My bottom line on the existence of the virus, its isolation and sequencing – “Suppose, for example, a study described how researchers actually DID separate a virus from all the material surrounding it in their cell-soup in the lab? Would that be enough? And the answer is no. Why? Because I don’t trust studies based on research conducted in elite labs where no independent outsiders are allowed. And that’s the situation, when it comes to purported virus isolation. These labs are like the famous bunkers where key government officials are taken, in the event of a massive attack against the country. Try getting in off the street. And who are these researchers in the super-secret labs? To put it another way, what sort of establishment do they represent?” – Jon Rappoport

Thinking Points Memo, Feb. 2, 2022 – “I’m struck by the fact that the Pharma henchmen never engage with our argument. Never. Trudeau refuses to acknowledge the legitimate concerns of the Canadian truckers. RFK Jr. gets hit several times a week in the mainstream press — and none of these fake reporters have read his 480-page book. The has-beens attacking Joe Rogan have never actually listened to Joe Rogan.” – Toby Rogers  – MORE GOOD POINTS FROM TOBY!!!!!!

59 Year-Old Hypervaccinated Corona Hystericist Driven Insane by Unvaccinated Husband – T”he vaccinators are not OK. Every day brings a new absurdity from Germany’s dumbest newspaper, the Süddeutsche Zeitung. Today, we find this piece, about some lunatic 59 year-old woman who left her husband of 23 years, because he subscribes to various “conspiracy theories,” does not take Corona seriously enough and refuses to be vaccinated.” – eugyppius

German hospital denies care to 3-year-old child over parents’ vaccination status – “To be clear, children under five are not required to be vaccinated in Germany, and there is no law stating unvaccinated parents are not allowed inside hospitals. Rather, according to a German health ministry spokesman, it is left up to hospitals to decide their own policies. Whoever decided on the policy, refusing any care, especially to children, is a terrible precedent to set. That this was allegedly the hospital’s decision is of little comfort, considering the state did nothing to protect the child or his rights. We’ve seen much of this during the pandemic, a process by which governments create atmospheres without actually making rules or changing laws.” – Kit Knightly

The Lost Heart Of Snow Shoveling – “Old tales of the frigid and the dead. Good Citizen  – AND THE MORAL OF THE STORY IS. . . . . . . . . !!!!!!!!!!

‘Free’ and contaminated: look what happened to Biden’s taxpayer-funded N95 shipment – “The government is here to help? According to evidence that has accumulated on social media and in wider media reports, many stores are distributing N95s outside of any form of sealed packaging.” – Jordan Schachtel

Dr. Peter Hotez a ‘charlatan’ who wants dissenters jailed (VIDEO) – Tucker Carlson

Deliberate infections give unique Covid insight – “The world’s first Covid “challenge trial” – which deliberately infected people – gives a unique view on the early stages of the disease. The virus was given to 36 young, healthy and unvaccinated volunteers, at the Royal Free hospital, in London. Each of the volunteers, aged 18-30, had an identical dose of Covid – equivalent to the amount in a single droplet propelled out of somebody’s nose during the peak of their Covid infection – squirted up their nose. But only half of them became infected. In those that did develop an infection, the virus took off rapidly, the first symptoms and positive test results appearing within just 42 hours.” – James Gallagher


A Crime Against Our Youngest Children – “Covid Vax does NOTHING in 2-4 year olds, Feds Push Anyway” – Igor Chudov

I’m a Public School Teacher. The Kids Aren’t Alright. – “Our students were taught to think of their schools as hubs for infection and themselves as vectors of disease. This has fundamentally altered their understanding of themselves.” – Stacey Lance

The Global Disinformation Campaign to Suppress The Evidence of Efficacy of Ivermectin – “I am tired of presenting the efficacy data. The “debate” of the efficacy of ivermectin has long ceased to be a “data argument,” despite the attempts to make it one by claiming the world over that it’s efficacy is “unproven” due to the supposed fact that these many dozens of trials are all low quality, small, and/or fraudulent.” – Pierre Kory, MD, MPA  – THE RECENT STUDY IN JAPAN MAY BE THE ONE THAT GET’S IVERMECTIN PAST THIS “HORSE PASTE” NONSENSE, SEE YESTERDAY’S ARTICLE FROM QUOTH THE RAVEN!!!!!

Fraudster Fauci’s Diabolical Agenda – “Along with enriching Pharma and himself, Fauci’s agenda prioritizes maximum harm to maximum numbers of unwanted people. Notably since appointed NIAID director in 1984, chronic diseases in the US skyrocketed. What’s been a boon to Pharma profiteers has been the bane of countless millions of harmed Americans — including children at a time of life when good health should be at an optimum level. I vividly remember that time of my life long ago. Overall, I enjoyed good health and boundless energy. Illness I thought was for the elderly, not children, adolescents and youths.” – Stephen Lendman

Occupy Ottawa Day 5: Canadian Government Feeling the Pressure as Trucker Convoy Gains Momentum – Brian Shilhavy

Democrat rep calls for quarantine to observe those refusing vaccines – “Villa Park Illinois State Rep. Deb Conroy (Democrat) wants to “isolate or quarantine persons who are unable or unwilling to receive vaccines, medications, or other treatments.” ” – Illinois Review  – ILLINOIS REP. CONROY SAYS THIS IS FALSE INFO. SHE IS EITHER LYING OR DOESN’T KNOW WHAT’S IN HER OWN 33 PAGE BILL THAT SHE IS SPONSORING!!!!

You Will Not Believe What Just Happened In Illinois & Arizona! The Ripple Effect Will Impact Us All! (VIDEO) – Lisa Haven – MORE FROM LISA ON THE ABOVE PROPOSED LAW. SHE BREAKS IT DOWN PRETTY GOOD. SKIP THE FIRST 2 1/2 MIN. (JUST ADDS)!!!!!!!!


Canadian Convoy Movement Goes Global — Next Stop, U.S.? – “While the big U.S. media mostly pretend Canada’s convoy of truckers disgusted with COVID lockdown culture doesn’t exist, it does. It’s a potent movement that has tapped into a deep vein of cultural anger and resentment over the Canadian government’s authoritarian response to the virus. And guess what? It’s coming here, and soon. As we’ve discovered again in recent years, the left loves civil disobedience, until it’s someone disobeying them. Then it becomes filled with authoritarian busybodies, more than happy to deny you your rights to enforce their vision of the world – whether it’s COVID lockdowns used to force Americans to follow senseless, unscientific rules, racist America-hating Critical Race Theory forced on school kids, or insane “woke” cancel culture imposed on us all.” – I & I Editorial Board

Will We End Up Invading Canada? – “The old stereotype of Canadians as slow-talking, syrup-slurping igloo jockeys has been dashed this week as our friends to the north have launched a peaceful working class revolt against the blackface-wearing clown they have as their prime minister, as well as against that country’s entire ruling caste. We patriotic Americans stand in solidarity with the big rig truckers pushing back against The Man – although that assumes their oppressor’s gender. But, in this Age of Insanity, there’s always the possibility of chaos – even in Canada. While the good-natured, polite pushback against the globalist establishment has been entirely pleasant so far, the terrified elite’s reaction to it has not. It’s been ugly and could get uglier.” – Kurt Schlichter

A Bias for Liberty – “Three weeks ago, this column reported on warnings issued by the Biden administration about the dangers of spyware. Spyware is software that permits the user to hack a computer unseen, unheard and undetected. The manufacturer of the warned-about spyware is an Israeli company called NSO, and its product is called Pegasus. Pegasus permits its users to type in anyone’s cell number and, without requiring a response from the operator of the mobile device, gain complete access to the full contents of that device. Even though doing this in America or to an American is a federal crime — commonly called computer hacking — the Israelis have used it as part of their intelligence services for about six years. They have also sold it to about a dozen foreign government entities who have used it for law enforcement, spying and harassing political opposition and journalists. One of the government entities that purchased Pegasus is the FBI. When the Biden administration warned against being victimized by Pegasus, it did not tell the American public that the government owns this spyware.” – Andrew P. Napolitano  – HAVE LINKED ARTICLES ABOUT PEGASUS IN THE PAST. JUST SEARCH PEGASUS. WHITNEY WEBB HAS WRITTEN ABOUT IT SEVERAL TIMES, AS WELL AS ON TOKA, ANOTHER SPYWARE!!!!!!!!

