The Unrecognized Threat of Human Augmentation – “The authorities are getting to be too comfortable with the idea of reengineering organisms, including humans, and regulatory safeguards are nonexistent. Once you start reengineering human beings and our germlines directly in order to improve society, however, you can never quite return back to the natural baseline. Those are permanent changes. They can’t just be magically switched off and tossed aside.” – Spartacus

The Fundamental Question of this Historic Timeline – “Who is the Monster behind the Curtain, the one that is wearing flesh and has blood in its veins? The PEOPLE.” – Sage Hana  – GOOD READ FROM SAGE!!!!!

There has been a Global Coup (Part One) – “There has been a global coup. The covid-19 fraud was devised with a purpose; it was part of a plan which started in earnest back in the 1960s when a group of people met and agreed that the world was overcrowded. They decided to cut the size of the population down to a level last seen in the middle of the 17th century. Some of the people who decided this were very rich. A Mr Rothschild, a Mr Rockefeller and some other bankers. And some of the plotters worked for a big, international, left wing organisation called the United Nations.” -Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc  – GOOD THREE PART SERIES FROM VERNON. BE SURE TO READ ALL THREE!!!!

There has been a global coup (Part Two) – “If the evil ones hadn’t had the foresight to buy the world’s mainstream media this would have been disastrous. The pandemic would have ended overnight. But the TV stations and the newspapers ignored the experts’ decision that covid-19 was just an over-promoted, rebranded version of the flu and obediently cheered wildly when governments announced that they were giving themselves massive new powers to deal with this threat. Newspapers and TV were, of course, bought with huge quantities of taxpayers’ money.” – Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc

There has been a global coup (Part Three) – “The aim of the coup was and is to destroy economies, push up inflation, push up interest rates, bankrupt home owners, wreck small businesses and force country dwellers into soul-less high rise blocks of flats. Until you understand this you won’t understand anything. The rises in interest rates, inflation and oil prices were the easiest to predict.” – Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc

Italian Doctor Suspended for Suggesting Autopsies of Sudden Deaths – “We do not need no stinking autopsies, say Italian medical officials” – Igor Chudov

Major Acquisitions & Changes in Booming Dietary Supplement Industry: Do You Know Who is Behind Your Vitamins? – “The vitamin industry is booming, and major players in gene-editing, nanotech, and biotech are eyeing a piece of the action, while several key acquisitions of dietary supplement companies have taken place.” – Corey Lynn

How Zeynep Tufekci and Jeremy Howard Masked America – “Zeynep’s op-ed brought new attention to a question that’s been a bit of a mystery since COVID began. Where exactly did all these mask mandates come from? Why did the US CDC suddenly reverse its longstanding guidance and begin recommending masks for the first time in modern history in April 2020? As it turns out, in a role that Zeynep failed to disclose in her op-ed, it was Zeynep herself and her colleague Jeremy Howard who’d been the deciding factor in initiating that reversal in the CDC’s longstanding guidance on masking. The story of how they did it, and of Zeynep’s larger role in the COVID saga, goes much deeper than her recent op-ed.” – Michael P Senger


Donald Trump was just indicted…but why? – “Hush money, in itself, is not technically illegal, but if it could be established that campaign funds were used to make the payment, and Trump knew about it, it would be a felony campaign finance violation. Yes, a campaign finance violation. That’s all. Much smaller names have had much bigger crimes swept under the rug. Hell, Hillary Clinton’s campaign was found guilty of the same exact crime over their commissioning the ridiculous “Steele Dossier”. No arrests, just a fine…and they were literally trying to spread misinformation to swing an election. So why can we expect to see Trump’s mugshot on the front cover of every newspaper tomorrow? Why is Donald Trump the first President to ever be indicted, and not, say, Richard Nixon or George Bush jr? Well, there are two schools of thought on that subject, or rather two competing narratives.” – Kit Knightly

Trump Isn’t A Special Case, He’s A Test Case – “Anyone who thinks that these types of attacks will go away once Trump does is delusional. The left has now perfected its plans and strategies for multi-year, wide-ranging, never-ending attacks on the political opposition. It won’t ever stop until it is made to stop.” – I & I Editorial Board

