And What Did You Do in the War, Grandpa? – “Again. By no means is Ronamonomania – what is styled “the pandemic” – over. It will never be over until it is repudiated to the roots of the thing; until the lies used to create the thing are acknowledged to have been lies and those who used them to terrorize the population held to account. Not merely relieved of their usurped authority. Prosecuted, criminally. Hounded, mercilessly – to the ends of the Earth, if need be. If that is justified in the case of some 94-year-old fellow who, as a 17-year-old kid, worked as a concentration camp guard for three or four months during the final year of World War II – then surely it is justified in the case of grown men who turned the entire country into a kind of camp.” – Eric Peters

COVID-19 Deep Dive Part VII: Smart Cities and Neo-Malthusianism – “Welcome to the new tyranny, same as the old tyranny” – Spartacus  -PART SEVEN FROM SPARTACUS. A MUST READ AS ARE ALL THE PARTS. ALL HAVE BEEN PREVIOUSLY LINKED!!!!!

Must We Make a Case Against Dictatorship? – “Some federal officials have made startling statements in recent days. Given the times in which we live, we can no longer take for granted that they won’t be convincing. On the table now is the power of an unelected bureaucracy, on its own authority and without any juridical check, to mandate that every citizen keep his or her face covered. What’s startling is how aggressively they are saying what was once surely unsayable.” – Jeffrey A. Tucker

Destruction of Food Begins in Shanghai with Fences Installed to Keep People Locked Down – “Deliberate destruction of food is reportedly happening on a large scale, blaming “COVID” for contaminating the food as they use cotton swab PCR tests to test animals like chickens and fish, while reportedly destroying many tons of fresh produce. This week fencing appeared overnight in many places to lockdown people in their homes and apartments, Here in the U.S. people like Anthony Fauci and Dr. Oz, who is now aligned with Donald Trump, have publicly stated that the measures China are taking to lockdown their populations are “working” to stop the spread of COVID, which should be a wake-up call to everyone about what we are probably facing in the near future here in the U.S. and around the world.” – Brian Shilhavy – FOR EVERYONE WHO THINKS THIS IS OVER. IT’S NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is New England covid hospitalization data being retroactively adjusted down? – Because the data reported by NYT has sure changed a lot in the last week.” – El Gato Malo

2. Viruses don’t cause cancer ? | Virology Series – “In medical training, the idea that viruses can cause cancer is taught as fact. Unfortunately, that claim is devoid of historical context, biological plausibility, as well as confirmatory evidence.” – Remnant | MD  – THE SECOND PART OF THE SERIES FROM REMNANT MD. THE FIRST PART WAS LINKED ON 04/03/22!!!!

Cardiologist Says 30 Percent of Vaccinated Pilots Would Fail Health Screenings Due to Vaccine Injuries – Debra Heine


Shocks to the System – “In the quaint asylums of yore, it was understood that a few shocks to the system could bring lunatics out of a fugue state of derangement — a cold water plunge… an insulin hot-shot to induce convulsions… some electrodes placed artfully on select regions of the brain…. It looks like America is about to be treated to some shocks. The first shock will be the painful recognition that Ukraine is not prevailing against Russia’s Operation Z, despite the combined efforts of the US news media and the Intel Community to put over that narrative. The next shock will be the utterly predictable crash of global financial markets, which started last Friday and is looking to gain momentum this week. Watch it shove Ukraine clean off the media landing pages and the cable news chyrons. Next shock to the system: Remember Covid-19? Do you have any idea how much homicidal fraud was committed in its name by the pharmaceutical industry and the public health agencies of the US government?” – James Howard Kunstler – ANOTHER GREAT READ FROM MR. KUNSTLER. EVERYONE READY FOR WHAT IS COMING!!!!

