Globetrotting green elites are a threat to democracy – “A new superclass of eco-globalists is making life miserable for the rest of us. Jacinda Ardern has been sworn into the highest political caste. She takes her place alongside the likes of John Kerry and Mark Carney as a member of the globe-trotting eco-elite. She’s been admitted to that inner circle of eco-globalists who spend their days wringing their hands over the climate apocalypse and wagging their fingers at the polluting throng. No sooner had she bid a tearful farewell to the New Zealand parliament this week – four months after officially resigning as prime minister – than it was announced she would be joining the board of the Earthshot Prize, Prince William’s global green crusade. Anyone who thought Ardern’s ducking-out of NZ’s top job would give us a break from her smiley authoritarianism is in for a rude awakening. ” – Brendan O’Neill  – SHE MOVES FROM COVID TO CLIMATE. COULD IT BE ANY MORE OBVIOUS THAT CLIMATE CHANGE IS THE NEXT STEP OF CONTROL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why was Covid so deadly for African Leaders? – “Failing healthcare system or something else? Could Covid have been used as an excuse to bump off political rivals in third world countries? Or perhaps they were removed by foreign powers looking for regime change.” – The Naked Emperor

Fully Vaxxed Lose 25 Years of Life Expectancy, Study Shows – “Researchers analyzed government data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Cleveland Clinic Data, and insurance company risk assessment data. The latest Cleveland Clinic Data and the latest US data were analyzed by Josh Stirling, founder of Insurance Collaboration to Save Livess and former #1 ranked Insurance Analyst. Stirling’s study shows an incredibly disturbing trend.” – Frank Bergman

American Farmers To Begin Injecting Livestock With mRNA Shots This Month (VIDEO) – Greg Reese   – LINKED A COUPLE OF ARTICLES ABOUT THIS ON SUNDAY AND MONDAY!!!

The Data Missing from Wall Street Economists: Skyrocketing Disabilities and Injuries in U.S. Workforce After COVID-19 “Vaccines” – “one reason why financial “experts” might be having such a hard time interpreting the current economic data is that certain topics are politically incorrect to discuss, and perhaps the biggest topic that nobody in the corporate media wants to address is the topic of deaths and injuries due to the roll-out of the COVID-19 “vaccines” in 2021.” – Brian Shilhavy

World Economic Forum announces ‘Summer Davos’ is coming to China – “WEF conference will be held in partnership with the Chinese Communist Party. As global power centers transform further into a multipolar environment, Davos Man has decided to double down on its bet that Beijing will be best positioned to benefit from these changing political dynamics. For Klaus Schwab and the gang, you will own nothing and you will be happy, and perhaps, you will be speaking mandarin, too.” – Jordan Schachtel

Central Bank Digital Currency Is the Endgame – Part 2 – “Contrary to the stories we are told, central banks are private corporations. These private corporations operate a global monetary and financial empire that is overseen and coordinated by the Bank for International Settlements (BIS). The BIS does not come under the jurisdiction of any nation state nor intergovernmental organisation. It is exempt from all “law” and is arguably sovereign over the entire planet. As its current monetary system power-base declines, it is rolling out CBDC to protect and enhance its own authority.” – Iain Davis  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM IAIN. PART1 WAS PREVIOUSLY LINKED ON 03/08/23!!!

Amazon Illegally Harvested Kids’ Data Via Alexa-Powered ‘Smart’ Speakers – Michael Nevradakis, Ph.D.


Taking Easter Seriously – “Today, the loss of freedom comes in many forms. Sometimes it is direct, as when the government dictates the wearing of a mask and the reception of an experimental vaccine, and punishes those who don’t comply. Sometimes it is subtle, as when the government borrows $4 trillion a year and, as a result, our money and assets lose much of their value and our descendants will be taxed heavily to repay the loans. Sometimes it is secret, as when the government reads emails and text messages and follows the movements of cellphones, all without search warrants; or when it uses drones to kill people the government hates or fears, without a declaration of war or any due process. Freedom is the ability of every person to make personal choices without a government permission slip — to exercise free will. Free will is the natural characteristic we share in common with God. It is His unconditional gift to us. He created us in His image and likeness. As He is perfectly free, so are we. When the government takes away freedom — whether by fiat or legislation — it steals a gift we received from God, it violates the natural law and the Constitution, and it prevents us from seeking the truth.” – Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

