Why Legislators Should Reject the WHO’s Proposals for Pandemics – “The World Health Organization (WHO) is promoting a pandemic treaty (‘CA+’), and amendments to the existing International Health Regulations (IHR), to increase its power during health emergencies. These proposals also broaden the scope of emergencies to include potential rather than actual harm. The draft treaty suggests a definition of ‘One Health’ that encompasses any occurrence in the biosphere that could impact human well-being. This decision-making power will be placed in the hands of a single person, the WHO Director General.” – David Bell

Beware Catastrophizing Climate Models and Activists – “All true believers of The Science™ of climate change have taken careful note of the lessons offered by the coronavirus pandemic during 2020–22 for managing the ‘climate emergency.’ The two agendas share nine items in common that should leave us worried, very worried.” – Ramesh Thakur  – CLIMATE IS DEFINITELY THE NEXT STEP OF THE AGENDA. FROM THE CARS YOU CAN DRIVE, TO THE FOOD YOU CAN EAT AND WHERE YOU CAN LIVE!!!!!

Endocrinologist Forecasts More Hormone-Related Diseases as Spike Proteins Found to Deplete Endocrine Reserves – 2nd Smartest Guy in the World

Jacinda: a kinder, gentler authoritarian boot – “The tyranny fan club is an ugly place. when these people tell you who they are, believe them. Meet Catherine McKenna. She’s the “Principal, Climate & Nature Solutions; Chair UN Net Zero; Fellow @ColumbiaClimate . Fmr Canadian Climate Minister” and she just cannot find praise effusive enough for departing kiwi queen bee Jacinda Adern. These demagogues and dictators love to tell you what you should think. But they sure never seem to want to hear what you think. Funny, huh?” – El Gato Malo

Another day, another loss for the mRNA jabs, as old-fashioned live attenuated virus vaccines are shown to provide superior immunity in hamsters – “The bright and shiny new technology is not always the way. Fuck everybody who said otherwise.” – eugyppius

Blinded by the Next Great Thing – “I must be missing a chip in my brain or something. Why have I never been blown away by the advances in technology that attempt to replace humans? So, the more excited we get about technology, the more likely we are ushering in our own demise. Really? Isn’t that what the movie Terminator is all about? We have seen this for years with regard to electronics replacing jobs. Now we will see it in other ways that are more foreboding.” – Todd Hayen, PhD, RP


The Trump Distraction Fiasco: Does this Leave the Door Open for Other Indictments or Just More Diversion? – “Sometimes there is a silver lining in what many assume to be bad news, but this Trump fiasco may be, but is not likely to be, one of those times. First of all, Trump is no hero, he is no savior; he is actually a criminal politician, a consummate liar, facilitator of murder, warmonger, corrupt businessman, bioweapon injection pusher, and was a front for his controlling handlers while in office. It is obvious that his indictment is completely political in nature, but that does not exonerate him from his past criminal behavior, lying, cheating, and his close associations with known criminals and pedophiles. Simply speaking, he is like all politicians and power-seekers; the worst of mankind. But now, it looks as if we are facing another O. J. moment, as this fiasco will likely be strung out for months or years, as this staged political theatre will consume the news for some time to come. We are faced with a multitude of life-changing events, many of which could break the backbone of this country, but all eyes will be on Trump instead of focusing on the dire threats looming in plain sight. This I believe, is intentional” – Gary D. Barnet  – ANOTHER GOOD ONE FROM GARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Conquest Of Paradise – “Yesterday, the door was finally closed on the America that created the people who signed onto the MAGA movement and voted for Donald Trump. In their America, you fight things out in the court of public opinion, shake hands and leave it to the voters to decide who won. In whatever the new rulers plan to call whatever it is they think they are creating, those with power crush those without power. There is no longer a place for the spirited civic nationalism of Donald Trump.” – The Z Man

Trump’s Indictment and the Downfall of America – “Freedom died a little more today-it’s almost all gone.” – Karen Hunt

Yes, the indictment is inadequate on its face—but that doesn’t matter – “If you read through the conservative internet today, you’ll see myriad articles and videos pointing out that Alvin Bragg’s Statement of Facts and Indictment against Donald Trump are utterly baseless. In a decent system, they would be tossed out of court immediately. However, I’m here to tell you that this is not how things work in progressive/leftist judicial systems. They like going through the motions, but the system always works toward a single leftist end, law and rules be damned.” – Andrea Widburg

