Calling Dr. Fauci? – “One scans the news in vain for any sign of the little doctor who – just a few weeks ago – was the news. All the time, everywhere. Now, nowhere. Because now it’s Putin Bad! Urkaine Good! Which it isn’t, really – either way. What’s very good – for Dr. Fauci and everyone responsible for the psychological and financial abuse heaped upon millions of people over a “pandemic” that – just like that – seems to be cured – is that Putin Bad! Ukraine Good! is keeping the fish school moving in the appointed direction.” – Eric Peters

Don’t believe the media’s fake post-mortem, the “pandemic” was NOT a mistake – “The story will be that Covid hysteria was the result of “flawed data” or “panic”…it was neither. And, in a beautifully fitting piece of poetic irony, Covid’s autopsy will be inaccurate and fitted to a foregone conclusion.” – Kit Knightly

COVID-19 Deep Dive Part I – Pathophysiology – “The first in a series of articles exploring each aspect of the pandemic in detail” – Spartacus  –  A WEALTH OF INFORMATION TO DIGEST!!!!!

How could Chinese Cave Bats pick the NGVEGF motif from Swine Flu Pandemic? – “And how “flu vaccine” destroys kids natural protection. A new study came out that looks at reasons why some people seem to NOT catch Covid-19:” – Igor Chudov

COVID Vaccines – What Happened to ‘Safe and Effective’? – “Study after study is coming out that ought to provoke media curiosity. But the press remains indifferent.” – Brian C. Joondeph, M.D.

Delusional NY Times Op Ed tells us nothing about statistics but heaps about the pathologies of the bougie mind – “Evidence suggests that the Cult of Vaccine has become a profound mental illness akin to schizophrenia or dissociative disorder. The title alone is a warning that this article is going to be a doozy! I’m a Parent and a Statistician. There’s a Smarter Way to Think About the Under-5 Vaccine. That sort of framing is exactly how paid Pharma trolls on Twitter construct their tweets. So Mr. Clayton is Very Afraid(TM) and he wants us to know that the only cure for his fright is to inject toxic, experimental, genetically modified mRNA into his kids. Already it’s clear that Mr. Clayton does not understand statistics nor risk.” – Toby Rogers  – QUITE LENGTHY, BUT A GOOD ONE FROM TOBY!!!!

Variant specific boosters fail to elicit variant specific response – “Did NIH researchers just prove the moderna vaccine leads to OAS? THIS is a very interesting paper written by a bewilderingly large number of authors (66 in total), many from NIH and NIAID.” – El Gato Malo

Vaccine Choice Canada calls to end Pfizer shot after report shows it caused over 1,200 adverse reactions – Vaccine Choice Canada

Media Mystery of Ignoring Micro Blood Clots in Long COVID – “Evil intention and public ignorance. The medical literature provides strong evidence for the creation of micro blood clots from COVID infection. And if you understand that the fundamental cause are spike proteins inflicting small blood vessels, then you also understand that COVID vaccines that fill bodies with spike proteins must also be considered as another cause of micro blood clots.” – Joel S Hirschhorn


Trojan Horse | The Problem with Gene-based Injections – Part 2 – “In Part 1 we discussed the interaction between injected genes and the immune response. Now, we turn to the risks these injections pose on the genome.” – Remnant MD

“We had, perhaps, too little caution and too much optimism”: Rochelle Walensky gives herself a pass for killing millions – “If only someone had informed the CDC how ineffective those “vaccines” really are! Oh, wait: Those who tried to tell such truths were censored, gagged, delicensed, smeared.” – Mark Crispin Miller

Return to Normal Driven by Politics, Not “The Science” – “One of the only constants in the policy response to the pandemic is a near nonstop politicization of public health. This is seen through the actions of Anthony Fauci and former NIH Director Francis Collins, who conspired to smear the scientists behind the Great Barrington Declaration through the popular press because they dared question the efficacy of lockdowns. In addition to Fauci and Collins, the CDC consistently demonstrates it is influenced by partisan politics. Throughout the pandemic, the CDC spread misinformation on masking, spun medical studies, disparaged natural immunity, allowed teachers’ unions to influence its school reopening guidance, and used deeply flawed studies to push an unconstitutional eviction moratorium.” – David Waugh


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Nowhere Left to Hide – “Time, they say, is nature’s way of making sure that everything doesn’t happen at once. If that’s so, then maybe time has stopped because all of a sudden everything seems to be happening at once. Three things, actually: 1) a Russian military operation in Ukraine that a lot of people in America want to turn into World War Three; 2) an epic crack-up of the world financial system; and 3) the breakdown of the fishy Covid-19 affair and especially the story behind its holy avatar: the mRNA vaccine. Sunday night, America’s premier propaganda vessel, CBS’s 60-Minutes, ran a puff-piece on the CDC starring the warm-and-fuzzy Mom figure, Rachel Walensky. It is hard to overstate just how dishonest the segment was, starting with its subtle effort to keep America in a state of alarm (“new variants” coming!),” – James Howard Kunstler  – MR. KUNSTLER ON THE BIG PICTURE; WAR, THE ECONOMY AND COVID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Revenge of the Putin-Nazis! – “And this time they are not horsing around with stealing elections from Hillary Clinton with anti-masturbation Facebook ads. They are going straight for “Democracy’s” jugular! Yes, that’s right, folks, Vladimir Putin, leader of the Putin-Nazis and official “Evil Dictator of the Day,” has launched a Kamikazi attack on the United Forces of Goodness (and Freedom) to provoke us into losing our temper and waging a global thermonuclear war that will wipe out the entire human species and most other forms of life on earth! I’m referring, of course, to Putin’s inexplicable and totally unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, a totally peaceful, Nazi-free country which was just sitting there minding its non-Nazi business, singing Kumbaya, and so on, and not in any way collaborating with or being cynically used by GloboCap to menace and eventually destabilize Russia so that the GloboCap boys can get back in there and resume the Caligulan orgy of “privatization” they enjoyed throughout the 1990’s. No, clearly, Putin has just lost his mind,” – CJ Hopkins  – GREAT READ FROM CJ AS USUAL!!!!!

A Few Reasons Why #IStandWithRussia – “If you are sharing #standwithukriane, I say “If you can’t say more, then say nothing.” Otherwise, you are probably getting people killed needlessly. Now, for those of you willing to learn, and to have the capacity to say more, it will require more than copy-pasting a hashtag created for media propaganda purposes.” – Phil Butler

We Ended It All Out Of Boredom – “We let the bastards (who were just as bored as the rest of us) wave their warheads around like dongs at a bachelorette party, even egging them on, calling for starvation sanctions and no-fly zones and endless escalations in brinkmanship, because there was nothing new on Hulu, because CNN needed the ratings, because they canceled Jerry Springer, because they don’t let you smoke anywhere these days,” – Caitlin Johnstone

Is There A Path To Peace In Ukraine? – “President Biden should help negotiate a ceasefire, but his words and actions thus far have rendered this practically impossible.” – Douglas Macgregor, Col. (ret.)

The War on Humanity… – “The Empire doesn’t care about the Ukrainians anymore than they care about the people in their own countries. It is about maintaining control over humanity.” – Eamon McKinney

Americans have no obligation to sacrifice for the war in Ukraine – “Ukraine Mania is the successor to COVID Mania. No questions asked! In March of 2020, we were told it was an act of incredible selfishness to want to continue to simply lives our as free human beings. COVID-19 was to be taken very seriously. So seriously, in fact, that the ruling class told us that not taking COVID seriously (and adhering to the draconian edicts of politicians) meant you were a bad citizen, and likely complicit in the potential death of everyone’s grandma. Well, the rest is history. Many Americans saw two years pass — and millions of lives and livelihoods ruined — before the government lifted its tyrannical boot off of our necks. Today, we are said to be facing another crisis.” – Jordan Schachtel

The War From TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) – “But the truth is, Trump single-handed generated such a deep, intense and irrational wave of TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) in the Imperial City that Washington – berserk with anti-Putin hysteria – essentially shoved Cool Hand Vlad right over the brink.” – David Stockman

Latest MSM Edition of All Things Russia Hate-Mongering – “In cahoots with US/Western/Kiev dark forces, MSM have been waging hate-mongering war of words on all things Russia — wrapped in a litany of bald-faced Big Lies and mass deception. In print, the self-styled newspaper of record, in its own mind, NYT is the lead offender — fake news its stock and trade. Truth-telling on all things Russia and other major issues is banned in its daily propaganda issues. No letup was in sight on Monday. Once again, the Times falsely accused Russian forces of “taking an increasing toll on civilians” – Stephen Lendman

Scholz Says Russian Oil Critical to EU, but Why Should Russia Keep Supplying Those Who Rob Her? – “The West owes Russia $300 billion for energy she already supplied and was stolen from her” – Marko Marjanović

Are You SURE This Is A Good Idea?- “Cogent Communications will pull the plug on its connectivity to customers in Russia in response to President Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. The US-based biz is one of the planet’s largest internet backbones – the freeways of the internet – and says it carries roughly a quarter of global ‘net traffic. Modern-day “aggregators”, of which Cogent is one, often are the source of address delegations as well. Cogent has confirmed they’re canceling IP addresses delegated out; when you are using an aggregator you don’t actually “own” any delegations you may have as for routing purposes the aggregator has the registration on those. For residential users this is not a major issue, but for commercial places where reverse mapping is a factor it can be at least a moderate hassle. “Much-more ominous, however, is this: – Karl Denninger – KARL POINTS OUT SOME OF THE DANGERS OF SHUTTING OFF THE INTERNET!!!!!

Risk of weapons vanishing as over 20 countries send arms to Ukraine – “Diversion to the black market was already a problem there. Now that the pipeline is flowing, there needs to be more controls.” – Taylor Giorno

Video: Rand Paul Slams “Reckless” Lindsey Graham For Calling For Putin’s Head – “Saying things like you’re going to assassinate him would actually make things worse” – Steve Watson

Special Report From the Front Line in Ukraine (VIDEO) with Russell Bentley – Gerald Celente  – IF IT’S GERALD, YOU KNOW IT’S GOING TO BE GOOD. YOU WILL NEVER HEAR THIS ON THE MSM. A MUST WATCH, JUST READ SOME OF THE COMMENTS!!!!!

The Man Who Sold Ukraine – “Zelensky has been lionized in the west and praised for his personal bravery. But—as a practical matter—he has failed to restore national unity or implement the crucial peace accord that is the only path to reconciliation. The Ukrainian president doesn’t like the so-called Minsk Protocol and has refused to meet its basic requirements. As a result, the ethnically-charged, fratricidal war that has engulfed Ukraine for the last 8 years, continues to this day with no end in sight. Most Americans fail to realize that Zelensky’s rejection of Minsk was the straw that broke the camel’s back” – Mike Whitney  – NOR WILL THE MSM TELL YOU THAT THIS IS THE REASON EITHER. INSTEAD IT’S PUTIN WANTS TO RE-ESTABLISH THE USSR!!!!!

Russian Showdown and Food Prices – “Russia is a fertilizer superpower — and American farmers and consumers are about to pay massive costs for Biden’s escalating economic war vs Moscow” – Steve Cortes

Food Crisis About To Get Worse After China Says Winter Wheat Condition Could Be Worst In History – Tyler Durden

Stock Up: Food Crisis is Worsening – Mac Slavo

Is Nuclear Winter a Myth? – “What are the most popular myths out there involving nuclear war? Perhaps, if we can help to dispel some of these, we can help people to realize that A) nuclear war is survivable, B) there are action steps we can take to protect ourselves, and C) in the event of a nuclear strike, we won’t find ourselves absolutely clueless.” – Aden Tate


U.S. Markets Face An Unprecedented Era Of Discomfort That Many Could Never Fathom – “Are we officially in the process of being caught off guard? In other words, we have a ton of inexperienced market participants that should be bracing for the economic shock of their lifetimes, but they’re not – they’re still at the stage where walking around Manhattan in Patagonia vests, drinking Starbucks and making dinner reservations at whatever douche-motel is trendy this week are among their top concerns.” – Quoth the Raven

Geopolitics is just another market factor – don’t let it distract you from ongoing reality. Yet another difficult week in prospect for markets as $130 oil threatens a global shock, geopolitics remains on the edge, and London tries to rid itself of an infestation of oligarchs without exposing the politicians who let them capture the state.” – Bill Blain

Crude Oil WTI Futures Go Bananas, Briefly Spike to $130: This Is What’s Happening at my Gas Station – “Speculators are reacting to other speculators who are reacting to whatever.” – Wolf Richter

Unleaded Gas Futures Hit Record High, Oil Surges 10%, Gold Up Another 25 Dollars – “Expect to pay still more at the pump. Unleaded gas futures just broke the high set in 2008.” – Mish

European NatGas Jumps 64% As Chance Of Russian Energy Ban Ignites Mayhem – Tyler Durden

The Fed Did It! Inflationary Collapse was Already Here. – “For almost two years (starting in 2020 before you could see any consumer inflation at all), I have faithfully and consistently traced our trajectory toward scorching inflation that would cause a market disaster.” – David Haggith

Are We Nearing the Final Days of the Dollar? – “The dishonest fiat Federal Reserve Note “dollar” is slowly dying and will eventually need to be replaced with something more trustworthy. Perhaps it will be presented to Americans as a series of dramatic monetary reforms. Maybe people will be using something else entirely as money. Either way, the destruction of the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency promises to be a defining moment in the nation’s history and this moment may be growing nigh.” – Clint Siegner

Gold to Copper Rack Up More Gains as War in Ukraine Spurs Demand – Bloomberg News



Habakkuk 3:16      When I heard, my belly trembled; my lips quivered at the voice: rottenness entered into my bones, and I trembled in myself, that I might rest in the day of trouble: when he cometh up unto the people, he will invade them with his troops.