I’m Joining Davos – “I’ve had a change of heart. After spending a few years studying technocratic authoritarianism, I’ve finally realized, damn, these WEF people have a really nice racket going. I want to be a part of the Star Trek future that they’re so generously creating for us. Could an AI possibly do worse than the murderous sociopaths who rule us now?” – Spartacus – GOOD ONE FROM SPARTACUS!!!

Woke Artificial Intelligence Bot ChatGPT Tried to Sell Me on Lab-Grown Meat and Insects – “I didn’t ask for a sales pitch. I got one anyway. Globalists like Yuval Noah Harari and Klaus Schwab have been promoting artificial intelligence as better for work, governance, and overall decision-making. That’s why it’s no surprise that when I asked AI chatbot ChatGPT to write an article about lab-grown meat and insects replacing real meat, the result was perfectly aligned with the globalist agenda.” – JD Rucker

Report estimates death toll of 300,000 from COVID shots! – WND Staff

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, April 1, 2023 (VIDEO) – “Record snow, record rain, record hail and record tornadoes, geoengineered spring is here. Climate chaos is hammering populations and decimating food production.” – Dane Wigington

The Lobbyists for the Cattleman and Pork Associations in Several States Have CONFIRMED They WILL Be Using mRNA Vaccines in Pigs and Cows THIS MONTH. – “”NO ONE knows the the impacts of doing this but we are all potentially facing the risk of being a #DiedSuddenly if we don’t stop this.” – Thomas Renz” – Lioness of Judah Ministry

Rapidly Spreading Fungus Already In 28 States, Including Illinois, Presents ‘Urgent’ Threat, CDC War – Amy S.

Saying It Out Loud – “An interesting admission was emitted last week by the head of Stellantis, which is the corporation that owns the Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram truck brands, among others. Carlos Tavaras said there may not be enough lithium available to make the “transition” (note the banality of the term, as if it were a blase inevitability that just sort of happened, organically – as opposed to being ram-rodded down our throats) from cars with engines to appliances with batteries. This was emitted, ironically enough, at something styled the Freedom of Mobility Forum. Freedom of mobility being precisely the thing this “transition” will greatly limit by dint of cost and range, if not via other mechanisms.” – Eric Peters

Surprising results of new national poll about COVID and vaccine deaths – “Has there bees massive under-counting of COVID and vaccine deaths? A big finding is that nearly as many Americans believe someone close to them died from side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine as died from the disease/infection itself.” – Joel S Hirschhorn


Perfect Storm – “We are irreparably divided in these United States and that’s not unusual in free societies, but that’s just where this has gone off the rails. It’s now illegal to be on the right and being so opens the door to hostile, biased prosecution ruthlessly pursued by those on the left. The civil war, if there is to be one, and I’m not sure how it’s avoided at this point, will commence when those on the right become as ruthless to the left as the left is to the right. Despite what you might think, this isn’t about Trump. Trump never has been Trump. Trump has always been a proxy for traditional and patriotic Americans, believers in the concepts of individual rights, self-determination, self-reliance, private property and capitalism. For all of their weaknesses, these things produce strong, vibrant economies, strong militaries and relatively safe and secure homes and businesses. The systematic undermining of these principles have led us to this moment.” – T.L. Davis

The 2nd Amendment’s Misconstrued ‘Militia’ – “America’s latest episode of mass homicide has sparked renewed advocacy for restrictions on gun ownership. Once again, the accompanying debate has many gun control advocates claiming the Second Amendment’s reference to a “well regulated militia” narrows the amendment’s scope if not rendering it altogether moot. What so many people get so wrong. Contrary to common misperception, these amendments do not bestow privileges upon American citizens. Rather, they are primarily a set of prohibitions against the government infringing on pre-existing human rights all people have. That’s evident in the language. For example, the First Amendment begins “Congress shall make no law…” This amendment isn’t awarding citizens the rights of religion, speech and assembly — it’s outlawing the government’s thwarting of those innate and universal human rights.” – Brian McGlinchey

Indicting Trump is the End of US Politics – “So, the Democrats and their Davos benefactors have finally done it. They have finally found something they can indict President Donald Trump on. Apparently 34 somethings, which makes for great headlines. The usual suspects have been thrown their chum — both TDS patients and MAGAtards. The social media war is now in full swing. And, frankly, it couldn’t be more tiresome. A few get why thi” – Tom Luongo

Comey’s “Good Day”: How Political Prosecutions Became “Ethical Leadership” in the Pursuit of Trump – Jonathan Turley

Urban, Elite White Woman Imagines She’s Just Like Henry Fonda in ‘12 Angry Men’ – “The D.C. juror in one of the Oath Keepers’ trials admits, “I was shocked beyond belief that I was chosen.” We should be outraged. Ellen condemned jurors for bringing their “personal views and values” into the jury room, but it’s hard to believe Ellen did not do the same. But Ellen cannot be considered an outlier; to the contrary, she undoubtedly speaks for most of the jury pool in Washington—or at least the privileged white women set. And she is the best example yet as to why every January 6 trial should be moved out of the nation’s capital. Immediately.” – Julie Kelly

