Autoimmune Reaction Hypothesis – Part 2 | Autoimmune Liver Failure – “Boettler et al published an article in the Journal of Hepatology on April 21, 2022 which is strong agreement with the Autoimmune Reaction Hypothesis. Before your cells fused with LNPs, they were healthy After vaccination, killer T-cells now perceive those healthy cells as infected – requiring destruction This is the definition of an autoimmune response – the host immune system turns on its own healthy cells. Boettler et al published an article in the Journal of Hepatology on April 21, 2022.SARS-CoV-2 vaccination can elicit a CD8 T-cell dominant hepatitis ” -Remnant | MD – SO THERE YOU HAVE IT. THIS COULD BE WHY HEPATITIS IS BREAKING OUT ESPECIALLY IN THE UK. THE STUDY ONLY USED ONE INDIVIDUAL WHO GOT HEPATITIS AFTER HE WAS VACCINATED. THAT’S WHY I SAY COULD. BUT ACCORDING TO THE WHO. IT’S NOT A POSSIBILITY. SEE THE NEXT ARTICLE!!!!

Multi-Country – Acute, severe hepatitis of unknown origin in children 23 April 2022 – “Since the WHO Disease Outbreak News on Acute hepatitis of unknown aetiology – the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland was published on 15 April 2022, there have been continuing further reports of cases of acute hepatitis of unknown origin among young children. It is not yet clear if there has been an increase in hepatitis cases, or an increase in awareness of hepatitis cases that occur at the expected rate but go undetected. While adenovirus is a possible hypothesis, investigations are ongoing for the causative agent.” – WHO –  I WOULD SAY THE ORIGIN IS POSSIBLY NOT UNKNOWN AND THAT THE CAUSATIVE AGENT IS PROBABLY CALLED A VACCINE. AND NOW THE COVER UP BEGINS AS USUAL. SEE THE NEXT ARTICLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hepatitis Spreads As Rulers Declare Its Origins Are “Unknown” – “The important thing to note on this one is the control of the narrative has begun. A UK incident team investigating the cases has suggested that they might have been caused by “an infectious agent or a possible toxic exposure,” The investigators have already ruled out possibilities that the outbreak might be linked to coronavirus vaccines since the children infected had little in common altogether.” – Mac Slavo

Lockdowns could be causing surge in Hepatitis in children – “Top theory from the UK Health Surveillance Agency” – The Naked Emperor – AND A DIFFERENT TAKE FROM THE NAKED EMPEROR!!!!!

Moderna Knew Vaccinated People Will Never Acquire Proper Immunity After Breakthrough Infections – “`Ever wondered why some vaccinated people seem to be having endless Covids? An interesting study came out.” – Igor Chudov

How Panic Spread: Covid in the Early Days – Scott Atlas

Vax, Ivermectin or Detox? Beware of Caretakers Bearing Potentially Deadly Chicken Soup – “The public does not get their opinions about how to treat so-called viruses by reason alone, they tend to catch them by social contagion. This usually falls into three camps along social class lines:” – Wayne Lusvardi

Another COVID Variant Found In Israeli Travelers – Mac Slavo

Reports of Women Shedding Uterine Lining Surged in 2021, Research Shows – “The survey was launched based on previous survey data suggesting an increase in menstrual irregularities since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. As survey responses accumulated, it became evident that individuals were reporting a variety of unusual symptoms, many severe, and that decidual cast shedding was prevalent within the survey responses.” – Children’s Health Defense Team – VACCINE OR NOT. THE STUDY MAKES NO CORRELATION ON THAT!!!

Major Study Finds Antidepressants DON’T Make People Any Happier – “A major study, that is certainly going to have the pharmaceutical industry squirming, was published this month in the journal PLOS ONE and claims that antidepressants don’t do much to “anti depress.” In fact, according to researchers, antidepressants are no better at making people feel happier than taking no medication at all.” – Matt Agorist – GEE, YOU MEAN TAKING THE PILL TO HELP THE PILL YOU ARE TAKING THAT DOESN’T WORK SO GOOD, DOESN’T WORK EITHER???  MAYBE YOU SHOULD TAKE A PILL, TO HELP THE PILL THAT’S SUPPOSED TO HELP THE OTHER PILL. YOU KNOW, KIND OF LIKE BOOSTERS!!!!!!!!!!


