Schwab Family Values – “Is the real Klaus Schwab a kindly old uncle figure wishing to do good for humanity, or is he really the son of a Nazi collaborator who used slave labour and aided Nazi efforts to obtain the first atomic bomb? In this Unlimited Hangout investigation, the past that Klaus Schwab has worked to hide is explored in detail, revealing the involvement of the Schwab family, not only in the Nazi quest for an atomic bomb, but apartheid South Africa’s illegal nuclear programme.” – Johnny Vedmore  – LONG BUT VERY INTERESTING READ FROM JOHNNY!!!!


Clarkson’s Farm: Another Front in the War on Food – “Clarkson showed the world the ugly side of environmental policy and its effect on local politics. He provided the blueprint for saving the family farm and rebuilding broken community bonds. And we can’t have that in the Brave New World of bug protein, 15-minute cities, and no internal combustion engines.” – Tom Luongo

Eating Lab Grown Chicken Equivalent to Eating Cancer Tumors? – “This past November we reported how a new lab-grown chicken product is being developed and could soon be available commercially. The company, Upside Foods, is run by a medical doctor, and they put out a press release last year claiming that the FDA had “cleared” the product. But that was simply a clever marketing campaign, as the FDA does not approve foods, like they do drugs. So what does this actually mean? In terms of how safe this product is, it means NOTHING. The American consumer will become the lab rats in what will basically become the Phase III trials to see how their health will be affected after consuming this lab-created product. And who are the investors that are bringing this product to market? Investors include top meat producer Tyson, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, and Elon Musks’ brother Kimbal Musk. Unlike other lab-produced meats which are vegetarian and plant based, this product uses cell lines from chickens. Bloomberg did an investigative report on this product this week, and reported that these cell lines are “immortalized” and are basically the same as cancerous tumors.” – Brian Shilhavy

Letter to a Mainstream Straddler – “Live Not by Half-Lies” – Margaret Anna Alice  – GOOD READ FROM MARGARET ONCE AGAIN!!!!

While you were distracted by the Nicola Bulley Tragedy, the UK Gov. quietly published a report confirming the Vaccinated account for 9 in every 10 COVID Deaths over the past TWO Years – The Expose

Truth-Telling Scholar Physician – “Most important is truth-telling about issues affecting our lives and well-being — straight talk with no punches pulled. UK-based Vernon Coleman MD is a national treasure, a truth-telling scholar physician who’s views are based on indisputable facts. Most recently he asked how many people have flu/covid jabs killed or injured, an issue he earlier raised in summer 2020 on YouTube. Moments after its release US/Western dark forces removed it. Though the video and script are available on other platforms. Instead of protecting and preserving health, vaccines destroy it. Flu/covid kill shots are most hazardous of all.” – Stephen Lendman

Yet Another Red Flag: Adverse Event Rates From mRNA Inoculations Track With Rise In Disabilities – “Yet More Data Showing The Toxicity Of The mRNA Inoculations” – Peter Nayland Kust

Why eliminating the FDA and CDC would probably make the public safer – “A false sense of safety is more dangerous than knowing you’re at risk” – El Gato Malo

Florida Surgeon General Dr. Ladapo Found VAERS Safety Signal. Now What? – “This letter is a very good start” – Sasha Latypova

Cynical vs. Hopey-Changey – “Cynical. In order for the fiction of rule of law and democracy to keep the marks (us) believing that our world is not completely managed and controlled by a few rich people, Power must allow a few “I speak for the people!” voices to become prominent. Hopey-changey: Ladapo will start a domino effect revolution of states who eschew the WEF Smart Cities Corporate Money and stop murdering their people. Could happen! Those damn exit ramps are everywhere, though.” – Sage Hana


Dictators Bent on Building Military Empires: The Cost of the Nation’s Endless Wars – “Oh, the hypocrisy. To hear President Biden talk about the Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, you might imagine that Putin is the only dictator bent on expanding his military empire through the use of occupation, aggression and oppression. Yet the United States is no better, having spent much of the past half-century policing the globe, occupying other countries, and waging endless wars. What most Americans fail to recognize is that these ongoing wars have little to do with keeping the country safe and everything to do with propping up a military industrial complex that has its sights set on world domination.” – John & Nisha Whitehead – EXCELLENT AS USUAL!!!!

