The Great Regression must be followed by the Great Detoxification if we are to survive as a species.” – Toby Rogers – AN ABSOLUTE MUST READ FROM TOBY, ONE OF THE BETTER READS THAT I HAVE READ IN A LONG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The binary arms race between citizen and state – “Competing visions for a digital future. It’s a race across the finish line between technocratic systems of social credit and technological systems of societal emancipation. Only one vision can prevail.” – El Gato Malo

The Myth of Clean – “”Clean”, like “smart”, has become the prerequisite for all technology. Both are myths. Smart technology is surveillance technology. It is not smarter because of its inherent qualities, but because it sends and receives data that allows it to be “smarter” in manipulating users. Clean energy depends on massive rare earth mines run by Communist China that poison everything around them. Wind turbines require huge amounts of balsa wood that are deforesting the Amazon. Neither turbines nor solar panels are recycled when they go bad. They end up in landfills and become toxic waste. Breathing in fiberglass from severed wind turbines or drinking water tainted with heavy metals from solar panels is a serious health hazard. Much of the clean garbage that we call “recycling” also ends up in landfills.” – Daniel Greenfield  – SMART TECHNOLOGY IS USED TO MONITOR US, AND CLEAN TECHNOLOGY IS USED FOR CONTROL. AND THAT’S THE BIG PICTURE OF BOTH!!!!!

What Puts the Kill in the Kill Shot? – “The Spanish-speaking doctors and scientists of La Quinta Columna are calling out Drs. Cole and McCullough for throwing shade on their research and that of other scientists around the world showing the presebce of graphene oxide in the covid shots. Drs. Cole and McCullough don’t just minimize the GO research: they reject it categorically. Dr. Cole calls it “myth,” “scaremongering” and “hogwash.” ” – Diana West

Twitter Censors, Then Un-Censors Florida Surgeon General After He Warns On mRNA Vaccines – “The state’s surgeon general published analysis warning men aged 18-39 from taking mRNA vaccines due to a statistically significant increase in cardiac-related deaths. Twitter removed it.” – Quoth the Raven

Nodes of Power and Thinking Like a Sociopath: Sadistic Game, Part Deux – “You don’t need 12-people in a room. You just need to Establish an Incentive Structure at each Node of Power. And all along the way, the necessary action to further the agenda will be rationalized” – Sage Hana  – ANOTHER GOOD ONE FROM SAGE!!!!!

Digital Tyranny and the Rockefeller-Gates WHO “Vaxx-Certificate Passport”: Towards a World War III Scenario – ““You are not Alone”: Worldwide Resistance against the mRNA “Vaccine” and Covid Fraud” – Peter Koenig – A LITTLE LONG, BUT A GOOD OVERVIEW!!!!!

Your friendly neighborhood PFIZER-MAN: US pharma giant partners with Marvel to create comic that urges people to get their Covid vaccine and be an ‘everyday hero’ – Luke Andrews

Ebola Is Back: US To Screen Passengers From Uganda – Tyler Durden

Russia “compulsory” military vax policy – is it a “hoax”? – “are we seeing a live example of how binaries are so useful to narrative-managers.” – Catte Black

Jab mRNA in Boob Glands – “Those of us who held the view that infants were being exposed to Spike protein mRNA in breastmilk, were laughed at. Now, the Journal of the American Medical Association confirmed it. There was something we were concerned about. Lipid nanoparticles, the delivery vehicle of the jab mRNA, can spread throughout your body. Gone are the days of a vaccine “staying in your arm” – if it ever did that. The whole purpose of lipid nanoparticles is that they cross boundaries. And I don’t mean boundaries on the scale of heart chambers, or even gut lining. Those are macro-scale boundaries. Think micro.” – Remnant | MD


Surveillance State USA… Biden quietly unleashes spymasters in dramatic Executive Order… – “Orwell would be proud. Deliberately buried in the Friday evening news cycle, Biden released an Executive Order with dramatic implications for how signals intelligence is collected on individuals throughout the world. Specifically, Biden’s directive repeals restrictions on the use of signals intelligence collection (read: spying on you) implemented since the Obama Administration” – Revolver News


Time To Consider The 25th Amendment For Biden – “There’s something seriously wrong with Joe Biden. I realize that’s not exactly breaking news, but it is something we’re going to have to discuss because the implications are beyond the point of being able to ignore them. The 25th Amendment exists for a reason, and Joe is demonstrating that reason almost daily. Remember all the talk about Donald Trump and the 25th Amendment? “He walked slowly down a wet ramp, he must be removed!” “Did you see that mean tweet? He’s got to go!” It didn’t matter what the then President did, a leftist was insisting it was a threat to the republic and he had to be removed because of it. Joe Biden routinely makes false statements about his own life, and everyone pretends that’s how he is – “It’s just Joe being Joe.” In one sense, that’s true. Joe Biden has always been a liar.” – Derek Hunter

Those who f—ked with Biden – “Recently, during a visit to Florida to assess the damage done by Hurricane Ian, Biden bragged to Fort Myers Beach Mayor Ray Murphy that “no one f–ks with Biden.” If Trump had made similar claims while visiting a hurricane-ravaged state, the media would have called him every pejorative epithet known to mankind and House Democrats would have conducted another impeachment. Time to fact-check Biden’s claim and look at those not only who dared to f—k with Biden but also lived to tell the story” – Rajan Laad

Cynical defense of Hunter Biden: I was addicted to drugs – “For years, President Biden repeated the same mantra when asked about Hunter Biden’s influence peddling and alleged crimes: “My son did nothing wrong.” It was always implausible — as was his denial of any knowledge of these dealings despite emails and pictures to the contrary. So the president and the press have been shifting to a new defense. The family and the media have been cultivating the angle for months as they anticipated possible criminal charges. With possible criminal conduct exposed, all that’s left is the addiction defense.” – Jonathan Turley

Fanaticism Of The Apocalypse – “As Europeans burn garbage to stay warm, climate activists step up the war on natural gas” – Michael Shellenberger

What the heck is wrong with Chicago’s Mayor Lori Lightfoot? – “There is no doubt among those paying attention that Chicago is in crisis. Crime has exploded, with ordinary citizens living in fear of venturing out from their homes. (And, if they live in the wrong neighborhoods, their homes may be shot up as drive-by gang assassination attempts hitting neigboring homes.) Mayor Lori Lightfoot may try to downplay the severity of the trendline, but Chicagoans understand the risks they take merely by walking or driving on the streets as recidivist criminals are set free to wreak mayhem again and again on the innocent: Mayor Lightfoot has proven herself incapable of her job, and at best seeks to distract the electorate and populace from her failures. At worst, there is something deeply wrong with her mind. And the evidence is piling up for the latter hypothesis.” – Thomas Lifson

Biden Regime Dirty Hands Behind Damage to Crimean Bridge? – “Hegemon USA-dominated NATO is waging war on Russia by use of expendable Ukrainian Nazified and conscript foot soldiers. The Biden regime bears full responsibility for sabotaging three of four Nord Stream I and II gas pipelines to Germany. Its dirty hands were likely behind pre-dawn Saturday damage to the 11.8 mile bridge across the Kerch Strait — what connects Russia’s Republic of Crimea to the mainland” – Stephen Lendman

Canada May Be On The Verge Of A Political Revolution – “Canada like many other countries may be on the cusp of a political revolution. To the chagrin of the mainstream media in Canada, Pierre Poilievre has been elected the leader of Canada’s Conservative opposition party. As a result of his win, attacks on Poilievre have dramatically increased. He has been declared as “dangerous” and even reckless. In short, Canadian media is busy painting him as a mini Donald Trump.” – Bruce Wilds

UK National Grid Warns Of 3-Hour Rolling Blackouts This Winter – Tyler Durden

Nord Stream 2 Offers Germany a Date with Destiny – “The twists and turns of the Nord Stream 2 (NS2) saga have yielded yet another stunning game-changer” – Pepe Escobar

Why Does the Kremlin Encourage Ukrainian Terrorist Acts Against Russia? – “Why Does the Kremlin Keep On Complaining About Ukrainian Terrorism? Does the Kremlin think the West cares? How could the West possibly care about Kiev’s terrorism when the West itself engages in terrorist acts, such as blowing up the Nord Stream pipelines? Would Ukraine have tried to destroy the Crimea Bridge if they thought there would be any retaliation from Russia against, for example, the infrastructure and communications of Kiev and Lviv?” – Paul Craig Roberts

