Slave to the Toolmasters? – “Digital tool wielding technocratic elites” – Winston Smith – A MUST READ FROM WINSTON!!!!!!

Double-masking quadruple vaccinated Anthony Fauci tests positive for SARS-2 – “In the end, neither double masks nor double boosters could save him: NIAID director and unflushable turd Anthony Fauci, who in 2021 declared that “When people are vaccinated, they can feel safe that they are not going to get infected,” has tested positive for Corona. Like all the other celebrities to catch SARS-2, he is reported to be suffering “mild symptoms,” and he’s on Paxlovid.” – eugyppius

We exposed Paxlovid as Snake Oil. We Won – “Pfizer Abandons Paxlovid for “Standard Risk Population”” – Igor Chudov  – LOOKS LIKE THE SNAKE OIL SALESMAN, FAUCI, IS TAKING IT ACCORDING TO CNN!!!!

Trudeau’s anti-democratic way of ramming through his Internet censorship law – Lorne Gunter

FDA Advisors Unanimously Endorse Pfizer, Moderna COVID Shots for Infants and Young Kids, Ignore Pleas to ‘First Do No Harm’ – “All the risks are to the innocent children and all of the billion-dollar rewards go to the government-protected pharmaceuticals,” said Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas), after advisors to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration today voted 21-0 to recommend Pfizer’s and Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccines for infants and young children.” – The Defender

Google Has A ‘Kill List’ Of Stories, Information, Knowledge And Opinions They Don’t Want You To Know – This Is Part Of That List, Proving Google Is As Bad As Nazi Book Burners – Stefan Stanford – THESE ARE JUST ALL NEWS PIPELINE STORIES, WHO I HAVE FOLLOWED FOR YEARS, HOW MANY MORE ARE OUT THERE!!!

The Babies and The Vaccine – “We need to stay in the forefront of trends. Why? Why wouldn’t we? Have you seen the federal database that records vaccine injury and death reports? Of course. So you know your baby could die from the shot. Yes. And that doesn’t matter to you. Not as much as being able to tell our friends we had our baby vaccinated. You, as parents— That’s a misunderstood term. We don’t consider ourselves parents. The State is the parent. We’re the monitors. Monitors? We observe, and carry out limited functions. Even if you assume the virus exists, the chances of your baby catching it and becoming ill are incredibly tiny. That’s right. But this isn’t what we’re about. As I said, we’re keeping pace with fashion.” – Jon Rappoport

The Great Reset: Turning Back the Clock on Civilization – “Like their predecessors across history, the social engineers of the WEF believe that “there must be no spontaneous, unguided activity, because it might produce results which cannot be foreseen and for which the plan does not provide. It might produce something new, undreamt of in the philosophy of the planner.”1 Based on the WEF agenda, the successful completion of the current industrial transformation will require redesigning and controlling every minuscule aspect of human life and behavior,” – Birsen Filip

Bill Gates and the Frame Game – “Going back to Davos, Bill was effectively saying to his minions, “You are on a great moral crusade. We’ve had some small problems along the way, but don’t give up, because the world needs us to continue to be heroic and save more lives.” And with that cognitive frame in place, any creeping doubts those in the audience might have about what they have done, and their future mission, disappear just like that.” – Thomas Harrington

If you have not seen George Carlin describe the American Dream – “and tell you about the Big Club…” – Meryl Nass

Should the FDA investigate Pfizer clinical trial fraud allegations? Or look the other way? – “Most Americans think the fraud allegations against Pfizer should be investigated.” – Steve Kirsch – PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pandemic preparedness: It’s what banking cartels crave! – “The World Bank won’t leave you alone until you’re poor, vaxxed and cattle-tagged” – Edward Slavsquat


Fun For The Hole Family – “From picnics, bumper cars and Ferris Wheels to bearded “women” grooming children. The month of the rainbow cult is hitting its midway point, and those of us who tired of this sad charade many years ago still have nowhere to escape. The symbols and hairy asses are jiggling everywhere. Pride is shaking down the down-trodden masses incapable of drawing any moral lines, unable to have their own pride, perhaps confused by the intentionally confusing adherents eager to keep jamming all their pride down everyone’s throat until they vomit rainbows for eternity. Sacrificing children has become quite the western spectacle of late. Pfizer and soon Moderna will claim their share of little ones while making a few million more walking time bombs of health consequences thanks to their “parents of the year”.” – The Good Citizen – GREAT READ FROM THE GOOD CITIZEN ONCE AGAIN!!!!!

