How Low Can You Go? – “Remember the limbo? It was a dance fad kind of like the Olympic high jump in reverse: instead of leaping over a horizontal bar, you duck-walked under it to calypso music, with the crowd squealing, “How low can you go?” As it happens, in the culture of Western Civ, Limbo is also the name of a place on the edge of Hell. Either way, you have an apt metaphor for the spot that the USA is in as we enter the summer of double-deuce. Lots of things are going south all at once: If there is an American nation left in a year or so, with a functioning legal system, the players in this cabal are going to land in witness chairs to explain why they killed so many people. (“We were following The Science,” they’ll say. Uh-huh….) The voters are poised to unload two barrels of buckshot to this monster’s head in September, if we are not prevented from holding elections by yet another bogus “emergency.” Until then, we’re in a race to see just how the Party of Chaos completes the destruction of the economy, which is the prelude to the people of the USA destroying the Party of Chaos.” – James Howard Kunstler – ONE OF MR.KUNSTLER’S BEST READS EVER ON THE “BIG PICTURE”!!!!!

The WHO is changing the name “monkeypox”…is it really because of racism? – “I’m not sure how “monkeypox virus” can be an inaccurate name for a virus allegedly found in monkeys that allegedly causes pox, but that is the contention of the “experts” who called for an “urgent name change”. I think the real problem here is that they want to take the monkeypox narrative to the next level, but they’ve saddled themselves with a silly name that will never frighten anybody. That is why they’re changing it…they want people to be afraid, and “monkeypox” just isn’t scary.” – Kit Knightly

Chinese Banks Freeze Billions In Deposits: Officials Use Health QR Code To Bar Protestors – “Chinese local banks are freezing deposits. Protestors cannot go near banks as their health app for COVID-19 turns red. Authorities provided no explanation…” – Tyler Durden

CDC launches sneak attack; the ACIP will meet TOMORROW (Friday, June 17) and Saturday, June 18 to extend the mRNA Final Solution to little kids – “When White House “Covid-19 Czar” Ashish Jha went on TV earlier in the week and said that these shots would be available by June 19, he surely knew that these meetings were in the works. But they kept them secret from the public until Melinda Wharton let the cat out of the bag this morning.” – Toby Rogers

Australia Creates Sudden Adult Death Syndrome Registry – “The registry is being created by doctors at Melbourne’s Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute. These doctors say they’re making the registry as part of a nationwide effort to collect data and deduce the cause of SADS, reports Euro Weekly News.” – Keean Bexte  – SHOULDN’T BE TO HARD TO DEDUCE. I”M SURE THEY WILL USE IT TO COVER UP THE JAB!!!!!

Why Did 49 Governors Pre-Order Deadly Covid Jabs for Kids Under 5? – “Florida Governor Ron DeSantis may be the only sane governor in the country. All of the others, whether Republican or Democrat, pre-ordered Covid jabs for kids under the age of five.” – J.D. Rucker

The Manufactured UFO Threat (Dark Journalist + Dr. Joseph P. Farrell) (VIDEO) – “Richard Dolan has made the case that UFOs are the single most important thing to understand if one is truly looking to grasp the magnitude of the conspiracy that engulfs our humble existence. During the committee hearings, the American Department of Defence hinted at passing laws that would allow them to prosecute and penalise independent researchers looking into the UFO phenomenon. The fact that they’re considering doing this speaks volumes as to the importance of this strange phenomenon and its relationship to the American deep state, modern technology, and our precarious economic situation. That’s it from me. I may have more to say on the UFO phenomenon in a future post, but for now I highly recommend this interview with Dr. Joseph P. Farrell” – Ryan Matters

The COVID death data from Massachusetts shows vaccinating kids is INSANE – “The FOIA death data shows that no child aged 5 to 11 in Massachusetts died in 2020 or 2021 from COVID. Zero. Zip. Nada. The FDA is approving vaccines for “emergency use” when there is no “emergency.”” – Steve Kirsch

