Forget About Covid, They Say – “Forget how health bureaucracies headed by political appointees took over the task of regulating nearly the whole of life, while messaging the country that freedom just doesn’t matter much anymore! Who precisely benefits from this method of being “over Covid?” We need to know why, how, and who. There are millions of questions that cry out for answers. We must have them. And we need to work to recover, rebuild, and insure it will never happen again. ” – Jeffrey A. Tucker  – EXCELLENT ARTICLE FROM JEFFREY!!!!

CDC/FDA smoking gun of smoking guns – “They confess: they had no virus when they concocted the test for the virus; they “contrived” a model by pretending to find what they wanted to find; it’s called a self-fulfilling prophecy This is the con and the crime that drove millions of lives, and economies, into ruin” – Jon Rappoport

WHO Devises “Plan” To Inject More “Vaccines” While The Media’s “Experts” Warn Of Another Variant – Mac Slavo

Covid infections in Britain are rising again, and 90 percent of the dead are vaccinated. Have mRNA jabs ruined our chance at herd immunity? – Alex Berenson

‘Half The Country’ Did Speak The Covid Truths The CDC Director Insists ‘Nobody Said’ — And They Were Smeared – “Rochelle Walensky, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, should be eating crow these days but is instead deflecting from her agency’s litany of Covid failures. In keeping with her track record of getting things wrong, she got them woefully wrong again — this time, not with regard to Covid but with regard to the people who disagree with her expert guidance.” – Kylee Zempel




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The Blurring of Reality in the Age of Barbarism? – “voluntary servitude by the majority, whether initiated and promulgated by the powerful or not, can lead only to a society of impotent and conformist sheep awaiting slaughter. It is because of this majority attitude that this state of confusion, ignorance, and mass obedience to illegitimate authority, has harmed and consumed all efforts by the few to awaken the spirit of the common man. Once again, believe nothing, trust nothing, and verify everything, especially any pronouncement, threat, any new emergency declaration, or any political or media reporting about any event or any risk.” – Gary D. Barnett  – ANOTHER GOOD READ FROM GARY!!!!!

From COVID to WW3: The Left’s War on America and the Destruction of the World as You Knew It – “This is all about ushering in the Great Reset, and these bastards will do anything they can to kill of any reminder of what American used to be — including starting a Nuclear war with Russia. These people are absolutely out of their minds and are attempting to wipe out the world as we know it! Even before the government/media “pandemic” hit, we warned our readers about evil groups like the World Economic Forum. Once the manufactured crisis hit, The World Economic Forum went into full swing pushing the Great Reset.” – Off Grid Survival

Russia Falsely Blamed for US, NATO, Ukraine Crimes – “As part of their 24/7 propaganda war on Russia — based on talking points supplied by US/Western regimes — MSM turned reality on its head. NYT fake news blamed Russia for shelling corridors attacked by Kiev forces, Russian forces are targeting military sites exclusively. No bombardment of cities and killing of civilians has gone on — a longstanding specialty of US/NATO regimes in all their wars of aggression against invented enemies, what the Times and other MSM wholeheartedly cheerlead.” – Stephen Lendman

Russia’s judo kick to the western financial gut – “Washington’s sanctions on Moscow will destroy Europe, not Russia” – Pepe Escobar

The US Chose This Conflict – “Just your regular reminder that the US empire (A) had solid intelligence that this war was coming, (B) knew they could prevent it by making very reasonable, low-cost concessions like promising not to add a nation to NATO that they didn’t want to add anyway, and (C) chose not to. It’s 2022 and people still believe the US is pouring weapons into a foreign country to protect freedom and democracy. That’s like being 57 and still believing in the Tooth Fairy.” – Caitlin Johnstone

The Economic War Between The United States And Russia Just Shifted Into Overdrive – “Economic conflicts have a way of becoming shooting wars, and so we should all be deeply alarmed by what we are witnessing. ” – Michael Snyder  – ALSO SEE MISH’S ARTICLE IN THE ECONOMIC NEWS TODAY. WAKE UP PEOPLE. THIS IS ALL BEING ORCHESTRATED!!!!!!!

Can’t they find any REAL atrocities committed by the Russians in Ukraine? – “A badly hurt “Ukrainian” child who’s actually a Syrian. Heart-rending propaganda image of a “Ukrainian” child, deployed to get us screaming for a no-fly zone over Ukraine: That “Ukrainian” child in 2022 is actually a Syrian, whose image was deployed four years ago, to get us screaming in support of US intervention to bring down the government of Syria ” – Mark Crispin Miller

Pushing toward Nuclear War – “According to Yahoo! News, “More than two dozen foreign policy experts have called for the United States and NATO to institute a partial no-fly zone over Ukraine, which would serve as an escalation of the conflict with Russia.” Joining them is Illinois Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger. That would mean the U.S. military would be shooting down Russian planes containing Russian soldiers. So far, the idea is being resisted by President Biden and the military-intelligence establishment. However, given the extreme anti-Putin mentality that characterizes Biden, the Pentagon, and the CIA, their position could easily change on a moment’s notice.” – Jacob G. Hornberger

What If Ronald McDonald Went Full Bore Nazi On Us? – “Chris Kempczinski is the CEO of McDonald’s, the famous burger chain that is the second-largest employer in the world. Chris has closed his company’s restaurants in Russia to join other American corporations practicing a unique war on the Russian people. So, it’s not difficult to recognize yet another privileged, empowered, exceptional American leader who could be in the running for Reichfuhrer if the American leadership ever gets this Fourth Reich they are creating kick-started. Based on the frantic corporate business and media landslide they’ve started against the Russians over NATO, I’d say we’re on the path to Hitler rallies in front of the golden arches any time.” – Phil Butler

Russia Just Disconnected from the World’s Internet. It May Not Just Be About Censorship. – “Do they know something that we do not? In the event of a global cyber pandemic, if Russia is already “quarantined” from the rest of the world’s internet, are they going to be at risk? What would be the only unaffected country on earth? Not the ones that have been speaking up against tyranny. Not the ones with truckers and flags. The only unaffected country would be the one with functioning internet. Make no mistake. Something is afoot. And a cyber pandemic could very well be it.” – Jeff Thompson

Biden blames Putin for soaring gas prices – ” Scranton Joe embraces flamin’ hot hypocrisy. Pres. Biden asked what can be done about skyrocketing gas prices:”Can’t do much right now. Russia is responsible.” Talk about passing the buck. Actually, there’s a lot he can do. He just doesn’t want to do it.” – Monica Showalter

Putin snickers: Guess who owns a big chunk of Venezuela’s oil? – Monica Showalter  – MONICA IS ON A ROLL TODAY.  BUT THEN AGAIN, SOMEONE NEEDS TO BE!!!!

US Policy: Cheer Ukrainians On — and Keep Us Out! – “To repeat: If Russia attacks its neighbors Finland, Sweden, Ukraine, Moldova or Georgia, we stay out of the war. But if Russia attacks Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Slovakia, Romania or Bulgaria, we go in, even at the risk of nuclear war. Does this seem logical? Does this make sense?” – Patrick J. Buchanan

The Globalists Turned Out To Be Morons – “Think about this for a second. The people running the global economy decided it would be a good idea to extend supply chains over multiple countries so that everyone does the thing they’re best at. But then the same people who devised the above system decide that it’s also a good idea to punish countries that stray from the imperial orthodoxy by cutting them out of the global trading/banking system. Apparently, it hasn’t dawned on the Davos crowd that the countries they’re randomly abusing are — by the globalists’ own design — part of multiple supply chains. Break one link and (surprise!) the whole chain fails.” – John Rubino

Welcome to the controlled demolition of American energy – “With record high gas prices, the ruling class brings in the “energy transition.” In a press conference Tuesday morning, President Biden all but declared that the eco radicals in his administration had won this fight, spiking the football on this issue on the same day that America registered the highest gas prices in U.S. history.” – Jordan Schachtel

Surviving an Invasion – “The chances of the United States ever being invaded by another country are slim. The only way that it would be feasible would be for that country to both disable our grid and destroy our country with a conventional nuclear attack.” – Bill White

Uncle Sam’s Nazi Warriors – “The United States has been arming and training far-right militants that are the ideological descendants of Nazi war criminals that were directly involved in the mass-extermination of Jews, Slavs and Gypsies during the Second World War. These Ukrainian storm troopers are among the most vicious and malignant combatants Washington has ever employed to implement its foreign policy agenda. Naturally, Washington sees these fascist-zealots as mere pawns in its proxy war on Russia.” – Mike Whitney

Now Let’s Do the American Oligarchs – “What can we do about our oligarchy in the United States? President Biden’s blueprint for ones in Russia is a good place to start.” – Richard Eskow

Not supporting the Not-War is not okay – “People have a wide range of views about the Not-War in Ukraine. That’s normal and okay. Except in Russia, it’s not okay. You either support the Not-War or you shut the fuck up. That’s the rule. If you don’t like it you can go live in Nazi Ukraine. You can face criminal charges in Russia for even hinting that you have doubts about the Not-War.” – Edward Slavsquat/Riley Waggaman

Timeline: The Crimean Referendum Brutal act of military conquest, or peaceful (and popular) transition of power? Here are the facts to help you decide. – Off Guardian

Questions remain as unearthed document shows US link to Ukrainian bio-labs – “Questions remain about the full extent of US involvement in setting up high-level bio-security laboratories in Ukraine, as the media narrative concerning the labs has changed in a matter of days.” – Michael Haynes

Tech Trojan Horse: How the Senate is Poised to Codify Censorship of Social Media – “In the name of “reforming” the internet and bringing tech monopolies to heel, Klobuchar has penned a “Nudge Act” that would expand corporate censorship and speech controls.” – Jonathan Turley

Food crisis grows as spiralling prices spark export bans – Nigel Hunt

Zero carbon and zero covid are the same grift – “It’s the same state sponsored crony corporatism to establish control and enrich allies. the covid grift and the climate grift have an astonishing amount in common. It’s why it’s so easy to pivot from one to the other. They both use hallucinatory models of imminent catastrophe that fail to conform to reality to generate scare stories and emergencies as a pretext for collectivist and globalist action and mandate.” – El Gato Malo

Survival Hydration – Surviving With A Minimum Amount Of Water – Bob Rodgers





Unprecedented Fed Action May Have Just Started a Global Currency Crisis – “The Fed took an unprecedented as well as illegal action on Russia that constitutes economic warfare and may easily start a currency crisis or something even worse. The Fed, likely acting on orders from the Biden administration, froze the US dollar reserve assets of Russia.” – Mish

Recession: We’re In One NOW – “Why? Several reasons, with the simplest explanation being this: Nobody seems to remember their mathematics from middle and High School, which included exponents. Shortly we will have the new CPI release; it will not include most of the wild rampjob in gasoline and diesel prices, which will show up in the March report. And boy, will it show up. If you recall the last time oil spiked higher it led to an immediate and deep recession.” – Karl Denninger

The Upside of a Crushing Recession – Charles Hugh Smith

How Much Russian Crude Oil & Petroleum Product Does the US Import? Where Does it Go? How Much Impact Will the Russian Oil Ban Have? – “One more complication in the vast global oil trade, even for the US, one of the largest producers in the world and a big exporter.” – Wolf Richter

Are Precious Metals a Good Investment Opportunity? – Craig Hemke

COMING SILVER BULL MARKET: Get Ready For Big Moves In Silver – “Several factors are converging for the Next Major Silver Bull Market…” – Steve St Angelo

Crypto Currency WARNING! Coinbase Cuts Off 25K Russian Wallets – ” I have never felt comfortable putting major resources into cryptocurrencies for several reasons, the most obvious one being that it is dependent upon “the system,” which requires, among other things, electricity and a working Internet. That alone is cause for red flags, but today the whole world can now know that cryptocurrencies are NOT a safe haven, as Coinbase, the largest US crypto exchange service, announced that they have cut off 25,000 Russian wallets. Apparently Binance will be doing the same thing. Cryptocurrencies have some advantages in certain situations, but this announcement today should blow the lid off of any idea that they are a “safe haven” to store wealth and assets. Not only are they dependent upon the frail technology where they are stored, they are subject to tyrannical governments just the same as any currency stored in banks.” – Brian Shilhavy

Biden just put out an executive order on cryptocurrencies — here’s everything that’s in it – Ryan Browne

Deutsche Bank Has Lost 38 Percent of Its Market Value in a Month; That’s a Big Problem for Wall Street and the Fed – Pam Martens and Russ Martens  – HIGHLIGHTED THAT FACT LAST WEEK, BECAUSE AS YOU MAY OR MAY NOT KNOW WE FOLLOW DEUTSCHE BANK BECAUSE OF IT’S HIGH DERIVITIVE EXPOSURE. AS DEUTSCHE BANK COLLAPSES, SO DOES THE MARKET!!!!

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 9.90EUR




Isaiah 35:5      Then the eyes of the blind shall be opened, and the ears of the deaf shall be unstopped.




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