5 signs they are CREATING a food crisis – “It’s no secret that, according to politicians and the corporate press, “food shortages” and a “food supply crises” have been on the way for a while now. They have been regularly predicted for several years. You’d be forgiven for thinking that – since the food crisis is always expected but never arrives, and is always blamed on the current thing – that it doesn’t really exist. That it’s nothing but a psy-op designed to spread panic and give suppliers an excuse to jack up their prices in response to fake “scarcity” created by the press. However, there are indications that this may be about to change.” – Kit Knightly

Chronic Shortages Of A Few Items Now Will Evolve Into Chronic Shortages Of Hundreds Of Products Later In 2022 – “What we have witnessed so far is just the beginning of the story. The global response to the COVID pandemic during 2020 and 2021 created the most epic supply chain crisis in modern times, and now “black swan events” such as the war in Ukraine and the bird flu pandemic are making that supply chain crisis even worse. Unfortunately, more global difficulties are coming.” – Michael Snyder

US Diplomacy Continues to be Invisible – “No deal with Iran and weapons for Ukraine” – Philip Giraldi

Austin and Blinken want Ukraine to continue fighting war it cannot win – Paul Antonopoulos,

US Makes Clear Its Aim Is to ‘Weaken’ Russia – “The U.S. makes plain its plan is not just to win its proxy war in Ukraine, but to continue flooding the country with weapons systems and ammunition, long enough to “weaken” Russia” – Joe Lauria

“The ‘defactualization’ of America.” – “Ukraine as mirror. It is perfectly obvious by now, to anyone who cares to look, that mainstream media in America and the other Western powers are not reporting the Ukraine crisis accurately. So far as I know, this is the first war in modern history with no objective, principled coverage in mainstream media of day-to-day events and their context. None. It is morn-to-night propaganda, disinformation and lies of omission—most of it fashioned by the Nazi-infested Zelensky regime in Kiev and repeated uncritically as fact. There is one thing worse than this degenerate state of affairs. It is the extent to which the media’s malpractice is perfectly fine to most Americans.” – Patrick Lawrence

The “Gentlemen’s Agreement”: When TV News Won’t Identify Defense Lobbyists – “As war rages, viewers watch commercials for weapons dealers, often without knowing it. As war rages, there will be officials on TV with sincere opinions about how the U.S. can help Ukraine. Very often, however, what you’re watching is a paid lobbyist plugging for a weapons maker.” – Matt Taibbi and Matt Orfalea

Janet Yellen Issues “Call to Action” Over Food Shortages and Soaring Fertilizer Prices – “Let’s discuss Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s “Call to Action” in which she blamed Russia for soaring food prices and proposed a way to deal with it. Yellen’s rah rah speech sounds nice but realistically will not do a damn thing. Neither the Fed nor the Treasury department grows food or makes fertilizer. The harsh reality that Yellen did not disclose is that giving away free food and fertilizer to prevent starvation in Africa will raise prices everywhere else. Sanctions on Russian energy raises the cost of producing fertilizer.” – Mish

Elon Musk’s buying Twitter is good for free speech. And a ‘nightmare’ for progressives. – Jonathan Turley – MAYBE, BUT PROBABLY NOT!!!!

Are we being blindly optimistic about Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover? – Rajan Laad

Billionaires Only Come To The Rescue In Movies And Comic Books – “You don’t get to be a billionaire, much less a billionaire with massively influential media ownership, unless you collaborate with existing power structures. Musk has certainly been collaborating with the oligarchic empire very nicely up until this point, and it’s a safe bet that his purchase would not be happening if the empire felt its narrative control machine was in any way threatened by it. Believing Elon Musk is going to save Twitter is as naive as believing Joe Biden was going to save America. Arguing over which oligarchs should control the media is as silly and undignified as arguing over which oligarch-owned politicians should run the government.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Video: MSNBC Hack Is Suddenly Worried About Twitter Censorship Influencing Elections – “And potato face Brian Stelter is worried about “total freedom”” – Steve Watson

Fascism as a flaw in human nature unleashed by unlimited power – “A meditation in three parts on how power corrupts and what we might do about that” – Toby Rogers – VERY GOOD ARTICLE FROM TOBY!!!!