Britain’s Ministry of Truth – “Britain is a virtual appendage of hegemon USA’s rage for unchallenged global dominance by whatever it takes to achieve its diabolical aims. Its dominant media operate in similar fashion to US and other Western MSM — featuring state-approved propaganda on key domestic and geopolitical issues. The BBC is owned, funded, operated and fully controlled by Britain’s ruling regimes. Suppressing vital truths like US and other Western MSM, the BBC is a national disgrace.” – Stephen Lendman


Interesting conflicts of interest at NIH – “It’s time we stopped accepting self-serving grift as a form of government. From 2010 to 2016, 27,000 royalty payments were made to 1,800 NIH employees. This was over $193 million in payments.” – El Gato Malo


Home Secretary Signs Assange Extradition Order – “The extradition order landed on Patel’s desk after the U.K. Supreme Court refused to hear Assange’s appeal against a High Court victory for the United States. Though he won in magistrate’s court on health grounds and the condition of U.S. prisons, the judge in that court ruled on every other point of law in Washington’s favor. Judge Vanessa Baraitser denied that the case was a political offense in violation of the U.S.-U.K. extradition treaty; that it violated the U.S. first amendment and threatened press freedom; and that Assange’s rights to due process were violated when it was revealed that the C.I.A. had spied on privileged conversations with his lawyers and she ignored testimony that the C.I.A. had discussed kidnapping or poisoning Assange.” – Joe Lauria

The UK’s Decision to Extradite Assange Shows Why The US/UK’s Freedom Lectures Are a Farce – “The Assange persecution is the greatest threat to Western press freedoms in years. It is also a shining monument to the fraud of American and British self-depictions.” – Glenn Greenwald

The Mainstream Worldview Is Self-Evidently Bullshit – “The world is as it is because the way the majority of people in the most influential nations think, act and vote is being continuously manipulated by the powerful, for the powerful. The mainstream worldview is just a giant bundle of power-serving lies and manipulations.” – Caitlin Johnstone  – SOME MORE GREAT OBSERVATIONS FROM CAITLIN!!!

Why Is Merrick Garland Smiling? – “The unprecedented collaboration between the Justice Department and Congress to target political foes of the regime endangers the rights of hundreds of Trump-supporting Americans.” – Julie Kelly

Biden tells AP he’s unpopular because Americans are mentally unwell – ” “I think Vivek Murthy is right and most of the international and National Psychological Association, whatever it’s, people are really, really down. They’re really down. Their need for mental health in America has skyrocketed because people have seen everything upset. Everything they counted on upset. But most of it’s a consequence of, of, of what’s happening, what happened is a consequence of the, the COVID crisis.” -Biden.  So Putin didn’t do it after all. COVID did it. And not just COVID, but President Trump, who made Americans depressed about Biden’s job performance. We’re all somehow still depressed, despite COVID being largely over, and taking that mental unwellness out on him. It has nothing to do with his job performance.” – Monica Showalter

Kamala Harris And The New White House Censorship Task Force – “An all-out government assault upon freedom of expression.” – Graham J Noble – AS MR. KUNSTLER STATED TODAY, THIS IS JUST A REBRANDING OF THE DHS GOVERNANCE BOARD!!!!

U.S. energy chief to discuss record pump prices with refiners next week – “U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm called an emergency meeting with refining executives for next week, a department spokesperson said on Thursday, as tensions between the Biden administration and Big Oil mount over soaring gasoline prices.” – Jarrett Renshaw and Timothy Gardner – MAYBE THEY WILL EXPLAIN TO HER HOW THINGS ACTUALLY WORK SINCE SHE DOESN’T HAVE A CLUE!!!!!!

