NOTHING EVER CHANGES!!!!!

Biden Struggles to Convince People to Buy EVs, Only 12 Percent Seriously Considering – “A Gallup survey highlights Biden’s struggle to force people into EVs.” – Mish

3 Hellacious Questions for Presidential Candidate Donald Trump – “Questions that should be Shouted through Bullhorns from Roof Tops” – Jon Rappoport  – GOOD ONE FROM JON AS USUAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Biden’s ATF Director Was Asked to Define ‘Assault Weapon’ and It Didn’t Go Well – “Steve Dettelbach, the man President Biden chose to lead the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF), followed in the footsteps of other Biden administration officials who have been stumped by seemingly straightforward questions from lawmakers, questions that deal with subjects within what is supposed to be their purview. On Tuesday, Director Dettelbach was asked by Rep. Jake Ellzey (R-TX) to give a brief, 15-second definition of the term “assault weapon,” the thing President Biden and Democrats have demanded must be banned within the United States in order to reduce the frequency of crimes committed by individuals with guns. “I’ll go shorter than that because I, honestly, if Congress wishes to take that up, I think Congress would have to do the work, but we would be there to provide technical assistance,” Dettelbach told Ellzey. Huh? So, the man in charge of ATF doesn’t even have a guess when it comes to defining a firearm type that is mentioned and demonized almost daily by the White House?” – Spencer Brown

Blue City Madness: 27 Of The 30 Most Murderous Cities Are Run By Democrats And 14 Of Those 30 Cities Have Soros Backed Prosecutors – Big Chain Stores Fleeing These Crime-Ridden Cities – Susan Duclos

Disney promotes first-ever ‘Pride Nite’ on Twitter after DeSantis warning – Isabel Keane

Mob of Looters Hits California Gas Station for Food, Alcohol, Condoms – “Los Angeles Sheriff’s deputies told ABC 7 that multiple street takeovers transpired, but they were unable to intervene because they were outnumbered by the groups: The two biggest illegal takeovers happened at the intersections of Long Beach Boulevard and Rosencrans Avenue and also near the gas station that was targeted. Investigators said almost 500 individuals were involved in the street takeovers.” – Amy Furr – JUST GETTING THEIR REPARATIONS. DIDN’T CALIFORNIA SAY THEY WOULD DO THAT!!!!

He Said It, Then This Happened – “Defund the police, embolden the criminals. Another weekend of chaos in Chicago after the city’s new Mayor-elect said black people should not be subject to “state-sponsored policing”.” – Paul Joseph Watson – CALIFORNIA CAN’T HAVE ALL THE FUN!!!!!

Chicago Is Quickly Becoming The Disgusting Ghetto Mayor-Elect Brandon Johnson Wants It To Be – “This is a tale of two black people and one major city. Within just the last week, Walmart closed half its store locations in Chicago, and the city police department instituted new curfew and bag-check policies at public parks and beaches following days of “reckless, disruptive and violent behavior.” A sane person who prefers living in a clean, safe, and prosperous city would see that news and say things are going in the wrong direction, and the people who are responsible for it need to be held accountable. That’s how popular TikTok user The Blaq Mamba reacted in a video she posted Sunday. She said she was “ashamed and saddened” because “We blame everybody else for our sh-t but then when we are tapped out of resources in our own community, we don’t ever want to look at ourselves and point the finger back at ourselves, and say, okay, maybe we f-cked up. Maybe we shouldn’t have been going in there stealing TVs and going in there stealing electronics and all this other sh-t … We need to do better.” What is there really left to say at this point? There appear to be more Brandon Johnsons than there Blaq Mambas. It’s too bad. Chicago could be a nice place. It used to be. Now it’s another ghetto for people like Johnson to further plunge into squalor.” – Eddie Scarry

