Where Is the Bio-Fascist State Headed? – “The leading sheep of a flock, known as a bellwether for the bell on its neck, tells you which way the flock is headed. California still serves as the Nation’s bellwether for political and social movements. Consider ten bills that were introduced in the California State legislature in January 2022” – Aaron Kheriaty  – THINK THEY ARE DONE WITH CONTROL AND PANDEMICS. NOT HARDLY!!!!!!

FDA approves 2nd COVID-19 vaccine booster for those 50 and older – ” The agency said this especially fragile group also can get an additional booster, a fifth shot. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is expected to weigh in on the authorization.” – Chris Williams

UK: Covid Becoming CHRONIC, like AIDS, and Will Take us Down – “Bye Bye, “Vaccine Immunity” and “Hybrid Immunity”.” – Igor Chudov

“The lights are going out all over Europe,” with governments ARRESTING “vaccine” dissidents – “The same “free press,” and “liberal” masses, who’ve blown off as “vaccine misinformation” the unprecedented crimes against humanity committed by Gates/Fauci, and who applauded Justin Trudeau’s groundless slander of the truckers, and fascistic seizure of their funds (Trudeau’s admirers calling the truckers “fascists”), and who have now been laughing off the outright Nazis rampaging in Ukraine these past eight years (calling their atrocious record “Russian propaganda”)—those same “journalists” and “liberal” masses are perfectly okay with some of Europe’s “democratic” governments now arresting peaceful dissidents. And, speaking of the truckers, MPP Randy Hillier has also been arrested, by Canadian police, for supporting that entirely legal, peaceful protest.” – Mark Crispin Miller

Exclusive Interview: Woman Dies From Rare Brain Disorder After Second Pfizer Shot, Husband Says We’re ‘Guinea Pigs’ – Megan Redshaw

U.S. Death Toll Rises To 14.6 Million As The New Bird Flu Plague Spreads Like Wildfire All Over The Globe – “Some 14.6 million birds in domestic flocks have died of HPAI or in culling of infected herds to reduce the spread of the viral disease this year.” – Michael Snyder – THAT’S A LOT OF BIRDS. GEE, CAN’T THEY GIVE THEM A VACCINE!!!!!!!

New Pfizer document shows Immunosuppression in first 7 days and Natural Immunity exists – “Lone document released early. Many countries have shown a large increase in infections in the first weeks after vaccination. This has been dismissed as a coincidence but is lymphopenia the reason for it?” – The Naked Emperor

National Geographic Asks: Why Is It So Hard to Compensate People for Serious Vaccine Injury? – David Charbonneau, Ph.D.


Gradually, then suddenly – “Hemingway’s famous quote about going bankrupt connects with so many because it is true on a personal basis and a civilization basis. It applies to individuals and empires in decline – like the American democracy. As we rush towards our World War 3 rendezvous with destiny, aided and abetted by politicians placed in power by globalist billionaires hellbent on the destruction of our way of life, so they own everything and you own nothing, I can’t help but ponder who is to blame and could we have avoided this dystopian outcome. As we rush towards our World War 3 rendezvous with destiny, aided and abetted by politicians placed in power by globalist billionaires hellbent on the destruction of our way of life, so they own everything and you own nothing, I can’t help but ponder who is to blame and could we have avoided this dystopian outcome.” – Jim Quinn  – GOOD READ FROM JIM AS USUAL!!!!!

Humilitainment: How to Control the Citizenry Through Reality TV Distractions – “Once again, the programming has changed. Like clockwork, the wall-to-wall news coverage of the latest crisis has shifted gears. We have gone from COVID-19 lockdowns to Trump-Biden election drama to the Russia-Ukraine crisis to the Ketanji Brown Jackson confirmation hearings to Will Smith’s on-camera assault of comedian Chris Rock at the Academy Awards Ceremony. The distractions, distortions, and political theater just keep coming. The ongoing reality show that is life in the American police state feeds the citizenry’s voracious appetite for titillating, soap opera drama.” – John W. Whitehead & Nisha Whitehead

Why Not Rebel? – “Ironically, only in the United States and a few other relatively good places to live do people retain sufficient liberty to develop alternative governance systems capable of replacing existing ones, should that ever become necessary” – Robert E. Wright

The Western World Has Had Its Run – “Lots of startling changes yesterday. Information is hard to come by, because the US blocks Russian news in order to control the Ukraine narrative and war propaganda.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Poll: Eight In Ten Americans Worried Biden’s Bumbling Will Lead To NUCLEAR WAR – Steve Watson

Biden denies saying every bad, stupid, scary thing he said last week – “One of the coolest things about malignant narcissism, if you happen to be the narcissist, is that you never tell a lie. You see, the deal about being a malignant narcissist is that there is only one truth: yours. Whatever you need to say at any given moment, either to achieve an advantage or to protect yourself, instantly becomes the one, the only, the absolute truth.” – Andrea Widburg

Bidenomics: a winter of blaming the non-compliant becomes a spring of blaming Putin – “Anything to not take responsibility for government-imposed catastrophes. Unlike Midas, everything the Biden Administration touches turns into excrement. Whether it’s deliberate or not, the end result is becoming crystal clear. Every grand plan of action, purported to help Americans, harms Americans.” – Jordan Schachtel

Deeply Compromised Biden Is Driving the West Toward a Nuclear War with Russia – “Because of his background in foreign affairs, Joe Biden was tasked by then President Obama with overseeing America’s foreign policy. Joe Biden relished the assignment and took deep personal interest in countries such as Ukraine, Russia, and China. But rather than advancing the interests of the United States, the Bidens used Ukraine – and other countries – to enrich themselves through brazen influence peddling schemes.” – Vasko Kohlmayer

Madeleine Albright would have been proud of Biden’s regime change ‘gaffe’ – “It was as if the late Secretary of State was by the president’s side as he spoke of Putin and the fight between good and evil.” – James A. Russell

The Rhodes Scholars Guiding Biden’s Presidency – “While the WEF’s Young Global Leader program has recently become infamous, it follows the model of a much older program and think tank established with the ill-begotten gains of Cecil Rhodes.” – Matthew Ehret  – LONG, BUT A GOOD AND WELL RESEARCHED ARTICLE FROM MATT!!!!!!!

Ukraine – Smoke And Mirrors Around Poisonous Peace Talks – “The disinformation department of the British MI6 secret service and its ‘non-government-organization’ Bellingcrap are offering another of their laughable ‘chemical weapon’ and ‘poisoning’ fairy tales:” – Moon of Alabama

Charade Buster… Biden Goes Off Script With Regime-Change Admission on Russia – “After Biden’s charade-busting admission it will be difficult politically to maintain US-European “unity” over such a flagrant imperial agenda.” – Finian Cunningham

Tulsi Gabbard Says Biden’s Russia Regime Change ‘Gaffe’ Betrays True US Policy – James Tweedie

The Coming False Flag – Chemical Weapons? – “The greatest fear I have is that Zelensky will be desperate to create a fake attack on his own people like everyone else has done to push their agenda. It would not be unexpected if the Ukrainians/West stage a FALSE FLAG and kill their own to get NATO and our real madman Biden to enter World War III.” – Martin Armstrong

And What About Those Biolabs? – “Stop the narrative I want to get off! The semi-official United States government plus media lie machine knows that constructing a plausible reason to bomb the crap out of someone all depends on where you begin your narrative. If you keep starting your accusations at a point where the target has done something bad, all you have to do is repeat yourself over and over again to drown out any alternative backstory that surfaces. And if you really want to demolish all contrary views, all you have to do is liken the targeted foreign leader to Adolph Hitler and keep repeating. That tactic was used with Saddam Hussein of Iraq and is now being employed against Vladimir Putin of Russia and it always works.” – Philip Giraldi

Russia blames US for massive cyberattacks – “Moscow repels hundreds of thousands of cyberattacks every day, the Foreign Ministry has said” – RT

Would You Fight for Your Country Like the Ukrainians? A Lot of Your Neighbors Wouldn’t. – Daisy Luther

The CIA Arms Ukraine’s Neo-Nazis in the Proxy War Against Russia – “David Petraeus, the disgraced general and former head of the CIA, recently told ABC’s “This Week” the “heroic” people of Mariupol, Ukraine are “fighting to the last defender, and pinning down multiple Russian battalions and doing so very heroically. But ultimately, it looks as if it’s going to have to collapse, it’s going to be taken. Petraeus, of course, left out an important detail about the city of Mariupol, located on the Sea of Azov, an arm of the Black Sea. The besieged city is home base for the Azov Battalion, now known as the Azov Special Operations Detachment, a group of violent Neo-Nazis.” – Kurt Nimmo

Russian supply chains next in line for sanctions, deputy U.S. treasury secretary says – Reuters

Misguided Souls Still Do Not Understand This Simple Truth: Sanctions Don’t Work – “Let’s check out calls for more sanctions and review how well the ones in place are working.” – Mish

Ukraine War! What Is It Good For? The Nazi Agenda – “The National Socialists (Nazis), did not achieve this power without international support. The US, seeking to scupper Russia’s bid to have a closer relationship with the EU, was willing to work with the Nazis to facilitate their planned coup. The ramifications for Ukraine were disastrous.” – Iain Davis

Arrest the Russian stooge named Hillary – “Gotta hate Russia, right? Gotta punish anyone who helps Russia, right? “Regarding Hillary and Bill Clinton, the report says: ‘Many of the key figures in the Skolkovo process – on both the Russian and U.S. sides – had major financial ties to the Clintons. During the Russian reset, these figures and entities provided the Clintons with tens of millions of dollars, including contributions to the Clinton Foundation, paid for speeches by Bill Clinton, or investments in small start-up companies with deep Clinton ties’.” OOPS. The cup runneth over. The sewer runneth over.” – Jon Rappaport

On Being Disappeared – “The entire archive of six years of my show On Contact has been disappeared from YouTube. – Chris hedges  – POOF. AND JUST LIKE THAT, YOU ARE GONE!!!!!!




Fed Inflation Lies, Russia Sanctions and a New World Order – “The Federal Reserve and most other world central banks are lying about how interest rates affect inflation. It’s no small matter, as it clearly is being used to usher in a global economic depression, this time far worse than in the 1930s, using Russia as the scapegoat to blame, as the powers that be prepare to push the world into what Joe Biden recently called “a New World Order.” I have made the case many times that every major economic depression or recession of the past century or so, since creation of the US Federal Reserve, has been the deliberate political result of Fed actions. The present situation is clearly a repeat of that.” – F. William Engdahl

US Natural Gas Production and LNG Exports amid Urgent Demand for LNG from Europe – “Biggest buyers of US LNG: South Korea, China, Japan, Brazil. But Mexico bought more US natural gas than all four combined.” – Wolf Richter

Did Russia Intentionally Trigger A Monetary System Reset? – “It’s likely that Putin knew ahead of time that the west’s response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine would be to freeze Russian currency reserves held at western Central Banks. Of course, this response by the U.S./west brought to light the inherent Achilles’ Heel of the modern Central Bank fiat currency reserve system. Any country that keeps currency reserves for trade settlement purposes at foreign Central Banks, specifically the Federal Reserve and the ECB, is at risk of having those reserves confiscated, thereby rendering them worthless.” – Dave Kranzler

Russia-Ukraine crisis could accelerate the arrival of cashless societies: BlackRock CEO CEO – “Larry Fink said he expects more countries to adopt digital currencies.” – Matt Lamb

Oil for Gold (and Bitcoin)… the End of the Petrodollar and What It Means for You – Nick Giambruno

Russia just made a case for owning gold — and nobody noticed – Brett Arends

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 11.94EUR


John 5:31      If I bear witness of myself, my witness is not true.