White House Aims To Shut Down Ammunition Sales While Dems Claim To Engage In Good Faith Gun Talks – Tristan Justice

U.S. Farmers Issue Dire Warnings of Looming Food Shortages as Most Americans are Clueless as to How Their Food is Produced and Unprepared for What’s Coming – Brian Shilhavy

Caterpillar Leaving Illinois for Greener Pastures – “On Tuesday, Caterpillar Inc. announced it was moving its company headquarters to Texas. House Republican Leader Jim Durkin said in a statement. “The reasons for this decision could not have been more clear – Illinois’ business climate no longer works for this company.”” – Susie Moore – CATERPILLAR AT ONE TIME WAS SYNONYMOUS WITH PEORIA BEFORE MOVING THEIR HEADQUARTERS TO DEERFIELD. THIS IS THE FINAL NAIL IN THE COFFIN FOR ILLINOIS, EVEN THOUGH THEY STILL HAVE SOME PLANTS IN ILLINOIS, SOME HAVE BEEN RELOCATED ALREADY!!!!

An Endless Stream of Scary Official Enemies – “Any government that is a national-security state needs big official enemies — scary ones, ones that will cause the citizenry to continue supporting not only the continued existence of a national-security state form of government but also ever-growing budgets for it and its army of voracious “defense” contractors. That’s, of course, what the current brouhaha about Russia is all about.” – Jacob G. Hornberger

Lavrov to Boris Johnson: Just Try to Bring Russia to Its Knees (VIDEO) – Says the Kremlin had no other way of explaining to the West that dragging Ukraine into Nato was a criminal act” – Gerald Celente

Putin: They Even Named Inflation After Me (VIDEO) – “Vladimir Putin is not suffering from sanctions. The West has shot itself in the foot by banning essential Russian imports without an alternative in place. “They even named inflation after me,” he joked, hinting at the “Putin price hike” western politicians have been declaring. The difference now, according to Putin, is that the West attempted to shun Russia. “In the Soviet times when we cut ourselves off, created the so-called Iron Curtain, we created it with our own hands,” he admitted. Putin admitted the Iron Curtain was a mistake that he has learned from. Anyone claiming Putin is pro-Communist or eager to bring back Cold War-era policies is sadly mistaken.” – Martin Armstrong

Winter is coming: German agency head warns of gas shortages, bankruptcies, and massive price hikes that will send ‘shockwaves throughout the country’ – “Inflation is already taking its toll on the German economy, but next winter is now being described in near apocalyptic terms by one prominent German agency head” – John Cody

Trudeau Is Lying – Canadian Air Patrols Near China Are Not On ‘UN Mission’ – “Canada falsely claims that it is implementing international law when its airplanes are in fact spying on China.” – Moon of Alabama

The Power of the Jewish Lobby. – “Israelis killing Americans is okay In Washington. Remember the attack more than half a century ago on USS Liberty on June 8, 1967. Anyone who has spent any time in Washington and who has been reasonably engaged in watching the fiasco playing out there might agree that the most powerful foreign lobby is that of Israel, backed up as it is by a vast domestic network that exists to protect and nourish the Jewish state. Given all of that, it should be no surprise that Israel consistently gets a pass on its aberrant behavior, even when it acts directly against US interests or kills Americans.” – Philip Giraldi


“The Economy Is Going To Collapse” – Here Are 18 Signs That The Economic Meltdown We Have Been Waiting For Has Already Begun – Michael Snyder

Our Economy In a Nutshell – “Our economy is in a crisis that’s been brewing for decades. The Chinese characters for the English word crisis are famously–and incorrectly–translated as danger and opportunity. The more accurate translation is precarious plus critical juncture or inflection point. Beneath its surface stability, our economy is precarious because the foundation of the global economy– cheap energy–has reached an inflection point: from now on, energy will become more expensive.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Morning After J-Pow, Second Time in a Row – “Stocks took a brutal dive today, the day after Fed Chair Jerome Powell had explained to the world why a 75-basis-point rate hike was needed, and why another one might be needed at the July meeting, and upon hearing his words and seeing the 75-basis-point print yesterday, markets skyrocketed, and at about 30 minutes before the close, after J-Pow had stopped with his magic words, the S&P 500 was up about 2.7%, and the Nasdaq Composite was up 3.8%, before settling down some. And today, the morning after J-Pow, starting in Europe, and then in the US, and now in Asia, it all got beaten down hard, with the S&P 500 closing down 3.2% and the Nasdaq closing down 4.1%.” – Wolf Richter

Deflationary Tsunami On Deck: A “Tidal Wave” Of Discounts And Crashing Prices – Tyler Durden

As the Speeding Crypto Train Crashes, Scientific and Engineering Experts Tell Congress that Both Crypto and Blockchain Were a Sham from the Beginning – “Like any other pump and dump scheme, crypto mania worked for a while. Insiders grabbed their windfall profits early and left the unsophisticated with the losses. Now crypto concerns are hiring themselves the likes of Big Law firm Akin Gump to explain why investors can’t get access to $11 billion in frozen accounts at Celsius Network. The warnings have been out there for years now from experts in the legal and scientific communities, that when it comes to crypto, there’s no “there” there.” – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Home Construction Falls Again in May – “Housing starts and permits fell in May. Surging mortgage rates, record home prices, and falling consumer attitudes are major headwinds for demand. The outlook for housing is deteriorating rapidly.” – Robert Hughes

Why the Fed Raising Rates Means the National Debt is Going to Become An Even Bigger Problem – “The time bomb on our national debt will start counting down even faster.” – Brad Polumbo

Central Bank Demand for Gold Set to Strengthen – “The explosion in retail demand for gold has made headlines, but retail investors aren’t the only ones steadily stockpiling the yellow metal. Central banks around the world are stockpiling gold in a big way – and appear poised to do so even more.” – Stefan Gleason

Swiss Central Bank Hikes Interest Rate to Negative 0.25 Percent to Contain Inflation – “Proof of central bank incompetence is nearly everywhere one looks.” – Mish

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 9.43EUR


Americans Face A Nightmare Scenario: Soaring Prices And Desperation – Warning to Prepare for an Emergency. Stock up on Food, Water and Supplies Now! It is 5 Days Before the Economic Collapse.” – “If you don’t understand how Central and Commercial bankers are manipulating these markets to manufacture “up” days to grant the appearance of market recovery amidst great structural fragility, then I recommend that you visit a lot of the referenced links in this article, where you can find a lot of detailed information and analysis about how bankers manufacture these illusions with manipulated rigging.” – Amy S. – 5 DAYS? THE POINT HERE IS IT COULD BE OR THAT YOU SHOULD EXPECT IT!!!!!

Beets Nutrition Makes Them A Great Choice For Your Survival Garden – “They grow fast, have pretty decent calories, and you can eat the entire thing… the beetroot, stalk, and tops – all good nutrition. While beets are not as high in calories as potatoes or corn, beets in your garden make for a pretty good ‘survival food’.” – Ken Jorgustin – TRYING THEM MYSELF FOR THE FIRST TIME THIS YEAR. WILL SEE HOW THEY TURN OUT!!!!

Trapping Part 2: Must Know Skills: Deadfall & Snare – Patrick Diedrich

How to Set Up an Off-Grid Early Alert System – “What if the “norm” of safety is no longer the world you are living in? If that is the case, you could very easily not end up waking up until your front door has already been kicked in or the Molotov cocktail has found its way through your living room window.” – Aden Tate

DIY Bunker: Turning Your Basement Into a Survival Shelter – “Most people think that bunkers are only used during wars, however, they apply to everyday life and basements can serve as a survival shelter offering protection during an SHTF situation. If you’re thinking of creating a bunker, don’t just dig a hole in your backyard and set up an underground bunker. First, you should have a viable survival zone” – Lisa Thomas

Do Apricot Seeds Have Health Benefits and Anticancer Benefits? – Erin Chamerlik, MS


Proverbs 11:2    When pride cometh, then cometh shame: but with the lowly is wisdom.


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