Have You Heard Of Rockefeller’s “Clever Together” Document? – “If you’re familiar with the covid “Lockstep” document from 2010 then you need to read this. More pieces of the jigsaw will slot seamlessly into place. Back in November 2021 I wrote on the “Lockstep” scenario which appeared in “Scenarios For The Futures of Technology”. Little attention however has been payed to the 3 other scenarios: Clever Together, Hack Attack and Smart Scramble. The primary reason for this is that it is practically impossible to get a copy of the document and comment on it. Amazingly, it seems to have vanished online, or at least it is very difficult to find. Fortunately, I downloaded a copy over two years ago and kept it.” – threadsirish  – VERY INTERESTING LONG READ. TAKE THE TIME TO DIGEST ALL THE IMPLICATIONS!!!!

Is the Egg Shortage Another Conspiracy? – “If you gain control of the food supply, you gain control of the people. This is why any threat to food freedom and security should prompt immediate alarm and calls for the protection of localized, regenerative agriculture. It’s curious that a report from the Rockefeller Foundation, released in July 2020 and predicting a coming food crisis, hasn’t received more attention, however — especially since its solution centered on the creation of a centralized “nutrition security system.” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

Nothing is obvious to scared people – Returning from the foray into fear” – El Gato Malo

Graphene is being shed from the COVID Vaccinated to the Unvaccinated, here’s how you can remove it from your body… – The Expose

“Dataism” is the New Religion of AI and Transhumanism: Those Who Own and Control the Data Control Life – “Yuval Noah Harari is an Israeli professor in the Department of History at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is one of the leading technocrats today who promotes Artificial Intelligence (AI) and makes techno-prophecies about the future, claiming that AI is advancing so rapidly, that we are the last generation of homo sapiens, because transhumans will soon replace us. Harari makes it clear that “dataism” is the new religion that fuels AI,” – Brian Shilhavy

Kenyan doctor accuses World Health Organization, UNICEF of sterilizing young women – “Dr. Wahome Ngare, an obstetrician and gynecologist based in Nairobi accused the WHO and even UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) of intentionally sterilizing young Kenyan women under the guise of eradicating tetanus, and also accused colleagues of trying to discredit his research into the issue.” – John-Henry Westen

Where Have All the Insects Gone, Long Time Passing – “With regard to the insects, and many other critters we are shoving out of the nest we all call our home, the finger of blame is pointing in the wrong direction. In my opinion, as well as the opinion of many others, it isn’t climate change that has killed off all of these critters. Pollution and pesticides are more likely the culprits. But of course, no matter what it is, we are told it is our fault, you and I, not who is actually at fault—the persons, or corporations/governments, standing behind the pointing finger. Isn’t that typical? “It’s not me, its you!!”” – Todd Hayen, PhD, RP

WHO Convenes ‘Urgent’ Meeting Over Marburg, One of World’s Deadliest Viruses – “Health officials say Marburg, first seen in the late 1960s, is related to Ebola. However, WHO officials say it’s far more deadly, killing upwards of 88 percent of people who contract it. The virus has been detected in several African countries over the past several months, including recently in Equatorial Guinea.” – Jack Phillips   – LINKED ABOUT THIS TWO DAYS AGO, ARE YOU READY. UNLIKE COVID, THIS ONE IS DEFINITELY A KILLER IF IT EVER GOT LOOSE. IS THIS THE NEXT ONE THEY HAVE UP THEIR SLEEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Romanian Senator Diana Iovanovici Sosoaca: “We have lived to witness the production of earthquakes on command.” (VIDEO) -SixthSense  – MORE AND MORE PEOPLE ARE SUSPECTING THAT THE EARTHQUAKE IN TURKEY/SYRIA WAS MANUFACTURED!!!!!



Oh lightning, I command thee to smite my foe! – “After Commander-in-Chief (ahem) “Joe Biden” demonstrated our ability to shoot down a Chinese spy balloon leisurely wandering the jet stream clear across North America, he loosed the Air Force on every other menacing arial object hovering in our sovereign skies and… Ira Tonitrus… mission accomplished! Note to America’s hot air ballooning community for the upcoming spring launch season: be very afraid! If Russia was impressed by the successful balloon op, it didn’t offer any comment. Russia was busy neutralizing America’s pet proxy palooka, sad-sack Ukraine, sent into the ring to soften-up Russia for a revolution aimed at overthrowing the wicked Vlad Putin — at least according to our real Secretary of State (and Ukraine war show-runner), Victoria Nuland, in remarks this week to the Carnegie Endowment, a DC think tank. In the meantime, America is rapidly disintegrating on the home front. Is it attempted suicide or murder? It’s a little hard to tell. Things are blowing up from sea to shining sea. One has to wonder whether an army of saboteurs is on the loose across the land.” – James Howard Kunstler  – ANOTHER GOOD READ AS USUAL FROM MR. KUNSTLER!!!!   🎈

If Political Rhetoric Does Not Match Constitutional Reality, No Solution Is Possible – “Elected Officials Are Obligated To Know The Limits Of Constitutional Government. Arguing that “something” be done is all well and good, but it is neither well nor good for any politicians, and especially the President of The United States, to stand in his bully pulpit and offer up commentary that suggests that government has any say in any person’s choice to own any sort of firearm, including “assault weapons” or that person’s choice to own ammunition magazines capable of holding large numbers of rounds.” – Peter Nayland Kust

Constant Government Lies Spark Resistance Movements – “In the digital public square of social media, I have seen a noticeable uptick in biting memes and political cartoons calling out the U.S. government for its constant lies. If you want to know what’s really going on within a society, you don’t run to the national newspapers or interview people with titles. You get out and talk to the people nobody else would dare seek. In the Internet Age, you look at what’s being said by ordinary people on unremarkable chatrooms whose opinions are routinely overlooked.” – J.B. Shurk

The US May Have Shot Down a Small Hobby Balloon With a Sidewinder Missile President – “Biden acknowledged Thursday that the three objects he ordered shot down were likely harmless research balloons” – Dave DeCamp   🎈

Biden is a liar, and these financial documents prove it. – “There’s hardly anything that POTUS loves to brag about more than his ‘economic success’. Unfortunately it’s a complete lie. And just yesterday the Treasury Department released financial documents proving it.” – Simon Black

The Newsom Nuisance – “Joe Biden’s chances to be a presidential candidate next year are closing in on nil. So who will be the Democrats’ flagship candidate? The smart money says it will be the foolish Gavin Newsom. The California governor wouldn’t be the only candidate, of course. A lineup for the primaries is likely to include, at the least, current vice president and former U.S. senator from California Kamala Harris, as well as previous candidates Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, and U.S. Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Even former First Lady Michelle Obama appears in the betting lines. The clear favorite, though, a year before the primaries, has to be Newsom. He has the backing, the teeth, the hair, the Hollywood glam – and 54 electoral votes.What he doesn’t have is any good reason whatsoever to be president. He does, though, have a lot of good ones not to be. ” – I & I Editorial Board

Balloons, Toxic Water, and Radiation Sickness – “The government is lying—as usual. Biden and his neocons are not concerned about the mess in East Palestine. They are busy poking Russia, trying to get WWIII rolling, and also backtracking on Chinese spy balloons.” – Kurt Nimmo    🎈  ☢️ ☢️

Fourth Toxic Train Derailment: All Rail “Accidents” Are In Battleground Election States – “At this stage in the globalist sabotage game there really are no coincidences.” – 2nd Smartest Guy in the World

ABANDONMENT: Biden, Buttigieg MUM ON Ohio Disaster and FEMA Allegedly TURNS DOWN Support For Poisoned Region, Norfolk Southern Refuses To Attend Town Hall Meeting, Citing Fear Of Violence From Locals – ‘How Is This Possible?” – Celia Farber

The Non-Human Element & the Plans for a Fake Alien Invasion (VIDEO) – Greg Reese  – ANOTHER GOOD ONE FROM GREG!!!!!!

Foreboding Sign of Crazy Times… U.S. Shoots Down Suspected Chinese Balloons With F-22s and F-16s – “The Chinese balloon-scare episode gripping the United States’ political class is comical if it were not so serious in its implications for global security. Four suspected Chinese spy balloons were rapidly shot down with F-22 and F-16 fighter jets in the last two weeks. Turns out though that the White House is now admitting that the last three unidentified aerial objects blown out of the skies with Sidewinder air-to-air missiles were “benign” and probably had not even anything to do with China. It illustrates just how über-militaristic and paranoid American politicians and their propaganda media system have become.” – Finian Cunningham

Soros’ Strong Support Of Lula Discredits The Brazilian Leader’s Multipolar Credentials ” – Andrew Korybko

