What will the Net Zero by 2050 target really mean? – “If they are really serious: a colder, hungrier population with extremely limited freedom. And it seems people were very surprised to hear that” – Norman Fenton

‘What Percent Of Our Atmosphere Is CO2?’: Doug LaMalfa Stumps Entire Panel With Climate Questions (VIDEO) – “Rep. Doug LaMalfa (R-CA) questioned witnesses at a House Transportation Committee about the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act late last month.” – Forbes Breaking News  – EXCELLENT SHORT VIDEO WITH SOME GOOD QUESTIONS!!!!


World Economic Forum Wants Global Control of All Water Rationing – “The World Economic Forum in conjunction with the UN has proposed a global water rationing control mechanism wherein – they are the Ambassadors of all water. Water needs to be rationed in order to fuel equality in Africa. But the rationing would take place everywhere. Us menial plebes just are not savvy enough to control water and need a global entity to do this for us. In line with the new global entity WHO controlling everyone’s healthcare – and Pandemic responses.” – Helena Glass

The Nazi Roots of Environmentalism and the Climate Change Fraud (VIDEO) with Rupert Darwall – Ben Weingarten  – THIS VIDEO IS A LITTLE OVER 5 YEARS OLD BUT INTERESTING, WAS LINKED TODAY BY CELIA FARBER!!!

Excess Deaths Back With a Vengeance in the UK and Germany – “After a lull, excess mortality 21% in the UK, 11% in Germany. As the people who died are buried or cremated, the hope of learning what killed them is fading. This is exactly what health authorities who force-injected us with unproven genetic treatments want — in hopes of avoiding prosecution.” – Igor Chudov

Rice Is Now Killing The Planet, Apparently – “Its the thing most of humanity survives on. Now it is firmly ensconced among the climate change cult that eating meat is killing the planet and you must ‘eat ze bugs’, the same people have a new target, rice.” – Steve Watson

Evidence Of Impaired Electrical Blood Conductivity, Iron Oxidation and Reduced Oxygen Transport Capacity In The Post C19 Injection Era: Ana Mihalcea, MD, PhD In Conjunction With Clifford Carnicom – ” I have seen Hydrogel/ Graphene Structures, that transform the blood into severe rouleaux formation, making the blood almost unrecognizable and correlating with severity of symptoms. In the last few weeks I have seen this in a more extreme form of toxicity, making the live blood look like sludge. These same structures have been identified by Clifford Carnicom to be filaments growing from the synthetic hydrogel based Cross Domain Bacteria, aka Morgellons.” – Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD – MORE ON THE MORGELLONS CONNECTION FROM ANA. FIRST MADE THIS CONNECTION BACK ON 10/08/21 IN MY IMAGE FOR THE DAY!!!!!

45 Times as Many Deaths After COVID Shots in Just 2 Years Compared With All Flu Vaccine-Related Deaths Since 1990, Data Show – Suzanne Burdick, Ph.D.


Call the Exorcist – “You might be among those who have noticed that the people in authority in our country appear increasingly insane. What more subtle minds are asking these days is: when does this insanity tip over into evil? Especially the insanity evinced in our authority figures. How about when someone positively refutes reality in the act of doing harm, for instance Rochelle Walensky, Director of the CDC. Ms. Walensky is, to this moment, still proffering mRNA Covid-19 “vaccines” for children despite the reality that reams of evidence exist showing these products to be harmful, even deadly Is it possible that Ms. Walensky is unacquainted with the genuine news all over the Internet about mRNA injury and death? Rate that hard-to-believe… that is, at odds with reality. If, for some reason it escaped her attention, do you suppose that somebody among her ten-thousand-plus CDC employees might have alerted the director about all this? I would suppose so. Human religious lore has it that the figure of Satan is the Father of Lies. Satan is the personification of evil. The political Left and the vehicle it rides on, the Democratic Party, with phantom president “Joe Biden” in the driver’s seat, has become the Party of Satan. We are in the presence of evil. (Call them psychopaths, if you’re more comfortable with that.) Whether you are religious or not, it represents a force at war with reality, and it happens to be at war against the rest of us. You can’t negotiate with it. It lies always and everywhere about everything. It must be vanquished.” – James Howard Kunstler

Can We Do Anything About America’s Decline? – “The remedies are agreed upon, but the needed medicine is feared more than the disease. Because today, the government is the cause of our many crises.” – Victor Davis Hanson

The Elimination of Reason – “Recently, I paid for an item with the exact amount requested, including 89 cents in change. The salesgirl stared at the coins and clearly wasn’t sure what to do. Eventually, she reached for a calculator and began to total them up one at a time: 25 + 25 + 25 + 10 + 4. Having been schooled in the age prior to calculators, I’m accustomed to doing arithmetic in my head, but this particular instance evidenced a level of “dumbing down” over the last fifty years that was beyond what I had realised. Since the dumbing down has been so consistently prevalent over the decades, it’s clear that this is no accident, nor is it an experiment in “alternative education” that hasn’t worked out as was intended. It’s clearly the result of a conscious effort to diminish the average person’s ability to think.” – Jeff Thomas  – GOOD READ FROM JEFF AS USUAL!!!!

