We’ll Soon Find Out – “In an interview with Fox News’s Bret Baier last Tuesday, FBI Director Chris Wray said, “The FBI has for quite some time now assessed that the origins of the pandemic are most likely a potential lab incident in Wuhan.” Like so much else in America’s tortured, distractable life these days, the meaning larded into that that utterance went clear over the collective heads of just about everybody. Probably we’re hearing the old Modified Limited Hangout strategy, All of which is to ask: when will the people of this land finally get pissed-off at the managers who are running everything? And when will the people start to express their new-found rage? I’ll make a wild-hair guess. By May, when the weather really starts lightening up, the people will be out in the streets looking to smash anything that appears to represent authority. Welcome to the season of real chaos and crisis, possibly many seasons, maybe years.” – James Howard Kunstler –  A LIMITED HANG OUT OR PERHAPS JUST MAKING IT APPEAR THAT WAY TO SHIFT THE BLAME FROM DARPA. AND OF COURSE THE U.S, WOULD KNOW IF DARPA WAS TO BLAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Half-truths, Limited Hangouts & Manipulation Things to keep in mind – The Naked Emperor

(MUSIC PARODY) EYE OF THE PFIZER (VIDEO) The Boatrawker – Free Your Mind  – A MUST WATCH!!!!!!

LA Times: ‘We NEVER Had Evidence COVID-19 Vaccines Worked Like Vaccines.’ – “mRNA technology injections are quickly approaching their day of reckoning as left-leaning media outlets turn their backs on the false ‘safe and effective vaccine’ narrative with hard-hitting punches.” – Karen Kingston

It WAS World Margarita Day…but it isn’t anymore – “Now I was looking at February 22. Nobody really cares about February 22 because it isn’t special or so you’d think. In truth this day actually is World Margarita Day, Be Humble Day and best of all World Thinking Day according to a google search.  So. On February 22 I looked at all these things and made myself a Margarita for breakfast. It seemed like the right thing to do really. I settled down to look at the news as I do in the morning. I wasn’t in the finest of moods because I live in Canada and am still trying to figure out which of three things I need to be outraged about: the Trucker Convoy Commission decision that leaves us open to all sorts of horrible things depending on who is in charge of the country, the fact that the Chinese may have interfered in our election or that the provinces seem to have sold us all out to universal digital ID for a federal check for healthcare. Decisions decisions decisions. I was wondering why they keep calling all this the “clown world” when it really is a circus. It is a circus of the insane.” – Sylvia Shawcross  – GOOD READ AS USUAL FROM SYLVIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The sinister cruelty of lockdown has been laid bare – “We now know just how drunk on tyranny the political class was during the pandemic.” – Brendan O’Neill

Feds Race to Make Vaccine! (In 2003. To SARS. Using gene splicing. Like the protein prongs that stick out of the virus. They know the risks!) – Sage Hana

Miss your car payment? Ford Motor Co. working on technology that would allow vehicles to repossess themselves – Leo Hohmann – BIG BROTHER WILL EVENTUALLY KNOW EVERY LITTLE THING ABOUT YOU THROUGH TECHNOLOGY. WHEN YOU SLEEP, WHEN YOU EAT, WHEN YOU PEE AND SO ON!!!!!!!!!!!


Stopping the Flood – “There is a theme running through many intellectuals and wanna-be intellectuals – those who at least see that without Christian values and culture the West is headed to some version of hell. It’s something like: good religion is important for other people and society, but I don’t need to really believe it. Anyway, I am too smart for that. People like this really don’t get the reality that to get (or keep) the society they think they want they will have to quit standing on the sidelines, merely cheering on those who have placed themselves in the game. It is as if they are saying, “It’s important that people dumber than me believe Christianity to be true, such that I can get the society I want.” Once held back, the floodwaters will even reverse. After all, in the face of the storm Jesus didn’t merely bring a larger boat – He stopped the storm.” – The Bionic Mosquito

Obligatory “Black History” Post – “Lord knows that once The Shortest Month of the Year™ is over, we will spend the remaining three-hundred and seven days never hearing a single word about Black history, Black people, Black culture, Black struggles, Black voices, Black representation and “Blackness” in general, whatever that’s supposed to mean. All of us honkies will simply forget such melanin-abundance exists, as we cruise about on our yachts and swill champagne. But I will remember. Because I am one of the good ones, don’cha know. I’m also someone who usually gives at least a nod to tradition. Granted this one’s still very new, and a particularly difficult one for yours truly to revere.” – Mark Bisone   – A LITTLE LONG AND ALTHOUGH IT MIGHT SOUND NEGATIVE, IT HAS SOME VERY GOOD INSIGHTS!!!!!

It begins: NYT and its Democrats launch bid to revamp Kamala Harris into presidential material – “Enter Democrat operative Donna Brazile who’s penned a public relations buildup of Kamala Harris’s execrable vice presidential record as the new pitch to potential voters. The Excellence of Kamala Harris Is Hiding in Plain Sight What? Obviously, they’re not going to be subtle. Brazile, who represents the Democrat establishment that put Biden and Harris into the top two executive slots, is laying it on thick. There’s a halo around Harris’s head in the Reuters photo accompanying the Brazile piece.” – Monica Showalter – BOY DO THEY HAVE THEIR WORK CUT OUT FOR THEM. IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!

Biden’s FAA Nominee Absolutely Beclowns Himself When Asked Basic Aviation Questions – “Is it really too much to ask for someone being nominated to lead a major government agency to have some basic knowledge about the agency they’d be leading?” – Bonchie

Air in East Palestine IS toxic: Scientists release shock report showing ‘higher than normal’ concentrations of NINE potentially harmful chemicals – despite EPA ruling train derailment danger zone was ‘safe’ – “The finding is in direct contrast to the EPA’s, who said the air is safe for residents ” – Caitlin Tilley

Workers Cleaning Up Toxic Ohio Train Derailment Are Getting Sick, Rail Union Leader Warns – Tyler Durden

Too funny: resolution would inform the federals that the people have lost all their guns in a ‘boating accident’ – “Texas Rep. Bryan Slaton recently submitted a very unique resolution — H.C.R. No, 54 — for consideration before his lawmaking colleagues. The proposal would inform the federal government that his constituents have lost all their guns and ammunition in an unfortunate and regrettable “series of alleged boating accidents”. One of the more enjoyable aspects of fighting back against the fascist far-left arises from the fact that they are unable to laugh at themselves or others, lest they “offend” someone.” – D. Parker

State Pushback On ClownWorld – “It’s a start. Governor Bill Lee has signed two bills, both of which shouldn’t have had to be passed in the first place. The first bans drag shows (or other adult “cabaret-style” performances) where a minor can view them whether on public or private property. Note that this is not gay or drag-specific; The second bans any treatment of a medical form (surgical or medication) that is intended to alter a minor’s hormonal or physical characteristics for the purpose of identification or living as other than their biological sex. ” – Karl Denninger

The Number Of Beef Cows In The U.S. Drops To The Lowest Level Since 1962 As The Global Food Crisis Intensifies – Michael Snyder

Calgary police arrest Christian pastor at his home for protesting at children’s drag queen event – “Derek Reimer had been alerted the previous day that he would be charged with mischief and causing a disturbance at a children’s drag queen story time last weekend at a public library.” – Anthony Murdoch

Unspeakably Cruel! US House Votes To Maintain Sanctions On Earthquake-Ravaged Syria! (VIDEO) – “In a near-overwhelming vote, the US House of Representatives voted to maintain the “2019 Cesar Syria Civil Protection Act,” a bill imposing additional sanctions on the Syrian people.” – Ron Paul Liberty Report

Africans’ Big Heart for Turkey’s Earthquake Victims Goes a Long Way – “With more countries in the world leaving the western sphere of influence, it is hardly surprising that other regional powers are taking them off America’s hands. Nowhere is this more evident than in the African continent recently visited by Emmanuel Macron who was trying to shore up support for the Elysee. Some of these African countries are seeking multiple partners as they leave the clutches of Washington, with some even looking to Turkey whose links to Africa go back further.” – Martin Jay

US blocking Russia from participating in Nord Stream explosion probe — MFA – “Sergey Ryabkov noted that those who are now investigating the explosions did not share any details with Moscow” – TASS

UKRAINE: MASKS OF THE REVOLUTION – PLTV Documentary (2016) – “Ukrainian Embassy in Paris asked for this documentary to be taken off air. What were the Ukrainian authorities so afraid of? Maybe the truth? Until now Europe does not know all of what actually happened and continues to happen in Kiev and across the country as a whole.” – Paul Moreira

NBC Reporter Goes To Crimea, Shocks Viewers By Telling The Truth – Tyler Durden

Corporate Media Gobsmacked on Crimea – “For his reality-based report, NBC journalist Simmons was placed on Ukraine’s Myrotvorets death list. So, here we have an admission by corporate media journalist Keir Simmons that it is not only “dangerous” but virtually impossible for Ukraine (that is, the USG) to force the return of Crimea (where a Russian ethnic population has lived for centuries). Russia will defend its naval base in Sevastopol.” – Kurt Nimmo

China’s Turn – “Americas Hyper-Financialized Economic System Is No Match for China’s Government-Directed Investment Model. Regrettably, China’s Explosive Growth Is Pushing a Desperate Washington Closer to War.” – Mike Whitney


Inflation Smokescreens the Economic Dumpster Fire – “The inevitable outcome was clear for a decade at least, but in the run up to the Covid lockdowns there were many economists in the corporate media that outright denied the reality of an inflationary or stagflationary crisis. Joe Biden, Janet Yellen, Paul Krugman and a host of journalists claimed that concerns about inflation were “overblown” and that the Federal Reserve had everything under control. Some might say they were ignorant. Some might say they knew the danger and they were lying about it. In any case, reality always wins in the long run and those who refuse to take facts and evidence seriously will eventually be exposed. This is exactly what happened from 2020 to 2023 as the stagflationary spiral took hold.” – Brandon Smith

Cross Road Blues in the Time of Biden – “Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell has a dreadful job. He lords over tens of trillions of dollars. Yet he only pockets $190,000 a year – a fraction of what most CEOs make. Still, he calls it fair. Powell’s primary duty is setting the price of credit. This is an important job in a centrally planned economy. Nonetheless, in an open economy, where interest rates are determined by willing borrowers and lenders, the job wouldn’t exist.” – MN Gordon

The Next Major Downdraft is Approaching – “The stock market is primed for another major leg down. Why? Treasury yields are spiking again. The yield on the 2-Year U.S. Treasury has exploded higher… blasting through its previous high of 4.72%. It is now closing in on 5%.” – Graham Summers, MBA

Inflation Dishes Up Another Nasty Surprise: Eurozone Core CPI without Energy Spikes to Record, Services CPI Spikes to Record – “What it looks like when inflation gets deeply entrenched in the broad economy, even as energy inflation backs off.” – Wolf Richter

PREPARE FOR 10 YEARS OF GLOBAL DESTRUCTION – “Sadly, the problem for the West is that it is both committing Harakiri and failing. For at least half a century, the world has been in a process of self-destruction. As the decline accelerates, the next phase of 5-10 years will include major political, social, economic as well as wealth – destruction. What can be more heinous than a total economic and financial collapse accompanied by a potential World War III that at worst could destroy the world totally. ” – Egon von Greyerz

The Global Debt Market Is SELLING OFF FASTER! Prepare For A WORST CASE SCENARIO. (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino

Foreign Nations and U.S. States Worry about Rising Dollar Dangers- “Inflation and Other Threats Are Pushing Governments & Citizens to Gold” – Mike Gleason

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –11.66EUR


10 Space Saving Ideas for Storing Your Supplies – “Let’s face it, we have a finite amount of space in our homes to allot for our preparedness supplies. When you run out of room on the shelving systems, in the closet and under the beds, you have start getting creative in finding more space. Here are ten space solution methods for hiding preps in your home.” – Tess Pennington

How to Preserve Eggs In Water Glassing For Long-Term Storage – Amy S

What You Need to Know About Radiation Sickness – “Radiation sickness is no laughing matter, and unless you understand exactly what you need to do in the event of a nuclear blast, you are likely to end up experiencing it firsthand. Thankfully, there are things we can do to avoid it. Units you need to understand with radiation sickness.” – Aden Tate



Job 38:12-13   Hast thou commanded the morning since thy days; and caused the dayspring to know his place;  That it might take hold of the ends of the earth, that the wicked might be shaken out of it?