Why China Sucks: It’s A Beta Test For The New World Order – “For over a decade there has been an open globalist obsession with the Chinese governmental model – A love affair, if you will. Many top proponents of global centralization including Henry Kissinger and George Soros have praised China in the past and hinted that the communist country is burgeoning into a major player within the New World Order. Soros expressed this exact sentiment way back in 2009, around the time that China began courting the IMF and issuing trillions in Yuan based treasury debt in order to join their global currency initiative. China does NOT stand in opposition to global centralization under the control of western oligarchs. All they want is a prominent seat at the table when the “Great Reset” kicks off and total centralization begins. But the above information only suggests an economic relationship between China and the globalists. Does the alliance go even further than that? If you want to know the real globalist vision for the future, take a look at China today and then multiply the pain and suffering another hundred fold. China is a beta test.” – Brandon Smith  –  ANOTHER GREAT READ FROM BRANDON!!!!

Rand Paul: Fauci Caused 7 Million People To Die; “We’ve Caught Him Red Handed, He Won’t Get Away” – “This is right up there with decisions, some of them malevolent or military to kill millions of people” – Steve Watson

WEF reveals agenda for Davos 2023 ruling class gathering – “January confab will focus on the climate hoax and Putin, among new action items.” – Jordan Schachtel

Miscalibration or misinformation? – Explaining the sudden surge in wild conspiracy theories (and how to respond)” – El Gato Malo

What Can’t be Hacked- “A number of new cars have keyless keys integrated with an app that can be loaded onto a smartphone. And smartphones are connected devices, too. Whoever gains access to what’s on your phone could also gain access to whatever’s in your car, too. And control over your car, too. This includes, by the way, the government. Imagine a near future in which your car won’t unlock – or start – because you haven’t scanned your latest proof of “vaccination” into your phone. Or perhaps showed your phone your Diapered Face as a condition of unlocking it. Even without accessing your phone, the government can still access your connected car – and lock it down, at its whim. Remember that beginning with the 2026 models, all new cars will be required by law – courtesy of the Biden Thing – to have a “kill” switch built into them. An electronic switch. One that can be flipped remotely, via . . . connectivity.” – Eric Peters

Does “Long Covid” Actually Exist? Does the Flu Bring MORE Long Term Consequences? – ‘Sequlae Affecting Wellbeing Happen MORE OFTEN with non-Covid Illnesses. Many people believe that Long Covid exists and is unique to Sars-Cov-2, the novel lab-made chimeric virus. An amazing study from JAMA throws doubt on such beliefs:” – Igor Chudov

Manufacturing consent: How engineered famine will have the masses BEGGING for FEMA camps (VIDEO) – Mike Adams

Teacher Speaks Out: “I Know 2 Kids Who Died Suddenly in the Last 3 Days” – “KIDS DON’T JUST GET MYOCARDITIS AND HAVE HEART ATTACKS AND DIE!!!!” = Lioness of Judah Ministry





Stop the Empire’s War on the World – “Religion has always been a State manipulation, used in order to control populations. If you have ever visited a Protestant church, you will know this. There, to our astonishment, people have to file in and are directed to sit down in regimented rows in certain seats, and are then told to stand up and sit down, while being bombarded with moralising speeches to make them feel guilty and cough up cash. A clearer case of organised mass manipulation can surely not be found. However, in fairness it must be said that States are capable of doing the same with absolute any ‘religion’. States use religion to divide and create wars. Why am I, a priest, saying this? Primarily because it is true. But also because I have no interest in religion at all, my only interest is faith. Faith comes from spiritual experience, either you have it, or else you don’t. But it is quite different from State-invented ‘religion’, which is used to manipulate the masses.” – Batiushka

What If MAGA Shrugged? – “Congressional lizards posing as “leaders” met with China Joe in the Roosevelt Room of the White House, and the wretched gerontocracy that rules over us looked happy as clams to be reunited after the political theater of the midterms. Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Kevin McCarthy, and Turtle McConnell all sported sly, devilish grins that suggested they got exactly what they wanted in last month’s elections. In undermining MAGA candidates, Turtle’s iron-fisted control over his Republican minority remains absolute. Up-Chuck and Child-Sniffer Joe still hold the Senate and retain the power to ram more lawless federal judges through confirmation (with Lindsey Graham’s obedient assistance, of course). Watching the Uniparty’s cabal of corruptocrats flaunt their shared victory is downright nauseating. It’s such a kick in the teeth to see the same people we’ve been trying to cashier for over a decade still in charge. As a clever commenter suggested, maybe it is not time to “ctrl+alt+delete” the totalitarian State, but to “ctrl+Galt+delete” the “Great Reset” and let the Marxist globalists do the heavy lifting from here on out. Let them fight the wars, police the streets, put out the fires, dig the holes, work the dirty jobs, and build all the things that keep the “woke” feeling safe and comfortable enough to call us “racists,” “clingers,” “bigots,” and “rubes.” What if MAGA Americans altogether and all at once simply said, “No more”; shrugged their shoulders; and let everything fall down? What would happen then?” – J.B. Shurk

The Incremental Normalization Of Police Murderbots Probably Needs More Attention – “One of the most under-discussed topics in the world right now is how governments have been incrementally pacing the public toward accepting the use of police robots that kill people. Now the Oakland Police Department is pushing for the use of robots armed with shotguns. Police have already used a robot armed with a bomb to kill a suspect in Texas. Every year we’re seeing more steps toward the normalized ubiquitousness of unmanned weapons systems for domestic use in western civilization. It makes sense that the US, whose police force is more heavily funded than almost any other nation’s military force, is leading this charge.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Twitter Document Dump Exposes Shocking Messages From Democrat Lawmakers – “Elon Musk’s release of Twitter’s Hunter Biden files, dealing with the company’s collusion with numerous entities to suppress the bombshell laptop story prior to the 2020 election, is the gift that keeps on giving. Not that it was a big secret that the left has zero respect for constitutional rights, but it’s still stunning to see this stuff out in the open. You had Democrat congressional members as well as the Biden campaign running to Twitter to describe what they knew was a factual story as disinformation, demanding that it be censored. Worse, Twitter did their bidding. That goes well past the public expressions of discontent, which were dishonest enough. The government is not legally permitted to collude with private companies, using them as a tool to violate the rights of Americans. Yet, that’s exactly what appears to have happened here.” – Bonchie

War on Trump, Died Suddenly Continues, Brace for Long Recession (VIDEO) – Greg Hunter

Media all over the map of ‘stupid’ and ‘hypocritical’ in wake of Musk Twitter censorship revelations – “So what do Democrats and their leftist media allies have to say for themself now that revelations are rolling out about how the Biden campaign conspired with Twitter’s top leadership to suppress a New York Post expose about Hunter Biden’s widescale corruption and perversion? It’s widely expected that the left will retaliate against Musk for revealing their unprecedented politicized censorship and their deceptive front for it. But as for the revelations, so far not much that looks too intelligent.” – Monica Showalter

With Bi-Partisan Support, The Senate Strips Rail Workers Of Their Right To Strike – Peter Nayland Kust

As Canada Prepares to Confiscate Guns, Some Provinces Rebel Against the Policy – Matt Vespa

The Goldilocks War – “Seldom is to be found a war-watcher who is happy with the progress and the duration of the war. Luckily, Russian state television shows a very significant one these almost daily. It is Russia’s president, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. Having paid attention to him for over twenty years now, I can confidently state that never has he been so imbued with calm, self-assured serenity leavened with droll humor. This is not the demeanor of someone who feels at any risk of losing a war. Given that Putin’s approval rating stands firm at around 80% (a number beyond reach of any Western politician), it is reasonable to assume that he is just the visible tip of a gigantic, 100-million-strong iceberg of Russians who calmly await the successful conclusion of the special military operation to demilitarize and denazify the former Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic (so please don’t even call it a war). These 100 million Russians are seldom heard from, and when they do make noise,” – Dmitry Orlov

No, Putin Did Not Start the War in Ukraine – “Why do Americans overwhelmingly support onerous sanctions, additional troop deployments, and the endless provision of lethal weapons when –at the same time– they acknowledge that they are “extremely” or “very” concerned about the possibility “of a U.S. war with Russia?” Don’t they realize that these hybrid attacks on Russia are a form of warfare that will eventually lead to a direct military clash between Washington and Moscow? And why do Americans support these draconian measures anyway? Don’t they know that Putin warned that NATO expansion to Ukraine would force Russia to respond militarily? Don’t they know that many of our brightest foreign policy experts have warned against NATO expansion to Ukraine? Don’t they know that Russia has repeatedly warned that NATO expansion could lead to war? Don’t they know that the democratically-elected president of Ukraine was toppled in a CIA-backed coup in 2014 and replaced with a Washington stooge?” – Mike Whitney