Final Blow to Eviscerated Antiwar Movement – “A concerted effort to silence critics is plainly obvious with the imprisonment and psychological torture of Julian Assange. Ukraine and seven other European nations are attempting to shut down information on the internet and social media that does not conform to a fantasy narrative obscuring the truth about the war in Ukraine.” – Kurt Nimmo

Trump Supporter Found Guilty, Faces Ten Years In Prison For 2016 Anti-Hillary Meme – “Donald Trump has been indicted, essentially for the crime of being Donald Trump and opposing the Left’s total hegemony over everything. But as Trump himself has often warned, they’re not really after him, they’re after us, and he is just in the way. A 33-year-old Trump supporter named Douglass Mackey discovered the truth of that adage in the worst possible way on Friday, the first day of America as a Leftist banana republic in which foes of the regime are targeted solely for their opposition to that regime. Mackey was convicted of election interference and faces up to ten years in prison, all because of a meme he tweeted during the 2016 election. Yes, you read that right: a meme. What’s more, at least one memester on the other side did exactly the same thing, and was never arrested or tried and faces no prison time. Not only was Kristina Wong never prosecuted, but her tweet is still live. Yet she did exactly the same thing Douglass Mackey did. She just had the good sense to do it against Trump, rather than against Hillary.” – Robert Spencer

Everything About to Blow Up as God Destroys Evil (VIDEO) with Bo Polny – “During Covid, all these mass churches were all shut down. They were using the name of God, but they weren’t preaching the word of God. So, we’re going to see the collapse of the church system. Organized religion is going to completely collapse because it is a control system. Everything we believe to be true is about to blow up. This will be God’s intervention, and no man can stop this. The collapse of the dollar will be the collapse of the financial system, which will be very painful for a lot of people.” – Greg Hunter

How crazy have leftists become? Just look at Nebraska – “I was elected to public office as a Democrat, and it saddens me to see what has become of the Nebraska Democrat party. My friend, the late Mike Dugan, was an example of how the Democrats used to think and vote. I knew that the Nebraska Dems were off the rails when the party approved a motion calling Don Kleine, another friend and the Douglas County attorney, a white supremacist. Mr. Kleine has served all of Douglas County with great distinction. He quit the Democrat party after that disgraceful and dishonest action.” – David D. Begley

French woman faces $13,000 fine for Facebook post calling President Macron “fifth” – “In her Facebook post, the woman had written, “This piece of filth is going to address you at 1:00 pm… it’s always on television that we see this filth.”” – Christina Maas 

The Internationalization Of India’s Rupee Is An Emerging Financial Trend Worth Monitoring – Andrew Korybko

Bud Light Hires ‘Transgender’ Dylan Mulvaney to Sell Beer – Neil Munro  – ANOTHER ONE GOES WOKE. BUD IS NOW THE QUEEN OF BEERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Russia Ukraine China & U.S. – a NEW puzzle (VIDEO) with Col. Doug Macgregor – Judge Napolitano


Expect Higher Gasoline Prices as OPEC Makes a Surprise Cut in Supply – “Fresh on the heels of an announced oil cut by Russia, OPEC follows up with cuts across the board.” -Mish

The Big Bankster Bust – “Christine Lagarde, president of the European Central Bank (ECB), said at a Brussels conference last week that the European banking industry is “strong” and the ECB stands ready to intervene.”- Gerald Celente

GOTS: Get Out of The System (VIDEO) with Bill Holter – Liberty and Finance

Status of US Dollar as Global Reserve Currency and Exchange Rates: Slow Long-Term Decline on Track – “The share of the US-dollar as global reserve currency dropped to 58.4% at the end of Q4, according to the IMF’s new COFER data. This was the dollar’s lowest share of global reserve currencies since 1994.” – Wolf Richter


Mastering the Key Concepts of Sun Tzu’s ‘The Art of War – M.D. Creekmore

Light Hiking – Tarp Shelters – “While building shelters from natural materials is always an option, there are going to be times when the appropriate building materials to construct a shelter might be scarce. If this happens, not having a tent can turn into a real problem, especially during nasty weather. If the weather turns bad, you want a quick and easy way to construct an emergency shelter. This is where a good Tarp comes into play.” – Robert Richardson

6 Ways to Protect Garden Plants in a Heat Wave – DeannaCat


John 12:12-14  On the next day much people that were come to the feast, when they heard that Jesus was coming to Jerusalem,  Took branches of palm trees, and went forth to meet him, and cried, Hosanna: Blessed is the King of Israel that cometh in the name of the Lord.  And Jesus, when he had found a young ass, sat thereon; as it is written,


All the snow has turned to water
Christmas days have come and gone
Broken toys and faded colors
Are all that’s left to linger on
I hate graveyards and old pawn shops
For they always bring me tears
I can’t forgive the way they rob me
Of my childhood souvenirs

Memories they can’t be boughten
They can’t be won at carnivals for free
Well it took me years
To get those souvenirs
And I don’t know how they slipped away from me

Broken hearts and dirty windows
Make life difficult to see
That’s why last night and this mornin’
Always look the same to me

I hate reading old love letters
For they always bring me tears
I can’t forgive the way they rob me
Of my sweetheart’s souvenir

( Souvenirs by John Prine )