The State Is Always and Forever the Enemy of the People – “What paths of inquiry should not only be explored, but presumably put into action in order to be free? What is the final solution of the State question? I can think of only one viable answer that could resolve the problem that is the State, any State, and that is anarchy, or for the squeamish and linguistically challenged among you, voluntaryism without a state. In other words, abolish the State.” – Gary D. Barnett

Penis Enlargement and Hair Loss Cures – “I don’t know about you, but I am flooded with emails that are touting some miracle cure for the two male issues pointed out in the title above and a multiplicity of other such “miracles.”  I have a bit of renewed faith in these sorts of claims made off the beaten path of Big Pharma. But there are still a lot of Snake Oil Salesmen out there. What to do? I don’t rightly know. However, today the tables are turned. The Snake Oil Salesmen are the Faucis, the Walenskis, and the Bourlas, et al. What to do? I still don’t rightly know. But I’ll take a stab at it. First off, look at how sensational the claims are. Nothing is 100% effective, or 100% safe. If we are being sold a product that claims anything of the sort, we can be pretty sure there is something shady going on. Hmmm. ” – Todd Hayen, PhD, RP

The True Lesson of Mask Mandates Goes Far Beyond the Fact That They Didn’t Work – “We’ve learned a lot about mask effectiveness. But have we learned anything about means and ends?” – Jon Miltimore

7 Ways the WHO Pandemic Treaty Will Obliterate Far More Than U.S. Sovereignty – “We already knew it was bad but it may be far worse than we thought.” – JD Rucker

It is NOT Agenda 2030 – It is Agenda 2023 – “We know that the globalist intelligence services have partnered with big tech to build us a digital prison to enforce social credit score-controlled Central Bank Digital Currencies. We know that they seek to control our genetics through genetic vaccination, our money through CBDCs and our carbon footprint through social credit scores and our movement through 15 minute cities.” – The Expose

Operation Lockstep, the 2010 Rockefeller Philanthropath Plan to Subjugate the World – Sage Hana  – MORE ON THE ROCKEFELLER PLAN. HAVE LINKED SEVERAL ARTICLES ABOUT THIS. BE SURE TO READ THREADIRISH’S ARTICLE LINKED ON 2/17/23!!!!!

Tacoma Woman Sent to County Jail for Refusing Health Department Advice on Treating her Alleged Illness – “Unelected medical doctors can weaponize local “health departments” to incarcerate sick people who choose to reject a doctor’s medical advice for their alleged illnesses, as a current case in Tacoma, Washington illustrates.  “We will continue to work through the court and to pursue all our options to protect the community and persuade the patient to voluntarily seek the life-saving treatment she needs.”Notice the language that the “Health Department” uses to describe their tyrannical martial law like actions: the woman needs to be arrested and put into the county jail so she can “voluntarily seek the life-saving treatment she needs.” “Voluntarily”?? ” – Brian Shilhavy

New report reveals that polar wildlife thrives despite climate alarmists’ dire predictions – Rhoda Wilson

Climate child labor- Who cares? – “Before anyone in Washington decides to procure wind turbines, solar panels, or an EV, they should read the Pulitzer Prize nominated book “Clean Energy Exploitations”, and decide for themselves if they wish to financially support the humanity atrocities and environmental degradation among folks in developing countries with yellow, brown, and black skin, so that the wealthy countries can go green.” – Ronald Stein

The Electric Vehicle-Blackout Connection – ” EV owners, the policymakers forcing electric cars on the country and the nagging activists who support them will be responsible for a future of blackouts and power shortages.” – I & I Editorial Board


Biden Vows To Ban So-Called Assault Weapons ‘Come Hell Or High Water’ – “(thus ensuring that criminals are the only ones who have them).” – Tyler Durden

Florida Sen. Wants Bloggers to Register to Write About Govt. Officials – “The very idea that, in the United States of America, one would need to register with the government to talk about the government is profoundly, deeply, and disturbingly un-American. Another attack on free speech. First things first, please note that the sponsor of this bill is a Republican. People are always ready to point fingers at the Democrats for offenses against the 1st Amendment (and with good cause, which we’ll discuss in a moment). But it’s really a government problem, not a party problem. Almost everyone in government would like to shut us up and prevent us from questioning their narratives.” – Daisy Luther – ANYONE WHO THINKS REPUBLICANS VALUE YOUR RIGHTS MORE THAN DEMOCRATS ARE JUST DELUDING THEMSELVES!!!!