The war can only end with more war – “This war is being fought for reasons nobody with a functioning brain really believes. Democracy? Freedom? Insert all the laughing, crying, rolling on the muddy death fields of Ukraine emojis in the digital universe, plus all the facepalms, and pregnant men facepalms. Forget the Nazis, the Oligarchs, the cocaine comic, the NATO clowns, the American empire war complex, the district of corruption, the demented diapered one, the EU tyrants begging for economic and energy catastrophes a la carte. They all stand to gain from the blood of young Ukrainians, from their sacrifice for a set of conditions that were never going to be met even when all the world knew it before a single shot was fired.” – The Good Citizen – THE CITIZEN ON THE WAR. HOW MANY DOES THAT MAKE NOW?  HOW MANY MORE TO COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Ukraine War is a Racket – “ “War is a racket, wrote US Maj. General Smedley Butler in 1935. He explained: “A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of the people. Only a small ‘inside’ group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few, at the expense of the very many. Out of war a few people make huge fortunes.” Gen. Butler’s observation describes the US/NATO response to the Ukraine war perfectly. As is always the case with propaganda, this version of events is manipulated to bring an emotional response to the benefit of special interests.” – Ron Paul – THIS WAR AND EVERY OTHER ONE!!!!

A Russian nuclear strike in Ukraine: How likely is it? – “The threat of Moscow nuking Ukraine is virtually zero – but irresponsible actions by NATO may increase the nuclear danger to Europe” – Scott Ritter

Reality v. Farcical US/Western Claims About Russia’s SMO in Ukraine – “On Monday, puppet Zelensky was shuttled from his Polish hideout to meet with US war secretary Austin and interventionist Blinken in Kiev — before scurrying back to whence he came. Defying reality, Blinken sounded delusional, claiming: “Russia is failing (sic). Ukraine is succeeding (sic).” ” – Stephen Lendman

The Moskva Riddle – “Neither NATO nor Russia is telling us what really happened with the Moskva, the legendary admiral ship of the Black Sea fleet. NATO because in theory, they know. Moscow, for its part, made it clear they are not saying anything until they can be sure what happened. One thing is certain. If the Russian Ministry of Defense finds out that NATO did it, they will let loose all the dogs from Hell on NATO, as in “asymmetrical, lethal and fast”.” – Pepe Escobar

Food Security & Shortages – “Coincidences or pointing in the direction of what’s to come?” – The Naked Emperor

Open letter to FBI, NYT, WaPo: ongoing destruction of food processing plants across America – “I see no evidence you people are investigating or covering the string of food-processing-plant destructions across America. Is there a problem? Do you think these accounts are fake? Do you assume they’re unrelated? Do you think it’s important to hide these events from the public?” – Jon Rappoport

War on Food Goes Hot: FBI warns cyberattacks on farms — One farm stands up (VIDEO) – “The food wars have gone hot — and even the mainstream is noticing. Even as the fires and explosions destroying our food supply are broadly reported, the FBI warns of cyberattacks on farming infrastructure. As this awareness grows, one farm has stood up to NY state, refusing to comply with Bird Flu orders. ” – Ice Age Farmer – INTERESTING VIDEO!!!!!!

Opposite Rule Revisited – “The Opposite Rule of Liberalism states that whatever the Left is saying about its political opponents, assume the opposite and you will get close to the truth. A good example of this is when the neocons were organizing the police state during the Bush years. The Bush people said these new weapons of the state would only be used against Muslims. The Left said these tools would be used against normal Americans. Of course, as soon as the Left gained power they started using these tools to spy on Americans.” – The Z Man –  I THINK THE INTENT OF THESE NEW WEAPONS OF THE STATE WERE FOR USE AGAINST AMERICANS ALL ALONG, IRREGARDLESS OF WHO HAD THE POWER!!!!!

Biden’s decline is obvious to everyone but the press – “It’s also hard to forget that during the Donald Trump years, the president’s acumen was full-on debated and often. Brian Stelter, of CNN’s most-misnamed show, “Reliable Sources,” had actor Robert De Niro on to discuss Trump’s mental capacity. The network also favored medical opinions from Trump’s enemies like Anthony Scaramucci. But now we’re supposed to disregard what we see with our own eyes. Many of us have had our own confused grandpa, starting one story and finishing another or rambling from one topic to the next nonsensically. Grandpa sometimes wanders. The trouble is this confused grandpa has a bit more power than your own.” – Karol Markowicz

Joe Biden met with Hunter Biden business partner at the White House – “Hunter Biden’s closest business partner made at least 19 visits to the White House and other official locations between 2009 and 2015, including a sitdown with then-Vice President Joe Biden in the West Wing. Visitor logs from the White House of former President Barack Obama reviewed by The Post cast further doubt over Joe Biden’s claims that he knew nothing of his son’s dealings.” – Jon Levine and Miranda Devine

Bitch-slapping the Bill of Rights: brief notes on Senator Mitt Romney’s failed attempt – “Tulsi Gabbard made NO factual statements which were either false or wrong. And the charge of Treason, under our Constitution, cannot be used to silence legitimate political opposition.” – Data Humanist

A Mostly Wind- and Solar-Powered U.S. Economy Is a Dangerous Fantasy – “The proposed transition to “net zero” via wind and solar power is not only not easy, but is a total fantasy. It likely cannot occur at all without dramatically undermining our economy, lifestyle and security, and it certainly cannot occur at anything remotely approaching reasonable cost. At some point, the ongoing forced transition… will crash and burn.” – Francis Menton

Macron Won – One Giant Step toward World War III – “Of course, Macron won amid allegations of vote tampering. If a ballot was torn in any way, which seems to have been those of Le Pen, they were just discarded. There was NO POSSIBLE WAY that the EU would have allowed Le Pen to win for she would have upset the EU and gone against this madness of creating a war with Russia to cover up the collapse in the monetary system thanks to 8+ years of negative interest rates. The Die is Cast. Europe is headed into self-destruction.” – Martin Armstrong

Macron won’t save the EU – “Brussels knows it is living on borrowed time. For the EU, the French presidential election was about more than the future of France. This was a referendum on the EU’s federalist project. Brussels saw Emmanuel Macron as a representation of the EU, and Marine Le Pen as a representation of the existential threat posed by populism.”- Frank Furedi

Could A Black Swan Event Bring It All Down?- “You might have heard the phrase before – ‘Black Swan’ event. But what is it? Here’s my opinion, and concerns… A black swan is an event, happening, or series of things that come along unexpected. It is a surprise – an aberration – outside of regular expectations. It has severe and extreme impact. You might reason that the risk of a Black Swan event becomes much higher as it relates to more complicated systems. The thing is – today’s modern way of life is deeply and utterly dependent upon many, many complicated systems. Never before have so many people had a reliance on so many external (out of their control) systems. Dependencies. And never before have we been at so much risk, because of it. You might think of it as the spokes on a wheel. When one breaks, so does the integrity of the wheel.” – Ken Jorgustin

You Need to Be Thinking NOW About Bartering – Marie Hawthorne


When The “Food System” Breaks Down, Everything Will Break Down With It – “Frogs in Boiling Water. So, savour the Macron victory, Mr Market; but you are not luxuriating in a hot-tub drinking champagne – you are in a very different body of water.” – Michael Every

Populism averted, but only for a short-while – “Macron’s victory has been hailed as a market plus, a win for Europe and common purpose, but it’s likely just a crisis averted, perhaps, for a few more years. Around the globe populism will likely be fanned by inflation, food and energy insecurity and become an increasingly destabilising force on markets.” – Bill Blain

Dow drops about 200 points, building on recent losses as global slowdown fears loom – Hannah Miao and Sarah Min

Crash Is King – “You’ve heard the expression “cash is king.” Very true. But it’s equally true that “crash is king:” when speculative excesses collapse under their own extremes, the crash crushes all other narratives and becomes the dominant dynamic. Everything that the mainstream uses to predict “value,” market action and “the future” is tossed out the window. Price-earnings, “growth,” “innovation,” cash flow, yields, the bat-guano-quatloo carry trade, etc., etc., etc.– none of it stops the crash or makes sense of the crash, which happens for systemic reasons beyond conventional explanations.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Gold Tumbles Below $1900 – Erases All Post-Putin Risk-Premia – Tyler Durden

Silver Supply Deficit Frames Bullish Outlook – Stefan Gleason

Silver Demand Hit 6-Year High in 2021; Growth Expected to Continue Despite Headwinds – Schiff Gold

Fed Chair Powell Telegraphs the Perfect Storm for Wall Street’s Megabanks: Rapid Rate Hikes Hitting $234 Trillion in Derivatives – “The mega banks that are known to have the bulk of the derivative exposure were hit hard in the selloff on Friday, as was the German global bank, Deutsche Bank, which is known to be a counterparty to derivatives on Wall Street. Also reported to have derivative exposure to Wall Street are insurance companies AIG, Metropolitan Life (MET), Prudential Financial (PRU), Ameriprise Financial (AMP) and Lincoln National (LNC).” – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 10.47EUR


Proverbs 31:9      Open thy mouth, judge righteously, and plead the cause of the poor and needy.