What Happens Next In The Ukraine Proxy War? A New Russian Offensive In Spring – ” should note that I really don’t care about the Ukrainian government or the Russian government and I have no interest in which side “wins.” I, like many people, think Ukraine has nothing to do with the American public and is purely a proxy war being pursued by NATO. It is my belief that certain international interests (globalists) are keen for the conflict to continue regardless as they seek to exploit it as a crisis of opportunity. All of my primary predictions for the Ukraine war have turned out to be true:” – Brandon Smith  – GOOD READ AS USUAL FROM BRANDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Sy Hersh effect: killing the messenger, ignoring the message – “Major media are disregarding questions raised by the embattled veteran muckraker: did the US destroy the pipeline? If not, who did? The Washington Post, New York Times, Wall Street Journal — and European outlets — BBC, the Guardian, and most German newspapers (an interview on Berliner Zietung dropped late Wednesday ) — have ignored it. Tucker Carlson and other hosts covered it on FOX News, another Murdoch staple, but the rest of the cable news circuit — CNN, MSNBC — are seemingly on board with what appears to be a total MSM blackout.” – Kelley Beaucar Vlahos

Nuland outlines US goals in Ukraine – “The Maidan “midwife” hopes for conquest of Crimea and regime change in Russia” – RT

Did Scholz Know All Along About the Biden Plan to Bomb Nord Stream? – “If the German leader knew all along about Biden’s bombing plot, then he is complicit in not only an act of international terrorism, but also treachery on a grand scale to the German people who have been led to war in Ukraine under entirely false pretenses. ” – Martin Jay

The breathtaking moment lightning strikes Rio’s Christ the Redeemer statue – “The once-in-a-lifetime photograph, which has gone viral on social media, shows a bolt of lightning hitting the head of the nearly 100-foot-tall statue — the largest depiction of Jesus in the world.” – Patrick Reilly  – YOU THINK MAYBE SOMEONE IS GIVING US A SIGN!!!!!


As The Economy Implodes, Credit Card Balances Are Increasing At The Fastest Pace In U.S. History – Michael Snyder

Where Households Are on their Credit Card Balances, Credit Limits, Available Credit, Delinquencies, and Collections – “Credit cards are used as payment method and mostly paid off monthly. But 40% are used to borrow, and some people get in trouble.” – Wolf Richter

Investors Are About to Pay the Price for the Fed’s Failures… – “Throughout this week, I’ve pounded the table on the fact that the economic data the U.S. government has put out recently is a huge pile of BS. We’ve covered everything from the jobs data, to inflation, and the recent retail sales results. Perhaps the single most disturbing element of the above items is that they reveal the complete failure of the Federal Reserve to tame inflation.” – Graham Summers, MBA

Stocks Seek New Religion in Effort to Rise from their Decline, but Where’s the Beef? – “”We just witnessed the renewed rise in CPI, and today we have news that the pressures behind consumer price increases are also rising. – David Haggith

US Leading Economic Indicators Tumble For 10th Straight Month, Signal Recession Imminent – “…the longest streak of declines since ‘Lehman’.” – Tyler Durden


Why Is the Federal Reserve Provoking a Financial Crisis? (VIDEO) -John Titus

From Jeffrey Epstein to Sam Bankman-Fried to Madoff – JPMorgan Banks the Creepy Crooks – “If yesterday had been National Creepy Crooks Day, JPMorgan Chase would have taken top honors.” – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –11.82EUR


How To Increase Awareness Of Your Surroundings – “Being aware of your surroundings is crucial for both your safety and your quality of life. Unfortunately, the prevalence of electronic devices has led to a decrease in situational awareness among many people. While self-awareness is an important topic, situational awareness is what we will focus on here.” – Bob Rodgers

What Are the Best Concealed Carry Guns for Women? – Martin banks

What I Can Tell About You by Looking at Your Keys – “Here are a few of the things that you can tell about a person simply by looking at their keyring. How do I know this? Past life as a locksmith. But you don’t have to be a locksmith to know these things. Any criminal worth his salt knows them, too.” -Aden Tate  – THIS IS A VERY INTERESTING ARTICLE!!!!!!

6 Places You Can Go Dumpster Diving For Your Prepper Stockpile – James Walton

Compact Power To Go – Part 1 – “As part of my general effort to lighten up my load and develop a lightweight modular approach to my mobile kit, I recently started focusing on how to power the various electronics I’m carrying. To that end, I’ve developed a common approach that meets my needs by being lightweight and able to provide me power from a wide range of sources under different scenarios, including regular business/vacation travel, backpacking trips and getting home after a disaster. The foundation of my plan is to have all of my electronics support USB-based charging, which gives me an interchangeable interface and power source for everything. The move away from removable AA/AAA batteries towards built-in USB charging for mobile electronics has been increasing for the last few years, and almost every type of electronic device comes with USB charging these days.” – J.M.


Psalm 97:4     His lightnings enlightened the world: the earth saw, and trembled.


christ redeemer