Coofie Finale – “The latest bit of disclosure out of the CDC has provided a full and complete explanation for how ****ed you are if you got jabbed, and at the same time also provided a perfectly-clear explanation for what happened last summer and this winter. Remember, the most-likely to get killed by Covid were all vaccinated before Delta showed up. Oh sure, the uptake was much smaller in younger, healthy people — but not in the most-morbid. So how did the deaths happen last summer and this winter if those most-likely to be killed were “protected”?” – Karl Denninger

Ivermectin Found to Save Lives Better Than Remdesivir – “Those trying to stop use of remdesivir in hospitals should know about this study” – Joel S Hirschhorn

COVID-19 Deep Dive Part II: Vaccine Complications – “Our governments are compelling us to inject poison into our bodies” – Spartacus  – EXCELLENT SERIES FROM SPARTACUS. PART ONE WAS LINKED ON 03/07/22

Telling lies about the past – “Remember when i told you that it would soon be difficult to find anyone who admitted to having been in favor of most of these draconian covid mitigations? Well take a good look” – El Gato Malo

Drs. Walensky and Offit: It’s All in Good Fun – “Developing psychic detachment can be an important skill, one that is not always easy to attain. There, it often seems that the ability to think in highly abstract terms and to, in effect, banish the plight of individual human beings and their real life dramas from one’s decision-making calculus is not only tolerated, but effectively lionized. Like the human hologram she apparently is, we are led to believe that she was there, but she was not really there. She was responsible, but really someone else was. “No one could have known,” she exclaims, except, of course, the hundreds of thousands of us amateurs who did, in fact, know, and were censored and called science-hating anti-vaxxers for our troubles. ” – Thomas Harrington

The Ontario Government Pays Family Physicians for Vaccine Coercion. The US Government Bribes the Media To Push the Vaccine – “World governments continue pushing death jabs despite the release of Pfizer data” – Lioness of Judah Ministry

UK Members of Parliament debate Vaccine Damage – “The truth starts to become more mainstream – The Naked Emperor

The Disappearance of the Annual Flu Which was Replaced with COVID-19 Shows Corruption at its Highest Level at the CDC – “The flu bug is dead! It had a long run of success at the CDC, being used to rake in $TRILLIONS in sales over the years with the yearly influenza vaccine, but alas its run is over now, as it has been supplanted by the new deadlier “virus,” COVID-19. Oh make no mistake about it, the CDC tried to keep both viruses alive to have double the fear factor, and double the sales in vaccines, but in the end there just weren’t enough sick people to go around and support both with actual death statistics.” – Brian Shilhavy

They’re trying to distract us from the global plague of “sudden deaths,” but there are now too many, so they can’t – Mark Crispin Miller

Mexico’s Ivermectin Use Exposes The Controlled Narrative Around The Drug (VIDEO) with Derrick Broze – The Last American Vagabond


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World War III Has Already Started, And It’s An Economic War – “One issue which I used to get a lot of arguments over was the idea that countries like Russia and China would end up so closely aligned. People claimed there were too many disparities and that the countries would ultimately turn on each other in the middle of a financial crisis. Well, it’s four years later and now we’re going to see if that is true or not. So far, it looks like I was correct. My position has long been that certain nations have been preparing for a collapse of the U.S. dollar as the world reserve currency (the primary currency used in the majority of trade around the world). My belief is that America’s top economic position is actually an incredible weakness; the dollar’s hegemony is not a strength, but an Achilles heel. ” – Brandon Smith  – VERY GOOD ARTICLE FROM BRANDON ONCE AGAIN!!!!!

Worse Than Just Force – “Government is force, it’s said – By Washington, among others – and this is true. But it is also something else. Something worse than mere violence, which at least has some animal vitality behind it. Government is the refuge of failure. It is the construct which failures use to pretend to themselves that they aren’t failures – by forcing them on others, having been unable to persuade people of the merits of whatever it is they consider to be a grand idea. – Eric Peters

Why Sanctions Don’t Work, and Why They Mostly Hurt Ordinary People – Ryan McMaken

The Silent War Economic Front – “Central Banks as weapons of mass destruction. CBDCs & the intentional destruction of main street and the middle class for a new feudal system. They won’t need court orders or emergency suspensions of civil liberties to seize bank accounts of protestors with CBDCs. They can just turn them off for certain citizens remotely and prevent dissidents from buying groceries or $12/gallon gas. They can be programmed so that you buy only what the government says you can buy, all based on your behavior and standing within society. More on all this in a piece later today or tomorrow. The economic front of the Silent War is about to get very painful for billions around the world. This is all by design. Destroy the old to usher in the new.” – Good Citizen  –  MORE TO COME ON THIS FROM THE GOOD CITIZEN!!!

Let’s Re-Learn The Word ‘Detente’ – “Western powers insisted that they were trying to prevent this war while doing everything possible to ensure that it happened. Now they say they are trying to end this war while doing everything possible to ensure it continues.” – Caitlin Johnstone

If You Thought The COVID Thought Police Were Bad, You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet – “So now that COVID is fading from the public’s list of concerns, we can all go back to normal, and social media platforms will once again live up to their promise of being the online public square, open for the free exchange of ideas. Right? Already, Big Tech is sharpening its algorithms to go after the next target – imposing speech codes regarding “climate science.”” – I & I Editorial Board  – CLIMATE AND WAR, THE NEXT TWO STEPS OF THE AGENDA AFTER COVID. THOSE COMBINED WITH THE PANDEMIC SCAM LEAD TO THE ULTIMATE GOAL OF ECONOMIC COLLAPSE. AND THAT IS THE “BIG PICTURE” IN A NUTSHELL!!!!!!

The Green Immoralists – “Elite ideology divorced from reality impoverishes people and can get them killed.” – Victor Davis Hanson

Cutting Through the Fog Masking ‘a New Page in the Art of War’ – “The non-government in Kiev is simply not allowed by the Empire to negotiate anything. By now what we may call a Triple Threat has been established as the catalyst anticipating the launch of Operation Z.” – Pepe Escobar

Ukraine and the Deeper Global Suicide Agenda – “The decision by the Russian President to order military action in neighboring Ukraine beginning February 24, 2022 has shocked many, myself included. The question at this point almost two weeks into military action by Russian and other forces inside Ukraine, is what pushed Russia into what Western media portrays as unilateral unwarranted war of aggression. In addition more recent reports of numerous US Pentagon bioweapons labs across Ukraine add to the background threats. Did Moscow believe Russia faced a literal do-or-die reality?” – F. William Engdahl

Victoria Nuland: Ukraine Has “Biological Research Facilities,” Worried Russia May Seize Them – “The neocon’s confession sheds critical light on the U.S. role in Ukraine, and raises vital questions about these labs that deserve answers.” – Glenn Greenwald

Biological Research Facilities In Ukraine Confirmed By US Government Talking Head: Imagine All The People The Globalists Could ‘Exterminate’ With What They Were Creating In The Labs! – “While all of the so-called ‘fact checkers’ have been calling reports of US bioweapons labs in Ukraine either a ‘Russian disinformation campaign’ or ‘conspiracy theories’, you’ve absolutely got to listen to the ‘Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs of the United States’, Victoria Nuland, in the video we’ve embedded. With Nuland’s remarks, and the very strange tone of her comments, hinting that indeed, the so-called ‘conspiracy theories’ and ‘Russian disinformation’ were instead correct all along, and that somewhere hidden in the nooks and crannies of Ukraine, the latest ‘depopulation bioweapons’ were indeed being ‘manufactured’ by those who want us all dead, just listen to the tone in Nuland’s voice, and just how carefully she chooses her words, as if she’s wading a minefield of her own employers creation.” – Stefan Stanford

US State Department Denies Russian Allegations Of Biological Weapons In Ukraine – Jack Phillips  – DID ANYBODY SERIOUSLY THINK THAT THEY WOULD ADMIT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will we see a Syria-style “chemical attack” in Ukraine? – Gavin O’Reilly

What’s next: CIA a shining star? The new blitz of wartime propaganda. What’s the end game? – Jon Rappoport

5 Very Strange Questions That Every American Should Be Asking About The War In Ukraine Right Now – Michael Snyder

Wales bans Tchaikovsky – “The Cardiff Philharmonic has cancelled an all-Tchaikovsky programme as ‘inappropriate at this time’. The concert included his decidedly apolitical second symphony, known as the Little Russian.” – Norman Lebrecht  – (“ROLL OVER BEETHOVEN AND TELL TCHAIKOVSKY THE NEWS” – CHUCK BERRY). SO TELL ME, WHEN DID TCHAIKOVSKY INVADE THE UKRAINE. ARE WE GOING TO CANCEL THE PAST AGAIN AND CONTINUE TO REWRITE HISTORY!!!!!!!!

NATO White Helmets follow al-Qaeda to Ukraine – “So, NATO member states are yet again turning a sovereign nation into a battlefield using mercenaries and fanatics to defend their agenda – to blockade and besiege Russia on the western flank and to ensure NATO expansion east despite the Minsk agreements. Russian President, Vladimir Putin had warned German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz of the growing number of foreign mercenaries operating in Ukraine during a telephone conversation on the 4th March.” – Vanessa Beeley

How the U.S. Has Empowered and Armed Neo-Nazis in Ukraine – Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J. S. Davies

It’s not ‘Putin apologism’ to criticise NATO – “The debate over the war in Ukraine is becoming dangerously narrow.” – Tim Black

Welcome To Spin City – VP Harris’ European Vacation – “Kamala couldn’t resolve the border crisis. What can she hope to do in Poland?” – Kelli Ballard

The Big, Bad Biden Oil Bust – “I saw an article two days ago asking if the price of oil could go any higher. I was surprised that it wasn’t clear to this fellow just by looking around at how the oil market has fundamentally changed that prices have barely begun to show the impacts of oil sanctions. Wait until the tank farms start getting low so that we start experiencing actual shortages and are no longer just predicting shortages. Some of us who lived through the seventies, remember those standard two-block lines from the gas stations month after month. That is clearly where we are headed, except it’ll be worse.” – David Haggith

The Torturers’ Apprentice – “The government argued that, in wartime, its powers to keep its behavior secret are enhanced — even 20 years later, even after the war ended, even if the secrets are already out. The Supreme Court agreed. It upheld the state secrets doctrine and dismissed Zubaydah’s complaint. Add to this the fact that all torture is criminal and unconstitutional, and you have a court becoming the apprentice of deep state bureaucrats and torturers who believe that, in matters of so-called national security, the feds can do no wrong. The court’s torture jurisprudence is sickening, unconstitutional and haunting.” – Andrew P. Napolitano  – JUDGE NAPOLITANO DOES POINT OUT THAT SUPREME JUSTICE NEIL GORSUCH WAS A DISSENTING OPINION ON THIS. GOOD FOR JUSTICE GORSUCH!!!!

Watch: Pete Buttigieg’s Husband Instructs Kids on Pledging Allegiance to Gay-Pride Flag – “A disturbing clip from a documentary about United States Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has caused outrage on social media. In the video, Pete Buttigieg’s husband, Chasten Buttigieg, is addressing a group of children. The children were looking toward the front of the room at what appeared to be a gay-pride flag. Chasten began a pledge of allegiance to this pride flag, and the children repeated after each line. This clip shows Chasten Buttigieg influencing children to accept his agenda: There is no other way to describe it.” – Grant Atkinson


Nuclear Radiation Shielding Protection and Halving Thickness Values – Ken Jorgustin


White House expects inflation will ‘substantially’ increase in coming months – Christian Datoc  – NO SH*T SHERLOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The end of fiat hoving into view… – “Tragic though the situation in Ukraine has become, the real war which started out as financial in character some time ago has now become both financial and about commodities. Putin made a huge mistake invading Ukraine but the West’s reaction by seeking to isolate Russia and its commodity exports from the global marketplace is an even greater one.” – Alasdair Macleod

Here’s Why US Threats Against Russian Gold Reserves Mean a Monetary Reset Is Imminent – ““It’s possible to have more than one reserve currency.” These are the recent words of Jerome Powell, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve. It’s a stunning admission from the one person who has the most control over the US dollar, the current world reserve currency. It would be as ridiculous as Mike Tyson saying that it’s possible to have more than one heavyweight champion. In other words, the jig is up. Not even the Chairman of the Federal Reserve can go along with the farce of maintaining the dollar’s supremacy anymore… and neither should you.” – Nick Giambruno

Imagine How Many People Won’t Want To Be Part Of A Digital Dollar System Now – “Is there a reason anyone would want to trade on an exchange that cancels trades after they have been made because the exchange doesn’t have policies in place to ensure there is adequate collateral to guarantee performance of the trade?” – Michael Every

Unprecedented Inflation Setting Records, No End in Sight – Sundance

WHOOSH, Dollar’s Purchasing Power Plunges in February as Inflation Spreads Across Services, Fed Still Pours Fuel on It – “This doesn’t even include the spike in food and energy prices over the past few weeks. They’ll show up later.” – Wolf Richter

Elizabeth Warren Goes After Big Oil, Crypto, and You – “Let’s tune into “Capitalist to My Bones” Elizabeth Warren and her many messages to the markets.” – Mish

Is the US Undermining the Dollar’s Credibility? – “The credibility of the dollar is taking some self-inflicted blows. And the world is watching. Could this hasten the end of the greenback as the world’s reserve currency? It started long before recent events in Ukraine. The Federal Reserve printed trillions of dollars out of thin air in response to COVID-19. This devalued the dollar as evidenced by the surge in prices over the last year.” – Peter Schiff

Why Silver Is an “Oak-Solid” Investment – “Imagine what an oak tree’s underground root ball looks like, with supportive tendrils spreading out in all directions, not unlike what the limbs of this magnificent specimen are doing above-ground. The result is an impregnable presence in all directions of the compass. “Open on strike and at depth” as a mining geologist might say. Like Mycelium (the vegetative part of a fungus-like bacterial colony consisting of infinitely branching thread-like tendrils that can produce everything from plastics to plant-based meat), silver permeates life across all cultures and climates. A strong case can be made that a severe and sustained shortage of silver could impede and perhaps even cause an implosion of humankind’s technological-quality of life.” – David Smith

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 9.67EUR


Proverbs 31:25      Strength and honour are her clothing; and she shall rejoice in time to come.