Unlike COVID, Ebola Is A Real Public Health Threat – “Once again, a dangerous and quite lethal disease in Africa gets minimal notice by the corporate media, as Ebola is once again stalking the continent. Ebola is a serious enough disease that the US is screening passengers from Uganda upon entry. It is a serious enough disease that travelers are not objecting to the process.” – Peter Nayland Kust – LINKED AN ARTICLE YESTERDAY ABOUT THIS. HOWEVER, THIS IS NOT OUT OF THE ORDINARY AS THERE HAS BEEN 28 MAJOR OUTBREAKS OF EBOLA SINCE 1976 ACCORDING TO THE CDC. BUT, IF IT’S BEEN WEAPONIZED, THAT COULD CHANGE THINGS BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!

The Sky is Falling – “The Climate Change concept was invented out of whole fabric by the Club of Rome, which was created in 1968 by David Rockefeller. It was originally called “Global Cooling,” as, at that time, the earth was passing through one of its cyclic cooling periods. However, that period soon came to an end and the earth entered a global warming period. So, the same “science” that was used for Global Cooling was then attributed without any change whatever to the new “Global Warming.” When that cycle ended and the proponents of Global Warming again had egg on their faces for pushing warming during a new periodic cooling cycle, the proponents finally got clever and renamed it “Climate Change.” From that day forward, any flood, drought, hurricane, tornado or variation in the ice caps has immediately been blamed on “increased Climate Change,” even though such occurrences have been with us forever and will be with us forever.” – Jeff Thomas

Detonate the Stack Monday: This is Bullshit Of Course – “Dr. Paul Alexander is Code Switching the Villains like a Motivated Reasoning Boss. As you go tumbling off the cliff, make sure you apologize for your Hero on the way down.So much for The Buck Stops Here. The Art of the Deal tough businessman signed off on lockdowns, and Warp Sped the Herd Culling Drugs. And signed the Vaccine Executive Order in 2019. And continues to trot Plastic Tree Son in Law to push them in goddamned late 2022! ” – Sage Hana – SAGE CONTINUES TO KEEP THE RECORD STRAIGHT ON THE ORANGE MAN!!!!!!!

The Globalist Climate Agenda is a Crime Against Humanity – “It is more than a misguided but well-intentioned mistake. It is a brazen lie, promulgated by some of the most dangerous people who have ever lived.” – Edward Ring

These Are The World’s Most-Surveilled Cities – Tyler Durden

The People’s Republic of China Has Become A Zero-Covid Hell – “With no vaccines to save them and very little exposure to Omicron, the Chinese have embarked upon an indefinite dystopia of masking, testing, mass surveillance and periodic lockdowns – all for nothing” – eugyppius

The tech tyrants are out of control – “PayPal’s fantasy about fining speechcriminals is a terrifying sign of the times.” – Brendan O’ Neill

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, October 8, 2022 (VIDEO) – “While most are focused on the Hurricane Ian devastation in Florida, a silent insidious cataclysm is taking place in western North America: catastrophic drought. The climate engineers continue to cut off the flow of precipitation from the western US and parts of British Columbia.” – Dane Wigington

Is the U.S. Blood Supply Tainted? – “Despite reports that COVID-19 vaccines cause blood abnormalities, the American Red Cross and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration continue to brush off concerns that the massive vaccine campaign may have contaminated the country’s blood supply.” – Children’s Health Defense Team


Worrying news on swedish birth rates – It’s starting to look like more than a baby boom and bust” – El Gato Malo

Is Greta Thunberg now producing “Sesame Street”? – “Or is someone (on Klaus Schwab’s payroll) using it to make a point (by terrorizing children)?” – Mark Crispin Miller


You Can Always Dream – “Last night I had a dream. In the dream I woke up to the banner headline: BIDEN ARRESTED. It was only a dream, but was most satisfying, as it made vivid and emphatic what must happen to correct the dreadful tendings of the criminally psychopathic enterprise that our government has become. The gang behind the shabby and absurd pretend-president — a figure as comically macabre as the plastic effigies of the undead who crowd American front yards this time of year — is not content with running the country into a ditch. Lately these rogues and degenerates are making noises about blowing up the world. The past three weeks, the US and its vacillating NATO cohorts issued a set of challenging insults aimed at Russia, the designated “villain” in the concocted Ukraine melodrama produced-and-directed by the Party of Chaos as a diversion from our own acute problems at home. Note also that the main human object of all this US, NATO, and Ukraine mischief is the leader of Russia. That’d be Vladimir Putin. One must admire Mr. Putin’s prudence and fortitude in the face of such provocative effrontery. So far anyway. Now, it appears that he has had enough of these shenanigans.” – James Howard Kunstler

It’s Time To Tell Biden We Say ‘NO!’ To Nuclear War! – “There is a pattern here. More and more brazen attacks are being launched against Russia and Washington is doing little to hide US fingerprints. Why? The Biden Administration seems to be moving us closer to nuclear war over Ukraine and Biden himself seems to know it” – Ron Paul

Biden: We’re Trying To Figure Out How Putin Can Exit This War – ” “We are trying to figure out what is Putin’s off-ramp? Where does he find a way out? Where does he find himself where he does not only lose face but significant power?” As though the US government itself has not played a major role in both provoking and sustaining this extremely dangerous conflict.“These are questions that Biden should ask himself,” World Socialist Website’s David North writes of Biden’s musings. “Having instigated the US-NATO proxy war, provided Ukraine with unlimited weapons and money, pledged the reconquest of Crimea, and called for regime change in Russia, what is Biden’s ‘off ramp’? How can he deescalate ‘where he does not only lose face but significant power?’” ” – Caitlin Johnstone

Two Wars, Two Visions – “All wars have their unique character, but the war in the Ukraine is probably one of the strangest in the history of the West. Its strangeness is due to the two sides operating from a different set of facts and a different framework for those facts. It is as if the two sides are fighting entirely different wars. In point of fact, the two sides are fighting different wars, despite doing so on a common battlefield. That reality is about to become clearer as the war moves into winter.” – The Z Man

NFL Quarterback with head injury kept off field; Why can’t we sideline Biden? – “Do you see what the assistant coach near the water cooler’s holding? They call it the nuclear football… Tua’s future in football is uncertain. In February of 1988, Joe Biden was rushed to Walter Reed Hospital. Surgeons operated to fix a leaking brain aneurysm. In May of ’88, Biden suffered a pulmonary embolism. Surgeons repaired it. We’re talking about two life-threatening events Biden faced. The long-term implications of those events are obvious. Anyone with eyes to see knows the President is now in cognitive decline.” – Jon Rappoport

Biden’s dementia song – “Were the fate of the free world not in the hands of this man, the setting of Joe Biden’s many dementia moments to a catchy tune would be hilarious. Actually, it still is hilarious despite the awful reality underlying it. This is a brilliant satire that is also self-evidently accurate. It is so catchy that it is staying in my mind with the chorus, “My mind’s going blank now” repeating endlessly, a political ear worm of devastating impact.” – Thomas Lifson

Biden Is Failing The World – “The world desperately needs energy and yet President Joe Biden is preventing sufficient quantities of oil and gas from being produced.” – Michael Shellenberger

Anthony Blinken Raises the Pucker Factor on Dissent – “A series of ominous statements was buried in Secretary of State Anthony Blinken’s recent joint press conference with Canadian Foreign Minister Mélanie Joly, Blinken said something else that was worse. The relevant passage: We will hold to account any individual, entity, or country that provides political or economic support for President Putin’s illegal attempts to change the status of Ukrainian territory. There’s no way to know what a State Department official might believe meets the definitions of “political support,” support “in any way,” the “Kremlin’s sham referenda,” or any of a half-dozen phrases in that passage. This is why the negative precedent of government watch lists after the PATRIOT Act was important.” – Matt Taibbi – SO BLINKEN IS BASICALLY SAYING THAT YOU HAD BETTER WATCH YOUR BACK IF YOU DON’T AGREE WITH US. AND HOW FAR WILL THEY GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Story of the Century Just Broke (And No One Noticed) – “If you’re a good, credulous consumer of the lamestream media, you likely take it as a given that Russian hackers present the greatest danger to the human species in the history of our planet. Or is that Chinese hackers? Or maybe North Koreans? Meh, whatever. Details, shmetails! So, in the midst of all of this hysterical hyperventilation over the hordes of cyber warriors attacking us from every direction, you think it would be kind of a big deal if a venerable journalistic institution like, oh, say, The Washington “Democracy Dies in Darkness™” Post came out with a story blithely admitting that the largest army of internet psyops soldiers in the world is in fact being fielded by the US, wouldn’t you?” – The Corbett Report

A Picture’s Worth 1,000 Words – “The other day, the Thing that’s trying to push us out of cars Tweeted a photo of himself in his classic Corvette with the caption: Get in, folks. We’re building a better America. A much better America existed in 1967, the year Chevrolet built Biden’s Corvette. That year, Chevy built cars to meet the demands of the market, the people who put up their own money to buy what was built – and were free not to. As opposed to this year – when the entire car industry has been Sovietized and builds what government apparatchiks tell them to. And people are cattled-prodded into buying them – and made to subsidize them, even if they don’t buy them.” – Eric Peters

The Energy Crisis In Europe Is So Bad That Some People Are Thinking Of Using Horse Poop To Heat Their Homes This Winter – Michael Snyder

Russian strikes a response to Ukrainian ‘terrorism’ — Putin – “The Russian president has confirmed the launch of a major operation against Ukrainian infrastructure in response to the Crimean Bridge attack” – RT

Russia, Having ‘Run Out Of Missiles’, Launches Barrage On Ukraine Back in March I had warned that Lies Do Not Win Wars. Here is another practical example. After allegedly having ‘run out of missiles’ and, more importantly, patience, the leadership of the Russian Federation decided to de-electrify Ukrainian cities with a ‘barrage of missile strikes’. But first came the propaganda blubber:” – Moon of Alabama

Ukraine’s Zelenskiy Says Russia Trying to ‘Wipe Us off the Face of the Earth’ – Reuters – SO DID THE DUMB ASS JUST THINK THEY WERE GOING TO JUST SIT BACK AND WATCH THEM BLOW UP PIPELINES AND BRIDGES!!!!!!!

