Eyes On The Ball – “And again. And again. And again. If another piece appears on Substack about how Stew Peters’ third-rate Documentary Died Suddenly does a disservice to the “medical freedom movement,” whatever the hell that is, by making poor filmmaking choices while peddling “conspiracy theories,” whatever the hell those are, I just might have to leave this meadow and head to the small ruminants vet clinic for three Pfizer shots and 40mL of Remdesivir. The intrigue around a documentary doing a “disservice” to the “movement” that was clearly never intended to convince anyone not already on a personal journey of inquiry into the dangers of the “vaccines” is fascinating to read across this platform. These are people who will prefer the comfort of their echo chambers and the self-satisfaction of assimilation to a tribe than to ever acknowledge deadly truths. No amount of deprogramming by Substack writers or documentary filmmakers is going to save them. As if this “movement” is some deprogramming ministry to save the lost souls conditioned by the greatest psyop in human history. A “movement” that can’t even agree on basic facts and whose “leaders” seek to divide their followers for their own monetary gain any chance they get so their influence becomes more reputable than the next “leader.” Seriously. You just can’t make this shit up. On a long enough timeline, everything in any movement devolves into spectacle and farce. The petulant power struggles help delegitimize everyone in someone’s eyes until there are just factions of sheep ruminating in different meadows. Whether Malone is “controlled opposition” or just a thin-skinned asshole, one thing is certain about this “movement” that stinks worse than an actual movement—divide and conquer never looked so easy.” – The Good Citizen – I REALIZE THIS IS A LONG INTRO, BUT THIS IS AN EXCELLENT READ FROM THE GOOD CITIZEN!!!!!!!!!!!

‘…the Great Reset power grab…’ (VIDEO) – Neil Oliver  – ANOTHER GOOD ONE FROM NEIL!!!!!!!!!!!

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, December 3, 2022 (VIDEO) – “What happened to autumn? From hot to flash freeze, welcome to weather warfare. “Officials fear complete doomsday scenario for drought stricken Colorado River”, the same is happening all over the world and this is just the beginning. Moisture that does flow across the Western US is being seeded with chemical ice nucleation elements that reduce precipitation even further.” – Dane Wigington

Strep A….the next next pandemic? – “The UK headlines are full of talk of Strep A. The infection – formally referred to as Group A streptococcus – has allegedly killed seven children across England and Wales. The familiar refrain is echoing again – “The disease is harmless in the vast majority of cases” …and yet still the fear headlines churn out. But don’t worry, there is a vaccine. Or at least there will be soon…they started recruiting subjects for a trial five days ago. Funny that.” – Kit Knightly

Halt Vaccine Passports and Stop Genocide 2030 – Every Human Being Must Fight For Freedom NOW – “Many people believe that there is a plan by the military to save humanity. Fact is, it is the Department of Defense that has intentionally released this C19 injectable weapon upon the US population with the intent to harm.” – Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD

Be Wary of the Balenciaga Satanic Psyop (VIDEO) – Greg Reese

“Baal-enci-aga” Literally Means “Baal The King” – “This rabbit hole just keeps on getting even deeper. In one of those photographs, there is a roll of pre-printed tape on the floor on which the name of the company has been purposely altered. Instead of spelling it as “Balenciaga”, an extra “a” has been added so that it is spelled “Baalenciaga” instead… That is weird, right? And obviously someone went to a tremendous amount of effort to do this, because the name was not just scribbled on the tape with a marker. And it has been pointed out to me that “Baalenciaga” actually means something very specific in Latin. I had to try this for myself, and so I pulled up Google’s Latin to English translator. Sure enough, when I typed “Baal enci aga” into the Latin box, it told me that the English translation of that phrase is “Baal the king”. Did they truly believe that nobody would notice? Or maybe they did want people to notice. These days, the elite are becoming much more bold in their promotion of the occult.” – Michael Snyder

Hiding in Plain Sight – “The lab origin of SARS-CoV-2 was published in 2015. – to see that the NIH was, in fact, funding Gain-of-Function research of bat coronaviruses, one need only to read the 2015 paper titled A SARS-like cluster of circulating bat coronaviruses shows potential for human emergence by Veneet Menachery, Zhengli-Li Shi, Ralph Baric, et al. This study plainly states that the authors conducted Gain-of-Function research on bat coronaviruses in order to make them infectious to primary human airway epithelial cells.’ – John Leake

The Mysterious Case of Zika-Microcephaly’s Disappearance – “The upheavals from Zika-microcephaly included outsized public health overreactions: travel advisories; Brazilian soldiers on the streets; indelible fear; Fortunately, the Zika pandemic has fizzled out inconspicuously and unceremoniously; never fulfilling the analysts’ predictions of an additional million microcephalic births yearly, worldwide.” – Dr. Randall Bock  – LET’S SEE, THIS ONE ISN’T PANNING OUT SO LET’S MOVE ALONG TO THE NEXT SCAMDEMIC!!!!!

