World Vaccine Congress: A Report From the Belly of the Beast – “Last week I attended the 23rd World Vaccine Congress in Washington, D.C.. More than 3,100 people, largely from the pharma and biotech industries and regulatory affairs, attended the event. The event was open to anyone willing to pay the entry fee, which started at $495 for students and went up to $1,000+. But from what I could tell, this was largely a gathering of big and small pharma, biotech and leaders in regulatory affairs. General impressions The majority of attendees truly believe they are doing the right thing. The majority of attendees look no further than recommendations from agencies of public health to guide their opinions. In other words, they fully believe COVID-19 mRNA (and other) vaccines are exceedingly safe and have saved millions of lives.” – Madhava Setty, M.D.  – OF COURSE OUR GOOD FRIEND AND FAUCI “WANNABE”, PETER HOTEZ WAS THERE!!!!

Social Credit Scores in US = ESG Metrics For Stakeholders: The Protocols – “Social Credit Scores have already been implemented across US businesses. Budweiser became the latest victim required to promote specific CRT diversity training leading to an advertising campaign that highlights transgenders. The Credit System ranks a business according to its diversity training and equity scores. Nike, American Express, Budweiser, General Motors, Walmart, Target, etc… have become victims of the WEF Executive Blackmail. In 2020, JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon went so far as to prostrate himself before CRT and BLM pledging $30 billion in shareholder funds to CRT, diversity and equity training. But he isn’t alone,” – Helena Glass

Biden Admin tacitly admits that mRNA shots have failed – “$5 billion taxpayer dollars invested in “next gen” vaccines.” – Jordan Schachtel

Marburg Will NOT Be The Next Pandemic, But Should Be Monitored – “Dr. Mark Siegel says that the Marburg virus is not going to become the next pandemic because it’s not the same as COVID. Dr. Siegel also condemned the World Health Organization (WHO) for not reacting appropriately. Why does Dr. Siegel believe the WHO is not “reacting appropriately?” Becasue they haven’t administered a vaccine (yet), of course. That’s become the solution for the ruling class to every single problem as of late.” – Mac Slavo

I would cast Katy Perry to Play Grown Up Jon Benet Ramsay in the Tiffany Dover Lifetime Movie – “Listen, I’m open to the fact that this is Tiffany, and she’s back. I really am. Maybe she got injured and is finally well enough to do interviews and Tik Toks. Mazeltov! And she’ll meeebbbeeee be on a TV show soon! Maybe Dancing with the Stars!” – Sage Hana

“Virus Communism” – “I went on Caravan to Midnight with John B. Wells’ to talk about Celia Farber’s theory about “Virus Communism.” Take a listen here. Starts about minute 52.” – Diana West  – IF JOHN B. IS INTERVIEWING, YOU KNOW IT HAS TO BE GODD. LISTEN TO THE WHOLE SHOW IF YOU HAVE A CHANCE!!!

More Fine Print . . . – “They’re not hiding the facts about EVs. You just have look for them. A good place to start is in the owner’s manual. That’s where I found out that Ford recommends avoiding the “fast” chargers you hear a lot about to charge up the F-150 Lightning electric pick-up, because regular use of “fast” chargers isn’t good for the “health” – Ford’s word – of the battery. Now this is interesting because “fast” charging is the only way to get an EV back on the road again in less than several hours, which is the amount of time it takes to recover a partial charge using 240V household power (basically, a stove/dryer type outlet). It typically takes at about 8-11 hours to get a full charge at home this way. That’s essentially all day – or overnight.” – Eric Peters –  EVs ARE A COMPLETE SCAM THAT WILL END UP COSTING EVRYONE A FORTUNE AND WON’T DO JACK FOR THE ENVIRONMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comparison Images of Live Blood Analysis and Nanotechnology Coming Out Of The Body With Anti- Nano Devices – ANA MARIA MIHALCEA, MD, PHD


The Cultural Decline of America and the West, and the Ensuing End of Tradition and Liberty – “History is replete with failed empires and civilizations. In fact, most all have failed, and with the seemingly imminent death of America and the West, virtually every civilization to date will have succumbed to its own greed, immorality, mass division, dependence on State, and complete lack of courage in the face of adversity and accepted tyranny. This is the way of humanity, but does it have to be so? The similarities between the fall of the Roman Empire and the current United States are eerie, but it is a valid testament to the adage of doing the same things over and over again and expecting a different outcome; or as defined by Einstein, the definition of insanity. ” – Gary D. Barnett

There Is So Much Evil All Around Us… – “Our society is absolutely teeming with insane people at this point. And as we have seen, it certainly doesn’t take much to push them over the edge. On Monday, it was Louisville’s turn to experience a great tragedy…” – Michael Snyder

