World Economic Forum’s Plan for Mankind and What Comes Next – “Schwab has to be complimented for having built the WEF from nothing and making himself one of the most powerful people in the world. But the WEF is a dangerous and despicable organization. It’s basically what’s known as a self-licking ice cream cone—it serves no useful purpose but to perpetuate itself and its members. Harari is a perfect example of how, when an organization like the WEF gets in the back of somebody, they can make him rich, famous, and influential. These people all feed each other and scratch each other’s backs. Harari apparently came from a perfectly average middle-class Israeli family, but I would think that he’s got to be worth at least $50 million, just based upon sales of 30 million copies of his books. He appears to be an ideal court intellectual, living quietly with his husband in a modest suburb of Tel Aviv, promoting the party line. The problem is that the WEF people think that they know what’s best for the rest of humanity. And they feel it’s for the good of all that they be closely monitored, controlled, and guided.” – Doug Casey

The REAL story behind RSV & the so-called “tripledemic” – “To sum up – there is no reason to fear RSV infection. The media are clear about that themselves, even if they bury it under layers of hysterical headlines. It is just one of the many viruses which cause – or are said to cause – cold or flu symptoms, all of which circulate the whole world constantly, especially at this time of year. There’s ALWAYS a “tripledemic”, or a quademic or a septemic. The only difference is now they are naming it. They are taking the routine and pretending it’s exceptional simply to try and frighten you. Why? Well, rather predictably, to sell vaccines.” – Kit Knightly

COVID was a Military (DOD/DARPA) Op (VIDEO) – “Yes, COVID was a scamdemic. Yes, COVID was a plandemic. Yes, it was a COVID Cult. Now, discover why COVID was a military op too.” – Makia Freeman

JJ Couey Soberly Translates Dr. Robert Malone’s Winding Explanations for why the DOD Exaggerates the Risks of Emerging Pathogens – “What About Bob Tries to Finesse Psy Ops and Plausible Rationales. JJ says, “Hold up.” – Sage Hana

The one-world religion on full display as fake ‘faith leaders’ join globalist predators to push Earth worship at U.N. COP 27 conference – “The COP 27 logo says it all. The logo depicts the African sun (above) and embracing the ancient Egyptian Aten’s sun (below), which implies giving rise to a new horizon (new world order). All of the global crises unleashed upon the earth since March 2020 have been aimed at one thing – depopulation.” – Leo Hohmann

How False Narratives Are Protected – “The experts and journalists tell us we are ‘dopes’ and should remain silent.” – Bill Rice, Jr.

They really are this stupid (Australia edition) – “Australia – 96 percent adult Covid vaccinated, 72 percent adult boosted – now fears it is heading into its fourth Covid wave this year. Which can mean only one thing – get another mRNA shot! Can’t make it up.” – Alex Berenson






BLOOD MOON BLOODBATH: The Defining Moment of The Fourth Turning – ““I reside in very blue Leon County, Florida—home to the very liberal state capital of Tallahassee. Every single election outcome that we’ve clocked went as far in the red direction as they could have. So, are we conservatives in Tallahassee to believe that the red wave only swamped us, but somehow missed the other 49 states?!” — An Angry Conservative Voter. It’s critical for the uninitiated to correctly understand that the Democrats had to steal every single election that they could possibly get away without setting off alarm bells. It’s really the only way they can remain a political force of utter destruction.” – State of the Nation

You can’t beat “something” with “nothing” – “And with a few notable exceptions, the GOP pretty much ran “nothing” and this matters because US politics is mostly about inertia and “nothing goes nowhere.”” – El Gato Malo

Another Stolen Election – “This time it is CNN’s own report on its own exit polls that indicates a stolen election. Today November 9, 2022, updated at 10:49 AM EST, CNN reporters Zachary B. Wolf and Curt Merrill remarked that the widely expected red wave did not materialize and then went on to present data that is inconsistent with the closeness of the voting.” – Paul Craig Roberts

They’re Stealing It From Lauren Boebert! – “Colorado’s District 3 race is now frozen in time and that means: they’re cheating again. Why has the Colorado District 3 race between Lauren Boebert (R) and Adam Frisch suddenly become frozen in time? It’s Thursday — and Colorado election officials suddenly can’t count a few thousand remaining votes. That’s an obvious sign of cheating. Forget for the moment whether you’re rooting for Boebert or Frisch — set aside whether you’re a Democrat or republican — and consider the number of obvious absurdities that America’s election officials regularly spout now to cover their corruption.” – Emerald Robinson

Balkanized future: midterms deliver victories for both Free State Americans and Security State Americans – “The tyrants of Covid Mania won the day, but so did the freedom fighters.” – Jordan Schachtel

Democracy Wasn’t On the Ballot, Extremism Was – “And it lost. Big time. Behold the wisdom of crowds.” – Michael Shellenberger

The Most Dangerous Post-Election Lie – “For conservative Christians, it’s the idea that politics will deliver us from the persecution to come. It seems clear to me that it likely would have been a Red Wave had Donald Trump not been a factor. He did a lot of good for the conservatives in 2016, but now, he is an enormous liability. True MAGA fans can’t accept it, but the truth is, there are a decisive number of Americans who would vote Republican, and will even vote for Trumpist policies, but won’t vote for Trump, or Trump-adjacent candidates. This is not hard to understand. Trump’s statements since election day reveal once again what we have always known about his character: that he is a reckless, vain man who doesn’t want to do anything other than create a cult of personality around himself.” – Rod Dreher

“DeFuture…Run Ron, Run” – “He won reelection by the widest gubernatorial margin “in 40 years.” He gained widespread voter support by making Florida “a refuge of sanity (during the fake pandemic) when the world went mad.” “He took heat for…keeping schools and businesses open and opposing (health and freedom-destroying) mandates. “(H)is policies” contrast sharply with the wrecking ball agenda of undemocratic Dems.” – Stephen Lendman

Greater Idaho Movement Gains Two More Oregon Counties – James Wesley Rawles

Energy Bills In Europe Are 90% Higher Than Last Year -Irina Slav

Washington attacks China’s tech industry – “the US position on China is surprising, especially given the willingness of the current US administration to essentially go along with a Neo-Marxist Utopian plan for global control, which initially flowed out of China. Standing up against a collectivist socialist regime is a good thing, but given the current state of US politics, it is uncertain whether or not the US is itself becoming a collectivist state. If this were to be the case – which it very well might be – then the ‘fight against China’ is not so clearly a battle between liberty and repressive collectivism (as any sane person would hope it would be), but rather a battle between competing Utopian socialist camps, The US sanctions on China are not only provocative, they will also inevitably damage the US itself.” – Winston Smith





Legal definitions of money and credit – “At these times of growing confusion over the future of currencies’ purchasing power, it is time to remove all doubt in the definitions of the differences between money, currency, and credit. This article traces the history and legal background to these relationships. Despite the failure of the Bretton Woods agreement in 1971 and the state propaganda that followed, the position is clear. Both historically and legally money is and remains metallic coin — principally gold — and the rest is credit. As a result of statist puffery of their fiat currencies, the public now wrongly believes it is fiat currencies that are money and that currencies have no price, except against each other.” – Alasdair Macleod

The Great Financial Replacement: Is America Adopting a New Currency? – Dear Rest Of America

Auto Loan Delinquencies at 10-Year High – “With prices rising and real wages falling, many Americans are struggling to make ends meet. They are increasingly turning to credit cards and other debt to fill the gap. But that creates other problems. Debt has to be repaid and a growing number of Americans are struggling to keep up with payments.” – Schiff Gold


Crypto Carnage Exposes Untold Risks of Unbacked Digital Wealth – “Whatever the merits of speculating on or “hodling” Bitcoin, it is no substitute for hard money. “Digital gold” Bitcoin is not! The yellow metal has largely avoided the volatile selling seen in cryptos and equities at times over the last several months. Precious metals held in physical form insulate investors from the counterparty risks associated with digital assets and financial assets.” – Stefan Gleason

CPI Jumps Another 0.4% in October Led by Shelter and Energy – “The CPI jumps again but year-over-year things improve to 7.7 percent inflation. Hooray?” – Mish

6 Ways to Add to an Emergency Fund You Haven’t Thought of – Martin Banks





As Doomsday Approaches, It Is Being Estimated That Approximately 10 Percent Of All Americans Are Now “Preppers” – Michael Snyder

How To Prepare For Rolling Blackouts – “For most Americans, rolling blackouts were always things that happened to other people in faraway places. However, with energy insecurity on the rise, more and more regions are mentioning the possibility of rationing electricity this winter. Pre-scheduled rolling blackouts are now a possibility for millions of Americans, just as the weather is turning colder in many of the areas affected.” – Chris Richards

What I Learned From This Year’s Annual Garden Review – Amy Allen

Extending Your Growing Season in Winter: Can Your Garden Survive the Cold? – “If you live in cold weather regions, extending your growing season with hoop houses and cold frames could save your crop and even your life, if it means the difference in whether or not your family has enough food to eat.” – Melissa Melton




Job 38:11  And said, Hitherto shalt thou come, but no further: and here shall thy proud waves be stayed?






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