Dominion vs. Fox News – “Nullifying the First Amendment. The sad, beleaguered competitors of Fox News desperately pray that the billion-dollar lawsuit filed by Dominion Voting Systems will do what they have never been able to do: Topple the TV-news ratings king. And they are happy to sacrifice the First Amendment in order to do that. The British press — which has been losing to Rupert Murdoch’s media empire even longer than the American press has — is especially hungry” – Charles Hurt

The Pretribulation Rapture: A False Doctrine Born from Deception – “The concept of the pretribulation rapture has become increasingly popular among Christians, with many believing that they will be taken up to heaven before a period of great suffering and tribulation begins on Earth. However, this idea is not only unsupported by Scripture but may also be a dangerous deception designed to lull believers into a false sense of security. In this article, we will explore the biblical evidence against the pretribulation rapture and discuss the potential consequences of this false doctrine.” – M.D. Creekmore

They Fear You – “Conservative content creators and their readers strenuously objected to the organized censorship war being waged against them, but few politicians, reporters, or pundits cared. Now the cat is out of the bag, and neither government agencies nor their corporate co-conspirators are hiding their embrace of viewpoint discrimination. Make no bones about it: the federal government’s number-one worry is you. As part of my routine when conducting research and taking notes, I pay attention not only to what kinds of information appear online, but also what kinds of information get quickly covered up. This distasteful “scrubbing” operation has been an unfortunate reality for many years, but it became obvious to a lot more people during the Orwellian overreach of COVID-1984. ” – J.B. Shurk

Snowden and Texeira: Ten Years of Disaster – “That contrast with ten years ago tells a very real and glaring truth. The idea that the legacy media in any way serves the truth or the public interest is now completely buried. The legacy media serves the state, and the state serves the billionaires.” – Craig Murray

‘They just wanted to kill somebody:’ Suspects had no ties to handyman slain in Kenner, police say – “The victim — 66-year-old Lawrence Herr of Metairie — was fixing a mailbox in front of a home when police say Tahj Matthews, 23, and Maurice Holmes, 25, fatally shot him. “One of them made a statement that they just wanted to kill somebody that day,” said Kenner Police Chief Keith Conley. Surveillance video shows the two driving past the victim three times. Each time, they made a U-turn and came back. On the third pass, police say the suspects stopped, shot Herr in the back, and took off.” – Natasha Robin  –  BLACK ON WHITE VIOLENCE. WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE FROM THE MSM. WHERE ARE THE RIOTS, THERE ISN’T BECAUSE ONLY BLACK LIVES MATTER. THIS IS THE “BS” THEY WANT YOU TO BELIEVE, THEY ARE PURPOSELY DOING THIS TO DIVIDE THE COUNTRY. SPEAKING OF SHOOTINGS, THEY AREN’T SAYING MUCH ON THE MSM ABOUT THE ALABAMA SHOOTING THIS WEEKEND.  ALREADY HEARD ON THE RADIO, POSSIBLY MORE THAN ONE SHOOTER, WHICH MEANS MORE THAN LIKELY GANG VIOLENCE, BUT HUSH, DON’T TELL ANY ONE!!!!!!!!!

Vice President Harris and Rev. Al: Together Again – “Is Sharpton going to make a queen out of Harris? It would appear to some that Vice President Kamala Harris has traded up her political mentor – to the one and only Rev Al Sharpton. Dating former mayor, Willie Brown, helped pave her way to the US Senate, but only Al and a few of his friends can propel her into the White House. So, you may see them appearing together around the Swamp” – Sarah Cowgill

California Utilities Seek to Charge People Based On Income, Not Energy Usage – “Under a new utility proposal, monthly bills in California will include a fixed charge based on household income. The proposal is Marxist agenda.” – Mish

Chicago’s Woke Mayor-Elect Gives Hall of Shame Response to ‘Teen Takeover’ of City Streets – “After disastrous Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot lost her bid for a second term back in February, there was a glimmer of hope that the city could conceivably return to some remote semblance of sanity at least on the crime front, But Chicago being Chicago, it was not meant to be, and the winner of the April runoff to succeed Lightfoot was woke Cook County Board Commissioner Brandon Johnson, a soft-on-crime Democrat who is a proponent of defunding the police and a backer of so-called “criminal justice reform.” And on a news broadcast, Johnson again refused to condemn the rioters and looters even after being repeatedly asked if he condoned what they did. Instead, Johnson focused on how the perpetrators were allegedly “acting out of desperation” and said that you have to “pay attention to the cries that people have”: Good grief. Just when you think it couldn’t get any worse than Lori Lightfoot, it actually does. Rather fitting that Chicago will be hosting the 2024 Democratic National Convention, isn’t it?” – Sister Toldjah