New Study on Vitamin D Combating COVID – “If you take high-dose vitamin D, you will also need to increase your intake of: Magnesium Vitamin K2 These three nutrients — vitamins D and K2, and magnesium — all work in tandem and rely on sufficient amounts of each to work optimally. ” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

Who Needs or Wants GMOs? Not the Public, Not India’s Farmers – “Many scientists lobbying for the deregulation of agricultural biotechnology ‘new genomic techniques’ (NGTs) in the European Union have either direct or indirect interests in commercialising and marketing new genetically modified organisms (GMOs). They have patents or patent applications or other connections to the seed industry. That is the conclusion of a September 2022 investigatory report commissioned by the Greens/EFA in the European Parliament – Behind the smokescreen: Vested interests of EU scientists lobbying for GMO deregulation. These scientists will benefit financially or in terms of career development, either personally or through their organisations.” – Colin Todhunter

ITALY: CONSTITUTIONAL COURT SAYS PM HAS POWER TO OBLIGE CITIZENS TO BE DEATHVAXXED – “In a decision which was expected and feared, after the Council of State appointed one of Mario Draghi’s personal lawyers as a member of the Constitutional Court, the Court decreed the end of all semblance of order, right, democracy and justice in the Italian Republic.” – Alexis Bugnolo  – THANKS TO THE LIONESS OF JUDAH FOR LINKING THIS ONE!!!!






Thinking Outside the Aquarium: A Different View of Government Force – “In essence, governments are like organized crime gangs, that go around collecting “protection” money. They are simply better organized, have larger and more organized force backing them up, and have a facade of legitmacy. But in the end, they are still mafia-like gangs, albeit with cops, courts, and fancy flags.” – James Wesley Rawles

Biden stabs unions and workers in the back – “Everything Biden has done expresses some kind of contempt or disdain for working people. Any employee, irrespective of the kind of work they do, deserves a fixed number of paid unplanned leaves. The purpose of working is to support yourself and your family. That purpose is rendered meaningless if you cannot avail of unplanned leaves for medical situations or emergencies of the employee or family members. So what has Biden’s record been on spending time away from the workplace? During the 21 months of his term, Biden made 55 visits to Delaware, totaling some or all of 174 days. Biden has made 19 visits, or all or part of 64 days, to the Camp David presidential retreat in rural Maryland. The facility of paid sick leave is available to employees of the government, including the members of Congress who voted against sick leaves for the workers. Yet, Biden and the Democrats did not feel the workers deserved the amenities they received.” – Rajan Laad

Disabled Canadian Army veteran Paralympian blasts government for offering to EUTHANIZE her when she complained about how long it was taking to install stairlift at her home – “Christine Gauthier testified in Canadian Parliament on Thursday Gauthier, a paraplegic veteran, sought help getting a wheelchair lift at home A Veterans Affairs staffer instead offered medically assisted suicide, she said” – Keith Griffith  – MR TRUDEAU IS MAKING ASSISTED SUICIDE EASIER TO CULL THE HERD. PITY OUR POOR BROTHERS IN CHINADA!!!!!

FTX’s Collapse Was a Crime, Not an Accident – “Sam Bankman-Fried is a con man and fraudster of historic proportions. But you might not learn that from the New York Times” – David Z. Morris

Ex-Intelligence Officials Who Said Hunter Biden Laptop Story Was a Russian Operation Silent After Twitter Files Released – “Leon Panetta, a former CIA director and defense secretary, John Brennan a former CIA director, Mike Hayden, a former CIA director, and Jim Clapper, a former director of national intelligence — who all once said The Post’s reporting had ‘all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation,’ — declined or did not respond to request for comment about whether the latest disclosures had changed their opinion.” – Kristina Wong  – NOW THERE’S A CREW OF DISINFORMATION AND THEY ARE THE SO-CALLED SECURITY PEOPLE. YOU FEELING SAFE YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Damn That Wind, It’s Not Listening to Biden or AOC – “What’s wrong with mother nature? She’s not tuned into who is in charge. Just as cold Sets in, Lack of Wind Pushes Europe’s Power Prices Higher.” – Mish  – THIS NEWS AND THE NEXT SURE PUTS A WRINKLE IN THE CLIMATE SCAM!!!!!

Rising Cost Of European Energy Makes EV Battery Plants “Unfeasible”, VW Exec Says – Tyler Durden

Mapped: Where Does Our Food Come From? – “Did you know that over two-thirds of national crops originated from somewhere else? Humans have been selecting and growing crops for specific traits since the origins of agriculture some 10,000 years ago, shaping where and what crops are grown today. Now our food system is completely global and many of the world’s top producers of staple crops are in countries far from their historical origin. For example, Brazil is now the largest soybean producer in the world, though the crop is originally from East Asia.” – Tessa Di Grandi and Zack Aboulazm