Robert F Kennedy Jr is running for President: How many crime bosses could he topple? – “How many liberals could he resuscitate? Kennedy has visibility. The DNC doesn’t want him around. Kennedy’s stance against the COVID vaccines is enough to drive Lefty Democrats crazy. This could get interesting. Kennedy has his own strong channel of communication with his followers, so major media can’t black him out. Conservative websites tend to like him. They’ll give him space and coverage. Kennedy isn’t a dedicated socialist. That’s a surprise. He wants to make mega-corporations pay for the damage they do. As in: shell out big bucks to clean up the poisonous pollution they spread into the environment. Some Democrats still consider that a priority, when they’re not busy campaigning for genital mutilation surgery for kids and calling it the Lord’s work.” – Jon Rappoport – SPOUTING GIBBERISH IS PRETTY MUCH A DAILY OCCURENCE WITH BIDEN!!!!!!!!!

Look Out, Ireland, Here Comes Joe Biden – “Shenanigans are sure to ensue as O’Biden tours the Emerald Isle.” – Graham J Noble

Democrats Choose Chicago, America’s Murder Capital, for 2024 Convention – “Moreover, the city and state are often cited as examples of Democrats’ policy failures.” – Joel B. Pollak  – MIGHT AS WELL. CHICAGO AND ILLINOIS ARE A SHOWCASE OF THEIR WRECK THE COUNTRY POLICIES. I THINK IT;S ACTUALLY FITTING!!!!!

Whole Foods shuts down its flagship store in San Francisco after just one year over city’s failure to control crime – “Just days after a top tech executive was killed in a random street stabbing, and a former fire commissioner was beaten by a bum with a metal object, the wokester leftists running San Francisco can take another bow.” – Monica Showalter  – SANFRAN WOULD HAVE BEEN A GOOD CHOICE AS WELL FOR THE DEM’S CONVENTION!!!!!!!!

The Media Will Forget the Louisville Shooting Because It Doesn’t Support the Gun Control Narrative – “I think we can count on the Louisville shooting rapidly receding into the media’s rearview mirror because of the socio-economic status of the shooter and his family and the shooter’s politics. The only part of either shooting that will be remembered is the weapon used.” – streiff

Anheuser-Busch Distributors Freaking Out Over Transgender Ad Campaign – “In what many thought was an April Fool’s joke, the transgender activist whose act consists of mocking women with exaggerated stereotypes that the left is too stupid to pick up on, revealed that the company had begun featuring Bud Light cans featuring his face, which Mulvaney said was his “most prized possession.” The ad campaign includes a video of Mulvaney drinking Bud Light in a bathtub.” – Tyler Durden

China’s ‘Ready to Fight’ After Moron McCarthy’s Meeting With Taiwan’s President (VIDEO) – Gerald Celente

Violent Psychos Plan to Turn My Home into a War Zone Trump is already asking for battle plans to kill Mexicans. As I’ve written before, I live in a small city 40 miles from the Mexican border. If uniparty psychopaths, calling themselves “republicans,” are successful, my home will be on the frontline of a vicious war. “A growing number of prominent Republicans are rallying around the idea that to solve the fentanyl crisis, America must bomb it away,” ” – Kurt Nimmo

The Ukraine Limited Hangout – “Last week, the New York Times broke a story about allegedly leaked documents from Western sources circulating on the internet. These documents confirm many of the public statements made by various officials. It is as if they felt that no one believed them, so they leaked this stuff on-line. The fact that “sources” have rushed to their favorite regime-aligned media to confirm the authenticity also suggests this is a bit too convenient of a leak. Normally, there is no comment about these sorts of leaks, to avoid revealing additional information.” – The Z Man

Numerous countries cast doubt on Pentagon leaks – “Some of the leaked documents shed light on Washington’s alleged spying efforts against key allies” – RT

Charles, the identitarian – “His ‘multicultural’ monarchy will only divide Britain.” Fraser Myers

France Has Already Surrendered To The Coming Conflict – “De Gaulle of the man! President Macron’s red-carpet visit to China, where VDL was ushered in via the tradesman’s entrance, saw another big meeting at a big table –with ‘random’ Chinese citizens cheering Macron, not burning down his favorite restaurant– but mocked by national-security experts as “one of the greatest blunders by a major European power since the end of the Cold War,” because “flattery works”; and ‘to Macron’ is now defined as “to deliberately increase one’s dependency on China whilst lecturing European partners about naivety and the need to boost EU strategic autonomy.”” – Michael Ever  – GOOD ECONOMIC ANALYSIS WITH SOME GEOPOLITICS THROWN IN FROM MR, EVERY!!!!!!!