The Triumph of Deceit: How Thinking in Labels Has Killed Democracy. France’s Presidential Election. – “Fascism and even nazism can be liberal, and not only conservative. (The only difference there, is the difference between liberal billionaires versus conservative billionaires, but rule by ANY billionaires is an aristocracy not a democracy. It doesn’t represent the public; it represents the super-rich. A good example of this phenomenon is the French election for that nation’s Presidency,” – Eric Zuesse

Biden admin’s cold, callous response to the death of a Texas guardsman protecting our border – “As if anyone ever needed proof of the callousness and irresponsibility of the Biden administration regarding its open borders policy, White House spokesweasel Jen Psaki yesterday put everybody to rights.” – Monica Showalter

Durham’s latest: He has hundreds of e-mails between Fusion GPS and reporters – “Also – DARPA Contracts and Classified data” – Techno Fog

Minsk II: Two Words You’ll Never Hear on Mainstream News – “Ask a hundred Americans and you’ll be lucky to find even one who’s ever heard of Minsk II. But ask those same Americans how the Ukraine war started, and you’ll likely get “Russian President Putin woke up one day and decided to re-establish the Soviet empire, starting with Ukraine.” That is because our government and its slavishly loyal media have created a false narrative for maximum propaganda to support pouring billions in weaponry into the Ukraine war zone, ensuring that death and destruction will proceed endlessly.” – Walt Zlotow

Illegal Firearms: How Criminals Get Their Guns – “Are Democrats really focused on keeping firearms out of the hands of criminals?” – Jeff Charles

Why Gavin Newsom Is Creating A Water & Energy Disaster – “California Gov. Gavin Newsom yesterday claimed he was taking major action to address the drought affecting California and the West. More than 90% of California is in severe drought, up from 65% just one year ago. In truth, Newsom is starving California of both water and energy. We are in the worst energy crisis in 50 years and yet Newsom is planning to shut down the largest single source of energy in California, Diablo Canyon nuclear plant. ” – Michael Shellenberger

Mason Jar Meals: 3 “Fast Food” Canning Recipes for a Home-Cooked Meal ASAP – Daisy Luther


Stock Markets in China & Honk Kong Dive, Yuan Slides, Crude Oil Drops on Confidence Crisis in China – Wolf Richter

Federal Reserve Crashes Plane in Route to “Soft Landing” – “It should be noted that, while stock and bond prices have been falling simultaneously, the Federal Reserve has not yet begun carrying out its emergency flight plan. It hasn’t even slowed its engines to start descent. It is still adding fuel to the nation’s money supply by expanding its balance sheet with gentle nudges of the throttle.” – David Haggith

Jerome Powell: Wrong, Wrong and More Wrong (VIDEO) – Peter Schiff

US Is Seeking Escalation Into Permanent Economic War, And Russia Will Respond In Kind – “Prognosis Positive or Negative?” – Michael Every

Where is the Russian Federation’s Gold Stored? – Ronan Manly

Following Twitter, Elon Musk May Next Want to Acquire Silver – Stefan Gleason – STEFAN MAKES A GOOD POINT HERE!!!!!

Inflation continues to soar in the West as Biden unrelentingly blames Russia – “However, this is disingenuous as commodity prices in the US began to rise last year. Biden is attempting to halt the wave of disapproval he is receiving for allowing the average American citizen to economically suffer by blaming Moscow instead of admitting his own mistakes. At the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic when the US economy was struggling to stay afloat as politicians shut down the economy, the Federal Reserve began aggressively printing trillions of dollars, swelling the Fed’s balance sheet to nearly $9 trillion in 2021.” – Paul Antonopoulos

Inflation, FAANGs and Airplanes – where the real world and finance collide! – “Markets are being whipsawed by rate hike threats from Central Banks, China lockdowns, the Ukraine war, while being stalked by inflation and stagflation. The big risk remains policy mistakes – trying to solve these with the wrong monetary and fiscal policies.” – Bill Blain

Markets Climb a Wall of Worry but a War, a Pandemic, Soaring Inflation and Opaque Megabanks Spell Big Trouble – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Supply Disturbances Do Not Explain High Inflation – “Unfortunately for the administration, their politically-convenient supply-side stories explain far too little. Today’s inflation is primarily the result of excessive nominal spending, which the Fed could have and should have offset.” – William J. Luther

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 10.12EUR


John 8:51    Verily, verily, I say unto you, If a man keep my saying, he shall never see death.