WH Goes All-in on Censorship Over Spotify and Joe Rogan – Nick Arama

Just how frail is Joe Biden? – “I must admit that I was very wrong about Biden. I thought he’d be out of office by June 2021 at the latest. Instead, technically speaking, he’s still in office. But looking at a recent, very disturbing little video of Joe Biden being gently led away from the podium by his caretaker/wife, Mrs. Joe Biden, one has to wonder what kind of an empty shell of a man is helming what long was the most powerful nation in the world.. Jill functions not as a wife, but as a nursemaid.” – Andrea Widburg

Justin Trudeau is a Bungler and Menace to His Nation – Vasko Kohlmayer

Omicron did not “slam labor markets.” – “Covid policy did. and it was entirely avoidable. CNBC would appear to wish to have us believe that the drop in jobs was caused by “the variant” as though this was some act of nature instead of an act of government. It is not. This is a deeply misleading framing intended to obscure causality rather than reveal it.” – El Gato Malo   – THE BAD CAT IS 100% CORRECT ON THIS ONE. AND IT’S THE SAME WHEN BIDEN BRAGS ABOUT THE JOBS HE CREATED HIS FIRST YEAR. ANY IDIOT CAN SEE THAT IT’S JUST PEOPLE GOING BACK TO WORK AFTER THE THE LOCKDOWNS THAT DESTROYED JOBS ARE COMING BACK AND THE FREE HANDOUTS IE. THE INCENTIVES NOT TO WORK  ARE NOW OVER AND DONE!!!!!

Atlanta Fusion Center Creates A Massive 30,000 Surveillance Camera Network Targeting Black People – MassPrivateI

We Scoured the Planet and Found the Enemy – The Superconsumer – “It’s no mystery why the United States and allies are hell bent on tromping down Iran, Venezuela, Iraq, and even Russia. These are the only places with substantial fossil fuel energy reserves remaining. I don’t want to get into a discussion about “Peak Oil” here, but the fact Saudi Arabia is lobbying for more world oil exploration says it all.” – Phil Butler

Biden’s Pointless Troop Deployment – “The deployment of 3,000 U.S. troops to Eastern Europe offers no strategic advantage. Will it backfire?” – Bradley Devlin

Russia opens doors for Iran’s Eurasian integration – “Raisi and Putin’s January meeting may have seemed anticlimactic, but Russia is now opening doors for Iran’s Eurasian integration” – Yeghia Tashjian

Sudan: Yesterday’s News There, Tomorrow’s Nightmare Everywhere Else – “While the world waits for Boris Johnson to be sacked and Emanuel Macron to be consumed by self-inflicted love bites, it is distracting itself with the events in Sudan. Not because anyone cares about the country or its people, but because it is a useful flag-waving exercise. Military coup! Democracy violated! Turmoil in Africa! Protesters shot dead! All the elements are there to satisfy the Western sense of superiority. If only the Sudanese were developed like us, so the mantra goes. Western democracies don’t suffer these sorts of things. Unless you count the military coups against democratic governments the West has sponsored (Chile, Turkey), the conflicts it has fomented and kept going to suit its professed interests (Ukraine, Yugoslavia) and the use of force against peaceful protest all over Europe (Northern Ireland, France, you name it.” – Seth Ferris

America’s Putin Psychosis – “Rather than examining the perspective of Russian national security interests, U.S. officials wrongly think the fate of European peace is in the hands of a single man: Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin” – Scott Ritter

Where Is Congress on Ukraine’s Membership in NATO? – “That’s because if someone attacks Ukraine after it becomes a NATO member, the U.S. government is is duty-bound to enter the war on behalf of Ukraine. That means that as soon as Ukraine joins NATO, the lives of American soldiers are automatically pledged to Ukraine’s defense. Given that Ukraine’s membership automatically embroils the United States in such a war, why doesn’t the U.S. Congress have a role in determining whether Ukraine becomes a NATO member or not? Shouldn’t the elected representatives of the people be involved in any decision that involves war? Indeed, where does the declaration-of-war requirement provided in the Constitution fit into all this?” – Jacob G. Hornberger

A 2022 Mason Jar Shortage Could Be on the Way – “Gardening went mainstream as people realized just how fickle the supply chain truly was. Just-in-time shelf stocking and being refused access to stores became a reality, and the public responded. And what was one of the ways that they responded? By preserving their own food. Canning supplies throughout 2020 became incredibly scarce.” – Jeff Thompson

9 Missed Meals From Chaos & Anarchy – “How many missed meals away from hunger and unrest? 9 meals from chaos. At least that has been the general number commonly used to exemplify how close we are to chaos and anarchy – should it ever come to pass. Food. It is becoming a bigger and bigger problem. Scarcity. Shortages. Supply chain disruptions. We’ve all seen it lately here in the good old US of A? It’ll never happen in the land of plenty! Right? Wrong…” – Ken Jorgustin

Think Before You Scan: Avoid Getting Scammed by QR Codes – “You know those QR codes that have become so common? Well, cyber-crooks are now using them to scam people out of personal and financial information. QR stands for “Quick Response.” The QR code is a square black and white barcode that contains information to provide access to a website, to prompt the download of an application, and to direct payment to an intended recipient.” – Bernie Carr

Teaching Self-Sufficiency to Our Kids Via Gardening – J.G. Martinez D


ADP Estimates a Job Loss of 301,000 in January – “ADP is often wildly off the mark but so are Bloomberg consensus estimates. We find out on Friday.” – Mish

The Dollar Is Monopoly Money Supported By a Ponzi Scheme (VIDEO) – Peter Schiff

Inflation – “Once inflation starts, it’s hard to stop. In Zimbabwe, President Robert Mugabe couldn’t collect enough in taxes to pay for his grand plans, so he printed more money. A few years later, Zimbabwe was printing 100 trillion-dollar bills. Such drastic inflation hasn’t happened here. It probably won’t because recently the Fed reigned itself in. But with Democrats and Republicans eager to spend more, it could happen here.” – John Stossel

Goldman Sachs & Bridgewater: Virtue-Signal as Implosion Looms – “Numerous animal metaphors (hawk, dove to goat) are employed below to make sense of an otherwise imploding financial “barnyard.” Among such squawking beasts, two financial elites from Goldman Sachs and Bridgewater are making the latest noise; but as we soon discover, it’s just that: Noise.” – Matthew Piepenburg

Meta – the moment the bright star dimmed? – “Meta’s collapse on the back of competition, regulation, and maturity (?) might just be the moment the whole New New Thang Bubble popped.” – Bill Blain

Facebook stock plummets 26%, on pace for its biggest one-day drop ever – Lauren Feiner  – LOOKS LIKE IT’S F*CK ZUCK TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

December US Factory Orders Tumble Most Since April 2020 COVID Crisis – Tyler Durden

When Repos Blew Up in 2019, Hedge Funds Were $800 Billion Short U.S. Treasury Futures; Then Margins Blew Out – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

The UK and its lost opportunities – “Two years after leaving the EU Britain has made almost none of the promised progress towards economic liberalisation. While Brussels hasn’t been helpful, libertarian ministers in the Tory government have been both conquered by the bureaucracy of the civil service and even turned into high spending statists. There has been no attempt to reduce the state’s suffocating dominance over the economy.” – Alasdair Macleod

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 13.18EUR


Psalm 33:12    Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord; and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance.