It’s Coming – ““It” comes out in weird ways now. For instance, Woody Harrelson’s little prank on Saturday Night Live. One can also imagine the NBC lawyers’ iPhones lighting up and emitting a cacophony of ring-tones in the late-night hours following Woody’s little gaucherie. After all, this is the TV network that still employs the likes of Rachel Maddow, Misinformation-Informer-in-Chief of the whole USA who, for years, has performed as the icon representing how the political Left thinks of itself, and what it thinks. What the Left thinks of itself, of course, is that it’s collectively the smartest person in the world. Now, what Woody actually didn’t say in that little riff, if you’re paying attention, is that the vaxxes in question are ineffective and dangerous. Yes, he actually left that part out, though there were enough dots in the monologue to connect that message, if you were of a mind to. ” – James Howard Kunstler

And Just Like That, Natural Immunity is No Longer a Conspiracy Theory – Brian C. Joondeph, M.D.

Whom Do You Trust? – “The Club of Rome and the UN agenda have always been intimately connected. It should come as no surprise that the UN established the Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change (IPCC) and that this panel and its offshoots are now at the forefront of the argument for population reduction. The human population would have to be reduced dramatically in order to survive on the meager energy output of renewables alone. A disaster of epic proportions would have to take place soon so that the globalists could then spend the next decade using the resulting fear to convince the surviving population that global governance is needed.” – Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr. – AND THIS IS THE BIG PICTURE. POPULATION REDUCTION ANYWAY POSSIBLE. BE IT WAR, CLIMATE OR PANDEMICS. TIME FOR ANOTHER DEAGEL POPULATION PROJECTION FOR THE IMAGE FOR TODAY, SO THAT YOU DON’T FORGET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Correlation Does Not Equal Conspiracy – “A century of Rockefeller medicine and Toxic A̶i̶r̶b̶o̶r̶n̶e̶ Events ” -. Good Citizen

It’s Time to Let the SARS-COV-2 Lab Leak and Kung Pao Bat Theories Go – “It’s not a virus that jumped from bats to humans because someone ate Kung Pao bat. COVID-19 is caused by mRNA lipid nanoparticles, the same lipid nanoparticles found in Pfizer’s mRNA ‘vaccines’.” – Karen Kingston

Why are people afraid of ‘15-minute cities’? – “The newly popular concept of having all you need within easy reach is seen by some as a step towards total control” -Robert Bridge

Four key lessons from the pandemic – “1. The billionaires want to kill us (depopulation); 2. Capital wants to enslave us (via chronic illness); 3. The bourgeoisie is eager to help capital implement this plan; and 4. Most people lack the capacity to understand 1 & 2 & 3.” – Toby Rogers

Despite 125 years of surgical masking, nobody has ever shown that the practice improves patient outcomes or prevents infections among hospital staff – “Wearing diapers on your face serves no demonstrable health purpose in any context.” – eugyppius

Roald Dahl: The first man down the memory hole – “This is not about being woke or unwoke, it’s about the normalisation of post hoc censorship that should concern everyone.” – Kit Knightly

Lab Leak, Dolts Botching Shit, and Bret Weinstein – “Everything on a Need to Know Basis” – Sage Hana

Critically Compromised – “I also am sick and tired of seeing idiots with masks everywhere I turn, and hearing the equally mind-numbing phrase, “It’s a free country, people can wear masks if they want to.” I do not wish for the pendulum to swing so hard the other way that it becomes illegal to wear a mask (fat chance), but I do wish for people to grow a few more brain cells and understand that the reason they think they want to wear a mask has no scientific, or logical, foundation. I want people to use common sense in realizing wearing a mask for no reason is not an expression of personal freedom, but is in fact a demoralizing act that has repercussions as far as can be imagined.” – Todd Hayen, PhD, RP


No More Ukraines – ” Joe Biden must think that he’s the world’s Rich Uncle. In a meeting with the so-called Bucharest Nine today he promised these former Warsaw Pact nations—which should never have been admitted to NATO in the first place—unlimited economic and military support. Nine more Ukraines if need be.” – David Stockman

Pushback: The Folly Of Ukraine – “It was only a matter of time before our so-called foreign policy turned into a serious problem with someone who can punch back. For decades the United States has arrogated to itself the capacity to tell other nations who they should have as leaders. Who must run said nation, and who may not. The alliances that are to be coddled, and those that are forbidden. This is preposterous, of course, in that national sovereignty is precisely that, yet we have for decades believed we have the “righteous authority” to issue such diktat. The CIA has topped some 50 governments over time. Some more-or-less openly, some on the down low.” – Karl Denninger

The Scourge of More Monster Than Nation-State USA – “The empire of lies is at war by hot and/or other means on virtually all nations free from the scourge of its control. At war on Russia for the past 9 years, the risk of nuclear confrontation is ominously high because it’s losing badly to the Russian Federation’s military and tactical superiority. In pursuit of its hegemonic aims, lunatics infesting the Washington asylum may destroy planet earth and all its life forms by perpetual wars, toxic kill shots and environmental destruction.” – Stephen Lendman

There Has Never In History Been A Greater Need For A Large Anti-War Movement – Caitlin Johnstone

Have the Ancient Gods Returned? – “Is a Seemingly Far-Fetched Premise, Unfolding After All? ” – Dr Naomi Wolf  – LONG BUT GOOD READ FROM NAOMI!!!!

