Guess Who’s Not Coming to Dinner – “Regardless, it seemed clear to Jack that Christmas was wiped out by phantoms—phantom virus, phantom protocols (asymptomatic spread) and possibly phantom weather and weather reports. All intentionally fabricated by the “agenda”? To Millie it was just bad luck, sad that is just so happened people on both sides of the family got Covid. And what can you say about the weather? It was always a crap shoot. Jack felt the whole Covid scare for sure was fabricated, he wasn’t as sure about the weather. But it wouldn’t surprise him if there was a government hand in the weather’s manipulation. (Jack says to check out these links: HAARPA and Bill Gates’ Sun Blocking.) Jack thought, “People will believe anything if the right person tells them.” But that goes both ways, unless it is the truth, and that is relatively easy to prove—eventually.” – Todd Hayen, PhD, RP  – A LITTLE CHRISTMAS STORY FROM TODD!!!!

Did they Get the Pandemic Idea from the 2010 Simpson’s – “Pandemic, The Simpsons knew all along.” – Martin Armstrong

Year 2023: Will America Fulfill Its Destiny? Jesus Christ is the Only “Transhuman” the World Has Ever Seen or Will Ever See – “As the year 2022 comes to a close, there can be little doubt that the United States is a nation in decline, in many ways. More and more people are waking up to the fact that the U.S. Government is not looking out for the best interests of its citizens, and in fact is part of the Global plan to implement a New World Order. It is a shame that it took a worldwide scam known as “COVID-19” and then the roll out of the COVID-19 “vaccines” to start waking people up to this fact, The fact is, the evidence that the U.S. is part of a New World Order that follows Satan rather than God, has been right in front of our eyes since the founding of this nation, as many of our “founding fathers” were members of Freemasonry, and their images and symbols are everywhere in our culture, including “The Great Seal” of the United States, which is printed into our currency on the $1 bill.” – Brian Shilhavy


Why it isn’t mad to oppose the World Economic Forum – “For many WEF critics, the vileness of the organisation can be encapsulated in one word: ‘neoliberalism.’ It’s a term that conjures up images of plutocrats and untrammelled markets ravaging the planet and exploiting blue-collar folk in the name of profit. Funnily enough, Chairman Schwab agrees with that assessment of the world’s ills. In short, it’s easy to caricature the WEF and Schwab as something akin to Ian Fleming’s fictious Spectre and its criminal-mastermind Ernst Stavro Blofeld. Yet the agenda now being pursued at settings such as Davos is sufficiently alarming that anyone who believes in preserving things like liberty, sovereignty, and the decentralisation of power should be concerned. Davos Man should be put on notice: his Great Reset won’t go uncontested.” – Samuel Gregg

Yet another ‘conspiracy theory’ comes true – Vaccines fuelling variants and causing sickness – “WSJ catching up. Can we have a tally of how many ‘conspiracy theories’ actually become ‘true’ within a number of months? The latest one appears in the WSJ – ‘Are Vaccines Fueling New Covid Variants? The virus appears to be evolving in ways that evade immunity.’ What is this blasphemy?” – The Naked Emperor

In 2023, we must take on the technocrats – “We are being ruled by ‘experts’ who have failed us time and again.” – Fraser Myers

COVID-19: A Global Financial Operation – “The Covid-19 Pandemic story makes little sense when viewed through the lens of health, safety and science. Viewed through the lens of money, power, control, and wealth transfer, however, then all of it makes perfect sense.” – Michael Bryant


Questions and Answers – “The exhausting toils of the holidays are behind us; the mischief that could be done by the lame ducks in Congress has been done ($1.7 trillion Omnibus Spending Bill); and the time has come for the citizens of this land to get some answers about the escalating trips laid on them by their own government. The House of Representatives is in new hands. You’ll know in pretty short order whether they are capable, trustworthy hands, or just a blur of fast fingers running another three-card-monte table. The most pressing questions abide around justice, Then there is the enormous looming storm-cloud of questions over Covid-19: the origin of it; the botched trials of the mRNA “vaccines;” the conduct of the emergency in 2020 by Dr. Anthony Fauci, Deborah Birx, and many others, including the two principals hiding in the shadows for three years, epidemiologist Ralph Baric of the University of North Carolina, and Peter Daszak of the EcoHealth alliance;” – James Howard Kunstler

Rebellion Against the People – “While it’s important to justify one’s position, to provide proof and evidence of crimes, betrayals and treason, I believe we’re past the discovery phase and need to move on to the resolution. What more do we need to know than the CIA has been involved in some of the most treacherous acts committed against the republic, that they’ve had their hands in the dirtiest of business? What more do we need to know than the FBI has worked with social media companies to install a worthless, feckless president, perpetrating a treasonous coup in the guise of an election? All of this, while recently verified, was information we had long since accepted as true. But in who they attack they reveal who they fear. They’re emboldened enough to attack at our strength: our families, our beliefs and our heritage.” – T.L. Davis  – ARE WE GETTING TO THE POINT THAT IF WE DON’T STAND UP FOR OUR GOD GIVEN RIGHTS THAT IT WILL BE TOO LATE!!!!