MARCH OF FOLLY: FALL OF AMERICAN EMPIRE – “There is one thing for certain. Foolish acts, foolish interventions, and foolish policies are enacted by fools and supported by fools. The history of government folly makes perfect sense when you realize mediocre men with small minds and a lust for power are drawn to politics and passionately inflict their idiocy on the masses who were too stupid or too apathetic to care about who they chose to lead them. A basement dwelling dementia patient with anger issues, who likes to touch children, collect his 10%, and eat ice cream was installed by the Deep State in a rigged election, as a means to destroy what remains of our society as part of a globalist Great Reset agenda. The same strategy was used to get a brain damaged galoot, whose IQ before the stroke was sub-100, elected as a senator from PA, despite his inability to speak a coherent sentence or comprehend a basic question. These are little minds running a “great” empire. We deserve what we get and we’re gonna get it really hard.” – Jim Quinn  – A LONG BUT GOOD READ FROM JIM AS USUAL!!!!!!!!

Will Biden’s Ukraine Trip Inspire Even More Of His Lies? – “It doesn’t take a cynic to wonder how many tales from the trip he’ll come up with to pad his already bursting catalog of self-aggrandizing lies, which the media has mostly ignored for decades. We can imagine Biden in the coming months telling audiences that “we were shot down twice” as the Air Force Special Air Mission jet approached the Rzeszow airport in Poland near the Ukraine border, and then while visiting the front, the Ukrainian forces “let me shoot some of their artillery,” which was particularly rewarding because “I know I killed bunch of Russkies and took out Corn Pop, too.” “It reminded me,” he’ll say, “of when I was storming the beach at Normandy in ’44.”” – I & I Editorial Board

Neocons Need War Because Monetary System Collapsing (VIDEO) with Martin Armstrong – “Train derailments and political problems are spinning out of control, but the biggest threat is war. Armstrong explains, “They want a war, but they also need it because the monetary system is collapsing. . . . You have had interest rates at negative since 2014. So, suddenly interest rates are rising. Any bond owned by any institution in Europe is a loser. They have lost so much money, it’s incredible. What happens? Nobody is interested in long term debt – period. . . . If you have interest rates rising, and rates are going to be going up because the Fed cannot stop this kind of inflation. Then, you got war. How do you continue to fund a government if there are no buyers for the debt? This is on a global scale.” – Greg Hunter

Anatomy of a Cover-up: The January 6 Tapes – “Like all good political scandals, the path to the truth begins with the tapes.” – Julie Kelly

Forget the “Official” Word. Here’s How Much the Price of Food Has REALLY Gone Up – Daisy Luther

Gas Bill $900! Eggs Cost More Than Beef, When You Can Find Them, And New Food Shortage Warnings – The White House Says Biden’s ‘Economic Plan Is Working’ – “Yes, really. On February 6, 2023, the WH put out one the most dishonest attempts to tell people that what they see with their own eyes isn’t true, by stating “Our progress over the last two years shows that his economic strategy is working.” Progress eh? If by progress the Biden regime means bankrupting citizens trying to keep from freezing, well… a job well done.” – Susan Duclos

Social Security is Broke, but American Taxpayers Just Gave Ukrainian Pensioners a Double-Digit Raise – “As American taxpayers paying into Social Security today stare down the barrel toward substantial cuts to their own benefits, estimated to take place in 2034, they can at least take solace in knowing that all categories of Ukrainian pensioners will get a 20% raise in March 2023. ” – William Sullivan – YOU JUST CAN’T MAKE THIS SHIT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why was the East Palestine tank car blown up? – “While much has been written about the aftermath of the East Palestine train wreck burn, there is little regarding why the rail tank containing hazardous chemicals needed to be blown up. I am a retired engineer having significant experience with pressure vessels and some background with DoT tank regulations. I offer my thoughts based on limited knowledge and a little thinking.” – R. Thomas Meloy

An Act of Terror Against the American People (VIDEO) – Greg Reese

Why Are Hundreds Of Thousands Of People Moving From California To The Interior West? – Michael Snyder

Vetting Vivek Ramaswamy – “Former pharma exec and newfound anti-ESG crusader has substantial ties to China, the Covid industrial complex, Pfizer, Soros inc, and a track record of business calamities.” – Jordan Schachtel

The Rise of China… And What it Means for the World – Doug Casey

Putin’s ‘civilizational’ speech frames conflict between east and west – “In his Federal Assembly address, President Putin emphasized that Russia is not only an independent nation-state but also a distinct civilization with its own identity, which is in conflict and actively opposes the values of ‘western civilization.'” – Pepe Escobar

