Dancing With The CBDC Devil – “Your Money Is Their Money (Part 2). The Dragon is in the Bear’s den for a visit. Nobody is answering Dementia Joe’s phone calls. Every attempt to tear down Russia with over 11,000 trade and economic sanctions has boomeranged back into the faces of the criminals in Brussels, London, and D.C. There is no banking crisis in Russia. There are no liquidity issues with the Ruble and they are not hyperinflating their currency into the toilet. Russia is also developing a CBDC, so they get no prize for dodging western bullets as just another actor in our global stage play. The Empire is on a ventilator, and soon will be given Remdesivir. First, the looters need to loot the last of the phony currency. The people who have been mocked as “preppers” and “survivalists” are finally going to get to eat their self-prepared cake as they relax on the porches of their ten-acre homesteads with chickens, gardens, sheep, gold, silver, guns, and freshwater sources. Everyone else will be standing directly in front of those GloboPsycho fans as their steady stream of s**t hits it.” – The Good Citizen  – ANOTHER EXCELLENT READ FROM THE GOOD CITIZEN. GREAT EXPLANATION ON HOW THE CBDC COULD POSSIBLY  WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!

The World’s Largest CBDC Trial: A Preview of the Elite’s Cashless Vision for You – “The eNaira is Africa’s first central bank digital currency (CBDC). Central bankers, academics, politicians, and an assortment of elites from over 100 countries hoping to launch their own CBDCs have closely followed the eNaira. They used Nigeria—Africa’s largest country by population and size of its economy—as a trial balloon to test their nefarious plans to eliminate cash in North America, Europe, and beyond.” – Nick Giambruno

The 2024 presidential election is about slavery vs. sovereignty – “Connecting the dots about what we are up against” – Toby Rogers

The Biggest Covid Question: What Will Happen in 10 years? – Dr. Joseph Mercola

Breaking: Candid Camera Recording of Bill Gates and Tony Fauci Discussing Evil Plans (SHORT VIDEO) – Sasha Latypova – NOT SURE WHO MADE THIS, BUT IT’S GOOD. “THE FAUCI OUCHIE”,  LOVED THE LINE!!!!!

Your Daughter for a Rat? – “Health professionals who do not prioritize people over animals may get by as veterinary surgeons, but are unsafe with people. There are various degrees of acceptable insanity, but in general you would not want a person who thought a toad had the same intrinsic value as your mother to manage her Alzheimer’s disease. You would not want a person who equated the value of your daughter with that of a rat to decide whether she should be injected with medicine still under trial, such as an mRNA vaccine. Or perhaps you would, as you may agree with the Lancet editorial in January 2023 that equates these,” – David Bell

U.N. Is A Climate “Disinformation Threat Actor” – “If the U.N. and U.S. government are so committed to censoring disinformation, why are they themselves spreading it? – Michael Shellenberger – PARTIAL ARTICLE, BUT ENOUGH TO GET THE POINT!!

Don’t Worry, It Will Only Cost $131 Trillion to Address Climate Change – “The UN is out with another climate change fearmongering report. Let’s take a look.” -Mish

Bill Gates wants global ‘fire department’ for pandemics – “The software tycoon has called for funding for the WHO’s Global Health Emergency Corps. Preventing another pandemic like Covid-19 requires setting up a planetary response network of “firefighters,” led by the World Health Organization, billionaire Bill Gates has argued. He added that recognized experts and national public health officials should lead this effort.” -RT

Redfield: Gain-of-Function Research Will Cause Next Pandemic, Which Will Be ‘Much’ Worse than COVID – Ian Hanchett

Biden is Acting on Behalf of an Enemy of the American People – “Biden mandated the mRNA injections and then he called on ALL of the US government and private sector enterprises to engage in criminal experimentation on US citizens with gene-editing technologies. Biden’s speech was the most two-faced, treasonous speech a President has ever given. On July 4ht, 2021, he promised to protect our unalienable God-given rights while simultaneously issuing an unconstitutional and criminal mandate that Americans get injected with mRNA technology ‘vaccines’ that we know are bioweapons.” – Karen Kingston


Trump’s New Game Show! – “Where is O. J. when you need him? Cartoonish circus behavior should be funny; a lesson in frivolity, slapstick, and makeup. The arrogant, narcissistic, pathological liar, Trump, has outdone himself, or at least his handlers who wrote the script, (a perfect script for this trimmer) have found a way to not only put him in the headlines of both camps and the nation, (and keep him there) but may have found the answer to take out by pity, his competition for the next ludicrous bullshit election show. I am certain that DeSantis is pounding his fists, cursing, and lamenting that he did not come up with a similar plot to take out Trump. Reports are coming in, ‘leaked’ of course, that New York prosecutors are debating whether or not to “perp walk Trump and cuff him!” My, my, this must be the cap on the movie trailer; a tease to stir up anger among the Trump loyalists. You just can’t make this shit up. It has to be seen to be believed. Be prepared for the movie, and there might even be a sequel.” – Gary D. Barnett

Ron Versus Don – “The truth is electability has never been a factor in these races. Most voters are not like most Republican politicians in that they do not negotiate with themselves. They vote for the candidate they like, not the candidate that a conservative commentator swears will be acceptable to the Democrats. Even if their preferred option has no chance in the general, most voters will go for the guy who speaks to them. It turns out that most people are decent and honest, not scheming weasels. Both camps are right in the same way that two people who have different favorite ice creams are right, even though they disagree. There is no empirical argument in favor of either guy as it is purely a matter of opinion.” – The Z Man

A Trump Arrest Will Backfire on The Left, but Will it Lead to War? – “We are existing in a tinder box. The arrest of Trump may be a spark that ignites this tinderbox. Whether we see an arrest or not, we are in unchartered territory. As we move forward into this dystopian world, out of the box thinking will be required to adapt to and counter act the unrestricted warfare being implemented against the global population.” – Dr. Joseph Sansone

The Death of Dissent – “If anyone thinks conditions will improve soon, just wait until this same Justice Department indicts Trump for “inciting” the events of January 6.” – Julie Kelly

Can You Guess The Antidote to ‘Domestic Extremism’ in America? – “When everyday White men stop seeing themselves as the anti-hero compared with everyone else who doesn’t share their complexion, that’s a step towards unity. Likewise, when lessons in America stop inferring that all White people are the societal oppressors and stop instilling shame in White children for benefiting from their forefathers’ actions, that’s a step towards unity.” – Dear Rest Of America  – LONG, BUT GOOD READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Democrats ‘don’t give a crap’ about kids, gun violence, or civil rights – “What makes anyone think the fascist far left cares about anything at all but the selfish pursuit of power over the people? Senator Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) recently talked to Salon magazine, complaining that Republicans “don’t give a crap” about kids and gun violence. Getting back to the senator’s falsehood about Republicans and kids, why can’t the pro-freedom right assert the same thing about the anti-freedom far left? Given their track record, why do leftists get a free pass when it comes to their utterly failed policies in keeping kids safe? Does the illegal invasion of millions of criminals over their open border protect kids, or does it put millions of them in harm’s way? If leftists care about kids, why are they leaving that same border wide open to a steady stream of deadly fentanyl “imports”?” – D. Parker

As Bank Crisis Looms, Biden’s Aggressive Focus On Firearms Is Suspicious – Tyler Durden

‘People Will Die’: There’s Another Supply Chain Crisis – “From groceries to baby formula and microchips to cold medicine for children, the supply chain issues that have arisen and grown into crises on President Biden and his administration’s watch are nothing new. But worsening shortages in the supply of drugs used to treat cancers are drawing dire warnings from medical professionals and those who rely on such medical interventions to save lives.” – Spencer Brown

US Cattle Inventory Forecast Falls to Lowest Level in Nearly a Decade: USDA – “Drought, increased slaughter contribute to decline” – Allan Stein  – WHERE’S THE BEEF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Food At Home Inflation Up 10.2% As One Retailer ‘Can’t Afford’ To Sell Eggs Anymore While USDA Predicts Continued Increases For Food At Home Throughout 2023 – Susan Duclos

East Palestine Soil Contains Dioxin Levels Hundreds of Times Over Cancer Risk Threshold – “”I certainly wouldn’t be comfortable living there,” said one organic chemist.” – Jake Johnson

Send in the Clowns Yellen and Garland perform back-to-back surprise visits to Ukraine. Sometimes I think that the script being used by the Biden Administration to manage its foreign and national security policies has been written by George Orwell, though I am not sure if it based on 1984 or Animal Farm. Maybe it is a combination of the two. Either way, it would help explain why there is something seriously wrong here.” – Philip Giraldi

Iraq 20 Years: The Uses and Abuses of National Intelligence Estimates – “The case to invade Iraq on March 19, 2003 was based on an NIE that was prepared not to determine the truth, but rather to “justify” preemptive war, when there was nothing to preempt.” – Ray McGovern  -20 YEARS ALREADY AND WE HAVEN’T LEARNED A THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John Bolton’s Prominence In The Media Proves Our Entire Society Is Diseased – “by far the most appalling piece of revisionist war crime apologia that’s come out during the 20th anniversary of the invasion has been an article published in National Review by the genocide walrus himself, John Bolton. Bolton sets himself apart from his fellow Iraq war architects by arguing that the actual invasion and overthrow of Saddam Hussein “was close to flawless,” and that the only thing the US did wrong was fail to kill more people and topple the government of Iran.” – Caitlin Johnstone

