How The Banks Work And Why They Are Collapsing (VIDEO) – Greg Reese  – GOOD EXPLANATION FROM GREG. ALL A PART OF THE BIGGER PICTURE!!!!

Zero Carbon Green Agenda Is Impossible In All Respects – “Why are major governments, corporations, think tanks and the Davos WEF all promoting a Zero Carbon global agenda to eliminate use of oil, gas, coal? They know that the turn to solar and wind-based electricity is impossible. It is impossible because of the demand for raw materials from copper to cobalt to lithium to concrete and steel exceeding global supply. It is impossible because of the staggering trillions in cost of battery backup for a “reliable” 100% renewable electric grid. It is also impossible without causing the collapse of our present standard of living and a breakdown of our food supply that will mean mass death from starvation and disease. All this for a scientific fraud called man-made global warming?” – F. William Engdahl

“If population growth didn’t slow down, food shortages could be created in a hurry.” In 1969, ex-Planned Parenthood Medical Director Richard Day Prophesied How the Globalist Agendas Would Unfold – Sage Hana  – EXTREMELY INTERESTING READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Russians are also “dying suddenly” – “Russian activists document “sudden deaths” among young athletes” – Edward Slavsquat


EPSTEIN SCANDAL Could Break The Banking Cartel – “Jeffrey Epstein may be dead – but his pedophilia legacy lives on and on and on! Cindy McCain explains how everyone (in the government) were well aware of his predilections and vagrant behavior but did nothing because they were afraid… JP Morgan is now to be even more entrenched than originally believed as it attempts to fight the Virgin Island Lawsuits. And Jamie Dimon, in the midst of the lawsuits is calling for the governments across the globe to ‘seize private property’! But let’s talk Trump Indictment…. Distraction.” – Helena Glass

If They Are Not Calling You a Fascist, You’re Too Damn Soft – “Look, they are always going to call you a fascist, but if they are not screaming about what you are doing as loud as their high-pitched voices can go, you are not going against the left anywhere near hard enough. They scream loudest when it hurts the most. That last one, from Tennessee last week, is instructive. A trio of Marxist mutants marched into the well of the legislature straight from commie central casting with a bullhorn to co-opt the session and demand disarmament of normal people in the wake of some trans weirdo murdering six Christians. The legislature, in a rare showing of GOP testicular fortitude, decided to try to expel them. Two got booted. So, stop arguing with them. Start crushing them.” – Kurt Schlichter

Biden To Deploy “Army” Of Social Media Influencers, Station Them In White House – “The Tik Tok President” – Steve Watson

Dylan Mulvaney’s parody of womanhood – “The idea that a man can become a girl is irrational, creepy and sexist.” – Brendan O’Neill

As Lunatic Libs Storm State Capitols Demanding End Of The 2nd Amendment & Gun-Grabbing Ghouls In Congress Prepare More Confiscation Laws, Red Flag Gun Law Ruled Unconstitutional – D Parker

The Dalai Lama engages in the same type of creepy ‘playfulness’ as Biden – “Let me openly state my bias: I have no respect for the Dalai Lama. This has nothing to do with his faith or his standing as a spiritual leader. It has to do with the fact that this man, a lifelong refugee from the People’s Republic of China, which controls Tibet by force, has self-identified as a Marxist. That’s just wrong. What’s also wrong is something that happened in India the other day: He asked a little boy to kiss him on the lips and suck his tongue. Even Biden hasn’t gone that far (yet). What the heck is wrong with our world leaders?” – Andrea Widburg

The Dalai Lama Is A Creepy Asshole – “This is plainly someone with a broken moral compass. But I guess that’s about the best anyone could expect from a literal CIA asset. His administration received $1.7 million a year from the Central Intelligence Agency through the 1960s, and it’s reported that he himself personally received $180,000 a year from the CIA for decades. The CIA is easily the most depraved institution in the world today, so it would be reasonable to expect the moral development of someone so intimately involved with it to be a bit stunted.” – Caitlin Johnstone

The Pentagon Leaks Charade – “The script reads like a spoof straight out of legendary Mad magazine 1960’s cartoon “Spy vs. Spy”: Secret Pentagon Documents Fall in the Hands of Malign Russia. Well, actually in the hands of millions accessing Twitter and Telegram. So here, at face value, we have a major leak essentially detailing Pentagon planning for the next stage of the NATO vs. Russia proxy war in Ukraine: the interminably debated Spring “counter-offensive” that may, or may not, start in mid-April, as well as war plans shared with FVEY – the Five Eyes. The leaked intel might – and the operative word is “might” – be advantageous to Russia were this not to be misdirection: and the possibility is quite real.” – Pepe Escobar

