Deja Vu wis Ze Gaz – “Mandatory? To flatten a curve? Oof! This is just the beta test. Wait until they shut off your electricity or lock you in your home for climate change. — Alex Jones Was right again. They still think Europeans care enough about Nazis in Ukraine to freeze and go broke this winter. 70,000 protested in Prague last weekend, calling for an end to Russian sanctions. This would be the equivalent of 2.2 million Americans marching on the district of corruption. In typical WEF overlord fashion the Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala called them…wait for it…wait for it…Russian sympathizers! At any rate, this will not end well, and that’s just how they want it. Commence phase three of world economic controlled demolition: Inflation Supply chain collapse.  Energy collapse.  Industrial collapse.  Food shortages (mass starvation).  Printing trillions more results in hyperinflation and currency collapse. Commence Phase 1 of the new new-normal.” – The Good Citizen

Eating Insects as We Freeze in the Dark – “NATO’s resolve to have us freezing in the dark and subsisting on insect-based concoctions from Bill Gates’ Hell’s Kitchen deserves our urgent attention. Why are German burghurs reduced to foraging for wood in forests and stripping the planks off park benches? Why are Poles, who live in a country with vast coal deposits, paying extortionate prices for coal, whenever they can get it? What about Russophobic Ireland, which has no emergency oil reserves and which depends for its electricity top ups on Britain, which likewise depends on Norway, which has warned Britain that they can no longer support them? Are we all going to freeze in the dark? Why is Bill Gates, who is America’s largest land owner, telling us to eat synthetic foods? What is all this about replacing our traditional diets with cockroaches, grasshoppers and other fare that is more attuned to the palates of mice than of humans?” – Declan Hayes

American Subjects Think They Want to Know the Truth: But Can They Handle the Truth!? – “The predetermined outcome of every aspect of the political system is the backbone of tyranny, in that fooling, frightening, and dividing the masses is the single best way to control them. Everything that happens in the political sphere is pre-planned and manipulative, regardless of which ‘side’ has currently been purposely selected and placed in power. There is, and never has been, any legitimate difference in politicians or political parties as a whole, and the left versus right paradigm is but a ruse,” – Gary D. Barnett

Inflation is an artificial, weaponized attack on the people, not the system – “You will own nothing and you will be happy.” – Jordan Schachtel

Cool Cannibals – “Three years ago, I didn’t know about the gruesome practices you are going to read about here. Part science, part magic, they are the stuff of nightmares. They are dreams of eternal youth. While animals and Artificial Intelligence are being “humanized,” humans are being dehumanized. Who will gain from this and who will lose? The National Institutes of Health spent $76 million on research using fetal tissue in 2014 with grants to more than 50 universities. Some researchers receive the tissue from abortion clinics at their own institutions, or from tissue banks maintained by some universities. Many buy the tissue from companies that act as middlemen. Those companies pay small fees, usually $100 or less a specimen, to abortion providers like Planned Parenthood…. The companies then process the tissue and sell it to researchers for higher prices that reflect the processing. In one study published last year, Pitt scientists described scalping 5-month-old aborted babies to stitch onto the backs of lab rats. They wrote about how they cut the scalps from the heads and backs of the babies, scraping off the “excess fat” under the baby skin before stitching it onto the rats. They even included photos of the babies’ hair growing out of the scalps. Each scalp belonged to a little Pennsylvania baby whose head would grow those same hairs if he or she were not aborted for experiments with lab rats. How was this paid for? With a $430,000 grant from Dr. Anthony Fauci‘s NIAID office at the NIH.” – Karen Hunt – FORGET ABOUT ABORTION BEING ABOUT WOMEN’S RIGHTS. THIS IS WHAT IT’S REALLY ABOUT. AND MORE PROOF THAT FAUCI AND HIS ORGANIZATION ARE AKIN TO MENGELE AND HIS NAZI EXPERIMENTS!!!!

