The Symbol of Their Party – “People used to wear a pin – or maybe an armband – to signify their allegiance to a political movement. Lately, they wear something else. We all know what it is. It is that thing they call a “mask.” Of course, it is really something else. That being a symbol of their political affiliation. We all know what that is, too. Is there anyone in the United States who is still wearing a “mask” that isn’t a Leftist? Please, no more of this “Democrat” business. There aren’t any of those left, except perhaps in the minds of Leftists, who don’t want to admit to themselves what they’ve become. “Democrat” sounds reasonable.” – Eric Peters – GOOD. SHORT. MINUTE VIDEO INCLIDED IN ARTICLE!!!!!!

The seeds of social credit – “There is zero evidence or even plausible inference behind the idea that “tracking gun and ammo purchases will alleviate gun violence” in any fashion whatsoever. It is an entirely invented rationalization. It’s the “6 foot spacing dummy dots of distancing in supermarkets” of crime policy. And like those dots, it has little to do with it’s professed purpose.” – El Gato Malo

New Lancet Report Says COVID Could Have Originated From US Lab – “National Institutes of Health has “resisted disclosing details” of its work.” – Paul Joseph Watson – I THINK THAT HAS ALWYS BEEN A STRONG POSSIBILITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Every day there is more evidence that the SARS-2 outbreak began months before the earliest documented Wuhan infections. Why does nobody care? – eugyppius

It’s All Fake – “Wow I’ve spent hundreds of hours on this since 911, never seen this – MapleRock2021” – Submitted by Hardscrabble Farmer – A MUST WATCH, SHORT VIDEO. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION AROUND THE 1:15 MARK. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Worrisome new data – Vaccination against COVID-19 versus Natural Infection in Youngsters – “It looks as though vaccination has wiped out any natural immunity obtained from natural infection. Previous infection is irrelevant, the decline into negative efficacy after 18 weeks occurs at the same rate for both groups. Or is this some kind of Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) showing up?” – The Naked Emperor

How Bill Gates and partners used their clout to control the global Covid response — with little oversight – “Four health organizations, working closely together, spent almost $10 billion on responding to Covid across the world. But they lacked the scrutiny of governments, and fell short of their own goals, a POLITICO and WELT investigation found.” – Erin Banco, Ashleigh Furlong and Lennart Pfahler –  SPECIAL THANKS TO IGOR CHUDOV FOR LINKING!!!

“Amazing” Flu/Covid Boosters? – “In its latest fake news edition, the Times continued its kill shot-pushing drumbeat, falsely calling new health-destroying boosters “amazing”. Turning reality on its head, the Times falsely roared the following, saying: “Not only will (new) booster(s) decrease the likelihood of infection and severe illness (sic), and help reduce (viral) transmission (sic), it could also decrease the likelihood of developing (nonexistent) long (flu/c)ovid (sic).” Noted physician, biowarfare expert, Meryl Nass MD, set the record straight about emergency authorization of new Pfizer and Moderna flu/covid kill shot boosters in record time” – Stephen Lendman

Terrific letter from a physician – “Why are nearly all doctors silent about all the pandemic insanity?” – Joel S Hirschhorn

What happened to the 500 million mRNA Covid shots American taxpayers bought for poor countries last year? – “Let’s find out!” – Alex Berenson

“I am the Science and Knock off All the Conspiracy Shit”: Doc Malone is Morphing into Doc Fauci -Sage Hana


Xi to Putin: ‘We are ready to team up with our Russian colleagues’ – Mike Brest,

Overthrow the Government: All the Ways in Which Our Rights Have Been Usurped – “It’s easy to become discouraged about the state of our nation. We’re drowning under the weight of too much debt, too many wars, too much power in the hands of a centralized government, too many militarized police, too many laws, too many lobbyists, and generally too much bad news. It’s harder to believe that change is possible, that the system can be reformed, that politicians can be principled, that courts can be just, that good can overcome evil, and that freedom will prevail. So where does that leave us?” – John & Nisha Whitehead

Are You Ready For Societal Winter? – “Many of you reading this are ready for winter, both literally and figuratively. Your firewood is stacked and your kindling is split. Your barn is stacked full of hay. Your larder is crammed full of food. Far worse than the predicted La Niña winter in North America, we are also entering what I term a Societal Winter: An era of rancorous discontent between political factions here in the United States that is replete with iciness, and dismissiveness, by The Powers That Be.” – James Wesley Rawles

Midterms: Brain Dead Republicans, This Is Your Issue – “Open borders and the murder of American children. FENTANYL. COMING UP THROUGH THE SOUTHERN BORDER. THIS issue could get a million parents to gather in one place. And it should. What about that, Trump? The Democrats refuse to do anything about the border. How about this? Pills containing lethal doses of fentanyl are disguised as CANDY. That’s right. How about this? The global hub for fentanyl ingredients is Wuhan. The route is: China, Mexican cartels, US southern border. Then, one of the major US distribution centers is Chicago. Courtesy of local gangs.” – Jon Rappoport

ROYAL RABBIT HOLE (VIDEO) – “This is not a picture of the “Royal Family” you will see in the corporate media. ” – Nicolas Veniamin -VERY INTERESTING VIDEO!!!!!!

