The Deadliest Disease Known to Man Is Ignorance – “We live in a world of lies, deceit, propaganda, staged narratives, and because this deceit has been widely accepted by the crowd, mass ignorance has been the result. This universal ignorance cannot be blamed solely on government, indoctrination centers called ‘public’ schools, politicians, or the media, except that these entities do advance every form of lie possible in order to fool the people into accepting storied fables leading them toward slavery. And as should be obvious at this stage of the game, the people have been thoroughly fooled, and have swallowed hook, line, and sinker, every bald-faced lie imaginable. The result sought and gained by the state, can be evidenced by the total submission and gross obedience to this heinous and politicized ruling class of psychopathic monsters.” – Gary D. Barnett

How Elites Will Create a New Class of Slaves (VIDEO) with Whitney Webb – “Her research into transhumanism has given her a terrifying perspective on the World Economic Forum and tech elites, including Elon Musk. And she tells Glenn the dark truth about Biden’s push for electric vehicles that she noticed while living in Chile.” – Glenn Beck – A MUST LISTEN WHEN YOU HAVE SOME TIME. WHITNEY’S ARTICLES AND INTERVIEWS ARE ALWAYS VERY GOOD!!!!!!!

Michael Callahan: DARPA’s Ventilator Guy in Wuhan – “Michael Callahan, the Department of Defense’s virus intelligence expert in Wuhan, was key to the initial panic and ventilator guidance that killed thousands of Covid patients in spring 2020. Callahan had been one of the US government’s leading biowarfare experts since the early 2000s, when he was dispatched to the former Soviet Union for several years “to form alliances with scientists at some of the most secretive bioweapons laboratories in Russia and the former Soviet states.”” – Michael P Senger

What’s Really in the Shots? – “To graphene or not to graphene, that is the question. It is possible that all of these conflicting analyses are each, individually true, if we suppose that different batches of the vaccine may contain different “experiments”. Some might contain graphene. Others might be placebos, or contain nothing more than an assortment of toxic metals, which would be enough to charge their manufacturers with fraud. Right now, because of the conflicting narratives and the limited data, it is difficult to make a judgment call. Answering this question definitively will require more analysis of the vaccine vials. Vastly more. Different batches, from different geographic locations. This is very tricky to do legally.” – Spartacus  – SOME CLARIFICATION, BUT STILL A MYSTERY!!!!

Spending Your Money: It’s ‘Finance Day’ At COP27 – UN Release

John Kerry spills the beans at U.N.’s COP27 meeting: They want to replace capitalism with a new economic system – “The World Economic Forum’s climate change agenda was “modeled” off the effort to roll out vaccines during the Covid pandemic, John Kerry said during a COP27 panel discussion in Egypt on Tuesday. That means we can all look forward to high-pressure, coercive government tactics, and not only from the government but from corporate elites.” – Leo Hohmann

False and Misleading Efficacy Claims—What is the Motivation? – “Dr. Rochelle Walensky Tweeting Counterfactuals with Intent” – Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH

Newly released Pfizer document – Vaccination Effects on Fertility in Rats from 2020 – “Important study. It was released in the latest November tranche of documents and is a Combined Fertility and Developmental Study. Remember, these were the documents that were only released after a Court ruled the FDA should do so and therefore it was always likely the worst documents would be released last.” – The Naked Emperor


Showdown Slow Down – “What’s up with dragging out the vote count in Arizona and Nevada, promising to deliver the last 20-percent of the count by a certain hour and then missing the deadline more than once, while dribbling out a few packets of, shall we say, choice cuts, here and there? I’ll tell you what: an organized mind-fuck. In Arizona, of course, you have the peculiar situation in which the Democratic Party’s candidate for governor, Katie Hobbs, happens to be the state secretary of state, meaning the official in charge of elections. You’d think she’d be embarrassed at blowing two ballot counts in a row, or that a court somewhere might show an interest in her amazingly convenient incompetence in this particular official duty. Delaying the final vote count also provides cover for some of the most common election shenanigans, such as manufacturing extra votes or “finding” boxes of overlooked ballots stashed under tables and in broom closets. Gee! Lookit what’s here!” – James Howard Kunstler

The Bolsonaro’ing of Arizona – and America? – “Early Wednesday morning and it looks like Kari Lake – who had been polling well ahead of her opponent, Katie Hobbs, for governor of Arizona – will not be governor of Arizona. The appalling Gretchen Whitmer and Kathy Hochul will remain as governors. And “Incitatus” – John Fetterman – will be in the Senate. Call it the Bolsonaro’ing of America. The reference being to the loss at the ballot box of someone who appeared to be far more popular than his opponent and certain to win. Just like the Orange Man. Until the votes were counted.” – Eric Peters

Separatists – “The election is over, at least in some places, but if your world did not change and the facts of fraud did not diminish, it’s because elections are not the answer. They provide the citizens with an opportunity to throw rocks at the people they don’t like by voting for someone they dislike less, but that’s it. I’m a proponent of throwing those rocks, but throwing a rock has never built a thing. The truth that I’ve had to recognize, is that it’s a loser, these greater ideals, these values. They’re losers, just like the corrupt election, with Mitch McConnell doing everything he could to destroy every other Republican who might seek any of these values once elected.” – T.L. Davis

As America Falls Apart, The Economy In Tatters And War On The Horizon, The ‘Democrat – Deep State Crime Syndicate’ Tightening Its Hold On America Proves The NWO Is Fully In Control Of Our Elections – Alan Barton

Let’s Get Small – “America is well on its way to becoming a one party state, so voting is no longer a part of politics. It is another lottery, a thing to let stupid people think that one day something magical will happen. Voting is not politics. In this age, voting is just the process of trying to guess who will be selected as the winner. For dissidents, the only way forward is to develop and counter-culture, which means politicizing our own lives fully. How you spend your money, where you spend your money and on whom you spend your money must be political. How you live, where you live and with whom you live is political. In order to build a counterculture, the dissident must become a fully political animal.” – The Z Man

The Election Won’t Change Much in DC. The Real Battle Is Now in the States. – “The votes are still being counted, but one thing is already clear: very little will change in Washington after this election.” -Ryan McMaken

Controlled Opposition: the problem is McConnell and McCarthy, not Trump or DeSantis – “Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy are bought and paid for Uniparty assets. America’s progressive, authoritarian shift has only accelerated under the stewardship of GOP institutional forces, represented today by the likes of Sen. Mitch McConnell and Rep. Kevin McCarthy, both of whom may soon be anointed as the leaders of their respective chambers. These GOP frontmen and their facilitators are not merely weak, feckless politicians, they’re much worse than that. Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy are bought and paid for assets for a variety of interests, none of which represent protecting the individual freedoms of Americans. In exchange for the highest seats of power, these two men sold themselves out to the highest bidders many moons ago.” – Jordan Schachtel

Biden Ignores the Fact That “Junk Fees” Aren’t Free – “In a desperate attempt to garner public favor before the midterms, President Biden set his sights on a new target to distract Americans from the pressing inflation problem: overdraft fees. Those low-percentage charges issued by banks to customers who use more money than they have in their accounts are apparently dire. In the official White House statement, he refers to these charges as “hidden fees,” discounting that bank account holders voluntarily sign off on the possibility of overdraft fees when they open an account.” – Vance Ginn  – IF HE WANTS TO CUT BACK ON FEES HOW ABOUT ALL THE FEDERAL FEES THE ENERGY COMPANIES AND CABLE COMPANIES CHARGE. OR THE EXTREMELY HIGH INTEREST RATES ON CREDIT CARDS!!!!

Treating Cancer With Fulvic Acid – The Unexplored Health Benefits of Fulvic Acid – Amy S.

BREAKING NEWS! BATFE Funding Bill is Full of Gun Control – “The Democrat-controlled congress is hiding a number of gun control provisions in H.R. 8256, the FY 2023 Commerce, Justice, Science Appropriations bill. Included in the bill are a number of provisions that are unconstitutional and a detriment to gun owners. Liberals and their RINO friends are attempting back-door gun control through the budget process because they can’t get it passed any other way. Some of the provisions in the bill are: A massive 13% increase in the BATFE budget. The United States is beyond broke, but there’s always money for provisions like $40 million for gun confiscation protection orders, and $14 million to update the National Tracing Center,” – Friedrich Seiltgen

Inside the US’s new “bio-defense strategy” – “The Biden administration recently released its 2022 National Biodefense Strategy in response to “a need to prepare for future pandemics and biological threats.” Building on its September Executive Order on Advancing Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing, the Biden administration maintains that this latest program – what it calls ‘Biodefense’ – will be based upon the “lessons learned from the ongoing COVID- 19 pandemic.” This becomes deeply problematic when these same disastrous COVID-19 policies become the template for both domestic and foreign policy over the next 5 years, or more, if the Biden administration and their sponsors have their way.” – Michael Bryant

An overweight bloke just won a Miss America beauty pageant – “The first trans winner of ‘Miss Greater Derry’ has put the misogyny of transgenderism on full display.” – Joe Bartosch – SEE GENEARLY’S TAKE BELOW AS WELL!!!!


Why does the U.S. Government support nazis all around the world? – Eric Zuesse

Sun Tzu Walks Into a Kherson Bar… – Pepe Escobar

The Pullout From Kherson – “The Russian command decided to remove its troops in the Kherson region from the right bank of the Dnieper. Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu did not look happy when he gave the order. He knows that another such setback will cost him his job. This move looks bad. That alone will have consequences. The Ukrainians, the Biden administration and the European supporter of Ukraine will be emboldened by this. The support in Russia for the war will shrink. Some people in Russia will start to call for President Putin’s head. There is no danger though that they will get it. This move is operationally sound.” – Moon of Alabama


Bad News Is Good News – Wall Street Greatly Celebrates The Latest Economic And Financial Disasters – “Sometimes I think that we truly are living in Bizarro World. We just witnessed one of the most horrible financial disasters in years, and economic activity is dramatically slowing down all around us, but Wall Street is celebrating. In fact, the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose more than 1,200 points on Thursday. Despite everything else that is going wrong, investors were absolutely giddy because the inflation number that was just released was slightly lower than what most experts were anticipating.” – Michael Snyder

Death to Zombies – “On Thursday, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that consumer prices, as measured by the consumer price index (CPI), inflated at an annual rate of 7.7 percent in October. Investors went bananas on this apparent pullback in the headline CPI. The stock market responded with one of its biggest single day rallies in history. The S&P 500 jumped over 5.5 percent. The NASDAQ jumped over 7.3 percent. Of greater note, the yield on the 10-Year Treasury note dropped to just 3.81 percent – its lowest yield in over a month. So, is raging consumer price inflation no longer a concern? Has the ugly storm come and gone? Can Powell now pivot? Probably not. More than likely, consumer price inflation will rage throughout the decade. Regardless, now’s not the time to go all in on stocks.” – MN Gordon

US Dollar FREEFALL Resumes. UPDATES: Markets, Gold, Silver, Crypto, Crude, MORE! (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino

Loan Demand For Mortgage Loans Crashes To Depression Levels – Tyler Durden

Warning: None of the “Jobs” Created Last Month Were Real – “Once again, the bean counters at the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) made the economy look better than reality.” – Graham Summers, MBA

POLO METAPHORS, BOND FAILS AND GOLD’S PRICE DIRECTION – “Gold’s price direction is explained below. From polo to hockey—it’s a known fact that the best players think three moves ahead. Sadly, the same can’t be said of our financial elites… But as playing conditions deteriorate across the bond, stock, property and currency markets, those with a “three-play- ahead” mindset will have the greatest advantage. This is especially true for precious metal investors, regardless of their riding or skating skills” – Matthew Piepenburg

The 3rd Largest Bond Market Is Flashing Red… Could a Financial Crisis Be Near? – “The BOJ (Bank of Japan) has been selling dollars in order to try and prop up their bond markets. And realize this. They are not selling USDs as part of some well-calculated plan because they want to. They are selling USDs because they HAVE to. And it’s not working.” – Chris MacIntosh

The Crypto Casino Fails, FTX Files for Bankruptcy $8 Billion in the Hole – “If you had money in FTX and failed to get it out before the company halted withdrawals, then consider it gone.” – Mish

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –10.23EUR


Bug In Mistakes That Could Turn Out Deadly – “During an SHTF scenario, we will often be faced with the choice between bugging out and bugging in. Each has its pros and cons, and we must weigh the options carefully before deciding which action to take. Often, the choice to bug in is due to the lack of a suitable bug-out location or the inability to leave the area. It may seem that bugging out would pose the most risk, but there are many mistakes that we can make while bugging in, which could turn out deadly.” – Michael Major

Vacuum Seal Rice and Beans For Long Term Storage – “I store rice and beans as one part of my overall wide-ranging diversified long term food storage for preparedness. I store them two different ways. The 5-gallon bucket method, and, vacuum seal bags. I’ve entirely switched over to using vacuum seal bags for rice and beans. I’ll explain why… First, as you likely know, rice and beans are NOT expensive. They ARE a quick and easy way to accumulate survival food calories.” – Ken Jorgustin

How To Pick And Make Sure You Have A Secure Home – “Experienced criminals are somehow predictable, and if they believe you are at home or if they believe your home is a hard target, they will not take the risk. They will simply relocate to a less dangerous residence.” – Bob Rodgers

Antidote Plants That Grow Near Poisonous Ones Posted – Judy G


Isaiah 47:10    For thou hast trusted in thy wickedness: thou hast said, None seeth me. Thy wisdom and thy knowledge, it hath perverted thee; and thou hast said in thine heart, I am, and none else beside me.