CDC Tells Johnson & Johnson Recipients to Get 2 mRNA Shots For Greater Protection Against Covid – Cristina Laila

What are FDA’s criteria for issuing a COVID vaccine EUA? What happens when Pfizer and Moderna vaccines fall short? Next up, babies and toddlers – Meryl Nass

Did Ralph Baric of UNC Design Omicron? – “”COVID Bioweapon Against Mice” Patent 11225508″ – Igor Chudov

Rob them of their problems, or you’ll get their solutions – “More thoughts on why SARS-2 must not be, cannot be, special” – eugyppius

Follow the Science, or Follow the Money? – “Following the money has been the key to uncovering the corruption surrounding COVID-19 measures; now it may be the key to providing a solution to it. Merely retweeting facts from peer-reviewed papers or official government sources that were not in line with Fauci-approved messaging that the vaccine is entirely safe and efficacious proved a media death sentence for everyone from former New York Times medical reporter Alex Berenson to credentialed doctors and researchers such as cardiologist Peter McCullough and Robert Malone, one of the inventors of the very mRNA platform used in the development of the COVID vaccines. So the media blackout of Kennedy’s book came as no shock” – Brian Robertson

mRNA madness: FDA authorizes both 4th and 5th COVID shots – “America is number one again, but for all of the wrong reasons.” – Jordan Schachtel

Heart Damage Found in Teens Months After Second Pfizer Shot, Study Shows – “A new peer-reviewed study shows more than two-thirds of adolescents with COVID-19 vaccine-related myopericarditis had persistent heart abnormalities months after their initial diagnosis, raising concerns for potential long-term effects and contradicting claims by health officials that the condition is “mild.”” – Megan Redshaw

Pfizer has a plan to MURDER doctors who’ve been talking up safe early COVID remedies, according to Dr. Zelenko (who’s been warned to hire security, as has Dr. Bryan Ardis) – “If you think his story is far-fetched, you probably don’t know (since “our free press” has never mentioned it) that scores of holistic doctors wound up prematurely dead, from 2015 to 2018, their passing allegedly due either to “suicide” or some freak accident. This was reported only by Erin Elizabeth on Health Nut News,” – Mark Crispin Miller  – HAVE SEEN ERIN’S WORK, BUT SHE IS NOT THE ONLY ONE. STEVE QUAYLE HAS A LIST OF DEAD SCIENTISTS THAT GOES BACK TO 1994. HIS SITE IS LINKED IN THE SIDEBAR!!!!


Brandon’s Island – “The local blunders and diaper filling are one thing, but killing citizens for corrupted science and now turning the doomsday clock forward to seconds from catastrophe is a whole new level of soiling. They recently sent the demented one to Poland to clean up the mess of his number 2, who just two weeks ago left her own trail of stench through the region as she cackled her way to performative diplomacy, laughing at questions about Ukrainian refugees. If the Vatican visit was a one diaper tour, last weekend’s NATO flexing was a three diaper tour.” – The Good Citizen  – ABSOLUTELY A GREAT READ. THE GOOD CITIZEN IS ON A ROLL. HE HAS BEEN WRITING SOME OF THE BEST ARTICLES I’VE READ IN A LONG TIME!!!!

I’ve Never Heard So Many Lies – “Here’s the official U.S. narrative as echoed by the mainstream media: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was unprovoked, Putin’s three-day blitzkrieg of Kyiv has failed, Russian forces are bogged down and valiant Ukrainian troops are putting up a powerful defense and regaining lost ground with the help of weapons from NATO. In this version, President Zelenskyy is the new Churchill rallying patriots against an evil dictator. All of that is either entirely or mostly false. Here’s the real story: Russia’s invasion is the end result of 14 years of provocation by the West, including repeated declarations that Ukraine will join NATO and a U.S.-backed coup d’état in 2014 that displaced a pro-Russian president. Russia never planned a blitzkrieg on Kyiv. That’s a Western invention intended to make Putin look like a failure. In fact, Russia is slowly and methodically taking territory in the south and east of Ukraine in order to control the seacoasts, eliminate pro-fascist elements in Mariupol and establish pro-Russian autonomous zones in Donbas. Churchill? Really?” – Jim Rickards  – VERY GOOD ARTICLE FROM JIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

British Bullshit Corporation Whitewashes Ukrainian Nazis – “There is no Nazi presence in Ukraine, the Azov Battalion are merely excellent fighters, and Russian claims of denazifying the regime are cynical falsifications to justify aggression, according to the BBC. In a sneaking way, one has to admire the aplomb of the British Broadcasting Corporation which promotes itself as one of the world’s “most trusted” news brands. While it smears and sneers at Russian news media as “state-owned” and “Kremlin propaganda machines”, the BBC is itself 100 percent state-owned and totally aligned with British government and NATO propaganda aims. That propaganda includes distortion and fabrication presented with the arrogant assertion of being independent news information.” – Finian Cunningham

Russian MoD: Kiev Regime Seriously Considered Using Bioweapons Against Russia, Donbass – Ilya Tsukanov  – WILL THEIR U.S. HANDLERS ALLOW IT. I  DOUBT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What if Putin Didn’t Miscalculate? – “The conventional wisdom is that Vladimir Putin catastrophically miscalculated. Putin’s miscalculations raise questions about his strategic judgment and mental state. Who, if anyone, is advising him? Has he lost contact with reality? Is he physically unwell? Several analysts have compared Putin to a cornered rat, more dangerous now that he’s no longer in control of events.” – DNYUZ – AND THAT’S THEIR STORY. ACTUALLY HE’S DOING JUST WHAT HE SAID HE WAS GOING TO DO. IT HAS NEVER BEEN ABOUT TAKING OVER THE COUNTRY OR EXTENDING THE RUSSIAN EMPIRE!!!!

Regime change has been the US goal in Russia for years – “For all the damage control that followed Biden’s ‘Putin cannot remain in power’ remark, that’s exactly what Washington wishes for” – Scott Ritter

How Mariupol will become a key hub of Eurasian integration – “Mariupol was battered by Ukraine’s right-wing Azov battalion well before Moscow launched its military ops. In Russian hands, this strategic steelworks port can transform into a hub of Eurasian connectivity.” – Pepe Escobar

The Crisis – “After the 2020 election, it was generally assumed that Joe Biden would not finish out his first term in office. There was also the fact that his second was clearly picked to be his successor. The betting initially was that Biden would make it through the midterms and then announce that he was stepping down for health reasons. This would allow Harris to finish Biden’s term and then run for two terms on her own. Here we are seven months out from the November elections and it is clear that Joe Biden needs to be removed from office now. His insane rantings in Europe about Russia have terrified the rest of the world. More important, the world is adjusting to the fact that the Global American Empire has an incoherent figure head. The Russians call him grandfather, not out of respect but from pity. The world sees Biden as a doddering old man who is not in charge of his administration. This is an untenable situation.” – The Z Man

Hunter’s laptop & Nuland’s bio-lab…a propaganda trap? – “Whether the laptop story is true, partly true or totally false, the fact we are seeing it is clearly an establishment contrivance. Yet another strong indicator that those “bio labs” are a narrative that it very much suits both the West and Russia to promote. As to possible reasons why – well it’s quite obvious how this story can be made to tie into the currently semi-dormant, but not dead, “pandemic” narrative. Particularly when we note that Russia was at pains to make it clear at least one of these labs was allegedly working on – of course – coronaviruses.” – Catte  – SOME VERY GOOD POINTS HERE!!!!!

How does the FBI ‘lose’ a laptop like Hunter Biden’s? – “Funny how they keep ‘losing’ such things. Some things don’t make sense. That brings us to some testimony from the FBI’s assistant. “Who has it?” Gaetz asked. “I don’t know who has it,” said [FBI Assistant Director for the Cyber Division Bryan] Vorndran. “What now you’re telling me right here is that as the Assistant Director of FBI Cyber, you don’t know where this is, after it was turned over to you three years ago?” Gaetz said. “Yes, sir. That’s an accurate statement,” Vorndran responded.” – Monica Showalter

Bernie Sanders Just Proposed a 95% Business Tax. Here’s Why That’s So Absurd – “What’s really driving this proposal is not substantive policy considerations, but the senator’s deeply ingrained propensity toward class warfare and envy.” – Brad Polumbo

Col Douglas Macgregor Gives His Updated Opinion on Current Status of Ukraine-Russia Conflict (VIDEO) – “Col Douglas Macgregor appears for an interview with Dave Smith on his “Part Of The Problem” podcast. Col Macgregor gives his status update on the Ukraine and Russian military along with some excellent background information on the U.S. cultural issues which are driving the U.S. position. ” – Sundance

A Chinese Container Ship Trapped in the Chesapeake Bay? Sounds Normal to Me. – “The container ship fiasco never really went away. It just quit being mentioned in the news cycle. But, perhaps, here’s one container ship story you weren’t even aware of. There’s a container ship that’s been stuck in the Chesapeake Bay for the past two weeks – and it’s flying the Hong Kong flag. For those of you who still believe that Hong Kong is its own separate entity, let’s not forget that Hong Kong was returned to China in 1997. And, for what it’s worth, here’s a highly entertaining and completely unrelated video:” – Jeff Thompson  – BELOW IS THE VIDEO THAT JEFF IS REFERRING TOO IN THE ARTICLE AS WELL. UNRELATED?  MAYBE!!!!!!

Club-K Container Missile System (VIDEO) – “This unique capability introduced by the Russian 3R-54 ‘Club’ cruise missile manufacturer ‘AGAT’ features a containerized version of the cruise missile. The system, designated Club K, enables the deployment and launch of four cruise missiles per container, carried and operated from ‘innocent looking’ cargo ships, rail cars or trucks. The system comprises the launch container, mission planning and control module (in another container) and optional UAV carried in a third module.” – defenseupdate  – SHORT INTERESTING VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The incoherence at the heart of NATO – “It spent years stoking a conflict with Russia it had no intention of fighting.” – Tim Black

Severe Shortages On Chicken, Eggs And Other Dairy Products Expected To Become Critical Over The Next Months – The Politics Behind Starving A Nation – Susan Duclos

Off Grid – but not in The Woods – “Is it necessary to live in the Woods to live off the grid? Not at all. Or at least, not all the way. What is the “grid,” first of all? The term refers to the centralized – and centrally controlled – distribution networks for such things as power and water, chiefly. To be “off the grid” means you obtain your power (it is not necessarily just electricity) and water from a source independent of this grid that is under your control. So as to not be dependent upon the grid and – even more so, these days – beholden to it. Not having to worry that those who do control it will use it to control you, as by threatening to turn off your power and water.” – Eric Peters

Google’s censorship of jokes about Biden – “See for yourself. Google “Biden jokes” and then Google “Trump jokes.”” – Silicon Valley Conservative

Canadian foreign minister declares war on Russian ‘propaganda,’ calls for more internet regulations – “Government regulation is needed online to curb ‘propaganda’ that is ‘happening in our democracies,’ Melanie Joly said” – Anthony Murdoch  – REGULATE THEIR PROPAGANDA BUT NOT YOUR OWN!!!!!

Climate Engineering Real Cause of Coming Food Shortage (VIDEO0 with Dane Wigington – “The bottom line is we have crops collapsing all over the globe. Although the causes are many . . . climate engineering must be considered a core causal factor at this point. The assault against food producing regions has been relentless. . . . We can only consider it an assault against food production at this time.” – Greg Hunter

How To Organize Your Survival Community – “There are two things that preppers, regardless if they are experienced or just beginners, should understand. Not everyone can survive on their own. Success can be found within the community” – Bob Rodgers

Youth’s Lessons: The Slingshot – Part 2 – J.M.   – PART 1 LINKED YESTERDAY!!!


You Will Pay In Rubles! No? – “Good luck Europe. The Group of Seven major economies have agreed to reject Moscow’s demand to pay for Russian natural gas exports in rubles, the German energy minister said Monday. Robert Habeck told reporters that “all G-7 ministers agreed completely that this (would be) a one-sided and clear breach of the existing contracts.” So what? It was also a breach of “contract” to seize property and money of both Russia and private citizens who happen to be Russian,” – Karl Denninger

There Is No Reality-Denying, Can-Kicking Delusion Stocks Cannot Embrace, Snort, Or Main-Line – “More swings in geopolitics, more Fed histrionics, and more market hysterics: yet for equities, any time is ‘Peace in our time’ time” – Michael Every

Germany warns of possible natural gas rationing amid dispute with Russia – Sam Meredith

The Global Rush To Own Gold Has Only Just Begun – “The two biggest problems for markets – Russia and inflation – both lead back to gold. Even if both issues are eventually “resolved”.” – Quoth the Raven

The Ruble, The Dollar And The Price Of Gold – Who Is Really Winning The Economic Chess Game? – Michael Snyder

Oil Could Top $200 a Barrel This Year, Traders Warn (VIDEO) – ““Wakey wakey,” Pierre Andurand told the Financial Times Global Commodities Summit in Switzerland last week. “We are not going back to normal business in a few months,” he said. “I think we’re losing the Russian supply on the European side forever,” which could send crude prices to $250 a barrel, he warned. Douglas King, director of RCMA’s Merchant Commodity Fund, pegs the price between $225 and $250 this year. “This is not transitory,” he said to the FT. “This is going to be a crude supply shock.” Russian diesel and other oil products will not return to Europe quickly, even after a ceasefire in Ukraine is enacted, other speakers at the conference agreed.” – Gerald Celente

A Recession in 2022 Looks Increasingly Likely As More Yield Curve Inversions Appear – “The long end of the yield curve rallied strongly on Tuesday with the middle of the curve pricing in more hikes by the Fed. More inversions signal a recession sooner rather than later.” – Mish

4 Scenarios for BIG Moves in Precious Metals Markets – Stefan Gleason

Looking Ahead to April – “The month of March has been a wild one for the COMEX digital metals, and despite the war in Ukraine, this is not unusual. But soon we’ll turn our attention to April, and we’ll wait to see if a renewed rally toward $2000 gold is forthcoming.” – Craig Hemke

Why Saudi Arabia Won’t Abandon Dollars for Yuan – “What would Saudi Arabia gain from using the yuan? Not higher exports to China. China needs its oil imports more than Saudi Arabia needs China’s domestic currency. There is no real evidence that exports to China would fall if Saudi Arabia continued to use the US dollar. It is also worth noting that even the large Chinese oil companies favor the US dollar for international transactions.” – Daniel Lacalle  – THIS MAY BE THE SITUATION FOR NOW, BUT WE SHALL SEE!!!!!

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 11.60EUR


Proverbs 15:2     The tongue of the wise useth knowledge aright: but the mouth of fools poureth out foolishness.