It’s the trust in the authority, stupid! – “Only a few years ago it was widely recognised that, by nearly every measure, global life outcomes were all improving. Suddenly, we’re all haunted by the spectres of conquest, war, famine and death. From the cost of living, energy and food crisis, to the threat of a widening international conflict, a climate disaster and now global financial collapse, we seem to be gripped by a global polycrisis. If there is a polycrisis it is entirely man-made. The world’s economy and its society were not thrown into disarray by a “pandemic disease,” but rather by the global policy response to an alleged pandemic disease. Once again, it is the “sanctions” and the geopolitical policy response to the war that is throwing the planet, and all of us, deeper into turmoil. There is no doubt that international chaos is the result of the deliberate actions of policy makers. The only question is if chaos is the intended outcome of their decisions? All the evidence suggests that it is.” – Iain Davis

Eco-dread is a luxury belief we can no longer afford – “Climate-change hysteria is a menace to the lives and interests of working people.” – Brendan O’Neill

URGENT: Bill Gates, the world’s most dangerous centi-billionaire, proves he has learned NOTHING from the last three years – “He is going to keep on pouring money into efforts to stop the next pandemic until he finally succeeds in making one that kills us all” – Alex Berenson

Another big government lie about COVID vaccine use – “The CDC has indicated on their website for months that 92% of adults have taken at least one shot of a COVID-19 vaccine. Indeed, prior surveys Zogby and Rasmussen indicated that fraction may only be two thirds or about 67%. Now a recent, independent report from Northeastern University has found that the proportion of unvaccinated is not 8% but more like 25%.” – Joel S Hirschhorn

A Picture is worth a Thousand Words – “Hundreds of trees to be felled for Cambridge bus route to tackle climate change. No, it’s not April Fool’s Day yet. But it is a decision by a fool.” – The Naked Emperor –  NOT JUST FOOLISH, MORE LIKE INSANITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EMF’s Effect on Plants: Why Do Trees Facing Cell Towers Suffer Physical Damage? – R Blank  – SPECIAL THANKS TO FRANCES LEADER’S  UNCENSORED SUBSTACK  FOR LINKING!!!

Bill Gates has harassed the World Health Organisation into establishing a “network of top health emergency leaders” to indulge him with perpetual pandemic wargames, meddle in national governments – eugyppius

UK Government confirms 1 in every 310 people died within 48 days of receiving the first COVID Vaccine Booster – The Expose


Circus Politics Are Intended to Distract Us. Don’t Be Distracted – “Don’t be fooled, not even a little. We’re being subjected to the oldest con game in the books, the magician’s sleight of hand that keeps you focused on the shell game in front of you while your wallet is being picked clean by ruffians in your midst. This is how tyranny rises and freedom falls. What characterizes American government today is not so much dysfunctional politics as it is ruthlessly contrived governance carried out behind the entertaining, distracting and disingenuous curtain of political theater. And what political theater it is, diabolically Shakespearean at times, full of sound and fury, yet in the end, signifying nothing.” – John & Nisha Whitehead

U.S. proxy war with Russia has nothing to do with Ukraine’s freedom and everything to do with regime change in Moscow – “Washington is nearing the point of no return in its drive to create a globalized net-zero, carbon-free slave state. I am going to start off by saying, I’m not at all interested in what happens with the drama surrounding Donald Trump. Trump was built for this. He seems to thrive on it. But don’t take the bait. Instead of being drawn into this distraction, I am laser focused on what matters: Preparing for the collapsing U.S. banking system, the collapsing U.S. dollar, the continued march toward World War III and the coming persecution of all those who refuse to join the globalists’ technetronic beast system built on digital currency and digital IDs.” – Leo Hohmann

Why Gun Owners Must Push for the Nullification of Federal Gun Control Laws – José Niño

Biden Cuts Illegal Border Crossings By Redefining ‘Illegal’ – “” – I & I Editorial Board


European Spring? Germany Braces For Major Strikes While France Burns – “The “winter of discontent” that has been sweeping across Europe has now escalated into a “spring of discontent”…” -Tyler Durden

China and Russia Preeminent on the World Stage – “In stark contrast to US/Western regimes in decline, China, Russia and other nations free from the scourge of imperial control are rising in prominence on the world stage. On a purchasing power parity basis, China is the world’s leading economic power. Russia is militarily superior to US-dominated NATO. It’s the world’s most resource-rich nation. Worth an estimated $75 trillion, it includes large-scale amounts of oil, gas, coal, iron ore, timber, gold, silver, diamonds, titanium, copper, rare earths, aluminum, uranium, copper, palladium, platinum, nickel, and many others. Its super-weapons exceed the best in the West, developed and produced at a small fraction of US waste, fraud and abuse to enrich its merchants of death and other privileged interests. A new world order is emerging in plain sight following historic Sino/Russia agreements by Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin at their just concluded summit.” – Stephen Lendman

YOU HAVE WITNESSED HISTORY TODAY IN MOSCOW AND IT IS CONSEQUENTIAL – “There are moment in time that change the world. And you have witnessed another one today, with Russia and China signing historic, unprecedented agreements. Prior to 1642, Russia and China had no diplomatic or military interaction.” – Larry Johnson

Putin & Xi have met – NOW WHAT in Ukraine? (VIDEO) with Col Doug Macgregor – Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom – GOOD VIDEO. BOTH NAPOLITANO AND MACGREGOR ARE GREAT LISTENS!!!!

Russia ready to switch to yuan in foreign trade – Putin – “Settlements between Moscow and Beijing are already carried out mostly in national currencies, the Russian president says” – RT

Lula’s Foreign Minister Strongly Implied That Putin Will Be Arrested If He Comes To Brazil – “Lula is truly a liberal-globalist who voluntarily surrendered his country’s objective national interests to the West out of ideological solidarity. The same man who legendarily co-founded BRICS almost a decade and a half ago has now backstabbed one of this same multipolar group’s fellow founding fathers” – Andrew Korybko

Anti-War Views Criminalized in Germany – “Divide and rule is the eternal law of Empire. Above all, don’t let other big guys get together. Keep them at each other’s throats. Russia’s main interest has always been to have a neutral buffer zone in Eastern Europe. But the U.S. purpose is to build a hostile cordon sanitaire from the Baltic to the Black Sea, as a definitive barrier separating Russia from Germany.” – Diana Johnstone

UK recklessly sticking a toe across Putin’s nuclear ‘line in the sand’ – “Has insanity gripped the UK’s Ministry of Defence? What else could explain playing chicken with Putin, a dictator with the world’s largest nuclear arsenal and hypersonic missiles that can’t be intercepted?” – Thomas Lifson

Nazi Roots of EU’s Führer Ursula von der Leyen – Finian Cunningham

War Propaganda: The Irish Times, Irish Independent & Irish government go all-in. – “The Irish State and Irish media propaganda machine has now fully transitioned to the US and EU war narrative. Over St. Patrick’s weekend both media and government began doubling down on it. This doubling of the government’s roulette chips on this wheel of misfortune reminds me of their last flailing attempts to sell a massive lie. I am talking of course about the coercion and bullying of people into vaccination at the end of the autumn and most of the winter of 2021. Unfortunately, this war narrative is shot with even more holes than the original blue-print it is working off – the pandemic narrative.” – Gerry O’Neill

UK to Send Nuclear Weapon to Zelenskyy – “Regime The psychopathy of “conservatives” in the UK, and their criminally insane neocon counterparts in America, represents a serious and growing threat to humanity. Depleted uranium (DU) is a radiological warfare agent, thus it is fair to categorize it as a nuclear weapon. The use of DU in munitions endangers the normal functioning of the kidney, brain, liver, heart, and numerous other systems, according to the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health. DU was used extensively during the invasion and occupation of Iraq.” – Kurt Nimmo


Bbanking crisis Groundhog Day – “How we keep getting to here. The simple fact is that banking is largely opaque. we could sit down with every piece of public and regulatory data about Deutche Bank and spend a month going over it and still wind up with what ultimately amounts to a black box bet on the soundness and hedging of a derivatives portfolio nearly 3 orders of magnitude larger than their total equity.” – El Gato Malo