Putin Reminded Everyone That Russia Is Using Force To End The War That The West Started – Andrew Korybko

HERE WE JOE AGAIN! Joe Biden stumbles up Air Force One steps again following Ukraine visit only days after WH doc said he’s ‘fit for duty’ – Israel Salas-Rodriguez

America the Feckless – “Lies and hypocrisy are at the heart of the Biden foreign policy” – Philip Giraldi

‘Big difference’ between arming Ukraine and Russia – Borrell – “The EU’s top diplomat told China’s state councilor that Brussels holds itself to different rules” – RT  – OH, I SEE. THAT’S HOW IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let’s talk foreign interference in Canadian democracy – CCP edition. – “Trudeau Libs gaslight Canadians on foreign interference (except when it actually happens). Bombshell revelations over the weekend (although perhaps not entirely surprising) that the Chinese Communist Party actively interfered in the 2021 Federal Election in Canada to tip the scales in favour of another Trudeau minority government and the defeat of certain Conservative Party MPs who were seen as critical of the Chinese regime.” – Mark E. Jeftovic

Lula – One of the Most Audacious Traitors in Brazil’s Recent History? – “Lula has now been in office less than 2 months and has already opened his cards for everyone to see: totally submissive to and controlled by the World Economic Forum (WEF), by Washington, by the WHO and by Bill Gates, one of the key funders of WHO and creator of GAVI. Just so you know – GAVI, also called the Vaccine Alliance, is the closest ally of WHO’s, a so-called public-private partnership registered in Geneva as a tax-free NGO with FULL diplomatic immunity. Yes, nobody could sue GAVI even for the most horrendous frauds and crimes they may commit, or may have already committed. This is GAVI in corporate terms: Representatives of the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations (IFPMA) have one seat on the Gavi Board. The IFPMA represents more than 55 members of national industry associations, including Johnson & Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline, Merck & Co., Novartis, Sanofi Pasteur, the vaccines division of Sanofi-Aventis and Pfizer.” – Peter Koenig

When it comes to Destroying Gun Rights, George Soros Plays the Long Game – Lee Williams

Florida to Become 26th Permitless-carry State – Bob Adelmann


Robert Kiyosaki’s And Peter Schiff Last WARNING – “China REFUSES To Accept USD Threatening To Collapse The Entire US Economy” – Amy S

A Crash is Coming… I Hope You’re Ready – “Anyone who claims this bear market is over and that the Fed’s work is done is out of their minds. The stock market is now MORE overvalued relative to the economy than it was at the absolute peak of the Tech Bubble. I fully believe the stock market is going to crash. My proprietary Crash Trigger is on a confirmed “SELL” for the first time since 2007.” – Graham Summers, MBA

These Charts Scared the Stock Market into a 700-Point Drop Yesterday – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Market wobbles, but remains unaware of the bigger problems – “Markets wobbled yesterday on the current litany of fear: interest rates, inflation and Ukraine. The bigger issues are just how unsustainable current equity valuations remain, and where to invest in range-bound markets.” – Bill Blain

2 Silver Manipulation Cover-Ups by Regulators are Happening Right NOW!! (VIDEO) with Andy Schectman – Bix Weir

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –11.45EUR


What To Do In Your Garden Right Now – “When wintertime hits and the warm weather disappears, it is so easy to completely forget that your garden exists. With the bitter winds and maybe even snow, the garden becomes something belonging to a different time – why bother ever thinking about it when the sun has seemingly disappeared forever? However, while being a bit lazy over winter is to be expected, there is actually a ton of preparation you can be doing during the wintertime to not only prepare your garden for the new year but also for yourself.” – Sam E

Plant Nutrients 101: A Guide to the Necessary Plant Nutrients – “We’re often guilty of just tossing some generic fertilizer on plants, but understanding all the specifics about plant nutrients and the best way to provide these nutrients to your plants can make all the difference between a healthy plant and a struggling one. Let’s look at what’s needed for optimal plant health, as well as the roles each of them play.” – Catherine Winter

How to Germinate Seeds Faster – Melissa Norris

Six Reasons To Own A .22 – “One of the things that I have always looked for when selecting a concealed carry gun is a .22 version of my favorite firearm. This is because I believe that there are many benefits to owning a .22 that make it a worthwhile investment for any gun enthusiast.” – David Andrew Brown


Matthew 24:44      Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh.