The Next ‘Great Pandemic’ Claiming Astronomical Death Counts Is Now Being Telegraphed and Marketed to the Public? – ““I believe the great pandemic is still in the future, and that’s going to be a bird flu pandemic for man. It’s gonna have significant mortality in the 10-50% range. It’s gonna be trouble.” Robert Redfield—Former CDC Director, March 30th, 2022 interview with Doug McKelway on “Center Point” Yes, the writing is on the wall, and in the U.S. testing ground that is U.S. created China, cases of ‘avian bird flu’ are already being reported by ‘news’ outlets. So far, as of a few days ago, 19 cases of H5N6 bird flu among Chinese citizens have been reported as confirmed this year. ‘Coincidentally,’ two new cases were reported just as Redfield’s statements were released. Supposed ‘fears’ of a major outbreak are said to be advancing as the propaganda continues.” – Gary D. Barnett

Will You Diaper Up, Again? – “Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice – and the shame’s all mine. As forced-wearing of the Face Diaper ramps up again, it is more important than ever to absolutely refuse to wear the loathsome things again. Unless you want to relive the past two-plus years again. Unless you want to let the people behind whatever’s left of “Joe Biden” steal another election, again. This being not only their plan but essential, if they are to remain in a position to elaborate their “plans.” Diapering was the key to everything, last time. Forcing everyone to wear the Diaper in order to shop or even just be out and about created the false reality that a plague was about.” – Eric Peters

Shanghai Spirals Into Apocalyptic Scenes of Chaos as Residents Rebel Against Zero COVID Policy – Svetlana Ekimenko

Video: Fauci Declares “You Use Lockdowns to Get People Vaccinated” – “Praises China’s insane lockdown. Appearing on MSNBC Wednesday, Anthony Fauci let the truth about lockdowns slip… that they are theatre designed to scare people into getting vaccinated. ” – Steve Watson

Is the Fauci-Mengele comparison out of bounds? – “Fox News has parted company with Laura Logan, the journalist contends, for relaying viewers’ comments that Dr. Anthony Fauci does not represent science, as the Biden adviser has claimed, and instead represents Nazi doctor Josef Mengele.” – Lloyd Billingsley

No, it’s not OK when China does it – “Justifying lockdowns and endorsing the “threat” of Covid is doing the establishment’s work for it.” – Catte

US covid test positivity rates by vaccination status – “Yet another set of evidence that vaccines are not working to stop covid spread and that boosters wind up making you more likely to contract covid in the long run” – El Gato Malo

You Cannot Boost Your Way Through COVID. Towards “Vaccine” Doses 4 and 5… – Dr. Joseph Mercola

Pfizer to Ask FDA to Allow 3rd COVID Shot for Healthy 5- to 11-Year-Olds, Based on Study of 140 Kids – Megan Redshaw – MORE INSANITY!!!!

Biden COVID Czar: Little Kids Should Still Wear Masks Because CDC Says So – “Illegal immigrants, not so much” – Steve watson

Ivermectin and Statistical Significance – “At what point should a potential therapy be deemed effective? notice that these statements do not say ivermectin does not work against COVID. At most, they say only that, to date, research has not shown that it does work. So, what does the research show?” – Charles L. Hooper and David R. Henderson


You’ve Been Misinformed – “Isn’t it obvious by now that pervasive dishonesty is the foremost crisis of many crises in Western Civ generally and American life in particular? All our authorities have made themselves false, lying their way into the broad collapse of confidence that drives the nation toward some culminating horror show of strife and loss. The go-to lever of concerted mind-fuckery has been the term-of-art misinformation, applied especially to things and propositions that are truthful — thereby confounding the public’s ability to discern truth in anything, or to discover how they are being misled in matters of life and death. All this was epitomized in the operation of Twitter, the cheerful little bluebird of social messaging which evolved in a very few years into an instrument of coercion, punishment, deception, and lying, until it became clear that Twitter’s misinformation was misinformation itself. Half the nation doesn’t believe anything it is told by those in authority and the other half revels in its reckless abuse of authority.” – James Howard Kunstler

Our Fren Elon – “He’s such a swell guy. Isn’t he? As the conservatives and libertarians gloat about shitlibs eating crow at the prospect of our fren Elon buying Twitter, just remember who he is and how irrelevant Twitter will be one day very soon. But never underestimate the bedazzled willingness of a hysterical mob to make a quarter trillionaire richer on an old bird’s corpse. People celebrating a known huckster and fraud with a post-humanist agenda who wants to waste $40 Billion on a shitty digital pig pen that corrals all the known and unknown retards of the world is peak idiocracy. But celebrate if you must.” – The Good Citizen  – GOOD ARTICLE ON ELON FROM THE GOOD CITIZEN, MAKE SURE YOU WATCH THE VIDEO FORM GREG REESE AS WELL!!!!!!

Musk .v. Woke – “Now the game is afoot. The media (and blue checks) are all a-twitter over Elon’s bid to buy — and take private — Twitter. The caterwauling over Musk’s bid for the firm, which was quite-easily expected when he denied the board seat is amusing. Now here comes the conundrum: Is Elon simply angling to be the one with his hands on the banhammer? Probably.” – Karl Denninger

Socialism: opiate of the masses – “Let’s get something straight. There is no pure form of socialism, where “the government owns the means of production.” The means of production own the government, and vice versa. It’s always collusion. Elite power players stitch themselves together like a walking Frankenstein corpse. Socialism can be done with a smile or with guns and jails. Styles vary.” – Jon Rappoport

Democracy Is Dead…Long Live Democracy – “The word “democracy” (demokratia) derives from “demos” (people) and “kratos” (power). Literally translated it means “people power.” It is the best model of governance ever devised. So it is a shame that no one alive on Earth lives in a democracy. Sadly, most people don’t know what democracy is.” – Iain Davis

The Dissident and the Christian – “It is fair to say that this is the worst time for Christians and Christianity in the West since the Roman empire. In order to promote equality, liberal democracy has created protected classes of people who cannot be criticized. The other side of this are people who must me mocked and ridiculed. Christians were the first group placed in this category and remain the popular object of ridicule in the West. There is no prohibition against overt hatred of Christians in most Western countries. We are not feeding Christian to lions in gladiatorial pits, but you can be sure some elements of the ruling class have thought about it.” – The Z Man

More Escalations In Online Censorship – “YouTube has been deleting videos disputing the US government narrative about Russian war crimes in Bucha, Ukraine, validating concerns we’ve discussed previously that Silicon Valley platforms would begin censoring anyone who challenges the authorized version of events in this war. There has as yet been no investigation into what happened in Bucha by any international body and there are plenty of arguments to be made questioning aspects of the Official Story that westerners are being aggressively force fed by the narrative control machine of the US-centralized empire. Which would mean that YouTube is defining “well-documented” as “unproven assertions by the US government.”” – Caitlin Johnstone

Google Says Websites Can’t Talk About Ukraine – “A very strange email was sent out to website owners by Google just the other day, further proving that Americans are no longer allowed to speak the truth.” – Aden Tate

Moment a confused looking Biden sticks out his hand and appears to shake thin air after falsely claiming in speech that he had also been a ‘full professor’ at UPenn for four years – “President Biden looked lost again Thursday after finishing a speech on the nation’s ongoing supply chain crisis, when he turned around and stuck his hand out as if to shake hands – while no one else was on-stage. ” – Alex Hammer and Morgan Phillips

Marco Rubio Preparing to Join Biden in Destroying the World Economy – “Marco Rubio mentioned that he is mulling legislation to sanction China if it helps Moscow circumvent SWIFT sanctions. Once the trade is severed, there is no incentive to work together. The only thing that then resolves such disputes is war. We are watching India among many nations viewing the arrogance of America as a deterrent and pushing them into the arms of the alternative economy that is forming.” – Martin Armstrong

Media downplays accused Brooklyn subway shooter Frank James’ hatred of whites – NY Post Editorial Board  – THAT’S BECAUSE HE WASN’T A WHITE SUPREMACIST THAT HATED BLACKS, THOSE ARE THE ONLY ONES THAT MATTER. NO RACE CRIME HERE!!!!!!!

It appears that the West doesn’t want peace in Ukraine – “Rather than pursuing a truce, the US and allies are doing all they can to turn the Ukraine conflict into a proxy war against Russia” – Timur Fomenko

How The U.S. Does ‘Diplomacy’ – “The U.S. doesn’t do diplomacy. Every country has its own interests. But the U.S. and its pricks in the State Department insist that its interests must have priority over all others. Any country that disagrees with that will be called out on this or that issue or will even get sanctioned.” – Moon of Alabama

Should We Commit to Fight Russia — for Finland? – “Why would we voluntarily agree to give Sweden and Finland these war guarantees? Why would we commit to go to war with Putin’s Russia, a war that could, and likely would, escalate to the use of tactical nuclear weapons, especially if Russia were losing?” – Patrick J. Buchanan

Loose Nuke Talk – “The world has become obsessed with nuclear weapons. Is there a danger in daily normalizing the abnormal and casually thinking the unthinkable?” – Victor Davis Hanson

Taiwan Gives Citizens Survival Handbook In Case Of Chinese Invasion – Tyler Durden


One Of The Best Survival Garden Foods – Beans – “If you asked me what is the best garden food for survival, I would answer, potatoes. Why? Because they’re pretty easy to grow, and are high in calories for a vegetable (important for survival!). A high caloric yield per square foot. I also want to mention beans / legumes as a survival garden food. They are not super high in calories (somewhere in the middle-ish). But they’re also easy to grow. They are nutritious with a pretty good balance of carbs and protein. And a source of Calcium, vitamin A, C, and Iron.” – Ken Jorgustin

Carrots Growing Guidelines – Gardening Tips For Beginners – Rhonda Owen


Basic Solutions To Our Economic Problems That Establishment Elites Won’t Allow – “I think one of the great misconceptions about economic crisis is that solutions are always dependent on centralized government action. In truth, most financial disasters are actually caused by too much government action and involvement. Central banks like the Federal Reserve are also primary culprits; as I outlined in last week’s article their machinations, which are independent of government oversight, fall into the category of deliberate sabotage. The Fed bankrolls corruption through fiat money creation while government officials and corporations utilize that money to wreak havoc on our living standards. Ending the Fed would solve the fiat money problem, but there’s still a host of agenda driven politicians and bureaucrats to deal with before our nation can right the ship.” – Brandon Smith

How Virus Spending Became the New Virus – David Stockman

“It’s A Shitshow Of Illiquidity Everywhere” – Market Mayhem Strikes Ahead Of Long Weekend – Tyler Durden

Retail Sales v. Raging Inflation, Stimulus Miracle March, and the Red-Hot Shift to Services – “It’s rough out there in multiple ways.” – Wolf Richter

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 10.86EUR


Luke 23:36  And the soldiers also mocked him, coming to him, and offering him vinegar,