The ones we should be fighting will live on – “A friendly reminder. Circus performer-turned-Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky is begging NATO to launch “preemptive” strikes against Russia—a fun comedy routine that could very possibly turn us all into ash. [UPDATE: Kiev insists Zelensky’s comments were taken out of context. Okay. Anyway, Biden is talking about nuclear Armageddon. So there’s that…]. Okay, fine—vaporize the proles—but maybe Zelensky should first stop accepting delicious rubles to transit Russian gas across Ukraine? That seems like a prudent and reasonable prerequisite before triggering a nuclear holocaust with Moscow. Something isn’t right here, friends. Let’s briefly review the current state of affairs.” – Edward Slavsquat

“‘A C.I.A. theme park.'” – “Ukraine as John Pilger saw it eight years ago.” – John Pilger


MARKETS A LOOK AHEAD: World Bank WARNS OF “5th Wave Of Debt Crisis.” (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino

BUCKLE UP: We Have A Major Banking Crisis Unfolding Involving As Many As 6 Banks (PODCAST) – Alasdair Macleod

The people who engineered record inflation want to control cryptocurrency – “Yet with every passing sentence, these bankers demonstrated that they know absolutely nothing about crypto… and quite possibly banking too. At one point they slammed stablecoins that didn’t have a 1:1 backing; stablecoins are specialized tokens that represent, for example, 1 US dollar per token. So there is supposed to be at least one US dollar in reserve for every token in circulation. But this leads to an obvious question: if a 1 to 1 reserve standard for stable coins is so critical, why don’t we demand the same of our banking system? Central Banks are among the most prominent regulators in banking. And they have completely condoned a fractional reserve system whereby commercial banks are only required to keep 10% (or less) in reserve. In other words, these people are perfectly fine that commercial banks gamble most of their customers’ money on the latest investment fad of the day.” – Simon Black

Energy Price Inflation Is Going To Make A Big Comeback – “Any hopes of inflation cooling off any time soon are about to be quickly and brutally dashed. After declining for much of the summer, energy prices are heading back up again—and for reasons that have nothing to do with Fed Chair Jay Powell’s interest rate hikes.” – Peter Nayland Kust

Expect a CPI Energy Surge in October Due to Rising Gasoline Prices – “Gasoline was stable in September but October will be another matter.” – Mish

Inflation Will Win and is Here to Stay (VIDEO) with Peter Schiff – “The Fed is in the same predicament now, only worse, because it’s a much bigger bubble than the one we had in 2008 or 2018. We have a lot more debt now, and the economy is less able to tolerate 5% interest rates than in 2008 and 2018. Think about it. If the Fed Funds Rate got to 5%, I’ll bet the 30-year mortgage rate would be 9%.” – Greg Hunter

Silver – Dead In The Water for 40 Years – “It’s a great idea to own some silver coins against the possibility of a collapse in the U.S. dollar as a medium of exchange; but don’t expect to get rich. Other than that, there is no need to accumulate or invest in large amounts of silver.” – Kelsey Williams – I DON’T NECESSARILY AGREE WITH KELSEY’S OPINION, BUT HE DOES RAISE SOME GOOD POINTS TO CONSIDER!!!



Psalms 9:20 Put them in fear, O Lord: that the nations may know themselves to be but men. Selah.


A million young poets
Screamin’ out their words
To a world full of people
Just livin’ to be heard
Future generations
Ridin’ on the highways that we built
I hope they have a better understanding

Check it out
Goin’ to work on Monday
Check it out
Got yourself a family
Check it out
All utility bills have been paid
You can’t tell your best buddy that you love him
So check it out
Where does our time go
Check it out
Got a brand new house in escrow
Check it out
Sleepin’ with your back to your loved one
This is all that we’ve learned about happiness

Check it out
Forgot to say hello to my neighbors
Check it out
Sometimes I question my own behavior
Check it out
Talkin’ about the girls that we’ve seen on the sly
Just to tell our souls we’re still the young lions
So check it out
Gettin’ too drunk on Saturdays
Check it out
Playin’ football with the kids on Sundays
Check it out
Soarin’ with the eagles all week long
And this is all that we’ve learned about living
This is all that we’ve learned about living

( Check It Out by John Mellencamp )