America’s Broken Windows – “In criminology, the “broken windows” theory posits that visible signs of crime and civil disorder encourage only more serious crimes and antisocial behaviors. It should be no surprise, then, that cultural Marxists have dedicated their energies to the destruction of family, faith, and fellowship. Why have Marxists been breaking America’s windows for so many decades? Because only in the rubble of societal ruin can communist tyranny reign supreme.” – J.B. Shurk

The Mad Emperor of Ice Cream – “In America’s grim funhouse reality, the confusion is the message. Our national clown show grows more and more ridiculous, while at the same time not being at all amusing. I guess that’s what they always say about clowns—they are much more frightening than funny. Biden’s ice cream shtick is also incredibly cornball. Again, maybe this is how the depraved dress up their black souls, by pretending that the whole world is an ice cream social. To the addict, one scoop is too many, and a Häagen-Dazs truck is never enough. Well, put a clown in charge and don’t be surprised when the circus never leaves town. Have fun! ” – Seth Barron

Can’t Make This Up… UPDATE – Joe Biden Moved and Stored Unguarded Classified Documents in China Town! – Jim Hoft

What has Chicago done? – “Chicagoans vote to double down on the same policies that cost Lightfoot her job… Chicagoans cheered Mayor Lightfoot’s exit. Gone was her toxic attitude. Her flippant dismissal of the city’s many crises. Her dismal record on crime. And her destruction of police morale. She was an absolute failure by any measure. From the beginning, she was more interested in imposing a progressive vision and an “equity” agenda on Chicago than enacting the many reforms the city needed. So Chicagoans kicked out Lightfoot. Change was possible. But what Chicagoans voted for on April 4 was someone more extreme and exactly opposite of what the city needed.” – Ted Dabrowski and John Klingner

Did You Know That U.S. Crops Are Being Absolutely Devastated By Nightmarish Disasters From Coast To Coast – Michael Snyder

How California floods could drive up food prices in the US – “Amid flooded farm fields and warnings of more rain, food prices are likely to go up as California is responsible for producing one-third of vegetables and three-quarters of fruits and nuts in the US, according to the California Department of Food and Agriculture. California accounts for 99 per cent of all the tomatoes for processed canned goods, and thus the cost of pasta and pizza sauces could be affected. Agriculture experts have also forewarned about lettuce prices, saying they could increase from April. Flooding in Salinas has left experts worried as the region produces a large amount of lettuce consumed in North America.” – FP Explainers

US Announces $2.6 Billion Weapons Package for Ukraine – “$500 million in weapons and ammo will be shipped to Ukraine right away and $2.1 billion will be used to purchase equipment for Kyiv. The new package comes as the US is hoping Ukraine will carry out a counteroffensive to regain more territory, but comments from Ukrainian officials have cast doubt on Kyiv’s capability to launch an assault.” – Dave DeCamp

Americans Must Choose – “Will voters compel a shift away from endless foreign wars in the upcoming election?” – Douglas Macgregor, Col. (ret.)

The So Far Non-Existent Vulkan Leaks – “The Guardian, Washington Post and Der Spiegel have today published “bombshell” revelations about Russian cyber warfare based on leaked documents, but have produced only one single, rather innocuous leaked document between them (in the Washington Post), with zero links to any.  In each case the teams of thirty journalists have very slightly altered a copy-and-pasted entire paragraph. In fact the remarkable sameness of all three articles, with the same quotes and sources and same ideas, makes plain to anybody reading that all these articles are taken from a single source document. The question is who produced that central document? I assume it is one of the “five security services”, which all of the articles say were consulted. But in truth there is no reason to doubt that the Russian state is developing cyberwarfare capabilities, and there is no reason to doubt that commercial companies including Vulkan are involved in some of the sub-contracted work. But exactly the same thing is true of the United States, the United Kingdom, or any major Western nation. Tens of billions are being poured into cyberwarfare, and the resources deployed on it by NATO states vastly outnumber the resources available to Russia. Which puts in perspective this large exercise in anti-Russian propaganda.” – Craig Murray

Stoltenberg Pledges Ukraine Will Become A Member Of NATO – “Wasn’t this just Kremlin propaganda?” – Tyler Durden

Journalist, Spy Or Cyber Front Warrior? – “Would the Wall Street Journal even know if the CIA hired one of its journos for a side job? But fear not, the CIA would never do such: Surely, the CIA would never ever break a law, says a former CIA analyst … But why then is the U.S. Secretary of State calling Russia for a talk about the man?” – Moon of Alabama


A Credit Crunch Is Inevitable – “The slump in mark-to-market valuations of all asset classes from loans to investments is what will ultimately drive an inevitable credit contraction.” – Daniel Lacalle

The Bond Market Fears Something Worse Than Inflation is Coming – “The yield on the 2-Year U.S. Treasury is NOT rising anymore. If anything it’s rolling over and approaching the “Silicon Valley Bank” lows. This is a signal that something “BAD” is brewing in the economy/ financial system. If everything was fine, yields would be rising again based on hopes of growth and fears of inflation. Put simply, the fact yields are falling like this tells us that the bond market fears something far worse than inflation is coming…” – Graham Summers, MBA

Gold Jolted Higher – Craig Hemke

U.S. Dollar “Fear Mongers” Only Need To Be Right Once – “Everyone says the U.S. dollar losing reserve status could never happen. Okay, great. Now, what if it does? There’s a reason that every financial disclosure, brochure, hedge fund letter or commercial always says “past performance is not indicative of future results” on it: because it isn’t. But that boilerplate-sounding warning is printed in size zero font and, as a result, also rests in the equivalent of size zero font in the brains of U.S. dollar bulls.” – Quoth the Raven

Amid the Collapse of Three U.S. Banks, Is the U.S. Petrodollar Facing the Same Fate? – “Considering the recent turmoil in the U.S. banking system, the trajectory of the global power of the U.S. dollar comes under scrutiny, as too, the economy of our entire country” – Dear Rest Of America

Here’s How We’ll Have Labor Shortages and High Unemployment at the Same Time – Charles Hugh Smith

This is Still the Most Astonishing Labor Market: Job Openings, Hiring, Voluntary Quits, Layoffs & Discharges – “Still lots of churn as workers arbitrage the tight labor market for their benefit. Back to “normal” a long way off.” – Wolf Richter

Gold Demand Explodes While Dollar Implodes (VIDEO) with Bill Holter – “Holter, who is a precious metals broker from Miles Franklin, has a front row seat to the big jump in demand and prices. Holter says, “We’ve been jammed since the first of the year, but we have been absolutely jammed since the SVB bank announcement. What is interesting is we are getting more calls, but for the most part, bigger money. We are taking multi-million-dollar orders on a daily basis now. This is different than a few years ago.” – Greg Hunter  – ANOTHER GOOD LISTEN WITH BILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 9.32EUR


Mindful Preparation: Surviving Traumatic Events starts with Developing the Right Mindset – Robert Richardson

A Few Notes About Shotgun Gauges and Game – “Shotguns are popular firearms used for hunting a wide variety of game, including birds, rabbits, squirrels, and larger animals like deer and bear. One of the key factors to consider when choosing a shotgun for hunting is the gauge, which refers to the diameter of the gun’s barrel. I have a strong affinity for smaller-gauge shotguns, having used both 20 and 28-gauges for hunting quail, partridge, grouse, and doves throughout the years. These guns provide a fun and effective alternative to their larger counterparts” – David Andrew Brown

Composting 101: What, Why & How to Compost at Home – “Hot compost, worm compost, compost tea… oh my! Welcome to your crash-course introduction on all things compost. If you are new to composting and feel intimidated, I get it. There is a lot of information out there, and so many different ways to compost!” – DeannaCat

6 Emergency Drills To Do With Your Family – “Remember, you are only as strong as your weakest link. So, one major part of prepping that many people fall short on is to empower family members. So, how on earth do you do that? How do you make your 7-year-old a better prepper? Or the wife that wants nothing to do with prepping a better prepper. Well, there are bunch of ways, but we are going to focus on running emergency drills. Emergency drills are great because they address a very real need, they are interactive and should be done with the entire family. They also have a lasting effect.” – James Walton


Isaiah 44:18      They have not known nor understood: for he hath shut their eyes, that they cannot see; and their hearts, that they cannot understand.