Was HAARP Responsible for the Turkey/Syria Earthquakes? – “On the 3rd of February nine western countries either closed their embassies in Turkey or issued travel warnings to their citizens that they should leave Turkey. On the 6th of February a massive 7.8 quake on the Richter scale hit early in the morning with a 7.5 earth quake following twelve hours later. So far the body count between Turkey and Syria is above 41,000 dead with the damage in billions of dollars. The governments of those nine western countries with the early warning were either incredibly wise or they were incredibly foolish. We don’t know which yet. Now the State Department has just told Americans to leave Russia at once in the same way Americans were told to leave Turkey three days before the earthquakes. Is this another message? They are also warning Americans to leave Belarus.” – Bob Moriarty

“Pandemic Preparedness” – a Government Protection Racket – “Nice guys from the US DOD are here to “protect” you from the future.” – Sasha Latypova

No Vaccine No Food? Grocery Industry Merging with Big Tech and Big Pharma as New App Tracks Drug and Vaccine Purchases Along with Food – “Big Food is making its move into the “digital health space” as grocery chain giant Albertsons announced the roll-out of its “Sincerely Health” platform along with a new app where customers “can connect data from wearables, integrate prescriptions, design their diet and make telehealth or vaccination appointments.”  These apps that combine your drug, vaccine, food, and doctor appointment purchases could easily be used in the future to prevent you from accessing these purchases if you do not comply with their requirements, such as being up-to-date on your vaccines. Those who receive government aid, such as food stamps, Section 8 housing, Medicare/Medicaid, etc., could all be tied into the information you provide on these apps.” – Brian Shilhavy

WHO “Abandons Plans for Covid Origin Investigation”. A Perfect Cover-Up? – “A Co-Conspirator of Anthony Fauci, Dr. Jeremy Farrar, now Chief UN Scientist, does not want investigations to continue” – Igor Chudov

Risky Business: Government-Funded Group Targets Conservative Sites as “Riskiest Online News Outlets” – “Goodbye Disinformation Board, Hello Disinformation Index. Less than a year after many celebrated the disbanding of the Biden’s Administration Disinformation Board, it appears that the Administration has been funding a British group to rank sites to warn people about high-risk disinformation sites. The Global Disinformation Index (GDI) has released its index and every one of the high-risk sites turn out to be . . . wait for it . . . conservative or libertarian sites.” – Jonathan Turley

Russia to introduce digital identity cards – “Putin instructs ministers to “speed up implementation” of digital ID system” – Edward Slavsquat

Central Bank Digital Currency Tyranny Is Coming – How to Prepare – “The vast majority of Americans will either gleefully enter the draconian economic future or they’ll begrudgingly accept it. Some of us will find alternatives and keep tyranny off our doorsteps.” – JD Rucker

Are you ready to be ‘upgraded’ to Humanity 2.0? Klaus Schwab and Yuval Harari say it’s just a matter of time before you will be – “Some newspaper columnists are reportedly already using programs like ChatGPT to automatically produce articles. They just punch in a theme and set a few parameters and the program does the rest of the work for them. Lawyers can do the same thing, saving them tons of time researching case law before filing their briefs. The same goes for songwriters, speechwriters, etc. Apparently they don’t realize that soon they will be replaced by the A.I. bots and need not report to work at all. Contrary to what many believe, it’s not just the unskilled jobs that will be replaced by robots. They’re coming for all of us.” – Leo Hohmann

Disqualified: when Covid tyranny devastated America, Nikki Haley was nowhere to be found -T”he next president cannot be part of the blob.” – Jordan Schachtel


The Enemy Within- “When you total up all of the abuses of the Biden Administration against the average American, in gas prices, food prices, an open border, energy costs and realize they’re all manmade, nearly created out of thin air by Joe Biden and his cabinet in one way or another, you realize that the war is not against Russia, or China, but against America and Americans. It has never been about what can be done to ease the suffering of the people, but rather how much more they will be made o suffer to be brought under the heel of the government. We are a land without a leader. Joe Biden is not leading us, he is compelling us, demanding from us, threatening us.” – T.L. Davis  – GOOD READ AS USUAL FROM T.L.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Attack of The Killer Balloons from Outer Space – “This does not preclude the potentiality of extraterrestrials or even UFO visitations in the past or even the present. Still, it would be impossible to assume that the government would tell the truth about ET when we still can’t admit that C19 and C19 shots are bioweapons. Still will not admit that they are not safe and not effective. Remember, this is the same government that had people following lines on the floor and standing six feet apart, let alone wearing masks. After three years of humiliation, and dehumanizing degradation, it may be wise to step back and ask what are they selling and why?” – Dr. Joseph Sansone  – GREAT POINTS FROM JOSEPH!!!