The Real Threat: balloons, UFOs, or government secrecy? – “We must never cease demanding transparency from Washington and the press, which is so essential to a functioning democracy.” – Gregory Foster

Biden takes everything so ‘very seriously’ don’tcha know? – “Yeah, right! He takes the border crisis he created and has fomented beyond reason seriously! Biden is serious though in his contempt for American citizens, for our working and middle classes. We are unimportant, a thorn in his side, the globalist’s side. Our love of country annoys him and his party. His dismissal of the crimes against the citizens of East Palestine, Ohio, prove that beyond all doubt. While he shovels billions of our taxpayer dollars to the so thoroughly corrupt Ukraine and its wholly corrupt puppet president, he ignominiously ignores the citizens of East Palestine. If there were ever a clearer statement of his priorities, this was it.” – Patricia McCarthy

San Francisco Wakes Up to a Woke Problem of its Own Making – “Did the City by the Bay cut its nose off to spite its face?” – Sarah Cowgill

Debunking Bolton’s Absurd Claim That China Is The Greatest Threat To Ukraine – Andrew Korybko  – I WOULD DEBUNK JUST  ABOUT EVERYTHING THAT WARMONGER SAYS AND DOES!!!!!

Showdown in Ukraine – “Hobbled US Turns to War to Preserve its Waning Primacy” – Mike Whitney

Zelensky, not Putin, is increasingly threatened by the prospect of a palace coup – “Engaged in a continuing Great Purge against top officials, the authoritarian Ukrainian president finds himself with fewer and fewer allies where it matters. Volodomyr Zelensky has a lot of powerful backers around the world, and from afar, the Ukrainian president seems politically invincible. He’s got the Uniparty in Washington, D.C. on his side, coupled with the international globalists in the robust World Economic Forum-attached network, along with the public-private asset management behemoth financiers in BlackRock and co, and another heavy line of credit through the IMF-World Bank group. Domestically, it’s an entirely different story. The Ukrainian people are suffering greatly under Zelensky,” – Jordan Schachtel

Food Industry Insider Warns Of Contaminated Crops As A Result Of The East Palestine Environmental Disaster – Michael Snyder


Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘n’ Roll – “The baby-boomer generation were perhaps the most privileged generation that the US has ever spawned. The boomer generation reached their teens in the 1960s, and having grown accustomed to receiving whatever they wanted in life, they were young adults and wanted to party. The phrase, “sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll” was coined and it was an apt one. But, although they were now adults, they were not always responsible adults. There was a new objective – money – and they wanted lots of it. The party was to continue, but on a much more extravagant scale. Through the creation of debt, they were able to make the party bigger and better. The boomers, who were now older and had become financiers, changed the US from the biggest creditor nation in the 1950s, to the biggest debtor nation a few decades later. By the 1990s, the boomers had financed the party with a powerful trio of financial weapons: the default currency, the petrodollar and SWIFT. But all parties must end.” – Jeff Thomas

The Next Bear Market Shoe Is About To Drop – “The economy and the stock market are disconnected when the Fed’s policy is quantitative easing. But when the Fed is raising rates, the two are tethered back together.: – Quoth the Raven

Better Early Than Late – “Gold bugs started 2023 with high hopes after the precious metals sector showed impressive relative strength versus paper assets in 2022. So far, no good. Gold and silver futures prices got clobbered again last week. The U.S. dollar is back on the rise against other major currencies, interest rates jumped and rattled investors were in the mood to sell paper assets including stocks and metals futures contracts. The selling was, in part, driven by data which showed higher, and more persistent, price inflation than economists expected. Gold and silver futures prices aren’t exploding higher in response to this inflation. That is one of the primary frustrations for metals investors over the past couple of years.” – Clint Siegner

Market Risk Continues To Rise As Economy Craters FASTER (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino

The Market Prices In Still More Fed Interest Rate Hikes – “Compared to the outlook on January 11, the December projection is now a full point (four quarter-point hikes) greater.” – Mish

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –11.56EUR


Ancient Types Of Homes You Can Build For Cheap – “The reason why many people choose to build their own house is that it is the cheapest way of doing it. The choice of building materials usually depends on where you live. Local materials are generally cheaper and natural building is about using materials that are available wherever you build. So let’s look back through history at these techniques of ancient home building for ideas that can inspire you to build your dream one cheaply.” – Tina Lawlor

Why People Are Getting More Tense, Rude, Uptight – “I do believe that much, or most, of what we’re seeing in the way of increased tension and rudeness may be attributed to the existing wonderful economy /sarc. Whoops, I meant to say was how happy people are to be paying so much more for everything. Energy. Food. Fuel. You name it… It really puts people in a great mood. Especially those who are living paycheck to paycheck (the majority of Americans).” – Ken Jorgustin

How to Use Camping to Teach Survival Skills to Your Children – Perrin Adams