Sanctimania – “In recent decades, political correctness has been very much on the rise in the countries that were formerly regarded as the “free world.” The EU and US are, in fact, the epicentre of this movement… This is no accident.” – Jeff Thomas

New Year, New Things – “We’ve got plenty to talk about, such as, for instance, the utter failure of the “green energy shift” in the face of real-world tests. In a just world people would already be in irons and headed for prison; and more…..” – Karl Denninger

The most revolting people of 2022 – “This ignominious list includes attention seekers, pretenders, hypocrites, frauds, and so many more. This list is in no particular order of importance. Liz Cheney, Harry and Meghan, Volodymyr Zelensky, where do we even begin?” – Rajan Laad

No Trucks For You . . . – “One of the new things the New Year just ushered in is a ban – in California – of the use of any heavy truck (or bus) made before 2010 on public roads in California. This includes out-of-state trucks attempting to deliver – or pick up for delivery – goods in California, which will mean higher costs for the rest of the country as much of what comes into the rest of the country comes through California first, after having arrived via sea at California ports. So, what has just happened – it went into effect yesterday, January 1 – is that California’s bureaucrats, whom no one in the rest of the country voted for or over whom the rest of the country has any electoral control over – have just-like-that assured we’ll all be paying more for what Californians voted for.” – Eric Peters

The Baleful Cargo of Woke Diversity Worship – “Just as uniformity can result in both stability and stagnation, so too can diversity sometimes ensure either dynamism or bedlam.” – Victor Davis Hanson

Biden’s ATF says hunks of plastic are now officially firearms! – “” – Off Grid Survival

What If They Believe It? – “What if the FBI is as woke as it appears? It is entirely possible that these organizations, in fact the entirety of the managerial class, has been taken over by true believers. This does not mean all of them believe this stuff, just that there is a critical mass of believers.” – The Z Man

Ukraine’s ‘Mr. Democracy’ puts the muzzle on Ukraine’s free press – “So what’s our $111 billion to Ukraine going to? Fighting Russia? These days, it’s going to fighting Ukraine’s free press.” – Monica Showalter

Adam Kinzinger, the Quintessential American Idiot – “Kinzinger is a “fella.” A card-carrying member of NAFO—the “North American Fella’s Organization,” an internet social media movement dedicated to “countering Russian propaganda and disinformation about the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine”. When seen in this context, Kinzinger’s frat boy style tweet now makes sense—a man-child, posting nonsense for the pleasure of other man-children, about matters they know nothing about. Adam Kinzinger is a NAFO “fella” who, like his fellow “fellas,” serves as an embarrassment to the United States military even though he continues to wear the uniform of a Lieutenant Colonel in the Air National Guard.” – Scott Ritter

Air Base Attacks Deep Inside Russia Point to CIA Covert Ops and a Planned War – “An air base deep in Russian territory has been attacked twice with drones in less than one month. It is not some remote outlying facility either. The air base near the city of Saratov houses nuclear-capable Russian strategic bomber aircraft. Ukrainian forces have not openly claimed responsibility for the attacks but there have been reports in the U.S. media hinting at that. The White House and State Department have both denied any American involvement, claiming that the U.S. has urged Ukraine not to strike Russian territory. “We are not encouraging Ukraine to strike beyond its borders,” said Ned Price, the State Department spokesman. Nevertheless, there is the question of how are drones making their way deep inside Russian territory to launch air strikes on strategic targets.” – Finian Cunningham

New Year in London: Praise for the Genocidal Murderers of Ukraine – “Billions sent to neo-Nazis while Britons endure neoliberal austerity.” – Kurt Nimmo

Why’d Zelensky Pull A Page From Putin’s Playbook By Saying That His Enemies “Follow The Devil”? – “”The US-led West’s Mainstream Media (MSM) mercilessly mocked Russian President Putin after he declared in late September that his country’s geopolitical opponents are practicing “pure Satanism”, yet they’re completely silent now that Zelensky practically said the exact same thing about his own. – Andrew Korybko


Status of US Dollar as Global Reserve Currency: USD Exchange Rates Hit Foreign Exchange Reserves – “Complicated times for the dollar. The Chinese Renminbi, a distant also-ran, loses ground.” – Wolf Richter

A Mad Rush to Build More EV Factories, But Where are the Minerals? – “Incentives and free money from the Inflation Reduction Act has triggered an investment boom to build more electric vehicles.” – Mish

MARKETS A LOOK AHEAD: New “EFFECTIVE” Variant.” More FEAR! More Control! More Propaganda.. (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino  – GOOD ONE FROM GREG ON THE BIG PICTURE AND NOT JUST THE MARKET!!!!


9 Things To Do Before The 2023 Economic Collapse – “When the Fed Coin was rushed to market it became clear that this would be the new currency. It became clear that our government needs us to move away from the old idea of the US dollar and into Fed Coin. A great way to make that happen would be to bring on an economic collapse. That is exactly what we are witnessing in our country right now. The economic collapse will be severe, and I want you to be prepared for it. Do these 9 things before the 2023 economic collaps” – James S. Walton  – VERY GOOD MUST READ ARTICLE FOR ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2023: Reasons to be Pessimistic, Reasons to be Optimistic – Fabian Ommar

What’s in Your Bag? Situationally Dependent Packing – “Seems like there’s no shortage of articles out there talking about go bags, get-home bags, INCH bags, bug-out bags, etc. There is a ton of great information out there, but what about a bag for every day?” – Josh Burmeister

Tips For Planting Edible Windbreaks – Bob Rodgers


Job 37:19    Teach us what we shall say unto him; for we cannot order our speech by reason of darkness.



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