Our French Revolution – “America now has three potential futures and two are bad. The Democratic Party vanished sometime in 2020. It was absorbed by hard-left ideologues. They were bent on radically altering, or hijacking, existing institutions to force radical, equality-of-result agendas that otherwise do not earn majority support. The American people want affordable power and fuel and energy autonomy. They do not want a Green New Deal that results in dependence on the Middle East. They want fiscal sobriety, not a permanent stagflationary economy marked by bank failures, soaring interest rates, crony capitalism, and subsidies for those who choose not to work. They know no country can exist without a border, much less while offering blank checks to foreign cartels that kill 100,000 Americans yearly.” – Victor Davis Hanson

About that “no one is above the law” nonsense… – “EVERYONE is “above the law” to a certain degree. Think about it: in the Land of the Free, the ‘Code of Federal Regulations’ runs nearly 200,000 pages. And that doesn’t even include the mountain of state and local rules that exist. This means that most people are almost certainly in violation of a whole host of laws and regulations, most of which we’ve never heard of.” – Simon Black

Criticizing Government Leaders is now a Crime #MacronOrdure – “Free speech no longer exists. People are now scared to speak out against their government as if they were in the old USSR. Emmanuel Macron is an absolute tyrant and the French people have had enough. The protests in France over pension reforms receive little news coverage by design. The elite do not want the people to see how tyrannical governments across the world have become.” – Martin Armstrong

The Scourge of Rogue State USA and Its MSM Co-Conspirators – “In defiance of journalism as it should be and the rule of law, MSM operate as a collective ministry of propaganda for regimes they support. They back despotic rule throughout the West and worldwide under one-party rule. In the US, they support undemocratic Dems over governance of, by and for everyone equitably, a notion they abhor. Along with forever wars by hot and other means on invented enemies, the Biden regime’s politicized indictment of Trump are glaring examples of a rogue state off-the- rails. In stark contrast to hegemon USA’s war on humanity at home and worldwide, Russia and China prioritize peace and cooperative relations with other nations according to the rule of law. The empire of lies and forever wars is an unparalleled international menace — especially with undemocratic Dems running things.” – Stephen Lendman

How To Conduct a Show Trial – Trump Judge Juan Merchan’s Conflict of Interest and his Daughter Loren’s Cringe Facebook Page – “Judge Juan Merchan must recuse himself from the Trump case because his daughter Loren has worked for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris – here are the full receipts from her Facebook page. Comrades: Welcome to kangaroo court in the banana republic.” – Yuri Bezmenov

Karine Jean-Pierre: “It’s Not For Us to Decide” if a Transgender Terrorist Murdering Christians Should Be Classified a Hate Crime (VIDEO) – Cristina Laila

Trans Activist Dylan Mulvaney Now Modeling NIKE Sports Bras and Leggings – “NIKE has joined Anheuser-Busch in signing transgender activist, Joe Biden supporter, and TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney to a new lucrative endorsement deal.” – Warner Todd Huston  – GUESS IT PAYS TO PLAY DRESS UP AND PRETEND YOU’RE A GIRL. EXCEPT FOR THE COMPANIES THAT WILL LOOSE THEIR TRADITIONAL BASE!!!!

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to Run for President in 2024 in Challenge to Biden – Will Jones

The Problem with Lesser Evils: Uniparty Paradox – “Not why it really matters, but, rather, exactly how it matters.” – 2nd Smartest Guy in the World  – SOME VERY GOOD POINTS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chicago Faces Tax Hikes After Progressive’s Surprise Mayoral Win – Shruti Date Singh, Michael Hirtzer and Gregory Korte

Illinois is hit by MORE tornadoes as twisters and 115mph winds rip roof off a gas station – while nearly 70 million brace for monster storms – “Illinois was struck by another round of tornados on Tuesday evening, the latest in a string of destructive severe weather to rock the Midwest in the past week.” – Alex Oliveira

Top Saudi, Iranian Diplomats To Meet In China: “Era Of US Involvement In Region Is Over” – Tyler Durden

New World Order: The International Criminal Court and War on Russia – “by including the Russian President on a list of wanted criminals, the ICC has laid the legal ground for a declaration of war against Vladimir Putin himself…. whenever we do go to war, I believe it will be declared against Putin himself, as a criminal wanted by the ICC, in pursuance of whose arrest the West will justify its illegal war on Russia and theft of its oil and mineral resources. ” – Simon Elmer