The Lords of Chaos – “The politicians and shills in the media who orchestrated 20 years of military debacles in the Middle East, and who seek a world dominated by U.S. power, must be held accountable for their crimes. The politicians who lied to us — George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden to name but a few — extinguished millions of lives, including thousands of American lives, and left Iraq along with Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia, Libya and Yemen in chaos. They exaggerated or fabricated conclusions from intelligence reports to mislead the public.” – Chris Hedges

The pointlessness of prosecuting Putin – “The ICC’s arrest warrant for the Russian leader has the whiff of a PR stunt. Now you don’t have to be a fully signed-up member of the Vladimir Putin fan club to think there’s something a little off about the ICC’s move. t feels like an attempt to grab headlines, like a ruse to justify the ICC’s near €150million-a-year existence. Indeed, it’s probably no coincidence that the ICC is currently begging for €30million in extra funding from its main state backers, France, Germany and the UK.” – Tim Black

North Korea Claims 1.4 Million People Just Enlisted To Fight ‘Imperialist’ US – Tyler Durden


The Global Banking System Is Truly In Uncharted Territory, And They Are Making Up The Rules As They Go Along – Michael Snyder

Yellen Promises “MORE BACKSTOPS” For Banking System. SECOND “RESCUE” For First Republic. (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino

At Year End, JPMorgan Chase Held Over $1 Trillion in Uninsured Deposits Versus $119 Billion at First Republic – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

What Comes Next Will Decide Whether Investors Make Fortunes or Face Ruin – “The Fed begins its March FOMC meeting today. Tomorrow at 2PM EDT, the Fed will announce its policy decision for the month. And no matter what the Fed does, it’s in SERIOUS trouble. Why? If the Fed raises rates, this is only going to increase pressure on the banking system. Depositors, both in the U.S. and Europe, are fleeing banks because A) the banks pay next to nothing in interest, whereas you can earn 3%-4% in a Money Market Fund or short-term T-Bills and B) depositors are now terrified that the banks at which they keep their money could go bust.” – Graham Summers, MBA

This is a financial crisis waiting to happen – “Some have blamed the West’s leading central banks, especially the US Fed, for SVB and Credit Suisse’s demise. They claim that central bankers’ decision to delay interest rate rises, only to rise them aggressively as inflation began to spiral last year, made things very tough for the likes of SVB. But blaming these banks’ collapse on an interest-rate hike ignores the deeper problem. The truth is that Western economies have been held afloat artificially since the 2008 financial crisis, courtesy of super-easy monetary policies. And now we’re starting to pay the price.” – Phil Mullan

Total Wipeout of $17 billion in Credit Suisse AT1 CoCo Bonds Shocked Because No One Reads Clauses Anymore? – “We’re not even getting peanuts? EU regulators came out today and said, no, no, no, that’s just in Switzerland, not in the EU.” – Wolf Richter

THIS IS IT! – THE FINANCIAL SYSTEM IS TERMINALLY BROKEN – “Anyone who doesn’t see what is happening will soon lose a major part of their assets either through bank failure, currency debasement or the collapse of all bubble assets like stocks, property and bonds by 75-100%. Many bonds will become worthless. Wealth preservation in physical gold is now absolutely critical. Obviously it must be stored outside a broken financial system.” – Egon von Greyerz

Russia bans SWIFT – “Banks have been ordered to use the country’s domestic financial messaging systems for transactions” -RT

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –9.86EUR


Practice Time – “As we all know, the life we live today is far removed from the basic necessities of survival. That’s why it’s not only important that we learn survival skills, but practice them to the point where they become second nature. When the time comes that we need to use those skills, we won’t have time to look up how to do it and there probably won’t be internet access, to look them up with.” – Bill White

If You Have This On Your Property, Hide It Immediately – “There are many items in relation to prepping that we would want to conceal from outsiders. For example, food, water, survival gear, weapons, gold, silver, or even a survival garden are all things that we would want to keep hidden from view. The reasons we want to hide these types of items can vary, but we often just want to prevent anyone from stealing what is rightfully ours.” – Michael Major

Water Calculator: How Much Water Should You Store? – Derrick James

Basic Handgun Proficiently Training – Part 1 – “After much thought and research you have decided to carry a concealed handgun. You are of sound mind and have met all the legal requirements to carry a concealed handgun and understand the risks and potential liability. You have some exposure to informal shooting but no structured training. Your decision to shoot or not shoot is a binding decision. The aftermath of even a justified shooting will include at minimum dealing with the police, your lawyer, and almost always a grand jury. There is much more to this decision on many levels. And never forget that you are responsible for every round you fire.” – Steve A

You Should Never Plant This Near Your House – Michael B

How to Pack a Metal Pot for Bugging Out with the Family – Aden Tate


Proverbs 30:10  Accuse not a servant unto his master, lest he curse thee, and thou be found guilty.