The Taliban did in one year what Washington couldn’t in 20, sparking new panic – “The ban on Afghan poppy cultivation is set to hit Europe’s heroin supplies. You’d think that would bring a welcome sigh of relief. Apparently not. Reports are now suggesting that a lack of Afghan heroin on the global market and a reduction of available natural opioids like heroin could lead to increased use of synthetic opioids like fentanyl. If that’s the case, then it’s only because Washington and the West are about as competent at curtailing skyrocketing drug overdose deaths as they were at tackling the cultivation of Afghan opioids back when they had control of the country.” -Rachel Marsden  – THAT’S BECAUSE THE US NEVER WANTED TO CURTAIL THE HEROIN PRODUCTION, IT WAS A BIG MONEY MAKER FOR THEM AND DON’T THINK THAT FENTANYL ISN’T EITHER. WHY DO YOU THINK THEY KEEP THE BORDER OPEN!!!!


Why Stocks Are On Borrowed Time – “The Fed has turned off the money pump again. If you’re looking for a reason why stocks erupted higher starting in early March, look no further than the below chart of the Fed’s balance sheet. As you can see, during the regional banking crisis triggered by the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, the Fed began expanding its balance sheet rapidly. How rapidly? Nearly $400 BILLION in two weeks’ time. Not since the depths of the 2020 crash has the Fed printed this much money. I bring all of this up, because the Fed has turned off the money printer again. Over the last week, the Fed’s balance sheet has fallen by $100 billion.” – Graham Summers, MBA

Consumers Are Having a Much Harder Time Getting Credit Than a Year Ago – “If you are trying to get a loan, it’s much harder than a year ago.” – Mish

(Alert!). By Design Liquidity Is RAPIDLY EVAPORATING. Small Businesses Are Being ERASED (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino

Dollar Hegemony Is Ending – “If you’ve been paying attention you know that we’ve had a wee case of inflation….. and its not going back down very quickly either. What’s also happened, however, is that the dollar is losing its “prime” International Trade status. These two things are connected. Many people think this is some attempt to “take revenge” or “knock us down a few pegs” (or entirely off the ladder.) No. Simply put this is just merchants acting in their own best interest — nothing more and nothing less.” – Karl Denninger

De-Dollarization and Trade: Be Careful What You Wish For – “The current telling of the story of de-dollarization–the replacement of the US dollar as the global economy’s primary reserve currency with a new BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) funded reserve currency–depicts the loss of the reserve currency as a catastrophe that will crush America. As delightful as this prospect may be to various audiences, once we shift from considering a reserve currency as an abstraction to a mechanism of trade and finance, then another outcome takes shape: supporting a reserve currency is a burden, and lifting that burden from the US will benefit the US and hurt mercantilist exporting nations. As a bonus, it will also shift the burden of supporting a reserve currency to the BRIC participants, who will then have to do what the US has done for decades:’ – Charles Hugh Smith

The Bank Crisis Is Just Warming Up – So Are Gold And Silver (VIDEO) – Dave Kranzler

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 9.61EUR


Commo for Family, Group, or Community – Part 1 – “Long-term survival necessarily requires a community that can sustain itself. Being located and involved with a community that is mostly like-minded, and has the necessary resources, is essential.” – Tunnel Rabbit

Tornado Warning – What To Do – Ken Jorgustin – IT’S THAT TIME OF THE YEAR, DO YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!

How To Looter-Proof Your Home – “Looting is often a direct result of a widespread disaster or other SHTF situations. This is especially true of areas that have been evacuated because the unattended homes are ripe targets for the more criminally minded of society. Unfortunately, there is not a lot you can do to prevent looting when you are not in your home, but if you plan to bug-in, you need to be ready to deal with the potential of widespread looting in your area.” – Michael Major

What Preppers Should Know About the Use of Herbs During Pregnancy – Amy Allen

8 Best Vegetables for Small Space Gardening – “Most of us are forced to dwell in an very small space (which we call home) at one stage or another in our lives. The problem is that most of us also adore the idea of having our own little patch of land, or at least a small garden in some form, especially one from which we can harvest fresh food. A lack of adequate space makes that difficult, though, but thanks to all the innovative DIY ideas shared on platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest, it’s really not hard to figure out some easy way to cross that barrier.” – Alan Urban


Deuteronomy 4:6    Keep therefore and do them; for this is your wisdom and your understanding in the sight of the nations, which shall hear all these statutes, and say, Surely this great nation is a wise and understanding people.