Professor Sachs: ‘Ukraine Needs To Stop Bombing Nuclear Power Plant And Blaming it on Russia’ – “It is almost surely Ukraine shelling the power plant and we can’t bring ourselves to express a simple truth” – Steve Watson

Ukraine and the Malevolent Legacy of the Obama-Biden Administration – “The United States is shackled by a near decade of Russian reset and the aggression it invited on” – Victor Davis Hanson

Imagine the Response if Russian Official Called for Assassination of Biden – “Multiple war crime offender John Bolton demands President Putin be assassinated. There would be hell to pay. Congress would demand the bombing of Moscow begin posthaste. The corporate propaganda media would have a field day. Brainless Russophobia would spread faster than covid. Russians would be gunned down on the streets of America. And yet here is a former USG official, a man undoubtedly guilty of numerous war crimes, calling for the president of Russia to be assassinated. He threatened the people of Russia with retaliation for the supposed nuclear threats of their leadership. Putin said nukes may be used if Russia faces an existential threat. The media lies and says he will use “tactical” nukes in Ukraine if Russia begins to lose. There is no way Russia can “lose” in Ukraine, no matter what the turncoat Matt Drudge’s website says.” – Kurt Nimmo

Ukraine behind terrorist attack on Crimean Bridge – Putin – “Ukrainian intelligence is behind the deadly attack on the Crimean Bridge, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Sunday following a report by the head of the national Investigative Committee, Aleksandr Bastrykin. The attack was organized by the Ukrainian security services, which were “aided” by some Russian and foreign nationals, according to Bastrykin. ” – RT

Advances in the Research of Natural Health Products as Main Stream Cancer Therapeutics – Amy S


The Global Financial System Is Coming Apart FASTER… AND Its About To Get MUCH WORSE. (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino

The Most Powerful Buyers in Treasuries Are All Bailing at Once – “Everywhere you turn, the biggest players in the $23.7 trillion US Treasuries market are in retreat. From Japanese pensions and life insurers to foreign governments and US commercial banks, where once they were lining up to get their hands on US government debt, most have now stepped away.” – Liz Capo McCormick, Garfield Reynolds and Michael MacKenzie

Global margin call hits European debt markets – “Hedges blow up after risk gauges in Germany’s government debt market exceeded those of the 2008 world crash” – David P. Goldman

Credit Card Rates Just Hit A Record As The Average Car Loan Rises To Fresh All Time High – “the interest rate on all credit card accounts (that were assessed any interest as of Q2), just jumped to the highest since Fed record-keeping started in Q4 1994. the average new car loan just surpassed $38,000 for the first time.” – Tyler Durden – DO YOU REALIZE HOW MUCH YOUR INTEREST % IS. YOU BETTER CHECK!!! ON ONE CARD ALONE , I HAVE SEEN MY RATE JUMP 3% IN A YEAR AND THAT WAS AFTER I PAID MORE THAN HALF OF IT OFF. THIS IS OUTRIGHT ROBBERY, THANKS JEROME!! THANKS JOE!!!!!!

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The Fed Has Gifted Wall Street Banks More Than $25B in Free Money Since Starting “QT” in June – “The Fed’s IORB and ON/RRP constitute yet another stealth Wall Street bailout unsanctioned by Congress and ignored by Wall Street-owned corporate media” – Occupy the Fed Movement

Shhh! Don’t Tell the Fed or Mainstream Media that Systemic Contagion at Wall Street Banks Is Already Here – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –7.98EUR


The Basics Of Baking -Bob Rodgers

How To Eat Healthily On Just $3 A Day – “Eating well is easier than you might think.” – Jon Miltimore

Meet the mum who has years’ worth of food stocked in her pantry ready for any emergency (VIDEO) – “Meet the mum who preps for her family to “thrive” not just “survive”- and has a years’ worth of food stocked in her pantry ready for any emergency. Allison Michael, 41, lives on 20 acres of land with her husband, Joe, 45, and their four children – and the family has been homesteading for 15 years. Allison spends her days tending to their garden, livestock and prepping and cooking food grown on their land.” – SWNS

10 Best Thrift Store Finds for Living a Self-Reliant Life (2022) – Brian Duff

Weed Tea – Turning Unwanted Plants Into Fertilizer – “There are some weeds that are more troublesome than others. Thistles and wild oats, for example, die off and break down easily in the compost, but others, such as some running grasses and vines, can be persistent little buggers and may resprout in the compost in milder climates and seasons. This is where weed tea comes in handy because essentially you drown the weeds first for 4 weeks, then they are harmless on your compost, no matter the season or climate. And not only do you solve your compost problem, but the water you drowned the weeds it is a natural, homemade liquid fertilizer.” – Peta Stange

How to Cook Steak on a Stone – Derrick James


Micah 3:4    Then shall they cry unto the Lord, but he will not hear them: he will even hide his face from them at that time, as they have behaved themselves ill in their doings.