US resumes biolabs program in Ukraine – Russian MOD – “Washington is constructing secretive new facilities and is training personnel, Moscow has claimed” – RT

Peace is Breaking Out in the Middle East…and Washington is Not Happy! – “While we were being distracted by the ongoing Russia/Ukraine war – and Washington’s increasing involvement in the war – tremendous developments in the Middle East have all but ended decades of US meddling in the region. Peace is breaking out in the Middle East and Washington is not at all happy about it!” – Ron Paul

Syria episode shows how contractors still used to fight America’s wars – “It would be good to know for certain how big the US footprint in that part of the world actually is.” – Ted Galen Carpenter


S&P 500 falls to start the week as investors’ recession fears grow – Sarah Min and Tanaya Macheel

What Do These People Know That We Don’t? – “A few things for us to think about… Wal-Mart (WMT) is the largest private employer in the world. It’s also one of the largest retailers in the world. As such, it is a major economic bellwether. The Waltons are the family that founded Wal-Mart (WMT). They remain the largest owners of its stock. And they have been dumping BILLIONS of dollars in WMT stock in the last few months. What do they know that we don’t? Apple (AAPL) is the largest company on the S&P 500. It is also the largest consumer discretionary company in the world. AAPL insiders including the CEO, COO and General Counsel have sold $41 million worth of stock recently. The last time the CEO sold was in 2018. AAPL shares fell 41% that year. He’s selling again now. What does he know that we don’t?” – Graham Summers, MBA

The Fed. Is Deliberately Causing A CREDIT COLLAPSE With MUCH Higher Inflation. (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino

The Fed Models the Weather Although It Can’t Even Stress Test Treasuries – “The Fed has conducted a “pilot climate scenario analysis exercise”. Let’s take a peek inside this laughable event.” – Mish

Who are behind the gold and silver buying – “Precious metals are back in the spotlight in 2023 as signs of economic slowdown continue to surface and cause uneasiness among investors, in turn driving up the appeal of safe havens. This week, the price of gold shot up by nearly 2% to its highest in a year at around $2,020 an ounce, just $50 shy of an all-time high. Silver also rode on the back of this rally, up 3.7% for the week. One of the biggest driving forces behind gold’s rising demand is the global central banks, which hold the physical metal (i.e. bullion) as part of their monetary reserves. Joining the global central banks, retail investors have been snapping up physical metal out of concern that inflation may be more persistent than professional money managers believe,” – Richard Mills

Recession Warning? Consumer Debt Climbs But Pace Slowing – Michael Maharrey

The Commercial Real Estate Bust Isn’t Coming. It’s Here – “Office towers for 50% off, apartment buildings headed that way fast” – – John Rubino

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 9.47EUR


The FEMA Death Camps: Where Will They Take You? – “A catastrophic event has just hit America. Through an executive order, your rights as a United States citizen have been suspended indefinitely. FEMA’s in charge and now they’re at your door! So, According to FEMA, Who Is Considered a “National Security Threat”?” – Dr, Nathaniel B.

The Importance of Having a Tactical Flashlight – Will2Survive  – I MYSELF HAVE SEVERAL!!!!

Kelly Kettle – Cook and Boil Water with Minimal Fuel – “The Kelly Kettle makes it quick and easy to boil water with minimal fuel in about 3 to 5 minutes. With the items in these kits, you can also use the Kelly Kettles for cooking and grilling. The Kelly Kettle was developed by the Kelly family in Ireland over 100 years ago, so they have some experience building these handy items.” – Laurie Neverman

How to Make Homemade Cannabis Salve (CBD or THC) – DeannaCat.

How To Preserve Foods In Honey – “Honey has been used in food preservation for centuries for its many microbial-fighting properties that keep food from spoiling. Many people believe that the high sugar content or high acidity in honey is the reason for its preservative properties. Sugar draws out water from the food source, leaving microbial cells dehydrated and effectively keeping food safe from microbial spoilage. The acidity of honey also inhibits microbial growth.” – Grace


Exodus 22:25    If thou lend money to any of my people that is poor by thee, thou shalt not be to him as an usurer, neither shalt thou lay upon him usury.