Supply collapse: America just days away from total rail shutdown as nationwide strike looms – Ethan Huff

Did The White House Just Pull A Railroad Rabbit Out Of The Hat? – “Last night, the country was expecting a nationwide rail strike.” – Peter Nayland Kust

The Biden Administration Isn’t Interested In Governing But In Criminalizing The Opposition – John Daniel Davidson

President Biden To Announce $900 Million In EV Charging Funding – “In continuing the administration’s “drink yourself sober” policy when it comes to curbing inflation, the Biden Administration announced this week the approval of $900 million in new U.S. funding to build EV charging stations across the country. The spending is part of a $1 trillion infrastructure law that was approved in November of last year. President Biden is expected to announce at the Detroit Auto Show that EV usage has “risen dramatically” in the U.S.” – Tyler Durden – REALLY? WHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gov. Greg Abbott Buses Migrants to Kamala Harris’ D.C. Home – “Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) sent two busloads of illegal economic migrants to Vice President Kamala Harris’ official home in D.C., just days after she insisted that “the border is secure.”” – Neil Munro

Ron DeSantis cranks it to 11: Florida governor flies Biden’s border surgers to Martha’s Vineyard – “If Texas’s governor can bus a few thousand denizens from Joe Biden’s border surge into the sanctuary cities of New York and Washington, why can’t Florida’s governor go one better and start flying them to tony Martha’s Vineyard in the sanctuary state of Massachusetts? Turns out he has, and now Martha’s Vineyard gets to be the border state.” – Monica Showalter

Violence In California Reaches “Epidemic” Levels As Our Society Rapidly Deteriorates All Around Us – Michael Snyder

Lindsey Graham Is an Idiot – “When John McCain was alive Lindsey Graham followed him around like a puppy and did all he could to imitate him. When McCain died, Graham was kind of lost and latched on to President Donald Trump. Since Trump left office, Graham has been kind of lost – desperate to matter and get media attention while trying to placate his progressive instincts to “do something” about whatever the domestic issue is and embracing every prospect for war because that’s been the only constant in his career.” – Derek Hunter

Summit with Putin, Xi will showcase ‘alternative’ to Western world: Kremlin – AFP

Europe, More Than Putin, Must Shoulder the Blame for the Energy Crisis – “The same arrogant, self-righteous posturing from the West that fueled the Ukraine war is now plunging Europe into recession” – Jonathan Cook

National Security Threat: China’s Eyes in America – “The Chinese company DJI controls nearly 90% of the world market for consumer and commercial grade drones. Every DJI drone in the skies above America is as good as a hovering Chinese spy.” – Peter Schweizer

The Kharkov Game-Changer – “Wars are not won by psyops. Ask Nazi Germany. Still, it’s been a howler to watch NATOstan media on Kharkov, gloating in unison about “the hammer blow that knocks out Putin”, “the Russians are in trouble”, and assorted inanities. Facts: Russian forces withdrew from the territory of Kharkov to the left bank of the Oskol river, where they are now entrenched. A Kharkov-Donetsk-Lugansk line seems to be stable. Krasny Liman is threatened, besieged by superior Ukrainian forces, but not lethally. No one – not even Maria Zakharova, the contemporary female equivalent of Hermes, the messenger of the Gods – knows what the Russian General Staff (RGS) plans, in this case and all others. If they say they do, they are lying.” – Pepe Escobar


IMF Warns Of “DEBT EXPLOSION” As The WH Celebrates The Inflation Reduction Act.. (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino – GREG, CLEAR AND CONCISE AS USUAL AND A MUST LISTEN!!!!

New “Red Gold Standard” Threatens the Dollar – “Are we looking at a rebirth of the gold standard under an Asian Bretton-Woods?” – Peter Reagan

The Housing Market Continues To Crater – “There’s nothing like grass roots data from Main Street as opposed to the gaslighting propaganda from the perma-bullish mainstream media. A subscriber emailed me to tell me he talked with two window manufacturers. Anderson said they are down 60% in requests for quotes [from builders, primarily but also replacement window resellers]. A higher end company to which he spoke wouldn’t give him a number but did not argue when he mentioned the 60% number.” – Dave Kranzler

For Consumers and Producers Electricity and Utility Costs Are Still Soaring – “The price of gasoline has been falling, utilities are another matter.” – Mish

The Fourth Turn, Turn, Turn – “The 1997 book The Fourth Turning: An American Prophecy proposed a cyclical pattern of four 20-year generations which culminate in a national crisis every 80 years. The book identifies these dates as Fourth Turnings: 1781 (Revolutionary War), 1861 (Civil War) and 1941 (global war). add 80 years and voila, 2021. While each of the previous existential crises were resolved positively, positive outcomes are not guaranteed: dissolution and collapse are also potential outcomes. Today’s extremes of wealth and income inequality are optimized to spark political discord and revolts. The wealthiest 20% will be able to pay higher prices, but the bottom 40% will not. The middle 40% will find their disposable income, i.e. their income left over after paying for essentials, will drop to near-zero. When 80% of the populace are crunched financially, revolutions and the overthrow of governments follow.” – Charles Hugh Smith



Queen Anne’s Lace versus Hemlock: What You Need to Know (VIDEO) – Jason Salyer – HAVE REALLY STARTED LIKING JASON’S VIDEOS!!!!

Indoor Garden – 12 Reasons to Grow Organic Food Indoors – Dr. Valerie Olmsted

Ultra-Wealthy Preppers Ponder Shock Collars to Keep SHTF Security Personnel In Line – Daisy Luther

5 Best EDC Flashlights for Preppers – Drew Forge – I HAVE A COUPLE DIFFERENT STREAMLIGHTS AND A SUREFIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What Happens If You Bury Fish Heads Under Your Tomato Crops – “When you think of things you can bury in your garden to help improve the quality of your soil, fish heads may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, this is a practice that has been used for centuries in various parts of the world and can actually have some benefits for your plants.” – Rebekah P.


1 Kings 10:8    Happy are thy men, happy are these thy servants, which stand continually before thee, and that hear thy wisdom.