REBUILDING UKRAINE: Confiscating Russian Assets – “The US Treasury is ramping up calls for Russia to be responsible financially for the reconstruction of Ukraine. But of course, Janet Yellen doesn’t want to go through procedural means and methodologies, but instead is talking about forcibly confiscating Russian Assets… Once again setting a Pandora Box Precedent that will surely backfire. Standing in the wings is Assad, Sudan, Yemen, Ethiopia, and Palestine – waiting – hoping…. International Law would bury the US in reparations! According to Nuland, the US Congress granted the Justice Department authority to use “illicit assets seized from Russian oligarchs” to help rebuild Ukraine. But Congress doesn’t have the authority! The Justice Department doesn’t have the authority! Desperate for external funding to rebuild their biolabs and racketeering setup, $300 billion in Russian assets is at stake.” – Helena Glass


Public pessimism on the economy hits a new high, CNBC survey shows – “A record 69% of the public holds negative views about the economy both now and in the future, according to the latest CNBC All-America Economic Survey. President Joe Biden’s approval rating fell by 2 percentage points to 39% and his disapproval rating rose by a point to 55% compared with the November survey.” – Steve Liesman

If You Missed the First Round, You Won’t Want to Miss This One – “The next round of the inflation trade has begun. The first round focused on energy prices. During major bull markets in commodities, the sector that leads during the first leg up rarely leads during subsequent moves higher. Which is why this leg up for the inflation trade looks to be lead by precious metals. As I write this, gold is closing in on its ALL TIME highs. Yes, ALL TIME highs. And practically no one has noticed or cares.” – Graham Summers, MBA

Panicked International Monetary Fund Sparks Bonfire of Gold Buying – Peter Reagan

The Fed Is Bankrupt – “Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell recently testified before Congress on the current state of the US economy. Barely mentioned, however, was the Fed’s balance sheet. The Fed has experienced significant operating losses over the last six months, which have exhausted its existing capital. Those losses represent foregone revenue to the US Treasury. Like a private bank, the Fed maintains some level of capital as a buffer against losses. When those losses exceed the value of its capital, the Fed becomes insolvent, meaning the liabilities it owes to others are greater than the total value of the assets it holds. The most recent data show that the Fed owes the Treasury over $41 billion, which exceeds its total capital. The Fed, by common standards, is indeed insolvent. If any private bank behaved this irresponsibly, regulators, such as the Fed or Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), would force it to close. Bank managers would lose their jobs and incomes. Clearly, Congress is not planning to shut down the Fed, and is unlikely to punish it for its poor performance, but there are changes that could be made.” -Thomas L. Hogan

The US Dollar Is In Trouble… IMPORTANT UPDATES: Markets And More (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino

Why Gold Is a Must-Have During a Banking Crisis – “There are many reasons to buy and hold physical gold. The lack of counterparty risk, the diversification, and the hedge against inflation are among the top reasons to own the monetary metals. The public is only in the early process of figuring out why gold ownership is an absolute MUST during a banking crisis.” – Stefan Gleason

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 9.92EUR


Survival Garden – “So you want to grow a survival garden. But first off, what makes a garden a “survival garden” and how do we plant one? Plus, what are the crops we should focus on in our survival garden?” – Melissa Norris

7 Instant Foods for Your On-the-Go Emergency Supply – Daisy Luther

Using Vermicomposting To Obtain A Nutrient-Rich Fertilizer- “Vermicomposting, or worm farming, is a fascinating and effective method of utilizing worms to break down organic materials into nutrient-rich fertilizer. This process involves the use of a specially designed vermicomposting bin, which creates a conducive environment for the worms to thrive and reproduce.” – Bob Rodgers

What To Do If They Find Out You Are A Prepper – “Despite our best efforts to conceal that we are preppers, there is a good chance that your neighbors will eventually figure it out for themselves. I’ve written before about how to keep others from discovering that we are preppers, and we should be doing everything in our power to limit other people’s knowledge of how prepared we are.” – Michael Major

If You Grow This In Your Garden, You Will Never Starve – “Have you ever thought about what could happen if the earth ran out of food? Of course, most of us would all starve! A good gardener who knows how to grow potatoes on his homestead won’t have to worry about anything. As a good source of potassium, vitamin C, and healthy fats, potatoes can fill you for a good time.” – Sunny M


Ezekiel 38:7    Be thou prepared, and prepare for thyself, thou, and all thy company that are assembled unto thee, and be thou a guard unto them.