Here It Comes – “Labor Day is in the rearview mirror and the long, sickening slide into we-know-not-what (but it can’t-be-good) commences! Here’s one thing we sort of know: you-all vaxx-happy Wokesters are about to have a new BA-5 bivalent booster laid on you. You’ll be glad to hear it’s been tested in a trial involving eight lab mice, and quickly approved by our FDA. Thus, some more good news: humans were so far spared any testing for this new miracle treatment. Pfizer and Moderna didn’t hurt anyone in any cobb-job trials, like they did the first time around (hiding the results). Another thing we know (this one for certain): a new leading cause of death throughout Western Civ in people under 60 is “Cause Unknown.” Another thing we know for sure now is that people who are vaccinated are far more likely to catch Covid and also more likely to be hospitalized for it. One in fourteen Brits are currently infected with it, mainly the vaxxed-and-boosted.” – James Howard Kunstler  – MR. KUNSTLER ON VACCINES AND THE BIGGER PICTURE. GOOD READ AS USUAL!!!!

Useless Eaters – “Inverted priorities and their consequences. What are we to do with all these useless eaters? This is a question that the self-appointed architects of the future have been asking increasingly openly of late, as they plot out our trajectory towards a posthuman cyborg futurity in which machine intelligence will perform the economic functions formerly fulfilled by human physical and mental labour. The answer that the WEF’s court jester LARPing as a court philosopher, the schizo-autist Yuval Harari, has come to is that there is no use – hence, useless eaters. The overwhelming majority of the species serve no function in their system. The best thing they can do with us is to allow us to quietly, painlessly exit evolutionary stage left, our disappearance from the life of the world eased with drugs and virtual reality.” – John Carter

Sustainable Monarchy – “Meet the new boss. ” The Good Citizen

This 2020 Food Shortage Simulation Predicted 400% INCREASE in Food Prices by 2030 – “There’s a clear agenda. The fact is, we know there is an agenda for all of these things – food shortages, meat tax, global carbon tax and if COVID has been anything, it has been the most helpful little virus to ever have existed. That is, as long as you’re a member of the global feudal overlords.” – Robert Wheeler – HMM, 2030 WHAT A COINCIDENCE. FITS RIGHT IN WITH THE UN’S 2030 AGENDA!!!!!

The WEF King ascends to the British throne – “Charles is a king for our times, in the worst way imaginable. He is a perfect representation of the western ruling class and its pernicious agenda. Charles, to put it bluntly, is an anti-human reprobate, who has lived a life of disgrace, hypocrisy, and corruption. But his lifestyle is the least of the issues at hand. Charles is a king who has embraced and promoted the most destructive causes of our times. Most notably, Charles is both a climate catastrophist and an advocate for the depopulation agenda.” – Jordan Schachtel

King Charles and WEF just aligned on Great Reset agenda (VIDEO) – “Did you know that Prince Charles, now King Charles, was the first to announced the Global Reset? Boy was that prophetic.” – Redacted with Clayton Morris

Death of the Queen and Numerical “Coincidences” – “Things are not the way they seem” – Lioness of Judah Ministry

Rand Paul: “America Should Be Appalled” At Fauci Covering His Tracks – “Fauci’s “modus operandi” is to “cover up”” – Steve Watson

You, Me and other Anti-Vaxxers are Good People – “It is Time to De-Stigmatize the Word “Anti-Vaxxer”” – Igor Chudov

Scientists Have Recreated World’s Deadliest Flu Virus – “Scientists in the U.S. and Canada have resurrected the Spanish flu virus through reverse genetics. Not surprisingly, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Dr. Anthony Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) are involved. The scientists appear frustrated by the fact that their reverse engineered Spanish flu virus — even at the highest doses tested — was not lethal enough to kill the macaque species selected for the experiment. They argue we need to make a more dangerous version of the Spanish flu to be able to make better vaccines for it.” – Dr. Joseph Mercola


Enough Already: Release the J6 Political Prisoners – “Several members of the community recently focused my attention on the plight of J6 political prisoner Jonathan Mellis, who has already spent nineteen months in the American Gulag for the “crime” of protesting against his government. Mellis is one of hundreds who have endured the wrath of a wayward Washington politburo that has thrown Americans’ Bill of Rights and founding principles right out the window.  These are the Americans the federal government wishes to break before all our eyes, so that no citizen anywhere will ever again consider electing an unapproved outsider candidate for president, calling out government corruption, or demanding justice from those who pretend to dispense it. Because Mellis refuses to break, he will remain a target in the crosshairs of an immoral government dedicated to persecution, not principle. He is of particular focus because he was involved directly in the mêlée that resulted in Rosanne Boyland’s death. Boyland’s death was originally blamed on a drug overdose, but video footage shows her being repeatedly beaten by a D.C. police officer. Mellis is seen pushing back against police, while trying to defend Boyland from further injury. As further evidence of good character, Mellis is recorded earlier in the day assisting an officer who had fallen into the crowd.” – J.B. Shurk  – THIS IS A MUST READ, THESE PEOPLE WERE NOT INSURRECTIONISTS, THIS COULD HAPPEN TO ANYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An Autumnal Return – ” Great Britain is barely a country at this point and it will soon be closer to South Africa than its glorious past. Like America, Britain is on its way to becoming a majority-minority society. At that point it ceases to be a nation or even a country, but simply an administrative zone. The Queen’s funeral will be a time for the old British to mourn the loss of their country and its traditions. The old Britain is never coming back and no one should be mourning its loss. It is the old British who murdered their society and turned it over to ungrateful foreigners. Sure, not everyone was onboard with the great replacement, but most of the British ruling class not only supported the auctioning off of their heritage, but they continue to celebrate it. Clearly, something went horribly wrong in that glorious past.” – The Z Man

Elizabeth II and the myth of imperial nostalgia – “Britain’s mourning for the queen has nothing to do with a longing for the empire. The connections between Brexit and empire are always convoluted and strained, largely because no real connection exists. In fact, hard evidence of this alleged imperial nostalgia among the public simply does not exist.” – Fraser Myers

The Politics of Control and Economic Oblivion – “For a society that’s subjected to incremental increases in government control becomes passive to it. Over time, perhaps over several generations, the character of the people becomes warped. Attitudes towards central planning become more accepting. People come to rely on the paternalistic hand of the welfare state. They vote for politicians who promise them ever greater desserts. They demand that the government somehow fixes all social ails.” – MN Gordon

When the Saints come marching in… – “Well that is a relief right? Here we all were…. okay… some of us… okay… maybe ‘those people’ were worrying with all that is going on that the Apocalypse was on the way, but we’ve been given a very good sign indeed. There is hope people! Apparently, the Vatican wants all its money brought home and this can only mean that the Pope is far more focussed on finances than the Second Coming. So it’s good people. God is in His/Her Heaven and all is right with the world. (But don’t get me started on pronouns—I’m saving that for another article.) Our concerns must remain with the material world as usual and not any kind of spiritual or moral transformation or anything. All that peace, love thy neighbour, do unto others stuff—that’s all so old-fashioned anyway given our Woke generation operating on smartphones with its instant self-gratification. That’s all too much work and best we stick with what we now know.” – Sylvia Shawcross

The US-Led World Order Is Faltering… Here’s Why It’s Bad News for Europe – Chris MacIntosh

EU Imploding, Pro-Biden Psyop Continues, CV19 Killer Clots (VIDEO) – Greg Hunter

Yikes: Joe Biden Appears To Have Appointed A Satanist To White House Task Force – “Joe Biden has successfully appointed a seeming Satanist to head his White House’s national response to monkeypox. We can only wonder why someone like Pete Buttigieg wasn’t tasked for this position, but that’s beside the point. Demetre Daskalakis, almost covered with more tattooed pagan symbolism than clean flesh, will now lead the latest government task force with no real mission, no objective outcomes, and no responsibility. I don’t know about you, but this doesn’t sit well with me. First of all, this task force wasn’t necessary – or desirable. The Covid task was a complete sham, as Dr. Birx and Fauci have basically admitted. If they lie about numbers, denounce good treatments, and make up solutions, then what hope is there that the monkeypox crew will do anything differently? There is then the worrisome detail that a depraved lunatic who thinks Satan is better than God will offer any meaningful resources to an already-corrupt deep state.” – Hailey Sanibel

The Political Party That’s Built On Lies – “The Democrats’ tower of lies has been constructed with the help of the media, which outside of a few exceptions, are no longer objective, or even pretend to be, and are instead propagandists for the party they are loyal to. The Democrats have to lie. They have to accuse the other side of doing exactly what they’re doing, of being the extremists that they themselves are. They can’t openly admit who they are nor the truth about their agenda.” – I & I Editorial Board

“Really A Desperate Time”: Summer Drought Wreaks Havoc Across Northeast Farmland – Tyler Durden

Societal Suicide Or Societal Collapse? – “Energy Is In Short Supply From Europe To California” – Peter Nayland Kust

Hochul urges credit card companies to “do their part” – “Now, this isn’t the first time we’ve talked about Hochul and New York’s efforts to pressure credit card companies to revamp how they classify purchases. However, she’s doing it personally and publicly, and that’s a problem. You see, while the law currently has credit card companies reporting suspicious activity to law enforcement, that only typically includes financial crimes. After all, finance is their business and so they’re equipped to know the warning signs for things like money laundering and fraud. But how do you define “suspicious activity” with regard to gun sales?” – Tom Knighton

CIA Helps Ukraine Compile “Death List” Website – “The Myrotvorets now include westerners on their murder list, including the popular former member of the progressive rock band Pink Floyd, Roger Waters. In addition, the Nazis of the Ukraine want to kill Hungary’s Viktor Orban, and Nobel Prize winner Zoran Milanovic. “Ukrainian writer Oles Buzina and former Verkhovna Rada parliamentarian Oleg Kalashnikov” were assassinated after Myrotvorets published their home addresses, reports Debt-Stop. As for the US love and appreciation of the tactics of real Nazis in the 1930s and 40s, the CIA imported hundreds of Nazis in the late 40s and early 50s, many serious war criminals. This occurred secretly at the time under Operation Paperclip. Much of the information about this criminal program remains classified.” – Kurt Nimmo


Food Banks All Over The U.S. Are “Overwhelmed” As The Cost Of Living Pushes More People Into Poverty – Michael Snyder

Inflation Is About To Explode – YOU CAN’T AFFORD GROCERIES — (“Per the UN, it’s estimated 860 million people could starve to death in the next 24 months.”) – Amy S.

Putin’s 12,000 Tonne Gold Hoard Sets The Stage For Asian Bretton Woods And The New Moscow Gold Standard – Alasdair Macleod

The Fed Will Hike to 4 Percent Come Hell or High Water – “Let’s tune into some interesting statements by former Fed Vice Chair Richard Clarida and his ducking of questions on the Fed’s role in this mess.” – Mish

The Calm Before the Storm (VIDEO) – “This week was the calm before the storm that will begin next week with the August CPI data and continue with the September FOMC meeting the following week.” – Michael Maharrey

History Repeats: Abandoning Sound Money Leads to Tyranny and Ruin -Jp Cortez

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –8.89EUR


The Best Staple Crops To Grow For Food Independence – Rhonda Owen

Foods You’ve Been Storing Wrong Your Whole Life – “Storing food in the right conditions is key to enjoying them for a longer time and preventing wastage of food and money. It is also quite possible to store food without a fridge/freezer, and this includes items that people have been led to believe must be refrigerated.” – Heather

DIY Painting a Shotgun for Camouflage and Protection (VIDEO) – Jason Salyer


Ezekiel 22:15    And I will scatter thee among the heathen, and disperse thee in the countries, and will consume thy filthiness out of thee.


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