The ridiculous renaming of the Brecon Beacons – “The beloved Welsh national park has been given a Net Zero rebrand. They will now be known by their new Welsh name of Bannau Brycheiniog, which, translated, means Peaks of Brychan’s Kingdom – a reference to an obscure 5th-century monarch. The word ‘beacons’ refers to the wood-burning braziers that small settlements used to light on elevated ground to warn neighbouring communities of an approaching danger. According to Mealing-Jones, this reference to burning wood several centuries ago ‘is not a good look for an environmental organisation’. That’s right. By referring to the seemingly horrifying practice of, er, lighting a fire, the name Brecon Beacons offends against today’s green, Net Zero orthodoxy.” – Tim Black  – WOKENESS IS WORLDWIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

China speaks the language of pragmatism, while the US only understands sanctions, militarism and confrontation – “Macron’s recent statements have shown the erosion of Washington’s ‘zero-sum’ diplomacy compared to Beijing’s ‘win-win’ approach.” – Timur Fomenko

Putin meets with Chinese defense minister – “The newly appointed Li Shangfu is visiting Russia to emphasize the “strategic importance” of Moscow-Beijing ties” – RT

Before We Send Any More Money To Ukraine – Can We Find Out Where The Rest Of Our Cash Went? “Back during the days of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, we gave our allies, the mujaheddin, a whole bunch of man-portable ground-to-air missiles called Stingers. They used them to great effect against the Russians. They also sold a bunch of them on the black market. Needless to say, we paid top dollar to get the missiles back. This is the way the world works. If you pass out money and weapons to people around the world you don’t always know in advance the ramifications. You can guarantee, however, that along the way some folks with less than honorable intentions will line their own pockets. Which brings us to Zelensky and Ukraine.” – – Sam Faddis


The Fed, Bank Of America And Hordes Of Corporate CEOs Are All Warning That A Recession Will Happen This Year – Michael Snyder

Debt Market Instability Returns As The World Economy Craters Even FASTER…(VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino

Joe Biden Is Mucking Up the “Inflation Fight” – “By hiking interest rates, the Federal Reserve has pulled some of the monetary stimulus out of the economy. The cooling consumer price index (CPI) indicates that this has put a modest dent in price inflation — for now. But the Biden administration has opened the fiscal stimulus spigot even wider and this is mucking up the inflation fight. In fact, unless the federal government reins in spending, there is no way inflation will lose this fight. That’s not going to happen. In just the first six months of fiscal 2023, the US government ran a $1.1 trillion budget deficit.” – Michael Maharrey

Ooh Lula La! Brazil Wants To Dedollarize Too – “Brazil’s President Lula, greeted in China with a local resistance song against the 1980s US-backed military dictatorship, called for a Sino-Brazilian partnership to “balance world politics,” asking: “Who was it that decided that the dollar was the currency after the disappearance of the gold standard? Why can’t we do trade based on our own currencies? Every night I ask myself why all countries have to base their trade on the dollar.” Even after President Macron’s recent comments, there is still political shock value (for the White House) in hearing Lula (whom the White House likes) being so anti-White House: not for many others.” – Michael Every

Is The Economy Really Growing At 2.5%? – “The Census Data Begs To Differ” – Peter Nayland Kust

Bear Markets, Opportunity, Hopes, Expectations and UK Shared Ownership Housing – “Markets are in wait and see mode – inflation, rates, earnings and all the rest weigh upon them. Back in the real world, the economic reality for young workers trying to find housing security in London feels more and more broken.”- Bill Blain


Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 9.74EUR


A Gardener’s Guide: When to Plant Seedlings Outside (or Not) – “As time goes by, when you’re growing your own food, you’ll become more aware of the cycles of nature. Everything from the weather to the wildlife in your garden takes on a new meaning. You’ll take more notice of things such as insect predation. Weather is a huge big deal, especially since the lovely days of Spring can quickly turn into a storm strong enough to destroy all you’ve worked to accomplish. And yet, we must plant our garden in order to harvest the food from it. So how do we decide when the time comes to plant our precious seedlings outside and let Nature take its course?” – Amy Allen

Tomatoes + Eggshells Posted -“When planting tomatoes, it seems that everyone has a preferred niche or requirement for them. What most of us agree on is that tomatoes desperately need all the calcium they can get. And what is almost pure calcium? Something that a great deal of us break every morning? Eggshells.” – Elizabeth Grant

Grief as a Force Multiplier – “It’s an ironclad fact that preparedness involves more than just the superficial tasks of physical preparation. It’s also an unassailable fact that prepping must include mental and emotional preparation for one of the most debilitating aspects of disastrous times—grief. Grief is important to understand because all of us will most likely struggle with the impact of grief at one or more points during our life. Additionally, I’d argue that as the potential for a more significant disaster increases, so too does our possibility of experiencing an increase in grief.” – Brian Duff


1 Corinthians 1:18    For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.