CDC Admits They Lied, And Granny Died – “Yeah. Listen to this folks. “I can tell you where it was when the CNN feed came that it was 95% effective…… nobody said waning” CNN feed that it was 95% effective? Nobody said “waning”? So you knew, or should have known. In fact we now have a very high level of evidence that the manufacturers, including specifically Pfizer and Moderna, gamed the trials by at least deliberate refusal to look. We know this because the trial in young people showed that protection goes negative within just a couple of months, that is, it makes you more likely rather than less to get infected.” – Karl Denninger

This year’s sudden war is a distraction from the bigger war they’ve planned, for years, to wage against us all – “Right now, they plan to force their “vaccine” passports on us, not through city, state or national governments, but as a GLOBAL imposition. The article below makes pretty clear that that’s the plan; so let’s not take our eyes completely off the hardball hurtling toward us. The two-year COVID nightmare is not over, despite its sudden absence from the daily media feed, the vanishing of Dr. Fauci, SNL’s disorienting Gee-let’s-all-talk-things-out-the-way-we-used-to comedy, and other changes surely meant to calm us down” – Mark Crispin Miller  – MARK ON THE BIGGER PICTURE, ON WHICH I HAVE SAID NUMEROUS TIMES, COVID IS JUST A PART OF!!!!!

New Ivermectin Study — Same 70% Reduction in Deaths – “Not using Ivermectin killed about 688,000 Americans” – Igor Chudov

Fauci’s Next Moves Revealed After Seemingly Disappearing as Left’s COVID Narrative Disintegrates – “The left’s favorite COVID scold, Dr. Anthony Fauci, has been conspicuously absent from the national media for the last few weeks, and the outlets he has been relegated to seem to underscore the Democrats’ new strategy on COVID.” – Warner Todd Huston  – JUST LIKE ALL THEIR OTHER NARRATIVES, ONCE YOUR USEFULNESS IS DONE, YOU’RE GONE. FAUCI SERVED HIS PURPOSE. NOW HE CAN JUST RETIRE AND GET HIS MEGA-PENSION FROM THE GOVERNMENT, BECAUSE HE WILL NEVER BE INVESTIGATED!!!!

The New York Times’ Disgraceful and Deceitful Attack on RFK Jr – “The New York Times, floundering in the deep waters of truth and desperately trying to stay afloat in the shallows by continuing its history of lying for its CIA masters, has just published a front page of propaganda worthy of the finest house organs of totalitarian regimes.” – Edward Curtin

License to kill – “There’s no doubt about it: the vaccine companies have a license to kill. They can kill as many people as they want and nobody in America is going to stop them. It’s all perfectly legal.” – Steve Kirsch

Why Is Walensky Refusing to Answer this Senator’s Questions? – “From masks, vaccines, and school shutdowns, to the origination of Covid-19, Johnson has been asking critical questions. However, he says he has received very few answers. ” – Sharyl Attkisson

How the US Government Markets Vaccine Acceptance to the General Public – Dennis Santiago

Dangerous Pfizer Vaccine Fraud Fully Exposed: Digital Currency, Digital IDs and the Global Debt Problem (VIDEO0 – “Another high integrity patriot, former BlackRock portfolio manager Edward Dowd, is speaking out about the real motivations behind the pandemic, which he believes aren’t about COVID at all. Instead, it’s all about money — specifically a global debt problem and an imminent global collapse of the financial industry. During his career, Dowd witnessed two bubbles — corporate fraud and then bank fraud — and now he believes we’re in the third bubble, which involves central banks and governments.” – Dr. Joseph Mercola  – DOWD HAS BEEN IN THE ALT NEWS LATELY AND I HAVE REPORTED ON HIM BEFORE. DR. MERCOLA FURNISHES SOME VIDEOS!!!!!!

65,615 Deaths Now Reported in Europe and the USA Following COVID-19 Vaccines – Corporate Media Refuses to Publish this Data – Brian Shilhavy

Dying Australian mother of five told her children can’t visit in her final days under COVID hospital rules – “‘They won’t allow the kids to see their mum and they won’t let my wife’s mum see her either,’ said the dying woman’s husband.” – Jack Bingham


( HMM, RT OFFLINE TODAY – 403 – Forbidden . That’s an error.)

Back In the USSR – “The swift de-westernization of Russia. This time it’s the west that’s degrading toward the worst elements of the USSR faster than Russia. Every horrible thing they tell us about Putin and Russia exists in the west and ten-fold in some cases. Political prisoners held without trial. Censorship. Pravda media. Kangaroo committees. Secret police for internal coups. Shutting down protests of one political nature while allowing others. Unequal protection under the law. Oligarchies posing as democracies. Fascism posing as liberalism.” – The Good Citizen – THE GOOD CITIZEN NAILS IT AGAIN. PROBABLY ONE OF THE BETTER WRITERS ON SUBSTACK AT THE MOMENT. A MUST READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Large Scale False Flag Cyber-Attack Is Now Imminent – “In early 2021 at the height of media generated covid fear the World Economic Forum released a series of panel discussions and white papers outlining a “pandemic” of a completely different nature; what they referred to as an impending “cyber-attack with covid like characteristics.” The program agenda at the WEF was titled “Cyber Polygon” and headed with unsettling zeal by globalist Klaus Schwab. The fact that the WEF was so prescient when it came to the covid pandemic was quite a miracle. It was almost as if they knew it was going to happen, and their political friends in various nations wasted no time carrying out their draconian mandate policies around the world. But something happened that seemed to throw a monkey wrench into the plan – Event 201 predicted an initial death toll of around 65 million people, but this didn’t happen. So, for those of us that have been tracking these events carefully, the alarm bells really started ringing when the WEF switched gears and suddenly shifted focus to a cyber-attack narrative. Was this Plan-B?” – Brandon Smith

Thanks to Putin’s War in Ukraine The Race is On for the Great Reset – “Vladimir Putin has become the pivotal figure of the 21st century. Of that there is no doubt. The size and breadth of the ground operation in Ukraine, despite some mistakes, has been impressive. What’s obvious to me is that Putin put in motion a plan far more ambitious than was originally expected by the West. Their hysterical overreaction to this decapitation of Ukraine is my barometer on this. These rabbit holes are getting dug nearly as quickly as Russia’s armed forces have taken the northern coast of the Black Sea. And I feel like all of them have a nugget of truth. But they all lead to the same fundamental conclusion, in my mind. This has become a race between two radically different versions of The Davos Crowd’s plans for a Great Reset.” – Tom Luongo

Complicity theorists – The new narrative that I just learned about yesterday has always been the narrative! They are the lemmings who stampede you off of cliff after cliff and then demand that you thank them for it. And they are always, always, looking for the new new thing. Covid runs down, and war springs to take its place. but it’s the same people, the same agitation, and the same desperate need to underpin a sense of self by invoking moral superiority from hectoring others in times of crisis.” – El Gato Malo  – VERY GOOD ARTICLE FROM THE BAD CAT!!!!!!!

Ukraine Is A Sacrificial Pawn On The Imperial Chessboard – “The war is not going well for Kyiv, and it would be unreasonable to expect that to change. As a vastly superior military force overwhelms the US client state, reality is in the process of crashing down hard in the face of western liberals who bought into the war propaganda that the brave, sexy comedian was leading an upset victory to kick Putin’s ass out of Ukraine.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Some Observations From Europe Related to the Ukrainian Crisis – ” We listened to Zelensky talk in real time and there were a number of speeches. As you can imagine, it was completely one sided. Putin was trashed and none of Russia’s concerns were even mentioned. It is so sad and painful to see this tragedy unfold. What is exasperating is that those who maneuvered us into this situation by their arrogance and incompetence are sitting in their houses in Washington, New York, Brussels, London, etc blowing hot air and pontificating. But that’s how this world is these days.” – Vasko Kohlmayer

Kissinger and Putin – “Speaking of convergence, did you know Kissinger and Putin have been “old friends” for decades, and that since Putin came to power in 2000 Kissinger has been described as a “frequent guest in Russia”? That Putin refers to Kissinger as his “trusted adviser”? That the diplomatic academy of the Russian Foreign Ministry under Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in 2013 bestowed an honorary doctorate on Kissinger, with Putin congratulating him for having been a “global politician all his life”?” – Diana West  – HERE’S A LITTLE INFO TO DWELL ON!!!!!

Insane Globalists Collapsing World Economy (VIDEO) with Martin Armstrong – ” You have Apple and all these companies; there are over 300 American companies in Russia. Their assets are going to be seized. They are all now in a panic mode to get out, and you are going to see the same situation with China. This is insane. It really is insane, and you just don’t do this. I can’t believe these governments have listened to this sort of advice. It’s really, really disastrous. What creates world peace is not nuclear weapons. It’s economic, basically.” – Greg Hunter

A Complete Summary Of All Russia Sanctions And Developments – Tyler Durden

Russia and Ukraine – “Suppose that Brazil had invaded a relatively peaceful United States several times in the last century. But posit that the Brazilians set up a CATO (Central American Treaty Organization). They successively enrolled in it Columbia, then Panama, then Costa Rica, then Nicaragua, then El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and Belize. They also enrolled Chile and Argentina and several other South American Countries in CATO. For a time, the Mexican government had a pro-US stance, but CATO put paid to that too, deposing that democratically elected leader and substituting one more to their liking in his place. As well, the Canadians were also anti-American (well, that’s not imaginary) and members of CATO. Next, Brazil and its many CATO allies threatened to arm their new ally, Mexico with weapons of mass devastation.” – Walter E. Block  – MANY HAVE USED A SIMILAR TYPE OF ALLEGORY. DO YOU GET THE PICTURE YET!!!!!

Kiev Regime Sought to Scrub Evidence of Pentagon-backed Biowarfare Programme, Russian MoD Reveals – “The US Defence Threat Reduction Agency has been working in Ukraine since 2005, and been involved in the construction, modernization and operation of over a dozen biolabs suitable for storing or working with pathogens, including those used in bioweapons. Moscow has expressed deep concerns about these facilities in recent years. Ukrainian authorities have been instructed to scrub clean evidence related to the operation of a Pentagon-funded biological warfare programme in Ukraine, Russian Defence Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov has said.” – Ilya Tsukanov

Zelensky And The Fascists: – “He will hang on some tree on Khreshchatyk” – Moon of Alabama

Map Wars — Russians and Ukrainians Are Looking at Totally Different War Maps – “Both are engaging in wishful thinking. Here are some good ones to follow” – Anti-Empire

Russian war in world’s ‘breadbasket’ threatens food supply – Joseph Wilson, Samy Magdy, Aya Batrawy and Chinedu Asadu

Not exactly Chernobyl – “I guess I’ll have to keep publishing some short notes on the situation in the Ukraine, since it’s all over the news and most of that is fake news. Overnight there was a ridiculous amount of noise about Zaporozhskaya AES, which is the largest nuke plant in Europe. President Zelensky proclaimed that it is the new Chernobyl and that all of Europe will need to be evacuated. He was obviously drunk at the time. What actually happened was:” – Dmitry Orlov

Biden looks to Venezuela for a bailout – “Joe Biden is in a bind. Like everything else, he’s blown it. Energy prices have gone through the roof, with gasoline prices at the pump pushing $6.00 a gallon in San Diego alone. They’re expected to get higher, and each tic upward takes Joe down another notch in the polls.” – Monica Showalter

Sunday Talks, Marco Rubio Makes the Case for NATO War Against Russia – “During his appearance with the State Department’s unofficial spokesperson, CNN’s Jake Tapper, Senator Rubio outlined the case against Vladimir Putin noting that Ukraine is a legacy move by the Russian president. In the background of Rubio stating the U.S. needs to stop buying oil from Russia, the Biden administration has entered discussions with Venezuela for replacement oil so they can create the better optic and stop purchasing from Vladimir Putin. Think about the ridiculousness of the situation as it now presents. Only a few short years ago (January 2019), Marco Rubio was one of the main characters who led a ‘whole of government‘ effort to remove Venezuela leader Nicolas Maduro on behalf of his Latino constituents in Florida. Now that the focus has shifted to Russia, Rubio wants to remove Vladimir Putin, by purchasing oil from Nicolas Maduro. Yup, there’s U.S. foreign policy in a nutshell.” – Sundance

Is it time to (electorally) take out Lindsey Graham? – “The temperatures are rapidly reaching boiling point. Every syllable has consequences, hence the utmost caution must be practiced. Graham’s call for a coup by assassination is not only reckless but dangerous. Such utterances during turbulent times validate conspiracy theories and amplify paranoia. Individuals plagued with paranoia often react irrationally when gratuitously provoked. What makes it infinitely more perilous is the nuclear arms in play. If Graham is hoping to divide and conquer by causing a rift within the Kremlin or their allies, his statements will have the opposite results. Graham represents the worst of the Washington establishment — the corrupt, self-serving, self-promoting, and double-speaking kind who places their voters last.” – Rajan Laad  – YET HANNITY INVARIABLY HAS HIM ON HIS NEWSCAST WHICH MAKES ME DOUBT HIM AS WELL!!!!!

Pompeo tweets, risks war with China over Taiwan – “Such chirping from the former secretary of state, who has obvious political ambitions, is reckless and irresponsible.” – Michael D. Swaine  – ANOTHER IDIOT TO ADD TO THE BUNCH!!!!!!

Canadian Conviviality vs. Global Helplessness – “The showdown between Trudeau and the truckers has shown the real nature of a war that is by now quite obviously not about a virus.” – Sinead Murphy

For Texans and Australians it’s breezes and sunshine, or no grid at all – “The Texans’ Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), and Australians are constantly being blown away with the growing “nameplate” capacity of wind turbines and solar panels to provide electricity, but electricity from renewables have yet to produce anywhere near their projected capacity due to the intermittency and unreliability of breezes and sunshine. No country on Earth relies entirely on wind and solar for all their electricity, but Texans and Australians politicians aim to achieve this miracle. Without subsidies, the so-called wind and solar ‘industries’ for electricity from unreliable breezes and sunshine would disappear in a heartbeat.” – Ronald Stein

Cyber Attack Risk Awareness and Hard Copies – Ken Jorgustin

How To Prepare For and Prevent Cyberattacks – “The United States Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency has issued an unusual warning to businesses due to the concerns occurring from the Russia/Ukrainian conflict. “Every organization—large and small—must be prepared to respond to disruptive cyber activity,” the agency says in its warning.” – Sara Tipton

Fantasy vs. Reality: Building a Shelter – “If you can’t build a shelter, you have a minimal chance of survival in an emergency that causes you to be away from home.” – Fabian Ommar


Ukraine War Headlines: Tough Talk + Real Math = Bad Options – “War is the sum of all evils; there are few greater tragedies than the clashing of swords. And as the West points a moral figure at Putin, we take no sides, but simply wonder where those same fingers (and headlines or sanctions) were when the U.S. was invading country after country for years. Remember those Iraqi WMD? Or did Uncle Sam get that wrong? Just saying… In short, those in glass houses should be weary of tossing stones… And as we see below, failed economic systems, driven by debt, make nations weak and hence reduce their political options precisely when stronger options are most needed—as in times of war. Get Ready for More Money Printing. First, expect a continuously dovish Fed.” – Matthew Piepenburg

Stocks in Germany, the UK, France, Italy, and Spain Plunge Below Year 2000 Levels: Buy-and-Hold Horror Shows – “Food for thought in light of the biggest stock market bubble in the US ever.” – Wolf Richter

Silver spikes again amid rumors of Russian move to gold backed currency (VIDEO) with Bill Holter – Arcadia Economics


Gold Powers Towards Record High, NEM Closed Last Gap, What’s Ahead? – “Fundamentally and technically there is plenty of upside in gold and miners. Here are a few charts to consider.” – Mish


Ezekiel 14:13      Son of man, when the land sinneth against me by trespassing grievously, then will I stretch out mine hand upon it, and will break the staff of the bread thereof, and will send famine upon it, and will cut off man and beast from it:


Oh, flew in by Miami Beach B.O.A.C.
Didn’t get to bed last night
On the way the paper bag was on my knee
Man I had a dreadful flight

I’m back in the U.S.S.R.
You don’t know how lucky you are boy
Back in the U.S.S.R. (Yeah)

Been away so long I hardly knew the place
Gee it’s good to be back home
Leave it ’til tomorrow to unpack my case
Honey disconnect the phone

I’m back in the U.S.S.R.
You don’t know how lucky you are boy
Back in the U.S.
Back in the U.S.
Back in the U.S.S.R.

Well the Ukraine girls really knock me out
They leave the West behind
And Moscow girls make me sing and shout
That Georgia’s always on my my my my my my my my my mind

Aw come on!
Ho yeah!
Ho yeah!
Ho ho yeah!
Yeah yeah!

Yeah I’m back in the U.S.S.R.
You don’t know how lucky you are boys
Back in the U.S.S.R.

( Back in the U.S.S.R by John Lennon and Paul McCartney )


Ukraine Beatles