YOU HAVEN’T SEEN ANYTHING YET! Inflationary CRISIS, Banking MELTDOWN, Economic FREEFALL. (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino  – WATCH, WATCH, WATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

U.S. Banking System Faces Worsening Crisis in Confidence – “The national news cycle has careened from one extraordinary and alarming story to the next. The brewing crisis in banks remains front and center. Americans are watching a demonstration on how to take a crisis in confidence and make it worse. Many Americans have already lost trust in the FBI and DOJ. They don’t trust Janet Yellen and other bureaucrats in Washington, and they don’t trust Wall Street bankers. The ongoing erosion of trust may be the most fundamental of all problems the country faces. Declined Trust It is playing larger and larger roles in everything from elections, to the administration of justice, to finance. The current troubles in banking may be a signal that confidence has slid past the point where it can be recovered.” – Clint Siegner

The Fed Proposes a 4th Function of Money: Means of Social Control – “A Federal Reserve white paper has come up with a new function for money. Let’s tune in.” – Mish

FDIC Insurance, Credit Suisse and the Day the Fed Killed Europe – “In the wake of the “three-fer” take out of Silvergate, Silicon Valley and Signature banks by the ‘market’ I think we have a pretty clear picture of what’s really going on. This wasn’t a ‘market’ operation. It was a Fed/NY Boys operation and a very successful one. The Fed (and only the Fed through its proxies) had the motive, means and opportunity to perform the hit job.” – Tom Luongo

What Does Jay Powell Do Now? – “To Hike Or Not To Hike?” – Peter Nayland Kust

There Doesn’t Appear To Be A Good Option – “It was another wild day yesterday in markets. Very strong US housing data allayed fears of immediate recession, but then raised them that the Fed might keep hiking even as credit conditions turn. So, as our current global financial crisis, which is still not a Global Financial Crisis, rumbles on, all focus is now on the FOMC, in its biggest meeting for many years. Imagine they don’t hike. On one hand – phew! On the other, markets could be spooked that a Fed set to do 50bps weeks ago is suddenly not willing to focus on its inflation mandate.” – Michael Every

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –9.76EUR


10 Expenses You Need to Cut Now for the Upcoming Economic Depression – “Coronavirus has turned into a TEOTWAWKI event. Not the kind of “end of the world we knew” event that we all expected, but still one nevertheless.” – Milan Adams

What To Do When There Is No Dentist – “Given that dental first aid is seldom taught in regular first aid classes, the information provided here is intended to assist individuals in emergency situations when professional dental aid is unavailable. However, it is essential to note that it does not substitute proper dental care.” – Bob Rodgers

SILVER – Currency For Collapse – “I find this to be interesting… That is, after you have purchased some of your own physical silver… hold a silver ounce in one hand (such as a US Mint 1-ounce Silver Eagle), and hold a 20 dollar bill in the other. While at todays silver price, the spot price is about $22 (though more with dealer premiums), that paper twenty-dollar-bill doesn’t feel as good as that silver ounce in your hand… It makes sense to keep some physical silver in your possession” – Ken Jorgustin

Basic Handgun Proficiently Training – Part 2 – Steve A.  – PART ONE WAS LINKED YESTERDAY. THIS CONCLUDES THE ARTICLE!!!

How to Prevent Damping Off Disease in Your Seedlings – “So you’ve decided to start your own seedlings this year. You’ve chosen your varieties, set up your area, and planted. You’re seeing lovely green sprouts in the pots and are very excited, taking the best care of them you know how. Then one day, soon after sprout, your seedlings are lying on the potting medium. No obvious explanation, no warning. Just lying there dying. Chances are you’re experiencing damping off disease. So what exactly is damping off disease? According to the University of Minnesota, it’s a disease of young seedlings that’s actually pretty common and affects a wide variety of vegetables. ” – Amy Allen

How to Make Homemade Lemon Vinegar Cleaning Spray: Natural, Non-Toxic & Effective! – DeannaCat


2 Kings 2:24    And he turned back, and looked on them, and cursed them in the name of the Lord. And there came forth two she bears out of the wood, and tare forty and two children of them.