No one voted for Rishi Sunak’s austerity – “Under Rishi Sunak, however, the latest Conservative government seems to have given up this struggle entirely. Instead, it is returning to type – to a form of managerial governance just as remote and unpopular as anything that went before the Brexit vote. It wasn’t always so. When Theresa May took over as prime minister just weeks after the 2016 referendum, she pledged to work for the ordinary people of Britain, to give them ‘more control’ over their lives. In her first speech, May recognised that ‘if you’re from an ordinary working-class family, life is much harder than many people in Westminster realise’. She famously pledged to prioritise those who were ‘just about managing’.” – Phil Mullan

Latest Ukraine Fear Porn: Mail Bombs and Pig Eyes- “A psychological operation designed to drum up consensus for an effort to “weaken Russia.”” – Kurt Nimmo

Zelensky Looks To Ban Christian Denomination With Ties to Moscow – “Around two-thirds of Ukrainians identify as Eastern Orthodox Christians. Dmitry Medvedev, deputy chairman of the Russian Security Council, responded by slamming Zelensky’s move as authoritarian. “The current Ukrainian authorities have openly become enemies of Christ and the Orthodox faith,” he said.” – Kyle Anzalone  – WHY WE SUPPORT THIS ANT-CHRISTIAN CORRUPT COMEDIAN IS BEYOND ME. HE’S GOT EVERYONE BUFFALOED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Srebrenica in the Ukraine – “Even The New York Times was unable to spin the recent gruesome murder of Russian prisoners at the hands of Kiev Nazi regime forces.” – Stephen Karganovic

Russian-Iranian Cooperation Expands From The Levant To Central Asia & The South Caucasus – “As Russia and India trade more across Central Asia and the South Caucasus via the North-South Transport Corridor, Russian-Iranian coordination will naturally expand in those regions too.” – Andrew Korybko




People In Wales ‘Eating Pet Food’ As Cost Of Living Crisis Gets Worse – “We have people who are eating pet food. [There are] people who are trying to heat their food on a radiator or a candle.” – Jacob M. Thompson

Russian Central Bank reveals shift away from dollar and euro – “Half of the country’s external transactions are now being made in other currencies” – RT

Where Will Inflation & Interest Rates Go, How Far Can Housing Drop, Was FTX the Canary in the Crypto Mine, What Do I Really Think about EV Incentives (LOL) and New Vehicle Prices? (VIDEO) – Wolf Richter

Manufacturing orders from China down 40% in unrelenting demand collapse – Lori Ann LaRocco  – GETTING BAD WHEN PEOPLE CAN’T AFFORD GOODS MADE BY CHEAP LABOR IN CHINA!!!!!!

Silver Investors Have Money To Burn – “Over the past two years, there have been some wild and crazy things happen with regard to premiums charged and paid for various physical silver investment products. For the privilege of owning silver in certain specific forms, investors are paying through the nose; and, apparently, willingly so. WHY? Is the cash burning holes in their pockets? The current ask price for a 1 oz. Silver Eagle coin includes a premium of 67 percent. Even on the bid side, the premium is 57 percent. The amount of premium declines considerably as one looks at alternatives. The reasons for owning either Silver Eagles or junk silver coins for most investors is pretty much the same” – Kelsey Williams  – EAGLES MAY BE MORE WELL KNOWN THAN “JUNK” SILVER OR ROUNDS AND BARS. BUT AN OUNCE OF SILVER IS AN OUNCE. WHY PAY THE PREMIUM. SAME WITH GOLD TO SOME DEGREE!!!!!!

The ‘Crypto Conspiracy’ & What’s Really Happening with Silver (VIDEO) – David Morgan

Peak and Pullback Pending for PMs – David Brady




35 Reasons Coffee Filters are Survival Multitaskers – Jodie Weston

How to Spear Fish — Understanding the Equipment, Locations, and Safety – “When people first hear about spearfishing, they imagine a fishing spear that the fisher holds in their hand and throws it at the fish… This could work if you’re standing on the edge of a lake or tide pool, but this isn’t the spearfishing we’re going to cover. Spearfishing for this article means getting in the water and using either a pole spear or speargun to thrust a fishing spear through the water and into the fish.” – Jon Stenstrom

6 Ways To Make An Extra $1K A Month On A Small Homestead – Sue P




Luke 7:32    They are like unto children sitting in the marketplace, and calling one to another, and saying, We have piped unto you, and ye have not danced; we have mourned to you, and ye have not wept.




I’ve been searching
For a pot of gold
Like the kind you find
At the end of the rainbow

I’ve been dreaming
I thought it was in vain
Ah but now you’re here
Can’t believe that you’re back again

Now I know I can’t lose
As long as you follow
I’m gonna win
(I’m gonna win)
I’m gonna beg, steal, or borrow
As long as you follow

I’ve been wandering
Gone away too far
But the road was rough
To get back where you are

And the sun went down
It never seemed to rise
Ah but now you’re here
With the light shining in your eyes

Now I know I can’t lose
As long as you follow
I’m gonna win
(I’m gonna win)
I’m gonna beg, steal or borrow
Yes I can live today
If you give me tomorrow
As long as you follow

 ( Long as You Follow by Christine McVie and Eddy Quintella )