What is motivating the CCP’s Shanghai lockdown? – “4 possibilities for why the CCP pulled the lockdown trigger. First and foremost, consider the possibility that Chinese authorities have become maniacal hypochondriacs, and, like most top-down authoritarian regimes, have engaged in irrational and destructive policymaking. In the Chinese governmental system, there are very few guardrails to authoritarian behavior, so virtually nothing would be *too extreme* if the ends justify the means. China’s continuing ideology contends that individual rights are not of a concern. In fact, according to the CCP, this ideal of human freedom should be actively suppressed for the “greater good” of the state.” – Jordan Schachtel  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM JORDAN!!!!!!

Paxlovid, “Snake Oil” of the 21st Century? – “Paxlovid Clears Symptoms, but does it Clear the Virus?” – Igor Chudov

‘Watch the Water’ Right on Remdesivir, But Snake Venom Theory Is a Stretch – “While it’s true there is some overlap between the effects of poisonous peptides present in some snake venom and those of SARS-COV2 spike protein, claiming COVID is ultimately derived from snake venom is a poorly substantiated hypothesis.” – Madhava Setty, M.D. – Mac Slavo

Russia’s COVID shot collusion with AstraZeneca – “The Kremlin teamed up with Big Pharma to “protect the lives of millions of people”.” – Edward Slavsquat

Stunning Parallels Between COVID Measures and Nazi Germany – “The weaponization of the Public Health System of Nazi Germany was a prelude to the future use of contagion scares. This all serves to further the Global Genocide of the world’s “useless eaters”. Germany was the birthplace of modern medicine in the early 20th century. The vocabulary of medicine is replete with the names of distinguished German physicians whose discoveries bear their names. The German university served as a model for medical education and thousands of physicians flocked to Germany to complete their scientific medical training. Many Nobel Prize winners in medicine and chemistry of that period were German scientists. So it is all the more shocking that the medical elite played a critical role in subverting the moral tradition of Hippocratic medicine.” – Lioness of Judah Ministry

Real james bond villains wear cardigans – Bill Gates, the WEF, and the WHO are not done with us. It’s time we were done with them.” – El Gato Malo

Bill Gates Says “Crazy” Protests Against His Vaccines Are “Kind Of Weird” – “Pushes global emergency-response health squad under the acronym GERM” – Steve Watson 


The Truth Is A Magnet – “The technology that powers information sharing today is called Big Collusion. It can travel around the world in seconds and arrive at destinations as misinformation resulting in ignorance. It is the merger of legacy media handled by intelligence agencies (CIA, FBI, Mi6) with big tech monopolies that work with surveillance agencies (GCHQ, NSA, Five Eyes) that spy and abuse their own citizens when not constantly manipulating them for submission and control. The result is that every story of significant importance is carried by false narratives or outright lies and propaganda, and shuttled around the world by unknowing people who are a little slow to catch on to this ruse that has been happening for decades. Let’s call them what they are, retards. The retards are everywhere. For retards, the truth is often nowhere to be found but they are happiest not caring about it either way.” – The Good Citizen  – VERY GOOD READ FROM THE GOOD CITIZEN!!!

I Am Sick of the Bad Intel – “Bad intel is being used as a tool to cause rot within our country. We see this time and time again, and I have grown sick of it.” – Marie Hawthorne

Why the New World Order Wants Programmable Currency – “The New World Order (NWO) intends to implement a programmable currency that would give the central banks unprecedented and previously unimaginable power over individual spending. The COVID pandemic has been used to justify the implementation of a global biosecurity strategy with increased tracking and surveillance, and war will put the final nail in the coffin of the global economy and supply chains. With all of this currently underway, our opportunity to change course is short.” – Dr. Joseph Mercola – DR. MERCOLA ON THE BIG PICTURE. GOOD ARTICLE!!!!

“No Matter what Happens, We Will Continue to Buy Russian Fertilizers” – Brazilian Businessman – “Brazil and Russia are major trading partners and make up one of the central strategic points in economic cooperation between the BRICS. The Russian-Brazilian partnership is essential for the South American country’s agribusiness, as Russia exports fertilizers that Brazil uses to produce soybeans, which are the main product of Brazilian exports. Russia, in turn, is one of the major buyers of Brazilian beef, being a key partner for the country’s livestock. In addition, the biggest consumer of Brazilian soy is China,” – Lucas Leiroz

The Assange Case Invalidates US Criticisms Of Russia – Caitlin Johnstone

Why Russia Must Battle Against the ‘New World Order’ – “A cursory glance at the social, cultural and political trajectory in the U.S., where weird progressive experimentation (the teaching of transgender ideology, critical race theory and alternative sexual lifestyles at the elementary school level by cancel culture extremists, for example) should give tremendous pause. Logic and decent behavior has been turned on its head, and this makes conservative countries like Russia understand that this is not the sort of ‘new world order’ – even if they were theoretically willing to go along with such a grandiose project – they want any part of. Thus, the war in Ukraine is not just to protect the physical boundaries of Russia from NATO aggression. The war in Ukraine is to save Russia from the spiritual demise that would be the ultimate result of any ‘new world order’ dictated upon them by the morally bankrupt West. In that respect, Russia is fighting an existential battle for its very soul.” – Robert Bridge

Russia’s Ukraine operation has no deadline – “A French journalist who managed to sneak in with French “volunteers” has since come out with a video showing that American military personnel coordinate the foreign military in Ukraine and are directly handling the training and enrolment of the foreign “volunteers” in the Ukrainian forces. In such conditions, quite obviously, peace talks between Moscow and Kiev cannot progress. The big question is: Does the Biden administration want the conflict to end and a peace agreement to be negotiated? The answer seems ‘no’. In fact, the US is fuelling this conflict. ” – M. K. Bhadrakumar

US to Start Giving Ukraine Artillery — The Premier Killer of the War US to start replacing Ukraine’s artillery losses — 155mm guns and 40,000 rounds with counter artillery radars on the way, The US government is expanding the types of weaponry it’s providing to Ukraine in the latest $800 million arms package to include howitzers, artillery, unmanned boats for coastal defense and other equipment not part of previous assistance packages.” – Valerie Insinna – LET THAT SINK IN. THE U.S. IS SPENDING 800 MILLION ON A WAR THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH US. THE WAR MONGERS AND WEAPON’S MAKERS ARE LOVING IT!!!!!!!!!

Kyiv Independent Deep Dive: The West’s In-Kind Answer to Putin’s Propaganda – “While staff members of The Kyiv Independent grandstand about how “independent journalism is the cornerstone of democracy,” they are quietly being funded by Western governments – a fact that should ring alarm bells with critical media consumers.” – Alan Macleod

CNBC Forced to Tell the Horrible, Terrible, Bad, Bad Results of Their Biden Performance Poll – “The president’s approval rating sank to a new low of just 38%” – Sundance – HOW LOW WILL IT GO BEFORE THE PUPPETEERS CUT THE STRINGS!!!!!!!!!

A “Robin Hood Mentality” Emerges On The Streets Of America As Gangs Of Thieves Start To Prey Upon The Rich – Michael Snyder

Corn Pop Mandates More . . . Corn – “That’s what Corn Pop just did by issuing a diktat – these are styled “executive orders” to make them seem less diktaty – that “gas” will henceforth be 85 percent gas rather than 90 percent. Another 5 percent of the stuff you pump will be ethanol – alcohol derived from corn. So you’ll pay a bit less – maybe – but you’ll go less far. And so, pay more often. Isn’t it grand?” – Eric Peters

Bienvenidos! First Texas Bus Full Of Migrants Dropped Off In Washington DC – “A special delivery from Texas Gov. Greg Abbott arrived in Washington D.C. Wednesday morning, as a bus full of dozens of illegal immigrants stopped just blocks away from the US Capitol building at approximately 8 a.m. local time.” – Tyler Durden  – LINE THE BUSES UP AT THE BORDER AND TAKE THEM ALL TO D.C. THE DEMS WOULD BE PUTTING FENCES BACK UP AROUND THE CAPITOL IN A HEARTBEAT!!!!

Trudeau Trying to Shut Down Independent Journalism in Canada, Says Rebel News Founder – Michael Tennant

Behind Bilderberg, Trilateral, WEF: the Globalists have a major problem – “Globalism, the very system that is determined to elevate the power of mega-corporations, is diminishing the number of people who can consume what the corporations make. The snake has been eating its tail for some time now. Mega-corporate CEOs and their advisors aren’t completely stupid. Some of them see the handwriting on the wall. World Bank and IMF fixes aren’t going to make this problem go away.” – Jon Rappoport

The Many Benefits Of Starting An Herb Garden – “Herbs are great to have on hand, but not just for culinary purposes, although they can make food taste wonderful. Herbs are also important natural remedies and can be used as medicine, especially during a crisis.” – Sara Tipton


Janet Yellen Warns China on Russia and Creating a Bipolar Global Financial System – Mish

Countries Fearing Hunger Will Want To See A “Bread-on Woods” Deal – “However, the clear logic is that either China changes, or all economies will have to choose between dealing with either China or the West. In the Q&A, Yellen stated she did not want to see the evolution of a “bipolar” global system, with US- and Chinese-led camps, but that is exactly what is being threatened.” – Michael Every

Yes, It Is Different This Time – “Most people would be horrified by a 40% decline in their “investments.” When bubbles pop, speculative assets don’t drop 40%, they drop 90% or even 98%.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Peak Inflation Is Just Wishful Thinking (VIDEO) – “Forty years ago, we used entirely different CPI than we use today. And as far as I can tell, we are generally missing the mark by about half, meaning that if we use the 1981 CPI to measure the 2022 price increases, we probably would see a year-over-year rise of 17%, which is twice eight-and-a-half.” – Peter Schiff

These 5 States Will Have Highest Tax Burdens in 2022, New Analysis Reveals – “Don’t be surprised if the states topping this new list start losing people to states that don’t take as much of their money.” – Brad Polumbo

The failure of fiat currencies and the implications for gold and silver – “This is the background text of my Keynote Speech given yesterday to European Gold Forum yesterday, 13 April. To explain why fiat currencies are failing I started by defining money. I then described the relationship between fiat money and its purchasing power, the role of bank credit, and the interests of central banks.” – Alasdair Macleod

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 10.82EUR


Mark 15:14    Then Pilate said unto them, Why, what evil hath he done? And they cried out the more exceedingly, Crucify him.