Now Is The Perfect Time To Talk About Damar Hamlin – “The social contagion of emotions around public events that shock. Here’s what is far more shocking to most people: this is the first sudden collapse to happen in the NFL or NBA during a live televised game. Nothing like this happened then when I played, before, or ever. It just doesn’t happen. The moral police on attention networks get mad if you dare mention the “vaccines” that were forced on millions who didn’t want them. Now is not the time! This is about Lamar Damlin! Thoughts and prayers only. What about JFK? Is it a good time to talk about the CIA assassinating him or do we have to wait until his great-great-great-great grandchildren grieve first? Now is the best time to talk about Damar Hamlin. Tomorrow and every day after will be the best times to talk about Damar Hamlin and toxic vaccines. Not a second will pass that isn’t a fucking perfect opportunity to wake up millions of people displaying signs of cognitive dissonance and other psycho-social short-circuiting.” – The Good Citizen  – WASN’T GOING TO LINK ANYTHING ABOUT THIS AS I KNOW THERE IS MUCH CONJECTURE OUT THERE ABOUT THIS, BUT THE GOOD CITIZEN MAKES A GOOD CASE AS TO WHY WE DO NEED TO TALK ABOUT THIS!!!!

In order to kill the virus in the village, we had to destroy the village – “As I warned when Operation Warp Speed took off, the rush to ram through authorization of an RNA vaccine was also an effort to open the RNA-genetic door to many other RNA Pharma products. Vaccines, drugs. Because RNA technology/manufacturing is fast and cheap. If you thought the COVID vaxx was (and is) devastating to human life—which is true—wait ‘til you see what comes next. The flood. Dr. Mengele going global. I urge critics of the COVID vaxx to highlight this. Pound on it. Over and over.” – Jon Rappoport

Taking for Granted – “When you’re young, you assume you always will be. Just as we assume we’ll always be able to just go when we need to go somewhere – or just feel like going somewhere. Anywhere. No matter how far away. Without having to plan the trip – as you would if you were going to get there by the bus, say. Just get in your car – and drive. And none of us will ever again be able to just drive – without thought, without care – anywhere we like, whenever we like. No more opens roads and wide-open spaces. The EV will end all that. As intended.” – Eric Peters – MORE FROM ERIC ON THE EV CLIMATE AGENDA, IT TRULY IS ABOUT TAKING YOUR FREEDOM!!!!!

As Vaxx-Weakened Immunity Explodes, Expect Three Things From Government to Cover it Up – “They know they’re getting caught but they don’t really care.” – JD Rucker

National Survey Finds finds 28% Personally know of a Death Caused by COVID-19 Vaccines – “Time for more Americans to see the truth; facts not conspiracy theories: COVID vaccines are lethal as well as ineffective” – Joel S Hirschhorn

The Travel Restrictions Have Returned, And They Still Don’t Work – “Corporate media’s fear porn over China’s COVID outbreak is accomplishing this much: Governments around the world are well and truly terrified by the outbreak.” – Peter Nayland Kust

When a rookie co-pilot flipped the chemtrail switch before taking off (VIDEO) – Sama_El  – TRY TO EXPLAIN THIS ONE AS CONTRAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The “Great Reset” and the Future of Money… Here’s What You Need To Know – Nick Giambruno

Dr. Wolf Reveals The WH Had The Incriminating Pfizer Documents Before Emergency Use Authorization (VIDEO) – The War Room

Newly Obtained AstraZeneca Documents – Did you think the mRNA vaccines were the only ones to accumulate in organs? Think again. – The Naked Emperor


America’s Crime Crisis: The Nation’s Deadly Start to 2023 – “The United States ended 2022 with a crime crisis and the first few days into the new year shows the problem will not be slowing down. In Chicago, there was a mass shooting involving four teenagers who were in a stolen vehicle on New Year’s Day. The driver was killed with the others being taken to the hospital in critical condition. Within three days into 2023, seven people have been shot and killed, with a total of 28 residents being shot. Philadelphia rang in the new year with 8 different shootings, a stabbing, and an “explosion incident.”” – Julio Rosas