Lock Him Out! – “As we have seen, Donald Trump inherited an economy that was slowly coasting forward on the momentum of the post-crisis cyclical recovery, but he then hammered it into a violent tailspin during his last year in office. And, yes, the Lockdowns and Covid quarantine hysteria were ultimately his doing: Coach Trump sent the Fauci shutdown play out to the field on March 16th and stuck with it for the next 10 months despite the carnage that ensued. So the question recurs: How in the world do the MAGA fans keep insisting that the Trump economy was a time of plentiful economic milk and honey? Neither with the naked eye nor a magnifying glass can you tell where the Trump tenure ends and the Biden presidency starts—the very opposite of the sharp break that should have been the mark of a Republican president. So as we said. Donald Trump didn’t even need to buy a membership in the spending and borrowing uniparty; they made him honorary chairman long before he left office. There is endlessly more data where this came from. The American economy is more distorted and imbalanced then ever before because Washington has literally gone off the rails in its assaults on the free market, fiscal rectitude and sound money. Whether the resulting deep impairment to capitalist prosperity and constitutional liberty can ever be ameliorated and reversed is dubious at best. But one thing is sure—Donald J. Trump is not remotely part of the solution.” – David Stockman  – LONG BUT GOOD READ FROM MR. STOCKMAN!!!!!

Orange Man Bad and Keeeeeeeeeev? – “Is it a coincidence that Orange Man’s indictment on Thursday coincides with what appears to be – to those paying attention – the imminent collapse of the Malabar Front (to borrow from Orwell) by which I mean the Kievian Regime of Wolodmyr Zylensky? There has been no news at all about the meat-grinding by the Russians of what’s left of Zelensky’s forces, which have been decimated,” – Eric Peters

Pelosi’s Tweet Reveals the Real Intentions Behind Trump’s Indictment – “Pelosi wrote: “No one is above the law, and everyone has the right to a trial to prove innocence.” So are there any countries where the accused is guilty until proven innocent? They are mostly third-world countries or theocratic or military dictatorships where the might of the law is used to target opponents and dissidents. Irrespective of what their constitution says, dissidents were presumed guilty until proven innocent. This is how the law operated in Stalin’s Russia, Nazi Germany, Mussolini’s Italy, Franco’s Spain etc.” – Rajan Laad

TRUMP INDICTMENT: America Long Since Infiltrated, Undermined, Attacked and Gaslit, Now Thrown In Back Of Car Trunk Blindfolded. “The Bill of Rights is GONE.” Glenn Beck – “Glenn Beck, Mark Levin Go Brilliantly Nuclear, Taibbi Holds Ground Against Despotic Left. I’m angry. Disgusted. Not at all shocked. And ready to fight for my country in any way I can. I’m so tired of the obvious, but let me say it anyway: This is not about Donald Trump.” – Celia Farber

Leftist priorities: Nothing matters more than arresting Trump – “Zero. That’s the number of times I heard anything mentioned about the hero cops who quickly and methodically put down the leftist Nashville Christian school terrorist, or the leftist insurrection at the Tennessee Capitol building, on my social media yesterday. Every single politically aligned blabbermouth on my Facebook account was busy being overjoyed about the consequences of Donald Trump allegedly — and I do put emphasis on allegedly ” – Hamish Carter

Australia Isn’t A Nation, It’s A US Military Base With Kangaroos – “One of the many, many signs that Australia is nothing more than a US military and intelligence asset is the way its government has consistently refused to intervene to protect Australian citizen Julian Assange from political persecution at the hands of the US empire.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Global Elites Goading Americans Into Violence Against Transsexuals (VIDEO) – Greg Reese

We Need to Talk About Something Even Worse That Happened at the TN ‘Transurrection’ – “Perhaps worst of all, however, was footage that began circulating hours after the transurrection took place. In it, you hear someone who is presumably one of the “protest” organizers encouraging people to hold up seven fingers, in what sounds like an apparent attempt at declaring 28-year-old Audrey Hale, who identified as “he/him,” as the seventh victim of the Monday shooting massacre she orchestrated shortly before Metro Nashville police officers located her and took care of business. “Every death is a tragedy, y’all. Seven lives,” the person can be heard stating as numerous people in the crowd held up seven fingers. When I first saw this video, it took my breath away. I’ve seen a lot over my decades on this planet, with some of it making me cry and some of it making my blood boil. Watching these people declare Audrey Hale as the “seventh victim”—even though she was the deranged person who stole the lives of three nine-year-olds and the three adults charged with their care—sickened and enraged me to the absolute core. ” – Sister Toldjah

Antidepressants and School Shootings – “Drugs are bad, but the link to mass killings is weak” – Harrison Koehli

HOW THE RICH ARE PREPPING FOR END TIMES, AND WHY (VIDEO) – “The ultrarich are prepping for doomsday right now. France is on fire. The U.S. ruling elite and the mainstream media they own are avoiding reporting on it. The American rich want to exploit the workers more and more, and facing the wrath of the “common man and woman” is their greatest fear. So they have been increasingly coming up with ways to avoid the guillotines. The ruling class knows what’s coming: social instability caused by a combination of the climate crisis, banks failing, the soul-killing inequality of late-stage capitalism, and the impending dilution of the petrodollar.” – Lee Camp

California Man Arrested 10 Times In 31 Days, Faces 33 Charges – Jason Blair

How To Execute a Color Revolution and Implement Regime Change – “A step by step breakdown of the 10-step GAE playbook that destroys countries in the name of “Freedom and Democracy”, including our own cultural rainbow Revolution” – Yuri Bezmenov  – GOOD ONE FROM YURI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No More Double Standards and Impunity. West Provokes Russia. Result: Nukes in Belarus on NATO’s Borders – “The decades of unchecked aggression from NATO expansionism and criminal Anglo-American subterfuges in foreign countries are over. The historic – and unacceptable – deployment of U.S. nuclear weapons in several European NATO states as well as the recent announcement by Britain of supplying depleted uranium weapons to Ukraine is the prologue to Russia’s decision to place tactical nukes in Belarus. The Western outcry following Russia’s decision is absurd and hypocritical. The pattern is familiar and speaks of incorrigible arrogance. The United States and its NATO allies make reckless escalatory moves that are unprecedented in their aggression toward Russia; then Moscow makes a reciprocal move, and yet the Western governments and their dutiful news media become apoplectic with rage over Russia’s “threatening conduct” and nuclear blackmail.” – Strategic Culture Foundation

The De-Dollarization Of Brazilian-Chinese Trade Sheds More Light On Lula’s Grand Strategy – “Despite Lula’s promotion of financial multipolarity at the dollar’s indisputable expense, he’s solidly aligned with the US’ ruling liberal-globalists, especially in the domestic political and socio-cultural sense.” – Andrew Korybko


These Economic Numbers Are Staggering – Michael Snyder

No Fooling: The End of “Private Banking” Starts Today with Bank Enrollments in the New FedNow Program – “The first week of April, 2023 marks the beginning of the enrollment and certification process for financial institutions to start participating in the Federal Reserve’s new FedNow “Instant Payments” services, which is scheduled to launch in July, 2023.” – Brian Shilhavy

The Fed is Killing Us by Over-Tightening Due to a Broken Job Market. There is Now Solid Proof. – “We can now actually see with visual metrics what it looks like when the Fed keeps pushing against a badly broken job market that keeps pushing back. Unlike previous situations where there were far more jobs than workers, I’ve said the Fed’s usual labor metric is broken this time, so jobs will not move as the economy tightens until it is too late.” – David Haggith

New Worries America on Verge of Losing Petrodollar Privilege – “Record surge in sovereign gold buying by foreign central banks continues” – Mike Gleason

China Accelerates Global De-Dollarization – “China’s U.S. Treasury holdings recently fell to 14-year low of $859 billion. According to a recent South China Morning Post explanation, this is not an accident – but rather a deliberate policy decision:” – Peter Reagan

Real Income Was Negative in 2022 Q4, Big Negative Revisions to GDP – “Don’t discount the possibility that a recession started in 2022 Q4. That’s the message from the BEA’s revised GDP numbers.” – Mish


Pre-Season Garden Preps – “For those of us in zones 5 and above, it’s not quite time to put plants in the ground yet. But there are still plenty of tasks to prep your garden for this year’s growing season.” – Marie Hawthorne

Rock-Bottom Meal Plan for Those Weeks When Money Is Tight – Daisy Luther

How to Create a Fedge: A Fence Made Out of Hedges – “Whether you live on a large homestead or have a small spot in a suburb, it’s essential that you feel comfortable. Privacy, keeping out intruders, and keeping pets and livestock where they belong is crucial.” – Sarah Yule

Security Dogs You Should Never Have On Your Property – “When securing a homestead, having a good dog is essential. Unfortunately, even though some dogs can be good guard dogs, they can also be vicious attack dogs that are more trouble than they are worth. In addition, many breeds with excellent qualities should be avoided due to potential aggression and other issues.” – Charl M


Lamentations 2:16    All thine enemies have opened their mouth against thee: they hiss and gnash the teeth: they say, We have swallowed her up: certainly this is the day that we looked for; we have found, we have seen it.