Using people for spare parts, the quick and easy way – “Maybe hold off on signing that “organ donor” card. The diagnosis of brain death is coming under scrutiny in England after a “brain-dead” baby spontaneously began breathing on his own. In the USA, newspaper reporting on the recent tragic death of actress Anne Heche revealed confusion about whether a diagnosis of brain death means that you are actually dead. But because she had expressed a desire to be an organ donor, she was kept alive on life support until her organs could be harvested on August 14.” – Heidi Klessig, M.D.

A mostly subconscious genocide – “Vaccine injury is really really expensive. Vaccine injury in children roughly doubles educational costs and vaccine injury in all ages massively increases healthcare costs. That’s why it’s Pharma’s business model. The California Democratic Party came up with a different idea — just kick the vaccine injured and their families out of school and out of the state. That’s what SB 277 (2015) and SB 276 (2019) did. In California today, there are no religious, philosophical, or medical exemptions to vaccination. If your kid brother died or was disabled from a shot you still have to get the full CDC schedule in order to attend school. The result is that the unvaccinated and the vaccine injured instantly became medical refugees and were forced to leave the state. 182,083 California residents fled the state in 2020, and the number of people fleeing the state has grown every year since.” – Toby Rogers

Annual COVID Boosters Coming: They Will Not Give Up – Mac Slavo

They Love The Number 33 (Video) – “Are you awake yet?” – Lioness of Judah Ministry

Where is the Electricity for EeeeeeVeeeees Going to Come From? – “The non-answer to this question is the elephant in the room. Just as it is known the “vaccines” do not stop the getting – or giving – of the putative sickness they don’t immunize against and yet are still being pushed on people with an aggressiveness that would shame a carpetbagging snake-oil salesman from the 1870s – so also are EeeeeeeeeeeVeeeees being pushed onto the market in spite of the known fact that there isn’t sufficient grid capacity to keep them powered up and no provisions being made to change that.” – Eric Peters

Is there a Correlation between Excess Deaths and Levels of Vaccination by Local Authority in England? – “Part 1 – analysis by Local Authority” – The Naked Emperor

Do boosters save people from getting very sick with Covid? New data from Britain say the opposite. -“The mRNA vaccine miracle just keeps getting more special. Don’t blame me; the numbers come straight from the British government.” – Alex Berenson


Queen Elizabeth II has died, Buckingham Palace announces – BBC News

Labels Like ‘Conservative’ Are Just A Means To Control You – “Putting aside that I will not be lectured to by Lil’ Mitt or any other bow-tied fussbudgets who aspire to sizzle with the same raw, sexy energy of George Will, we conservatives have a label problem. Our conservatism today is not the same as our conservatism of yesterday, at least on the policy level. We have changed, mostly because we got burned. For example, we used to be up for any war anywhere – and guys like Bow Tie Boy still are as long as someone else fights them. But we’ve learned that lesson. We used to be about corporate tax cuts, before we realized the corporations are trying to cut us. But after enduring the Bushes and McCains and Mitts, we now know what time it is. We refuse to play our assigned role as the guy who gets the pie in the face. That daughter-showering pervert pretending to be our president expressed the establishment’s frustration with the fact we no longer play nice during his Reichstag speech. We aren’t your father’s GOP, thank goodness. We modern conservatives are different – we’re no longer supine sisses, for one thing.” – Kurt Schlichter

First Came 9/11. Then COVID-19. What’s the Next Crisis to Lockdown the Nation? – “Frankly, it doesn’t even matter what the nature of the next national emergency might be (terrorism, civil unrest, economic collapse, a health scare, or the environment) as long as it allows the government to lockdown the nation and justify all manner of tyranny in the so-called name of national security. Cue the Emergency State.” – John & Nisha Whitehead