Energy chinks in America’s armor – “Russia and China are World War I and II historians, and both know that the country that controls the minerals, crude oil, and natural gas, controls the world!… In a rapidly changing world stage, America’s obsession with climate change, Net Zero emissions, and eradicating fossil fuel products, while transitioning to just electricity from renewables that manufacture nothing for humanity, are exposing kinks in our national security armor.” – Ronald Stein

Zelensky’s Latest Trip To Poland Was Super Significant – “Zelensky’s visit is intended to shape the course of the NATO-Russian proxy war over the next three months ahead of the bloc’s summit in early July.” – Andrew Korybko

US Sees in Finland’s NATO Accession Encirclement of Russia – “Not even propagandistically, anyone can say Finland has encountered a security threat from Russia. This is an act of motiveless malignity toward Russia on the part of the NATO, which of course invariably carries the imprimatur of the US, while being projected to the world audience as a sovereign choice by Finland against the backdrop of Russia’s intervention in Ukraine.” – M. K. Bhadrakumar


Jobless Claims Explode Higher After BLS ‘Revisions’; Tech Layoffs On ‘2001’ Pace – Tyler Duirden

GDP Grew By 2.6% During Q4 Of 2022? – “Not Exactly.” – Peter Nayland Kust

Why the Panic Is Just Beginning – “Let’s step back from today’s banking financial crisis and look at the bigger picture. That will help us to understand the system dynamics, and estimate how long the crisis might last, and how destructive it might be. As a preliminary matter, let’s distinguish between a recession (even a bad one) and a financial crisis. They’re different.” – Jim Rickards

Golden Question? Is the Petrodollar the Next Thing to Break? – “As we warned throughout 2022, the Fed’s overly rapid and overly steep rate hikes would only “work” until things began breaking, and, well…things have clearly begun to break, including the petrodollar. Even prior to the recent headlines regarding US regional banks, “credit event” stressors were already tipping like dominoes around the world, from the 2019 repo crisis and the 2020 bond spiral to the 2022 gilt implosion. Then came SVB et al in 2023, and, of course, the forewarned disaster at Credit Suisse… But as we also warned literally from day 1 of the sanctions against Putin, the oh-so-critical petrodollar would be among the next dominoes to tip, and tipping is precisely what we see.’ – Matthew Piepenburg

From Goldsmiths to Central Banks: the Degradation of the Banking System -Doug Casey

Small Businesses File For Bankruptcy At Record Pace, Surpassing COVID Crash – ” conditions could become worse as the knock-on effects from the recent banking crises begin to manifest.” – Liam Cosgrove

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 9.47EUR


When Bugging In Can Get You Killed – “Unless you have a fully stocked bug-out location and the means to make your way there in a post-apocalyptic landscape, bugging in is probably the path many of us take when SHTF strikes. The term ‘bugging in’ refers to the act of sheltering in your home during an SHTF situation. This can seem like the best option in many ways, especially if bugging out was never an option. Your home is where the bulk of your supplies and gear is located, and it makes a lot of sense to secure the family home and shelter in place. Even though bugging in is the better option for many of us, it can be a more deadly option in many circumstances than a bug-out.” – Michael Major

Expanding This Year’s Garden – “I wonder how many of you are expanding this year’s garden. I suppose it depends on a few things. Whether or not you feel the want or need to do so. Or maybe you already have enough garden! Personally, I am expanding this year’s garden. Last year I added three more 4×8 raised beds. Soon I will be adding another three. As a result, I will also have to extend the garden perimeter fence – to keep out unwanted hungry critters. Given the uncertainty in the world we’re living in right now, coupled with a highly inflationary period for the foreseeable future, I sure feel good about expanding this year’s garden.” – Ken Jorgustin

Why are My Veggie Seedlings Failing? 12 Causes and Solutions – Catherine Winter

How To Graft Your Fruit Trees This Spring – “Why Grafting? Few fruit tree seeds grow true from generation. That means if you plant the seeds of a Red Delicious apple straight from the grocery store, you likely will get a tree that looks nothing like the tree the fruit came from. Why is that? Because many fruit trees cannot self-pollinate.” – Elizabeth Grant

How to Make Yogurt at Home – Amy S.


Matthew 27:24    When Pilate saw that he could prevail nothing, but that rather a tumult was made, he took water, and washed his hands before the multitude, saying, I am innocent of the blood of this just person: see ye to it.