What Is a Woman? – Paul Craig Roberts

What the January 6 Committee Might Have Been – “A real committee would also investigate the other, far larger and more lethal riots on iconic federal property months earlier.” – Victor Davis Hanson

On Gun Control and Mental Health, Who Decides Who’s Crazy? – “A red flag law is a “gun control” law that permits police or individuals to petition a state court to order the removal of firearms “from a person who they believe may present a danger to others or themselves.” Nineteen states — almost all blue states — and the District of Columbia have some form of a red flag law.” – Trevor Thomas –  AND THAT IN A NUTSHELL IS THE SLIPPERY SLOPE OF RED FLAG LAWS. SEE ERIC’S ARTICLE BELOW!!!!

Red Flag Laws Aren’t – “The most alarming thing about what are styled “Red Flag” laws isn’t that they threaten to take guns away from people. It is that they aren’t laws, at all. Well, they aren’t laws – in the sense of any having been violated as the prerequisite to enforcing them. What “Red Flag” laws do is empower the effective conviction – and punishment – of people who are “guilty” of having worried someone. Perhaps a vengeful estranged or former spouse. A white coat who is “concerned” that you aren’t taking the drugs he prescribes – or declined to answer certain questions you’d rather not answer. Possibly someone you don’t even know – who read something you wrote (or heard something you said) and didn’t like it. Enough to make a call – anonymously – to express their “concern.” Hut! Hut! Hut! As for (repeated) example the Hut! Hut! Hutting! of people legally carrying weapons in public. It is a legal irrelevance” – Eric Peters  – GREAT EXPLANATION FROM ERIC. ALSO BE SURE TO READ JOHN WHITEHEAD’S ARTICLE FROM YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!!!

“That’s Now in the Hands of the FBI”: Newly Obtained Texts by Hunter Shed Light on Gun Controversy – “Hunter was irate with Hallie throwing out the gun to protect him and making him look like an “abusive pedophile with homicidal tendencies.” In the long exchanges on Oct. 23, 2018, Hunter asked Hallie if “you want me dead” ​and said “I won’t ever recover from this.” He then made comparisons to the rest of his family, including her dead husband: “There are 5 guns in dads house. There are f​—ing more weapons in your sons room then in an armory. What’s my f— up? Owning a gun?…Beau owned a handgun issued by the state and i[t] was in the front glove compartment of his car. So f​— you.” Hallie tried to explain that she was afraid that he would “use” the gun.” – Jonathan Turley – TALK ABOUT RED FLAGS? HOW ABOUT THEM BIDENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“We’re Barely Making It”: Furious Farmer Goes Viral Explaining Why Food Prices “Are Going To Go Up” – Tyler Durden

Biden, Threats And Energy – “”No more subsidies for the fossil fuel industry. No more drilling on federal land. No more drilling including offshore. No ability for the oil industry to continue to drill. Period. End.” That’s what candidate Biden said, and he made good on his promise as soon as he was inaugurated. Such a position also means nobody will invest in refining capacity, If you think this is some “unexpected” result you’re nuts.” – Karl Denninger

DHS plans to punish Border Patrol agents already cleared in ‘whipping’ of migrants – “The Biden administration was left with egg all over its face when, after embracing a phony leftist narrative about Border Patrol agents “whipping” migrants illegally crossing into the U.S., it quietly dropped the matter and hoped no one would notice. They should have apologized to the agents. Instead, they’re coming for the agents a second time.” – Monica Showalter

Twitter and the Freedom of Speech – “The courts have ruled that when a governmental actor — here the DHS — and a nongovernmental actor — here Twitter — are so intertwined for their mutual benefit, and someone — here those whose speech Twitter has suppressed because of its content — is harmed thereby, the courts will impose First Amendment restraints upon the nongovernmental actor.” – Andrew P. Napolitano

Cargo Cult Conservatism – “If you were to go back in time to the 1980’s, scoop up a group of conservatives and show them this post from the National Conservatives, those retro-conservatives would be very confused. Once the present situation in America was explained to them, they would no doubt want to know what went wrong? Was there a horrible calamity that derailed conservatives and sent the nation reeling into authoritarian degeneracy? Did the Left stage a revolt and seize the country by force? Did we lose the Cold War? Finally, what this and the larger discussion within the group debating the future conservatism reveals is they have learned nothing. That is because they have not bothered to think about why conservatism failed.” – The Z Man

Should Ron DeSantis run for president? – “The case for maximizing his tenure in Tallahassee. However, I’m not entirely convinced that it would be beneficial in the long run for Ron DeSantis to become president right now. Perhaps it’s for the best that DeSantis continues to keep his foot on the accelerator in Florida, where he is helping to bring about real, lasting human flourishing to The Sunshine State, and positive change that will see a multi-generational benefit.” – Jordan Schachtel

Newsom set to fast-track gun control measures – Tom Knighton

Meet the New Boss; Putin Reroutes Critical Hydrocarbons Eastward Leaving Europe High-and-Dry – Mike Whitney