Lori Lightfoot Blames Election Loss on Racism and Sexism, Says ‘I’m a Black Woman in America’ – “The mayor was speaking to reporters about her loss on Tuesday evening when one of them asked if she had been treated unfairly during her campaign. “I’m a black woman in America — of course,” Lightfoot replied.” – Cassandra MacDonald  – DON’T RECALL HER BLAMING HER WIN 4 YEARS AGO ON BEING BLACK,  A WOMAN, AND A LESBIAN, SHE GOT ELECTED BECAUSE SHE CHECKED ALL THE RIGHT BOXES. SHE GOT DEFEATED BECAUSE SHE WAS INCOMPETENT AND COULDN’T DO THE JOB. ENOUGH OF THE  “BS” BLAME GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why Is Every Walmart In The Entire City Of Portland Being Permanently Shut Down? – “Portland has been transformed into a complete and utter hellhole, and apparently Walmart executives have determined that things are not going to turn around any time soon. So they have announced that the last two Walmart stores in Portland that were still operational will be permanently shut down by the end of March…” – Michael Snyder

BlackRock’s tyrannical ESG agenda – “Is Larry Fink a threat to democracy?” – John Masko

US attempts to ban TikTok are not about ‘security’ – “Washington lawmakers have an aversion to anything coming out of China and attaining global success” – Timur Fomenko

A Massive Global Restructuring is Underway… Here’s What it Means for Europe – “Several shifts in alliances and bifurcations are happening right now which are going under the radar.” – Chris MacIntosh

Zelensky’s Comic Insults… Gimme HIMARS, Tanks, F-16s and Now America’s Sons & Daughters – “The glib talk of people dying for no good cause, but rather only for a clique of clowns and their imperial circus, is the ultimate sick joke. Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky sparked indignation and outrage this week with his grim warning that America’s sons and daughters will end up fighting and dying if Russia is not defeated in Ukraine. His presumptuous comments were made at a press conference on February 24 but only gained notoriety this week, provoking howls of derision and disgust. The reckless insanity of the war in Ukraine – and the catastrophe it is leading to – has become unbearable.” – Strategic Culture Foundation

Sanctions On Russia Come Back To Bite Their Issuers – Moon of Alabama

One Year Later in Ukraine: Washington and NATO Got It Very Wrong – “It’s been a year since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In spite of claims from the regime and its media allies that Russia was the next Third Reich and would soon roll through half of Europe, it turns out that was never even remotely true. In fact, things have unfolded more or less just like we predicted here at the Russians aren’t even close to occupying any place in Europe beyond eastern Ukraine. It’s not Munich 1938. Economic sanctions have not crippled the Russian regime. Most of the world remains ambivalent on the conflict. The conflict will likely end with a negotiated settlement—contrary to what the Washington wants.” – Ryan McMaken

Iran discovers world’s second largest lithium reserve – “Iran’s lithium deposits are estimated at 8.5 million metric tons, which would make it the world’s second largest lithium reserve after Chile” – The Cradle News Desk  – LOOKS LIKE ANOTHER REASON FOR THE U.S. TO GO TO WAR. YOU KNOW FOR “DEMOCRACY’…  COULDN’T BE FOR THE LITHIUM OR FOR THE  OIL LIKE IN OTHER COUNTRIES!!!!


Debunking Former Secretary Of Defense Mattis’ Fearmongering About China Invading India – “What Mattis was actually trying to do is manipulate Indians’ perceptions about the Ukrainian Conflict, which is indisputably a NATO-Russian proxy war, as yet another attempt by the US-led West’s Golden Billion into coercing that globally significant Great Power into taking their side in the New Cold War.” – Andrew Korybko

The Coming Battle for the Liberation of Cuba – “The world is united against the US. In thirty consecutive votes since 1992, the UN General Assembly has overwhelmingly condemned the US embargo of Cuba.” – Ted Snider

Seismic Diplomacy: Erdogan and the Aftermath of the Turkish Earthquakes – Pepe Escobar

Cannon Fodder Reality – “According to a US mercenary involved in supporting the scourge of Nazism infesting Ukraine, cannon fodder troops last about four hours along frontline positions. The former nation-state’s best and brightest are being eliminated for a lost cause. The empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies doesn’t give a damn how many suffer and perish in pursuit of its diabolical aims. For nearly a decade, hegemon USA and its Western vassals have been waging war against nonthreatening Russia. In Kiev with puppet Zelensky on Monday, Janet Yellen pushed for no end to perpetual war to the last Ukrainian,” – Stephen Lendman


Worst-ever economic crash coming – Nouriel Roubini – “The great stagflationary debt crisis will hit markets this year, the famed economist warns” -RT

The Bogeyman Is Loose! – “Rumors swirl… that an abominable bogeyman has risen from the grave… and that he is hot for blood. He is the scourge of Washington. He is the dread of Wall Street. This fee-fi-fo-fum’s return — if the sightings can be authenticated — would have markets wriggling in exquisite torture. What precisely is this creature? And why is he now climbing from the grave? Answers to follow. First we look in on his ultimate destination, the potential scene of carnage — Wall Street.” – Brian Maher

Housing Bust #2 Has Begun – “Some markets are already deep into it, others just started. A sobering trip from the free-money decade in la-la-land, back to normal.” – Wolf Richter

Start of a recovery? – “After declining recently, gold and silver steadied this week in oversold conditions” – Alasdair Macleod

Three Reasons the Fed Will Lose the Inflation Fight (VIDEO) – Michael maharrey

Is the Golden Age Of 2% Inflation Over? – “Despite the Fed’s best efforts thus far to raise rates and cool off inflation, I don’t expect relief any time soon. With that in mind, let’s look into the past to see what a longer period of inflation looks like. The best place to start in the U.S. is to take a brief look at an extraordinarily long period of inflation that took place from the 1970s to the early 1980s.” – Peter Reagan


Proven and Practical Skills Learned From The Homelessness Community – Bob Rodgers

Basic Wilderness Survival & Bushcraft Gear. (VIDEO) – Modern Refugee  – GOOD ONE FROM THE MODERN REFUGEE. VERT PRACTICAL IDEAS!!!

How To Get Back Home After An EMP Strike – “”An EMP is not physically destructive but will cause widespread damage to the electrical grid and un-shielded electronics. Unlike some natural disasters, the problem with an EMP strike is that it will come without warning. – Michael Major

A Medic of Last Resort – Part 4 – “Antibiotics, antibiotic ointments, and any antiseptics will be worth their weight in gold, because these can save lives when nothing else will.” – Tunnel Rabbit  – THE FOURTH AND FINAL PART OF A GOOD SERIES. THE REST HAVE BEEN LINKED!!!!

The Right Time to Harvest These 15 Vegetables in Your Garden – “I think watching a garden grow is one of the most satisfying things you can do. Plant a seed, and in the span of a few weeks, the once bare ground becomes covered by a dense canopy of edible leaves, fruits, and vegetables. When it’s finally time for picking your plants out of the garden, you get to see the tangible results of all your hard work.” – Steph Coelho


Joel 1:17    The seed is rotten under their clods, the garners are laid desolate, the barns are broken down; for the corn is withered.


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