Biden’s “Economic Recovery” Deception Is Collapsing, Here’s The Truth – “This month an ABC and Washington Post poll with a 37-year history asked Americans whether they were better or worse off in the two years since President Biden entered the White House. If you were to ask Biden this question, you would be regaled with a flurry of great news about a fantastic economic recovery, epic jobs numbers, falling inflation and a dropping deficit. When you ask actual average citizens, you get a much different reply. According to the poll, Americans say they are worse off than they have ever been –the most negative data in the poll’s history. Here are the highlights:” – Brandon Smith   – A MUST READ FROM BRANDON!!!!!!

Destroying Meritocracy Is Deadly – “Our government is playing with our lives as it prefers diversity, equity, and inclusion over ensuring the best qualified employees are hired.” – Victor Davis Hanson

Chinese Spy Balloon, UFOs, Protect Pentagon Budget – “In case you haven’t figured out what the Chinese “spy balloon” and additional shoot-downs were all about, they were about removing the prospect of any cuts to the Pentagon’s budget as part of the debt ceiling solution. Republican Senator Tom Cotton declared that “communist China is probably the greatest threat we’ve ever faced.” A number of Republicans agree with him. They want defense cuts off the table in the debt ceiling negotiations. Senator Cotton thinks “substantial defense increases” are in order. If China is a great threat, why is Washington creating a conflict with Russia by sticking its nose and many billions of dollars into Russia’s business in Ukraine? Is the reasoning that two great threats are better than one?” – Paul Craig Roberts

What planet does the White House live on? – “The Biden administration has utterly beclowned itself in its response to the UFO crisis.” – Jenny Holland

Why is Biden so Oddly Silent about the Ohio Train Diaster? – ” the complete lack of any significant response by the Biden administration is appalling and begs the question why an administration that is hostile to the free market and supports extreme measures to fight climate change is missing in action? Could it be that some of the largest shareholders of the responsible railroad, Norfolk Southern Corporation, are tied to PACs and affiliates that helped fund the 2020 election of the Biden administration?” – Nancy Van Deest

“Where Is Pete Buttigieg?” – Ohio Residents Erupt at Town Hall Meeting on Environmental Disaster Following Train Derailment (VIDEO) -Cristina Laila  – OH, YEA. ISN’T HE TRANSPORTATION SECRETARY OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT. WASN’T IT A TRAIN “TRANSPORTING” CHEMICALS THAT CAUSED THIS DISASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Entire Ohio River May be Poisoned for Generations and the Media Is Talking About Balloons – Andrew Anglin

Welfare State Weakens… 30 Million Americans Are About To Lose ‘COVID’ Food Stamp Handouts – Tyler Durden  – GUESS IT’S TIME TO GO BACK TO WORK!!!

“Records? What Records?” – “Some serious allegations of judicial misconduct have been launched against several members of the judiciary in Cook County, Illinois. These allegations involve concerns that some sitting judges in this notoriously corrupt county may, in fact, be receiving bribes in order to throw cases.” – Janet Phelan

BlackRock Will Evade Responsibility for East Palestine Environmental Crisis – ” Norfolk Southern railroad didn’t bother to inform the local government it was moving extremely hazardous material through East Palestine. It also neglected maintenance on its trains. The “top holders” of Norfolk Southern stock include The Vanguard Group (the world’s largest mutual fund company), BlackRock (the $10 trillion “Evil Empire”), JP Morgan (a long rap sheet of crimes), Wells Fargo (fined billions for misconduct), and other “investment” firms. “In its operations, BlackRock pursues a sustainability strategy that seeks to decouple company growth from the firm’s impact on the environment, while increasing the efficiency and resiliency of BlackRock’s operations,” declares a BlackRock “environmental sustainability” webpage. Meanwhile, in a perfect example of doublethink, the mega “financial services” corporation has invested billions in the destruction of the Amazon rainforest.” – Kurt Nimmo

Russian Diplomats Issue Dire Warnings that War with US Is Close – “The Kremlin’s top diplomat has warned that Western involvement in Ukraine is nearing “the point of no return,” accusing the United States and the NATO bloc of attempting to transform the country into a “Russophobic military stronghold.” Meanwhile, Moscow’s UN envoy declared that all of Russia’s “red lines” have already been crossed.” – Kyle Anzalone and Will Porter

How the West has long planned to use Ukraine to fight a proxy war with Russia – “Using Kiev to take on Moscow has been a meticulously planned strategy, long in the making.” – Olga Sukharevskaya