The government thinks you’re too stupid to notice this tax increase – “They actually want you to believe that they only raised taxes on “greedy” corporations, or on the “evil” oil, gas, and coal industries… and that these taxes will in NO WAY affect regular, working people. It’s pretty insulting, honestly. At first glance, these taxes all appear to target big businesses and unpopular industries. But rest assured you’ll be paying for all of these taxes out of your own pocket. That’s because taxes, like shit, always rolls down hill. Think about it— a ‘corporation’ can’t actually absorb the cost of taxes. A corporation is nothing but pieces of paper. It’s not real. The burden of additional taxation falls onto the owners of the business… and onto the consumers who buy its products.” – Simon Black

Are They Ready? – “GOP voters are rightfully wary that a Republican-led Congress will fail to fulfill campaign pledges and refuse to go to the mattresses on issues that matter most.” – Julie Kelly

Cops Killed More People in 2022 than Any Year on Record — Here’s How to Stop It from Happening Again – “2022 marks the deadliest year on record for American citizens killed by their own security force.” – Matt Agorist  – AS YOU CAN SEE FROM THE TWO ARTICLES ABOVE, THE CRIMINALS KILL, THE POLICE STATE KILLS, BUT THEY WANT TO TAKE AWAY YOUR RIGHT TO PROTECT YOURSELF. ARE YOU GETTING THE MESSAGE YET!!!!!!

Illinois Supreme Court Places Controversial Cashless Bail Law on Hold – Jack Phillips

Western Governments Keep Assigning Themselves The Authority To Regulate Online Speech – “From where I’m sitting, the Twitter Files look like entirely newsworthy revelations which add new detail to information that had already been spilling out about the way government agencies have been inserting themselves into Silicon Valley’s processes of regulating online speech. Right wing punditry has of course been exaggerating the significance of the releases and spinning them in all kinds of disingenuous ways, and Musk himself plainly has a partisan agenda in releasing the information in the way that he has been, but it’s not actually difficult to separate that from the value of the information being released.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Virgin Islands AG Fired Three Days After Suing JPMorgan Over Jeffrey Epstein – Tyler Durden

A Canadian dystopia – “Justin Trudeau’s ‘liberal’ government is riding roughshod over liberty. Bored of its reputation as inclusive, open-minded and accepting, Canada opted for an authoritarian rebrand last year. That, at least, seems to have been the intention of prime minister Justin Trudeau. Over the past year, he has led the way towards making authoritarianism great again, forcing thousands of Canadians to live as second-class citizens, while vilifying those who remain fond of their rights as dangerous bigots who should be cut off from society.” – Meghan Murphey

LBJ: The “Godfather” of the Modern Deep State – “Or, “How LBJ’s Crimes Led to the Complete Corruption of the Federal Government as His Progeny Insidiously Infected Both Political Parties, Now Intentionally Working to Destroy Constitutional Government”” – Philip F. Nelson

Putin’s approval rating ends 2022 at 81%, boosted by support for the war in Ukraine – “If anything, support and trust in Russian President Vladimir Putin has increased since the war in Ukraine started at the end of February. Putin’s personal popularity ranking stood at 83% in March (chart), with 15% holding an unfavourable opinion of the president and 2% unsure, and stayed at that level until August, when things started to go wrong with the campaign in Ukraine.” – bne IntelliNews  – THAT’S NOT THE STORY WE GET FROM THE U.S. MSM. ACCORDING TO THEM A COUP COULD HAPPEN ANYTIME, BY THE WAY, WHAT’S BIDEN’S APPROVAL RATING!!!!!

With eye on Iran, Netanyahu wades into Ukraine war – M. K. Bhadrakumar

WaPo Proved That Zelensky Lied When He Said That Russia Plotted To Blow Up The Kakhovka Dam – “It’s now an indisputable fact that Western taxpayers have given approximately $100 billion to a regime that seriously considered an unprecedented environmental terrorist attack and then tried to mislead its public patrons by lying that Russia was allegedly plotting this. As it turns out, Russia was telling the truth when it warned about Kiev’s plot, which is another “politically incorrect” fact.” – Andrew Korybko

Spies and More Lies Add Confusion to the Ukraine Conflict – “The secret war that is being fought in the shadows” – Philip Giraldi