The Corpse Of Democracy – “The results are in and despite what you have observed in your own life and on-line, Biden’s Gates of Hell speech was a huge success. According to a new poll close to 60% of Americans now think Donald Trump and his nefarious “MAGA movement” are a threat to our democracy. Not only that, 60% of Republicans do not think the MAGA movement represents the majority of the party. It looks like it is all over for Trump and the tens of millions who support him. In all seriousness, this is the sort of story that underscores the problem with mass democracy in the mass communication age. This poll could be a complete fraud, but there is no way to know. More important, your favorite news site is never going to check or question it. They just pick it up as a part of the automated service they use to plug into news feeds like Reuters. The left-wing news highlighter Matt Drudge is running this poll in red at the top of his site.” – The Z Man – STILL WOULD LIKE TO KNOW HOW THEY GOT TO DRUDGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The White Sheep Are Being Prepared for Slaughter – “What transformed white people from proud warriors into sheeple? Some say it was Jews teaching them guilt. But Jean Raspail in his now suppressed novel says it was the consequence of the degeneracy in Western thought. Today where can you find in literature, Hollywood, media, public statements by Western politicians, and public policies in the still white Western countries any affirmation of white people?” – Paul Craig Roberts!

Biden’s ‘MAGA Republican’ Screed Gives Gatekeepers The Green Light To Purge Political Foes – “From the official White House podium comes the message that it is now necessary to cut off ‘MAGA Republicans’ from every avenue of influence.” – Rachel Bovard

Prosecuting Trump – “What would you do if you were Merrick Garland? Would you prosecute Trump? Or would you walk away, concerned about accusations you and the FBI were playing politics? Step One appears easy, put off any decision until after the midterms. Trump is not a candidate, key issues driving the midterms (inflation, Ukraine, Roe) are not his issues and though Trump is actively stumping for many candidates, initiating any prosecution before the midterms is just too obvious. On the other hand waiting until after the midterms can be dangerous if as expected the Republicans do well and take both the House and the Senate. Even with slim majorities Republicans are expected to initiate their own hearings, into Hunter Biden’s laptop and how the FBI played politics with that ahead of the 2020 election.” – Peter Van Buren

Hillary Clinton plays the victim — but her history of avoiding criminal charges shows she’s anything but – Jonathan Turley

Silencing the Lambs — How Propaganda Works – “In the 1970s, I met one of Hitler’s leading propagandists, Leni Riefenstahl, whose epic films glorified the Nazis. She told me that the “patriotic messages” of her films were dependent not on “orders from above” but on what she called the “submissive void” of the German public. Did that include the liberal, educated bourgeoisie? I asked. “Yes, especially them,” she said. Of course, we are very different from Germany in the 1930s. We live in information societies. We are globalists. We have never been more aware, more in touch, better connected.The United States dominates the Western world’s media. All but one of the top 10 media companies are based in North America. The internet and social media – Google, Twitter, Facebook – are mostly American owned and controlled. In my lifetime, the United States has overthrown or attempted to overthrow more than 50 governments, mostly democracies. It has interfered in democratic elections in 30 countries. It has dropped bombs on the people of 30 countries, most of them poor and defenceless. ” – John Pilger

The Right to Be Left Alone – “The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees the right to privacy. Like other amendments in the Bill of Rights, it doesn’t create the right; it limits government interference with it. Last week, President Joe Biden misquoted the late Justice Antonin Scalia suggesting that Justice Scalia believed that the Bill of Rights creates rights.” – Andrew P. Napolitano  – SEEMS LIKE BIDEN DOES A LOT OF MISQUOTING. BUT THEN AGAIN, HE PROBABLY BELIEVES HIS OWN LIES!!!!!

Blinken In Surprise Visit To Kyiv Unveils $2BN More Aid Amid ‘Successful’ Counteroffensive – Tyler Durden

Bird flu forces egg farm to euthanize 3 million chickens – AP  – LOOKS LIKE EGGS WILL BE GOING UP IN PRICE AGAIN. COINCIDENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This Winter, Europe Plunges Into “The New Dark Ages” – Michael Snyder

Germany’s Energy Suicide: An Autopsy – “The EU has weaponized the supply of European energy on behalf of a financial racket, against the interests of European industry and consumers.” – Pepe Escobar

Europe Is Buying All The Russian Oil It Can Before Banning It – “Europe is currently importing over one million barrels per day of Russian oil, attempting to fill up before the EU-wide embargo on Russian crude imports comes into effect. Oil prices have fallen as demand concerns grow and China struggles with Covid lockdowns, and Europe is attempting to take advantage of those lower prices to stock up on oil. Alternative sources of crude oil are abundant for Europe, but the price will be set by the seller and the EU may soon find itself paying more for this critical energy source.” – Irina Slav

The EU’s Robin Hood Energy Proposal Caps Profit and Prices, Seeks Solidarity – “The energy crisis in Europe takes on new twists with proposals and protests. Let’s investigate.” – Mish


The Great American Squeeze: 69 million households are now canceling vacations, driving less and cutting grocery bills as inflation hits home, pollsters reveal – “56 percent of Americans now say inflation is causing them financial hardship. A worrying 12 percent said they were experiencing ‘severe hardship’ as their standard of living tanked.” – James Reinl

Forget the dead cat bounce, its all about inflation and the Dollar! – “There is nothing like a dead cat bounce to cheer up the already doomed, but the real issues are inflation and dollar strength. Both can be addressed, and the treatment will hurt. Smile and get used to it.” – Bill Blain

The Fed Appears to Have Violated the Dodd-Frank Act in the Second Quarter of 2020, Giving $455 Billion in Loans to Citigroup – Pam Martens and Russ Martens – AND NOTHING WILL HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!

An Asian Bretton Woods? – “The financial war between Russia with China’s tacit backing on one side, and America and her NATO allies on the other has escalated rapidly. It appears that President Putin was thinking several steps ahead when he launched Russia’s attack on Ukraine. We have seen sanctions fail. We have seen Russia achieve record export surpluses. We have seen the rouble become the strongest currency on the foreign exchanges. We are seeing the west enter a new round of European monetary inflation to pay everyone’s energy bills. The euro, yen, and sterling are already collapsing — the dollar will be next. From Putin’s point of view, so far, so good.” · Alasdair Macleod

Occult Mysteries of the Federal Reserve Bank (VIDEO) – Greg Reese

The Retail Recession: A Demonstration Of Inflation’s Destructive Nature – “As Consumers Pay More To Buy Less, The Economy Shrinks” – Peter Nayland Kust

Silver Being Sold For Lower Than The Production Cost (VIDEO) – “With the silver market price now lower than most primary silver miners’ production costs, this low level may not last long. This is especially true when we factor in the surging silver lease rates, suggesting a real tightness and shortage of metal for traders in the market.” – Steve St Angelo

Proof that Precious Metals Are the Best Hedges – Peter Reagan

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –8.60EUR


Alert 200% Proof They Will Start Global Currency Reset 2022 — Inevitable Recession Coming this Winter – Prepare – Amy S – GOOD READ FROM AMY. PART ECONOMICS. PART BIG PICTURE AND PART PREPAREDNESS NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Quick and Easy Pole Barn for Shelter and Storage (VIDEO) – Jason Salyer

They Are DEFINITELY Getting Prepared. Are You? – Michael Snyder

How to Build a Chicken Run – “Are you a beginner chicken owner? Or just looking for a safe way to allow your chicken to get that much-needed roaming time? Whichever category you belong to, this article will help you in creating a chicken run from scratch – no need to spend a fortune in getting the experts involved!” – Timi Schmidt


Deuteronomy 31:27    For I know thy rebellion, and thy stiff neck: behold, while I am yet alive with you this day, ye have been rebellious against the Lord; and how much more after my death?