The War on Insensitivity – “So, here’s a “conspiracy theory” for you. This one is about the global-capitalist thoughtpolice and their ongoing efforts to purge society of “insensitivity.” Yes, that’s right, insensitivity. If there is anything the global-capitalist thoughtpolice can’t stand, it is insensitivity.  I assume you have seen the news about the “sensitivity editing” of Roald Dahl, the author of books like James and the Giant Peach, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Dahl’s publisher, Puffin Books, hired a little clutch of “sensitivity editors” to substantively rewrite his books, What you may not be aware of is that Puffin Books is a children’s imprint of Penguin Random House, a multi-national conglomerate publishing company and a subsidiary of Bertelsmann, a nominally German but in reality global media conglomerate. Penguin Random House is one of the so-called “big five publishers” that control approximately 80% of the retail book market. The other four are Simon & Schuster, Macmillan, Hachette, and HarperCollins. Together, these five corporate behemoths, with their hundreds of divisions, publishing groups, and imprints (e.g., Puffin Books), control the majority of what everyone reads. ” – CJ Hopkins

FUTURE SHOCK – The New World Order Plans for 2021-2025: Your Life Is About To Change! Part 1-2-3 – Amy S.

Biden Admin Negotiates Deal to Give WHO Authority Over US Pandemic Policies – “New international health accord avoids necessary Senate approval. The Biden administration is preparing to sign up the United States to a “legally binding” accord with the World Health Organization (WHO) that would give this Geneva-based UN subsidiary the authority to dictate America’s policies during a pandemic.” – Kevin Stocklin  – WE WILL NO LONGER BE A SOVEREIGN NATION AND AS JD SAYS IN THE NEXT ARTICLE, WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where’s the Outrage as Biden Will Sign Away Our Sovereignty to Tedros Next Week? – “The Pandemic Treaty was big news last year until it was “defeated.” But it wasn’t actually defeated and now it’s about to be signed by Joe Biden. Why is nobody talking about it?” – JD Rucker

People We Should Know: Catherine Austin Fitts – “This is a global coup” – John Rubino  – HAVE LINKED MANY OF CATHERINE’S VIDEOS AND ARTICLES IN THE PAST!!!!

We, the Useless Eaters – Mr. Dystopia, Klaus Schwab, and his WEF have received increased corporate media attention lately. The 0.01% ruling elite will no longer tolerate “useless eaters,” those not directly involved in the service and maintenance of a supranational state and its associated monopolistic industries and corporations. That is to say, the infirm, the disabled, and the aged—and especially the aged because they are a huge drag on the fifty-year-plus deepwater financial dredging and skimming of the USG’s fiat “petrodollar” economy,” – Kurt Nimmo

Names & Faces of 150 Bilderbergers who controlled COVID Pandemic response – The Expose


Elite Escapism – “Yesterday, the regime sent Joe Biden to visit Kiev, thinking this was going to be a public relations coup on the anniversary of the war. This is the New York Times lead story in which they make him sound like Lenin crossing into Russia. Obviously, much of the content was supplied by narrative men in the regime. The point of these stories is to maintain the sense that victory is at hand! In reality, Washington coordinated the trip with Moscow so that nothing bad could happen during Biden’s trip. Serious people in the Pentagon, who still have contacts in Russia, made sure the Russians knew Biden was making the trip long before Biden got on the plane to Poland.” – The Z Man

No strikes reported in Kiev despite sirens during Biden’s visit – Reuters – “Aerial attack alarm was heard in the Ukrainian capital, news agencies reported on Monday” – RT  – ALL PART OF THE DOG AND PONY SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Biden Tells Polish President He Wanted to be Called ‘Bidenski’ Because He Grew Up Surrounded by Polish Immigrants (VIDEO) – “Wasn’t Joe Biden raised by Puerto Ricans? Joe Biden on Tuesday met with Polish President Andrzej Duda at the Presidential Palace in Warsaw to discuss Ukraine, Russia and NATO. Biden claimed he grew up in a Polish neighborhood and felt left self-conscious because he didn’t have a Polish last name.” – Cristina Laila  – HE ALSO WENT TO BLACK CHURCHES WHILE GROWING UP. THIS GUY IS SUCH A CROCK OF SHIT. NOTHING BUT LIES COMES OUT OF HIS MOUTH!!!!

Nordstream 2: Seymour Hersh feeds the fake binary – “Falling into the us/them dynamic is willfully forgetting the lessons Covid taught us. Fast forward to now, and the big story over the last couple of days – at least in alternate media circles – has been Seymour Hersh’s publication of a new article for the first time in quite a while. The article, based entirely on “leaked” information from one anonymous “insider” source, claims that the United States military sabotaged the Nordstream 2 pipeline, and had been planning to do it since before the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Forgive me but, how is this news? After all, Joe Biden said “if Russia invades, there will be no Nordstream 2”. Victoria Nuland, speaking more plainly, stated on January 27th: If Russia invades Ukraine, one way or another, Nord Stream 2 will not move forward.” All they’ve done, for the past 3 years, is lie. About everything. Most importantly, both sides have told the exact same lies. So, why should we go back to reporting the news on their terms?” – Kit Knightly

The United States And Russia Are At War. You Do Realize How This Is Going To End, Don’t You? – Michael Snyder

Xi Jinping Planning Russia Visit As Ukraine War Shows No Signs Of Slowing – Tyler Durden

Russia And China Draw ‘Red Lines’ On Their Borders; US Draws Them On The Other Side Of The Planet – “Reacting to China’s announcement that it will be putting forward a proposal for a political settlement to end the war in Ukraine, the US ambassador to the United Nations said that if China begins arming Russia in that conflict this will be a “red line” for the United States. The ambassador’s comments pertained to an unsubstantiated claim made by Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Sunday that China is “considering providing lethal support to Russia in the war against Ukraine,” according to US intelligence. The US has been making evidence-free claims in relation to China arming Russia against Ukraine since the war began. The mass media have eagerly participated in promoting this latest re-emergence of narratives about China supplying weapons to Russia, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin knocked back Blinken’s claims at a press conference shortly after they were made, saying the US is in no position to be accusing anyone of pouring arms into the war.” – Caitlin Johnstone

A One-Sided Battle – “Russia is effectively led by a preeminent world leader. In stark contrast, hegemon USA’s imitation leader is a mumbling, bumbling White House imposter, a detached from reality buffoon. The fake Biden showed up in Kiev on Monday. Likely unaware of where he was or why he was there, his handlers know that their war on Russia by use of cannon fodder Ukrainian troops was lost on day-one of the Russian Federation’s liberating SMO. Over half a million Ukrainian casualties is proof positive of how overwhelmingly Russian forces defeated the scourge of Nazism along its border. Russia resoundingly defeated the made-in-the-USA, Nazi-infested, Ukraine monster with no prospect of turning things around. The fake Biden’s “surprise” visit to Kiev was planned well in advance. Vowing more US support for a lost cause, the fake Biden and buffoon Zelensky are the most pathetic examples of non-leadership on the world stage.” – Stephen Lendman

Victoria Nuland Says US Supports Ukrainian Attacks on Crimea – “Russia says her comments show the US is ‘inciting’ an escalation of the war” – Dave DeCamp

Tens of Thousands Worldwide Protest War in Ukraine as Biden Secretly Shows up in Kiev to Support War and Pledge Half $BILLION More in Weapons – Brian Shilhavy

Joe Biden is making Europe great again – for the US – “The American president’s annual address celebrated ‘saving’ the Western part of the continent from the last remnants of independence” -Rachel Marsden

Al Gore’s greenie investment fund caught buying stock in polluters – “Is there anything that green guru Al Gore does that’s actually green? We know he’s an energy hog, using way more than his “fair share” of energy to heat his mansions. We know he flies around on carbon-spewing private jets. Turns out he doesn’t even invest green, even though he would like you to think he does.” – Monica Showalter

Jen Psaki, Once the Voice of Biden, Moves to an Anchor Chair – “When the Trump-era press secretaries Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Kayleigh McEnany joined Fox News, liberals cried foul about a “revolving door” and claimed the Murdoch-owned network was an extension of the Trump White House. Those voices have said little about Ms. Psaki’s migration to MSNBC, ” – DNYUZ – SHE WILL FIT RIGHT IN AND THERE WILL BE NO NEWS TO SPEAK OF. YOU CAN BET THEY WILL TRY TO GET THE DIMWIT KARINE AS WELL WHEN SHE LEAVES THE WHITE HOUSE!!!!!

As The Destruction Of America’s Infrastructure Is Carried Out Before Our Eyes, A Map From The Global Incident Report Shows America Under Attack With ‘Grey Terror’ Happening Nationwide – “Suicidal Biden Cabal Moves Us One Step Closer To Mushroom Clouds Across America” – Stefan Stanford

Where are the toxicologists for East Palestine? – “East Palestine, Ohio needs toxicologists — especially environmental toxicologists — pronto. Where will they be found? Well, it won’t be the federal government. No doubt, the cadre of EPA toxicologists are already occupied connecting asthma in children to gas stoves. And the EPA chief, Michael Regan, can’t be bothered with real-time environmental catastrophes as he deems the only crisis worth addressing “environmental racism.” The so-called sec of transportation, “What-Me-Worry” Pete Buttigieg, has already complained that infrastructure construction crews have too many white guys. Good luck to pathetic Pete in finding enough Black/African-American and LGBTQ++ toxicologists to assay East Palestine. One demographic survey says fewer than 7% of all toxicologists are Black/African-American. How many are environmental toxicologists? Two percent? One? How many are LGBTQ++? Whatever the number is, fixing the disaster in East Palestine isn’t Pete’s job — nor, apparently, anyone else’s in the Biden administration.” – Geoffrey P. Hunt

Two Earthquakes Jolt Turkiye-Syria Border – Sputnik News

Doing the ayatollahs’ dirty work – “The woke West has more in common with Iran’s rulers than its rebels. Some good news for Islamist hotheads in Iran: The Great Satan might not be as Satanic as you thought. In fact, some of the inhabitants of the licentious hellhole of the United States of America are on your side, at least when it comes to shutting down scurrilous commentary about Islam. Behold the extraordinary explosion of religious censorship at Macalester College in Minnesota this month. Following complaints from students, officials at this prestigious liberal arts college threw a black curtain – literally – over the work of an Iranian-American artist that depicted women in niqabs revealing their knickers and women in burqas with huge breasts. The artist is Taravat Talepasand. Her paintings and sculptures challenge Islamic conservatism and in particular Islam’s oppression of women.” – Brendan O’Neill


America is about to go supernova – “On Friday I wrote to you that the US government had just published its annual financial report showing, among other things, that they lost a mind-blowing $4.1 trillion in Fiscal Year 2022, which was $1 trillion worse than the year before. But what really struck me about this report… above everything else… was the cover letter; this is the one-page executive summary from the Treasury Secretary right at the beginning of the report. You’d think with such horrific financial results and long-term projections that the Treasury Secretary would spend her cover letter calling for immediate reform and fiscal discipline. But there wasn’t a single word of caution in her letter. Instead the Secretary bragged about how great the economy is, and praised their ridiculous Inflation Reduction Act as “our nation’s most aggressive action to tackle the climate crisis.” Come again? Wasn’t the Inflation Reduction Act supposed to, you know, reduce inflation?” – Simon Black  – LINKED SIMON’S ARTICLE THAT HE REFERS TO ON FRIDAY!!!!!

White House Actions Raise Risks to Economy – “Something like the plot of Atlas Shrugged seems to be playing out across America. In the novel, corruption and mediocrity spread through institutions including the power company and the bureaucracies charged with keeping the lights on in New York City. Eventually they fail entirely and the lights go out in the city’s high-rise buildings. Here in real world, it would be no surprise to many if a big city went dark tomorrow. It seems the unthinkable is becoming more and more thinkable as time goes. This raises questions for investors who want to protect themselves from rising risk factors. At least some demand for physical bullion always comes from people concerned about emergency preparedness and barter. This demand only figures to keep growing as the institutions which make up the basic plumbing of our modern economy stop working right. The flaw in concentrating so much power in so few institutions is now on full display.” – Clint Siegner

“It’s The End Of The World As We Know It And The Fed Feels Fine” – Michael Every

The Bubble is Back… And It’s Bursting Will Only Be That Much Worse – “The financial system is back in bubble mode. Everywhere you look, there are major signs of froth. 1) Investors poured $1.5 billion into stocks per day in January. 2) Meme stocks and insolvent garbage tech plays are exploding higher by 20%, 30% even 100%+ in days. 3) Financial conditions are now LOOSER than they were before the Fed started raising rates in March of 2022. 4) The c-r-y-p-t-o pumpers are back… promoting their scams as the “answers” to everyone’s problems. Put simply, it’s as if the Fed never even attempted to deflate the bubble of 2021-2022.” – Graham Summers, MBA


Hidden In the Inflation Numbers: The Next Gold Price – ” the same people who told us inflation was “transitory” two years ago are still capable of being surprised when reality fails to meet their expectations. They’ve also doubled down on their commitment to bringing (some form of) inflation back to 2%. Well, returning inflation to 2% won’t make absurd prices any lower – rather, prices will still rise, but at a slower pace. I know it’s pretentious to quote myself, but still: Inflation might be transitory, but its damage is permanent” – Peter Reagan

Credit Suisse Tanks to New Intraday Lows as Wall Street Mega Banks Mysteriously Shake Off the Contagion Effect – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –11.55EUR


Chemicals in the Water – “The recent train derailment in Ohio has created an interesting situation for the people living there, especially those living in East Palestine. I’m not a big fan of the EPA, but I have to say they have a nearly impossible task when it comes to determining the maximum safe levels of thousand of chemicals in the air, water and other parts of the environment. From the purely environmental viewpoint, I’m sure that the ideal level would be zero; but that’s not what they are tasked with determining; What that means for you and I, is that we should treat any chemical spill as potentially dangerous, regardless of what officials say. I’d also like to say that we should never fully trust the information that is given to us by government officials. Treating Contaminated Water The water purification methods and systems that we use in the prepping community are basically intended to remove microscopic pathogens from the water; bacteria and protozoa. Most have limited ability to remove viruses, at best, due to the smaller size of the viruses. They are not designed to remove chemical contaminants or metals from our water supply.” – Bill White

Grow Lights Full Spectrum For Indoor Plants – “A spectrum is a range. In this case, a grow light that’s full spectrum is attempting to mimic the range of wavelengths of the sun, to the extent that it relates to plant growth and photosynthesis. That is, within the technological limitations of the light source.”- Ken Jorgustin  – TIME TO THINK ABOUT GETTING SEEDS READY FOR SPRING PLANTING OUTDOORS, GROW LIGHTS CAN HELP GET THEM STARTED!!!

Should Preppers Consider CBD for Their Medical Stockpiles? – Amy Allen

Every Tree & Plant In The Woods Has A Purpose. ( Sumac ) (VIDEO) – Modern Refugee

The Complete List of Nuclear Fallout Gear – “As much as we want to believe this would never happen, it’s a very real possibility, which means we need to be prepared. If a nuclear war broke out, tens of millions of people would die right away, but even more people would die in the following weeks due to fallout and radiation exposure. So in this article, we’re going to list all the nuclear fallout gear you would need to survive.” – Perrin Adams


Isaiah 33:7    Behold, their valiant ones shall cry without: the ambassadors of peace shall weep bitterly.