Chemtrails Over Mexico – “Open borders for open skies. And while you can escape your home country for sun and cerveza, you can’t escape its terrorists. No location in the Northern Hemisphere appears free from Globopsycho’s geoengineering operations to poison our air, soil, and water with toxic elements like barium, strontium, aluminum, and graphene oxide.” – The Good Citizen

The UK is “rationing” vegetables…& it’s all about normalization – “The past few days have seen certain fruits and vegetables “rationed” by major UK supermarkets. Aldi, Morrisons, Tesco and Sainsbury’s have all put limits on customer purchases of peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers. Just yesterday, Lidl added their own name to that list.” – Kit Knightly  – SEE JD RUCKER’S ARTICLE ON SUNDAY ABOUT RATIONING BEING THE NEW GLOBALIST BUZZWORD!!!!

The U.S. Government Created the Vaccine, Did It Also Create the Virus? – “In July of 2020, the Washington Post ran this headline: “How a secretive Pentagon agency seeded the ground for a rapid coronavirus cure.” Amy Jenkins, the manager of DARPA’s antibody program, said, “We have been thinking about and preparing for this for a long time, and it’s almost a bit surreal.” It turned out that DARPA began investing in experimental RNA technology in 2011.” – Drew Allen

Ohio Community Fights Back Against Globalists: “We’re Dying Slowly – They’re Poisoning us Slowly” – “Leading the charge to fight for the community is 46-year-old Jami Cozza, a lifelong East Palestinian who counts 47 close relatives here. Although famed environmental activist Erin Brockovich held a town hall Friday night, many locals say the fierce and forceful Cozza beat her to the punch. “I’ve known Jami my whole life and she is very sharp,” Jason Trosky, 47, a lifelong East Palestine resident, told The Post. “We’re lucky to have her. Brockovich came with her lawyer in tow. Will she help? Maybe, but she’s also trying to stay relevant. Jami will be here for us after the circus leaves town.”” – Brian Shilhavy

Over 96 Canadian children ages 2-19 have died suddenly or unexpectedly in the past 3 months – a warning call for Canadian parents. – “My most important warning call on COVID-19 mRNA vaccines yet… ” – Dr. William Makis MD

EVs Don’t Run on Electricity – “They run on lies. Half-truths. What the liars routinely style “misinformation” . . . about the truth. For example, the following lying headline: Tesla Model 3 is Now Cheaper Than the Average New Car. The story goes on to state – as if it were true – “that the Tesla Model 3 is now “$5,000 cheaper than the average new car.” No, it isn’t. There are so many lies – and half-lies – that it is hard to know what’s true. Other than that you’re being lied to. The irony is that, in this instance, it’s coming from a place that ought to know better. Car journalist used to know cars – and also bullshit. It’s a shame that so many of them no longer do.” – Eric Peters

The Dumbest Article on Global Warming I’ve Ever Read: The Canals of Venice are Drying Up Due to Drought! – “Yes, this is for real –the existence of the story, that is, not the cause of events it describes. It was published in America’s newspaper of popular choice — USA Today — and carried in various forms by other publishers. The story is alarmingly titled, “‘Never-ending drought emergency’: Italy’s iconic Venice canals have dried up.“” – David Haggith

US gov’t data reveals shocking miscarriage, still birth rates after COVID jab compared to flu vaccine – “A preprint study examining government data has found that, in comparison to the influenza vaccine, the COVID-19 gene-based inoculations produce a 57-fold increase in miscarriages, a 38-fold increase in still birth rates, and a 1200-fold increase in menstrual abnormalities.” – Patrick Delaney


A Nanny State Idiocracy: When the Government Thinks It Knows Best – “It’s hard to say whether we’re dealing with a kleptocracy (a government ruled by thieves), a kakistocracy (a government run by unprincipled career politicians, corporations and thieves that panders to the worst vices in our nature and has little regard for the rights of American citizens), or if we’ve gone straight to an idiocracy. ” – John & Nisha Whitehead  – ANOTHER GOOD READ FROM JOHN AND NISHA!!!!

Why is Assange in Jail and Not Seymour Hersh? – “Hersh broke the same laws that the U.S. government accuses Julian Assange of breaking. But unlike Assange, a foreigner whom the U.S. has unsuccessfully been trying to extradite from England for years, Hersh is an American citizen living right here in the United States – easy to find, cuff, indict, convict and throw in prison for the rest of his life. Although President Joe Biden, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland would love to throw Sy Hersh into a maximum security prison for the rest of his life, as punishment for revealing their complicity in blowing up the Nord Stream II pipelines – they don’t dare to. If they did, it would be tantamount to admitting that … what Hersh published is true.” – Steve Brown

The Uselessness, Risk, and Extreme Danger of Physical Mass Protest As a Solution to Tyranny – “What does it actually mean to participate in mass physical protest? What is the real use of such a collective display that is nearly always short-lived, and treated as a staged antic, instead of an everyday part of life where constantly striving to remain free is natural and right? Some or many ‘demonstrators’ tend to show up with signs, some in costume, some waving an atrocious flag as a symbol of fake ‘patriotism.’ Some are wearing masks, many laughing and enjoying the spectacle of the performance. As soon as the lights and cameras are turned off, the crowd disperses, and once again hides in the shadows of indifference and anonymity. It is easier to pretend to seek freedom than to actually do something of real consequence to take and sustain it. It is imperative to look at what has and is happening, not just in this country, but around the world. Consider the January 6th fiasco in the hell-hole called Washington D.C.; a completely allowed and staged coup by government to entrap those who were gullible enough to go along with such obvious trickery.” – Gary D. Barnett  – PROTESTS MAY NOT BE THE ANSWER, BUT WE DEFINITELY NEED AN ANTI-WAR MOVEMENT, SEE CAITLIN JOHNSTONE’S ARTICLE FROM YESTERDAY AND RON PAUL’S TODAY!!!!

The Antiwar Movement Roars Back to Life – Ron Paul

The Storytellers – “Joe Biden is as crooked as a ram’s horn but displays no shame nor an inclination to explain himself. Instead, the content creators in the media have created a narrative to contextualize his corruption as part of a partisan plot against him. In this age, facts are no longer important, because they are controlled by the prevailing narrative. You see the power of narrative in this story about January 6th” – The Z Man

Biden finally visits East Palestine, asks, “Where is Hamas? Where is Yasser Arafat?”- ” Asks, “I thought we had a meeting scheduled with him.”” – Jon Rappoport  – A LITTLE SATIRE FROM JON, BUT REALLY NOT THAT FAR FROM THE TRUTH!!!!!

Are You Tired of Having Your Intelligence Insulted Yet? – “Sure, you are struggling to feed your family, and sure, you’ve had to put your life’s goals on hold because the current economic moment doesn’t allow you to advance past living paycheck to paycheck. But did you know Joe Biden’s administration has a lot of gay and black people in it? Washington elites get to pat themselves on the back about purposely creating an overrepresentation of certain minority groups in the executive branch. Actual competency need not apply.” – Bonchie

‘You’re Welcoming Drug Dealers!’: Mom Who Lost Sons to Fentanyl Blasts Congress for Crisis – Julio Rosas

David Hogg double downs on warped understanding of Second Amendment – “”Yes I support the second amendment. I support your states right to have a national guard as the framers intended. If you want to have a gun you ought to be part of that as the well regulated militia.” – David Hogg.  So, the Founding Fathers intended for the states to have a National Guard, which is part of the federal Department of Defense as well as answering to state governors, something that actually did not exist in the 18th century, and not protecting an individual right to keep and bear arms at all. Hogg’s take on this isn’t unique. Hogg is basically saying if anyone wants to handle a gun, they need to be part of the military, even if it’s the National Guard. One might wonder how the police factor into this particular equation.” – Tom Knighton

Biden’s Industrial Policy Flop – “Whereas Trump sought to revitalize America’s decaying manufacturing sector under the banner of national conservatism, Biden seeks to do the same but for the purposes of promoting labor and environmental standards. Political gamesmanship is another consequence of the government attempting to design the future of American industry. One report cites that over a 15-year span, two-thirds of federal subsidies and tax credits went to the largest American corporations, including Boeing ($13.4B), Intel ($5.9B), Alcoa ($5.6B), and General Motors ($3.7B). Industrial policy requires picking winners and losers, which usually means that incumbent producers benefit at the expense of smaller, more innovative ones. Goliath always wins.” – Michael N. Peterson