Hypocrites and Psychopaths: EU’s Russia War Crimes Tribunal – “Ursula von der Leyen presides over a criminal organization responsible for the death and destruction of manufactured “enemies” that do not threaten Europe. The hypocrisy displayed by von der Leyen and the EU is nothing short of remarkable. It would seem the EU collective of unelected bureaucrats suffers from amnesia. Twenty-four years ago, Bill Clinton and NATO mercilessly bombed Yugoslavia, targeting civilian infrastructure.” – Kurt Nimmo

Russia Quietly Amasses ‘Shadow Fleet’ Of Tankers To Sidestep Western Restrictions – Tyler Durden

Haitian Democracy. Under the Thumb of UN, US and Canadian (White) Saviors! – “In recent years Haiti, near the bottom of the United Nations Human Development index has been hit hard by a coup d’etat in 2004, a catastrophic earthquake that killed a quarter of a million people, and a deadly outbreak of cholera. Now, gangs in Haiti take centre stage. But the threat posed by these gangs still continues.” – Michael Welch, Ezili Dantò, and Jafrik Aayiti





The Unavoidable Crash – “After years of ultra-loose fiscal, monetary, and credit policies and the onset of major negative supply shocks, stagflationary pressures are now putting the squeeze on a massive mountain of public- and private-sector debt. The mother of all economic crises looms, and there will be little that policymakers can do about it.” – Nouriel Roubini

U.S. Dollar Index Has Called the Fed’s Bluff on Interest Rates – “The U.S. Dollar Index fell to a five-month low on Thursday. That helped propel metals markets sharply higher. As of this Friday recording, gold is pulling back a bit here today and is posting a weekly gain of 1.9% now to bring spot prices to $1,797 per ounce. Silver, meanwhile, is surging nearly $1.50 or 6.9% for the week to trade at $23.15 an ounce. That puts silver at its highest level since April and represents what is shaping up to be a big technical breakout.” – Mike Gleason

Big Tech and evolutionary dead-ends. Too Big to Survive. – “Big Tech is so yesterday. Prices peaked last year, but there are limited reasons to expect they will ever become so dominant again. They are too big, under the regulatory cosh, and increasingly under competitive pressure. They are heading the same way as the dinosaurs.” – Bill Blain

The Difference Between Signal and Noise – “There is signal and there is noise. GATA, conspiracies, gold and silver manipulation, Bill Murphy, Ted Butler and all of the cliptocurrencies are noise. Nothing they say will ever put a penny in your pocket unless it is by accident. There is no time in history where any of them issued both an accurate buy signal and a sell signal that was based on either facts or logic. You can howl at the moon all you wish about how Crimex is stealing but all you are doing is whining. You can’t make money from noise. Saying that gold and silver are manipulated is akin to saying the sun rises in the east. All financial markets are manipulated and always will be. Signal on the other hand is based on both facts and logic.’ – Bob Moriarty

The Jobs Report in Light of what Powell Said: The Fed Cannot Create Supply of Labor, But it Can Slow the Demand for Labor – “Higher interest rates, for longer.” – Wolf Richter




Homesteading To Do’s: December – Elizabeth Grant

How to Maintain Preps with Rubber Seals – “Do you own a gas mask? Then you need to know how to take care of the rubber seal, or you’re going to have a paperweight for the few minutes after a chemical attack until you’re dead weight. A large deal of modern equipment relies on products like rubbers, plastics, and similar materials to function. Teflon ™, Kevlar, Nylon, butyl, and neoprene, are some of the space-era polymer/rubber materials that have made our life so comfortable (and safe), and we don’t even notice they are there. If you have a gas mask, half-face respirator, AR-15, a seal around your vehicle door, a nail gun, or any number of other modern tools and preps, you are heavily reliant on a type of material known as an elastomer.” – J.G. Martinez D  – ONE MORE THING THAT MOST PEOPLE DON’T THINK ABOUT!!!!

Power Outage When You Have Electric Heat – “This is primarily for those who have electric heat in the home, as opposed to oil or gas heat. What happens when there’s a power outage during the cold winter? It gets cold mighty fast… Given the winter season, for those of you who rely on electric heating systems, here’s a question… What would you do if the power went out for more than a few hours, and how would you stay warm? Here’s the problem, and why you might want to give it some thought…” – Ken Jorgustin




Isaiah 29:8    It shall even be as when an hungry man dreameth, and, behold, he eateth; but he awaketh, and his soul is empty: or as when a thirsty man dreameth, and, behold, he drinketh; but he awaketh, and, behold, he is faint, and his soul hath appetite: so shall the multitude of all the nations be, that fight against mount Zion.