The West Will Need To Use Either Nukes Or NATO Troops To Stop The Russian Advances In Ukraine – “The new Russian offensive appears to have begun, and in recent days the Russians have been steadily gaining ground in several key areas of eastern Ukraine. Things seem to be going particularly well for the Russians in the northern part of eastern Ukraine.” – Michael Snyder

Ireland’s protests – will Varadkar go full Trudeau? – “Since Russia began its special military operation in Ukraine almost a year ago, one of the key features of the collective West’s response, alongside sanctions and the expulsion of Russian diplomats, has been the accommodation of refugees fleeing the conflict, with millions of Ukrainians being housed across Europe since last February, including 70,000+ in the 26-County Irish State. The first question that springs to mind regarding this approach however, is that if it is being done out of genuine concern for those fleeing conflict in Ukraine, then why was it not implemented in 2014 when that war first began?” – Gavin O’Reilly


The Fed is Puzzled Younger Borrowers Are Struggling with Credit Card and Auto Payments – “The Fed is puzzled. Are you?” – Mish

Food and Shelter Prices Keep Climbing as CPI Growth Hits a Three-Month High – “For example, in January “food at home”—i.e., grocery bills—was up 11.3 percent compared to January of the previous year. Energy overall was up 8.7 percent, while new vehicles were up 5.8 percent. Services saw some of the largest increases, with energy services up 15.6 percent and transportation services up 14.6 percent. The only category that showed a drop over the period was used cars and trucks, which was down 11.6 percent. As of January, there was no sign of price growth in shelter slowing down. Last month, shelter prices increased by 7.9 percent year over year, which was the highest growth rate since July 1982. Month-over-month growth in shelter costs also remained among the highest we’ve seen since 1983.” – Ryan McMaken  – EVERYTHING JUST KEEPS GOING UP, UP AND AWAY AND ACCORDING TO JOE, THINGS ARE JUST GREAT!!!!

Consumers in No Mood for a Landing: Retail Sales and Seasonal Adjustments – ““Not seasonally adjusted” sales plunged from the big record in December, but not as much as in pre-pandemic Januaries.” – Wolf Richter  – WOLF SEEMS TO THINK CONSUMERS ARE FLUSH WITH MONEY. ARE THEY REALLY FLUSH OR PUTTING MORE ON THE TAB!!!!!

The Dark Side of January’s Big Retail Sales Print – “In the first place, you should always be skeptical of “seasonally adjusted” numbers. But even if we take the retail sales number at face value, that doesn’t mean everything is as rosy as the mainstream pundits would have you believe. Some of the increase in retail sales was due to the 0.5% month-on-month increase in the CPI in January. Retail sales numbers are not inflation-adjusted. That means the data always reflects rising and falling prices. When inflation is high, you should expect retail sales to tick higher, even if people cut back on the amount of stuff they actually purchase.” – Michael Maharrey

Stocks & Bonds Puke After Fed’s Mester Drops ‘Hawk Bomb’ – Tyler Durden

Gargantuan Rally in Metals and Miners Next – “You need to get ready for the next run above 2000 in Gold and possibly 30 in Silver. Miners will soar even higher in percentage terms. What look for? Peak DXY and peak bond yields. The Banks are record long Treasury Bond futures. They believe yields are going much lower. They are the smart money. Lower yields are only beneficial for Gold and Silver.” – David Brady

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –11.77EUR


The Ohio Chemical Spill: You MUST Be Prepared to Bug Out – “We occasionally receive a reminder that bugging out might not be such a crazy idea. One recent example is the train accident in Ohio, where tons of toxic vapors were released into the environment due to the explosion and burning of dangerous chemicals. What is the best course of action if you reside anywhere near East Palestine? As Erin Brockovich advised, “Trust your eyes and get out of there.” Smart girl. The first law of survival is to not be there.” – Fabian Ommar

Five animals you should have on your homestead – Bob Rodgers

20+ Must-Have Seeds For The Upcoming Crisis – Sue P

Fire Extinguishers For Home Preparedness – “Fire extinguishers for your home. I certainly hope that you have at least one fire extinguisher in your home for preparedness! If you’re reading this, and you don’t have one, do yourself a favor and order one right now… Those of you who have at least one fire extinguisher, I hope that you have at least several more than that. Actually, depending on the size of your home (and any additional buildings on your property… e.g. a garage), you can hardly have too many of them. It’s relatively cheap insurance. Hopefully you never have to use one. But if a fire ever happens, you sure will be glad you had one near by!” –

Earthquake Safety at Home: How you can Prepare, Protect, Survive, Respond, Recover and Repair. – Amy S.


James 3:14    But if ye have bitter envying and strife in your hearts, glory not, and lie not against the truth.