The Road to Nuclear Armageddon – “Let’s make sure we understand this. Critics of US policy have pointed out for a long time that America has surrounded Russia with nuclear bases. It helped overthrow a pro-Russian government in the Ukraine. Naturally, this made Putin nervous. He does not want an invasion of Russia though the Ukraine, as happened in World War II, when Russia lost millions of lives. Now, the brain dead Biden gang of neocons is saying to Putin, “You are exactly right! We do want to degrade Russia to a minor power and use the Ukraine as a base for attack!”” – Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

Western media and politicians prefer to ignore the truth about civilians killed in Donetsk shelling – “When Kiev’s guilt in attacks on a maternity hospital cannot be denied, it’s simply brushed under the carpet” – Eva Bartlett

The ‘New G8’ Meets China’s ‘Three Rings’ – “The coming of the new G8 points to the inevitable advent of BRICS +, one of the key themes to be discussed in the upcoming BRICS summit in China” – Pepe Escobar

Beggaring Europe: switching cheap Russian gas for expensive American LNG – “EU steps to significantly reduce Russian gas imports will see Europe newly dependent on much pricier US liquefied natural gas” – Daoud Baalbaki

They say they want their sons to succeed – “But they do everything in their power to ensure they fail. See, the way it’s supposed to work is that an established professional, secure in his position, takes you under his wing, teaches you what he knows, talks you up to his friends, and if given the opportunity moves you into available positions. As he rises, so do you. You benefit from his influence, and he benefits from your loyalty, which helps to extend his influence. That sounds like nepotism because it is, and that isn’t a bad thing. Historically, that’s how most careers have advanced: an older man recognizes the potential in a younger man, and fosters that potential, because both of them will benefit from that potential blossoming. That practically never happens anymore.” – John Carter – INTERESTING ARTICLE FROM JOHN CARTER!!!

We’re Here To Become As Conscious As Possible – Caitlin Johnstone


Dow falls more than 600 points, tumbling below 30,000 to the lowest level in more than a year – Samantha Subin and Pippa Stevens – DON’T WORRY, JOE SAID THE OTHER DAY THAT THEY ARE WATCHING THE MARKET, GUESS HE MET WATCHING IT DROP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will This Be the Last Move in the Fed’s Inflation Fight? – “Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell continues to claim a “soft landing” is possible and the Fed can get inflation back to the 2% target without tipping the economy into a recession. He insists the economy remains strong and the American consumer is healthy. I’m not convinced about any of this. Keep in mind this is the same guy who told us pumping trillions of dollars into the economy during the pandemic wouldn’t cause inflation and then that inflation was “transitory.” The Fed has a pretty miserable track record when it comes to its economic projections.” – Michael Maharrey

The Fed Is Winging It: A 75 Basis-Point Hike “Seemed Like the Right Thing” – Ryan McMaken

These People Never Learn – “Since 1970, whenever the stock market fell 18% or more over a four-month time frame, the economy fell into recession every time. Well, that’s exactly what we’ve seen. But after yesterday’s bloodbath, I heard a well-regarded business TV anchor ask her guest about “green shoots.” I nearly fell out of my chair, laughing. These people never learn.” – Jim Rickards

A perfect storm in banking is brewing – “Now that interest rates are rising with much further to go, the global banking system faces a crisis on a scale like no other in history. Central banks loaded with financial securities acquired through QE face growing losses, and their balance sheet liabilities are now significantly greater than their assets — a condition which in the private sector is termed bankruptcy. They will need to be recapitalised urgently to retain credibility.” – Alasdair Macleod

Fed “Wordsmithing” and a 0.75 Percentage Point Hike, Largest Increase Since 1994 – “The Fed chose to hike its base rate by three quarters of a point to a range of 1.50 to 1.75 percent. This is the biggest jump since 1994.” – Mish

US Jobless Claims Continue To Trend Higher – Tyler Durden

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 9.33EUR


More Major Disasters Hit U.S. Food Production – Are You Prepared For What Comes Next? – Michael Snyder

Planning Your All-season Garden – “A successful food garden is one that yields crops throughout the season.” – Home Garden Seed Association – VERY GOOD ARTICLE ON WHAT TO RAISE YEAR ROUND!!!

Tick Season: 1 In 7 People Had Lyme Disease And Didn’t Know It, Study Says – “With the warm summers months between May and August bringing a resurgence of disease-carrying tick populations, study authors are sounding the alarm to prevent more infections. Lyme disease, or Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato (Bb) infection, is the most common illness ticks carry. Overall, only mosquitoes carry more harmful microbes than ticks.” – Chris Melore


Ezekiel 12:16    But I will leave a few men of them from the sword, from the famine, and from the pestilence; that they may declare all their abominations among the heathen whither they come; and they shall know that I am the Lord.