Chicago Votes for Mayor in a Race Dominated by Crime and Policing – DNYUZ

Honestly, A Lot Of Really Weird Stuff Is Going On Right Now… – Michael Snyder

Sorry, but this does not restore British sovereignty – “The EU still enjoys too much oversight of our affairs. It’s time to bring it to an end. When you think about it, that Rishi Sunak and Ursula von der Leyen press conference yesterday was a strange, unsettling, even demeaning spectacle. They were launching the Windsor Framework, an agreement that makes some significant alterations to the Northern Ireland Protocol, which left Northern Ireland in the EU’s Single Market for goods even after Brexit. Behind the niceties, what we had here was the prime minister of a supposedly free nation expressing child-like glee that a foreign oligarchy had granted him permission to enact certain policies within his own borders.” – Brendan O’Neill

America Goes to War – “Constantly without regard for any real national interest” – Philip Giraldi

Ukraine and the Curse of Zbigniew Brzezinski – ““The Grand Chessboard” sketched the contours of Russia’s prophesied fall and the capture of Eurasia for neoliberal exploitation. Here is U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres. Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine has triggered “the most massive violations of human rights” in the world today, the head of the United Nations said Monday, I don’t recall this level of denunciation and condemnation on the part of UN officialdom when George W. Bush invaded Iraq and killed over a million people.” – Kurt Nimmo

Just How Drastically Would The World Change If China Armed Russia? – Andrew Korybko

Mass Drone Attack Unleashes Chaos, Air Raid Sirens Inside Russia – “The timing of these fresh, brazen attacks on Russian appears significant, given that just within the last few days there’s been some actual international momentum toward getting serious about an eventual brokered peace – this after China unveiled its 12-point plan for negotiated ceasefire on Friday. Will efforts at peace be sabotaged before a process can ever hope to get off the ground? If Russian soil keeps getting attacked, it’s very unlikely the two sides will even come close to seriously contemplating negotiations.” – Tyler Durden


Vanguard CEO Abandons ESG Investing Alliance: “Not In The Game Of Politics” – “Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) has been a hotly debated topic over the last few years.’ – Tyler Durden

Explaining a Huge Inflationary Jump in Disposable Personal Income – “Because of inflation indexing, federal income taxes dropped in January. In addition 24 states had minimum wage hikes in January with a few more in July and one in September. ” – Mish

Global Food Inflation Rises, Debts And Deficits SKYROCKET. Market Risk Worsens. (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino

The Gold Investor’s Best Friend: This 500-Year-Old Law – “Bad money drives out the good. See, back in the 16th century, money was still “sound” — gold and silver were still money. But dating back another 1,200 years from Gresham’s time, all the way back to ancient Rome, governments were always tempted to issue lower-purity gold and silver coins any time they wanted to elevate spending. This “debasement” literally meant, “adding non-precious (or ‘base’) metal content to coins.” As you’d expect, as soon as the public caught on, they’d hoard the older coinage (“the good”) and spend the newer, debased money (“bad money”).” – Peter Reagan

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –11.76EUR


How to Make Your Own Seed Starting Mix and Start Seedlings – Amy Allen

How Much to Plant Per Person for a Year’s Worth of Food – “”How much to plant per person for a year’s worth of food or how many plants per person… ’tis a much-asked question when one is trying to harvest and preserve enough food to take their family through an entire year without buying it from the store. – Melissa Norris

6 Signs Your Neighbor Will Become A Looter As Soon As SHTF – Michael Major

How To Control Soil Pests and Insects – “Organic gardeners have long struggled with soil pests and insects, as there is currently no organic chemical solution available to treat them. Wireworms, cutworms, and leatherjackets are particularly troublesome on newly cultivated land, as they can devour the roots of almost any plant.” – Rhonda Owen


Isaiah 40:29    He giveth power to the faint; and to them that have no might he increaseth strength.