Oxford Neocon Calls for Violating Russia’s National Security – “Academic wants to prolong war, enable the murder of Russian civilians. Nigel Gould-Davies has penned an op-ed in The New York Times calling for the disregard of Russia’s red lines. He has called for an aggressive push for WWIII and nuclear armageddon.” – Kurt Nimmo


11 Ominous Predictions For 2023 – “There is a growing consensus that 2023 is going to be a miserable year for the U.S. economy and for the global economy as a whole.” – Michael Snyder

The Everything Bubble Has Burst – “So, when the housing bubble burst, all of these assets had to be revalued at much lower values… resulting in the global banking system imploding during the Great Financial Crisis of 2008. What did the Fed do to address this situation? It attempted to corner/ create a bubble in U.S. sovereign bonds, also called Treasuries. Put simply, when the Fed created a bubble in these bonds it was actually creating a bubble in EVERYTHING, because ALL asset classes would eventually be repriced based on Treasuries were doing. This is why I coined the term “the Everything Bubble” in 2014. And that bubble has now burst. The yield on the all-important 10-year U.S. Treasury has broken its 35 year down trend. The era of Serial Bubbles is over. And there is nothing the Fed can do to fix this situation.” – Graham Summers, MBA

Global Manufacturing Slump Continues at End of 2022 as Output and New Orders Fall Further – “Excluding the early months of the pandemic, manufacturing is at the lowest level since 2009.” – Mish

Status of US Dollar as Global Reserve Currency: USD Exchange Rates Hit Foreign Exchange Reserves – “Complicated times for the dollar. The Chinese Renminbi, a distant also-ran, loses ground. ” – Wolf Richter

SO IT BEGINS! Central Banks Start NEW Debt Buying Spree As Inflation Continues To Rise. (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino

Watch the Bond Market – that’s where the line will break! – “Watch the Bond Markets. In bonds there is truth. Brutal, uncompromising, painful truth. When the crisis comes, it will hit bond markets first.” – Bill Blain

Are FDIC Bankers Preparing for Bank Runs in the U.S.? – “Jamie White of reports on a recent meeting of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) officials who seem to be preparing for this financial collapse and possible bank runs. He reports that the FDIC insures $9 TRILLION of bank deposits with only $125 billion worth of assets currently available. Keep in mind that we already saw one bank run in 2022 with the FTX blowup, where several cryptocurrency exchanges shut down and prevented people from withdrawing their funds.” – Brian Shilhavy

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 11.09EUR


Gear Organization – “Here’s a fun exercise. Call your mechanic buddy and ask him how many 10mm sockets he owns. Then ask him how many of them he can put his hands on right at this moment. If you don’t know where something is, if you can’t find it, then does it matter if you actually own it or not? Getting your supplies organized and keeping it all that way takes some degree of work as well as time, but the investment of both is worth it in the end. For ease of discussion, we’ll divide our stuff into two basic categories, stationary and mobile.” – Jim Cobb

Get Those Spare Parts Sooner Rather Than Later – “It’s sensible to have spares and spare parts on hand, especially for what may be considered ‘essentials’. There are a number of reasons why you might consider acquiring spare parts – sooner, rather than later. A few thoughts… The life cycle of a given product may be relatively short. Lets say a number of years goes by. Suddenly you need a spare part for “it”. But they don’t make the product any more. Maybe you’ll find that replacement part, maybe you won’t. Okay, granted, respectable companies will keep an inventory of spare parts for older products for a period of time (if they can get them). And some 3rd-party manufacturers may produce some of these commonly used spare parts for awhile. But if you picked up the spare part(s) earlier, you would be better prepared for when you actually need it.” – Ken Jorgustin

The 3 Hardest Areas to Stay Frugal in 2023 – “While inflation hits everything that it can come into contact with, I think there are three main areas where the average American will find it difficult to maintain their frugality in 2023. All of these are fundamentally caused by inflation, but they’re going to all hit different parts of your family’s wallet this upcoming year. What are they? Let’s take a look…” – Aden Tate

The Most Realistic Prepper TV Series You Need To Watch – Michael Major

How to Keep a Garden Journal to Make You a Better Gardener – Masha Cyganeria


Isaiah 17:10    Because thou hast forgotten the God of thy salvation, and hast not been mindful of the rock of thy strength, therefore shalt thou plant pleasant plants, and shalt set it with strange slips: