Death Wish – “Reality is the kryptonite of the Left, sapping its superpowers of coercion and persecution which — get this — are the only abilities it cares about. Reality is intruding now, though, with the help of its twin sister, Truth. Particular truths are emerging to fortify reality and weaken the Left’s efforts to beat-down the peoples of Western Civ. For instance, the implacable truth that the mRNA vaccines don’t work and that they gravely injure people. In the face of this obvious reality, government and corporations persist in their irrational campaigns to vaxx-up every last man-woman-and-child. Ditto, the unfortunate, put-upon citizens of Austria, such a tidy little country, too, and so hopelessly lost in its daze of mass formation psychosis, Likewise, the absurd government of Canada, led by the clueless ponce Justin Trudeau, who refuses to take his patent-leather go-go boot off the neck of Canadian truckers. The truckers aren’t having it anymore,” – James Howard Kunstler  – ANOTHER GOOD ONE FROM MR. KUNSTLER, AS USUAL!!!!!

Compulsory Covid vaccination set to be imposed in first EU country – “After Austria’s parliament approves the measure, it only expects the president’s signature” – RT  – DOESN’T SOUND TO ME LIKE THIS IS OVER. AND FROM THE LINK BELOW, IT SOUNDS MORE LIKE IT’S REALLY JUST BEGINNING FOR mRNA USES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Austria: A Resurrected Third Reich – ” Will the Swastika go up all over Europe? Is there a mere ounce of intelligence and integrity anywhere in the Austrian government? It is an established fact that the Covid vaccine fails to protect.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Racket Ain’t Over, Now mRNA Will “Cure Cancer” – “mRNA injection that “cures cancer” isn’t a “vaccine”” – Laura Donnelly

Biden’s New War On Cancer to Harness the Technology of MRNA – Jeremy Loffredo

What is a disease without a cause? – “A disease without a cause is a business model. You make a list of symptoms. You say many people are experiencing this cluster of symptoms. You give a label to this list of symptoms. A name. The name of a disease or a disorder or a syndrome. Over time, through promotion, the name sticks. You fund research to find the cause of the disease. This research can stretch out for a long time. Possibly forever. Meanwhile, you develop and sell drugs to treat the disease. Money.” – Jon Rappoport

FDA Suddenly Scrubs Moderna Document From Website After Reporters Ask Questions – Tyler Durden

Russians vow to boycott new “security” ID – “Could organized resistance against the Fan ID help stop QR codes?” – Edward Slavsquat

COVID Cases Inflated for Profit: ‘The Guy Went in for Multiple Gunshot Wounds and he was Coded as COVID’ – “Jeanne Stagg, a whistleblower who worked in Inpatient Utilization Management, approached Project Veritas after seeing cases coded as COVID-19 that she says should not have COVID-19 listed as the “primary diagnosis.”” – Project Veritas

The Genocidal Ramifications of the Criminal COVID Conspiracy – Dr. Joseph Mercola

Attorneys Report Spike in Calls for Help From Families of Patients Hospitalized With COVID-19 – ““In many cases, the hospitals have refused to release the patient, citing their unstable condition, meaning that at some point it can become impossible to get off the COVID express,” “I call it medical kidnapping,” Childers said.” – Nanette Holt

Don’t hold your breath for end of mask insanity – Douglas Murray

The Real Face Of Evil: 17-Year-Old Sean Hartman Was Killed By The Pfizer Jab. Twitter Removed His Dad’s Account For Speaking The Truth – “On Tuesday, January 17th, Dan Hartman testified to the Toronto City Council, that he believes the Pfizer vaccine killed his son: And lo and behold, the wicked Toronto City Council edited Dan’s testimony out of their record: “Coincidentally” Twitter removed Dan’s account shortly after the testimony took place.” – Lioness of Judah Ministry  – AN ARTICLE ABOUT THIS WAS LINKED ON 01/20/22, THAT WAS BEFORE TWITTER HAD REMOVED HIS ACCOUNT!!!!


Mushroom at Sunset – “What is “Life Worthy of Life”? Is Love Supposed to be Easy?” -Dr Naomi Wolf A VERY BEAUTIFUL STORY, IF YOU READ NOTHING ELSE TODAY.  READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Power of Protest – “It’s beginning to feel like a long-overdue crumbling. It is surely not a coincidence that all of this accelerated the same week as the trucker convoy formed in Vancouver and made the trek across the entire US/Canada border, in the snow, ending up in Ottawa and gathering many tens of thousands of citizens to protest.  There is fear in the air. They are backing down, more already in Europe than the US.” – Jeffrey A. Tucker

The Media War on Canadian Truckers: Is Freedom Public Enemy Number One? – “The denigration of the Canadian trucker protest convoy exemplifies how freedom is now the biggest villain of the covid-19 pandemic. A Washington Post cartoonist portrayed the trucker convoy as “fascism” incarnate while another Post column derided the “toxic ‘Freedom Convoy.’” Anyone who resists any government command is apparently now a public enemy.” – James Bovard

Freedom Convoy Demonised – CIA-colour revolutions celebrated – “With the Freedom Convoy converging on the Canadian capital Ottawa on Saturday however, the week-long media silence on the protest disappeared only to be quickly replaced by widespread mainstream media condemnation, with the use of likely agent provocateurs leading to the protest being widely lambasted, in lockstep, as ‘far-right’ and ‘fascist’ by corporate-owned outlets. The irony of the Convoy being against the very fascist concept of the fusion of state and corporate power via the use of vaccine mandates being lost it would seem.” – Gavin O’Reilly

‘Freedom Convoys’ gaining steam across Europe – reports – “Inspired by the Canadian movement, truckers in Europe are planning to import the protest by driving to national capitals before “converging” on Brussels” – RT

Leftists Use Mass Censorship Because They Don’t Have The Guts To Engage In Fair Debate – “Why is censorship the go-to tactic for leftists? Well, if you ask them they won’t deny their love affair with the memory hole. In fact, most leftists will vehemently defend censorship as absolutely moral and for the “greater good.” Their position is basically this: We live in a “society”, and some ideas, thoughts and words are “dangerous” and destructive to that society. Therefore, those ideas and words must be eliminated from open discussion so they can protect society from itself. But who gets to decide which ideas are dangerous and destructive?” – Brandon Smith  – GOOD READ FROM BRANDON AS USUAL!!!!!!!!

Biden’s heinous, dishonest speech attacking the Second Amendment – “Currently, the single most important thing separating America from most of the world’s other so-called free countries is our Second Amendment. Joe Biden would like us to be more like them. The Second Amendment is the single most important part of the Constitution because without it none of the other rights matter. On Thursday, Joe Biden went to New York and argued aggressively to limit the Second Amendment. Well, he didn’t really argue. He lied through his teeth, making up all sorts of fantastical things and regurgitating old lies that even leftist outlets had rebutted.” – Andrea Widburg

Biden speaks on guns, gets pretty much everything wrong – Tom Knighton |

As Workers Resist, the Left Recoils – “That recent working class anti-vaccine mandate protests have been met with either silence or derision from the Left speaks volumes about their allegiances.” – Edwin Aponte

Biden’s Free Masks Are Here! Do You Want One? (VIDEO) – Ron Paul

Biden’s Rule: Trust me, but don’t dare verify because it’s none of your business – “President Reagan used to say ‘trust, but verify.’ Joe Biden has shortened that to everyone just trust. Two simple questions come to mind to indicate how repressive the media atmosphere is with Biden in the White House. First, is it Russia that has been expanding into western Europe the past three decades — or has it been NATO that has moved into eastern Europe? Second, hasn’t the Biden family made big bucks by meddling in Ukraine’s internal affairs? There can be no doubt as to the answers to these questions, can there? But where are media reporters as courageous as AP’s Matt Lee to ask these two simple questions?” – David Zukerman

US trucker convoy coming: Joe Biden will ignore protests at his peril – “As hard as it is to imagine, President Biden’s political fortunes are about to get worse. The massive trucker convoy that crossed Canada to protest against that country’s new vaccine mandates will almost certainly be replicated in the U.S. and will bring with it huge headaches for the Biden White House. Biden pretends to be the champion of the “little guy”; he claims to support blue-collar workers. Truckers are exactly the kind of folks Biden is meant to embrace, but he will not do that.” – Liz Peek  – THE KEY WORD HERE IS PRETENDS. THE “BIG GUY” DOESN’T GIVE A RAT’S ASS ABOUT THE “LITTLE GUY”!!!!!

‘Terminator dog’ robots to be deployed on US border as Black Mirror ‘comes to life’ – “Twitter users have reacted in terror to Ghost Robotic’s metal dogs that have been deployed on the US border, as they resemble the robot from the ‘Metalhead’ episode of Netflix’s Black Mirror” – Kirsty Card

Technocratic domination: when government funds science, government controls science – “Eisenhower feared the rise and dominance of the military and industrial might that had driven fascism and imperialism to the fore in the 1930’s. His stark warnings about industry and government riding around in the same car resulting in the driving over of we the people and the need for an informed, alert public protective of its liberty and agency that it might thrive and prosper in freedom rings as true to today as it did then. Oracular as this was, even more prescient was this less remembered but, to my mind, far more presently important admonition: Akin to, and largely responsible for the sweeping changes in our industrial-military posture, has been the technological revolution during recent decades.” – El Gato Malo

Brits Told to Reduce Living Standards as Government Spends £4.7 Million Per Day on Housing Refugees in Hotels – “25,000 asylum seekers being housed in hotel accommodation.” – Paul Joseph Watson

Children’s deaths confirmed following US raid in Syria – “The casualties are a result of “heavy violence” in the town where an ISIS leader was “taken off the battlefield”” – RT  – HMM, WASN’T IT JUST A LITTLE OVER A WEEK AGO THAT DEFENSE SECRETARY AUSTIN PROMISED TO CURB CIVILIAN DEATHS. THAT DIDN’T LAST VERY LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brave Biden kills terrorist, women and children hardest hit – “Three women and six children, to be exact. Joe Biden may be an accomplished grifter, habitual liar, and at least three cans shy of a six-pack mentally, but what a brave commander-in-chief he is!” – Pete McArdle

Leaked drafts of NATO, US responses to Russia are surprisingly revealing – “Have you ever heard the saying, ‘you should talk to the organ grinder, not his monkey’?” – Anatol Lieven

The Year of the Tiger Starts With a Sino-Russian Bang – “The Year of the Black Water Tiger will start, for all practical purposes, with a Beijing bang this Friday, as Presidents Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin, after a live meeting before the initial ceremony of the Winter Olympics, will issue a joint statement on international relations. That will represent a crucial move in the Eurasia vs. NATOstan chessboard, as the Anglo-American axis is increasingly bogged down in Desperation Row: after all, “Russian aggression” stubbornly refuses to materialize.” – Pepe Escobar

What Matters Most to Nations and Peoples? – “Their greater fear is not of Putin’s Russia but of an EU superstate whose dominance leads inexorably to the decline and disappearance of distinct ethnic nations. To the leaders of Hungary and Poland and the traditionalist and populist right-wing parties of Europe, nationality matters more than political systems.” – Patrick J. Buchanan

While Eyes Were Watching Ukraine… Africa Was Ablaze – “Let’s be honest: Americans don’t care about Africa – by and large, at least. Just look at the coverage gap between Russo-Ukrainian hypotheticals in Eastern Europe, and a simultaneous array of actual African disasters unfolding before our (closed) eyes. Now, the crisis in Ukraine is no joke. The thing could kick-off the most egregious European conventional war since Hitler and Stalin locked horns. If for no other reasons (you know besides bountiful dead or starving human beings), here’s a brief rundown of the ruckus most of us mostly missed since making – and probably breaking – those New Year’s resolutions. It’s been nothing less than an Africa ablaze with war, coups, and conflict-catalyzed famine. So much for something new in ’22.” – Maj. Danny Sjursen, USA (ret.)

The Growing Importance of Creating Your Own Fertilizer – Joanna Miller



Here Is What’s Behind Today’s Stunning Payrolls Beat – “There has never been a January Seasonal Adjustment of this magnitude. The labor data indicates an economy firing on all cylinders and growing strong. But is that true? Well, here’s what happened.” – Tyler Durden  – ADJUST THE NUMBERS. THAT WAY BIDEN CAN SAY WHAT A GREAT JOB HE IS DOING. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Bear Awakens – “The bear awakens from a long, uneasy slumber and the everything bubble is in trouble. I’m not going to make the bear case with charts or price-earnings ratios or sentiment readings or anything remotely financial. My bear case is a crisis of belief as faith in the religion of the Federal Reserve dissolves and the dumbfounded believers realize the Fed is a failed religion.” – Charles Hugh Smith

The U.S. Economy Just Took A Turn In A Very Ugly Direction – Michael Snyder

Crypto Liquidity and the Lifecycle of Ponzi Schemes – “It’s one thing to accurately state what the end state of a particular system will be. In the case of the U.S. dollar reserve system, total and complete collapse is inevitable. It’s quite another to put a time on when that will occur and in what order will the system collapse.” – Tom Luongo

Wall Street Sags as Americans Turn Focus to Real-World Problems – Mike Gleason

Global Tightening amid Raging Inflation: February Update – “Brazil and Russia caught up via shock-and-awe rate hikes. But most central banks fell further behind. Then there are the reckless laggards.” – Wolf Richter

Oil Market Keeps Getting Stronger as Prices Touch $93 a Barrel – Alex Longley, Jack Wittels and Julia Fanzeres  – SURE GLAD BIDEN SHUT DOWN THAT PIPELINE. $100 A BARREL IS JUST AROUND THE BEND!!!!!

Signs the Next Rally in Gold has Begun – David Brady



Malachi 3:15    And now we call the proud happy; yea, they that work wickedness are set up; yea, they that tempt God are even delivered.