New level of COVID fakery; I’m doubling down – “I’m expanding the claim I’ve made in several recent articles. I wrote that, by accepting current statistics on COVID cases in the US, you’re committed to concluding that everyone in America is going to be infected. That was an UNDERESTIMATE. —Regardless of vaccines, quarantines, isolation, lockdowns, distancing, masks, everyone moving to underground bunkers and permanently wrapping themselves in stitched-together plastic shower curtains.” – Jon Rappoport

The Three Faces of Evil – “Back when Germans first started eliminating undesirable portions of society, they made up a word for them: Untermensch. Roughly translated it means “under” or an inferior person. The realization that this is happening again, despite first-hand witnesses reminding us of the torture and death that was carried out on undesirables under the Nazi regime, should chill us to the bone. Soon the last of these brave souls will be gone. If we do not heed their warnings, what future do we have? Yet, incredibly, the frenzy to vaccinate every single person in the entire world, down to babies, continues at full speed. And why wouldn’t it? The fact that the vaccines don’t work has nothing to do with how successful they have been. Not a single politician or media pundit that I can think of, except Candace Owens, has dared to even suggest the vaccines might be dangerous and we shouldn’t take them. They haven’t even spoken out against giving them to children.” – Karen Hunt

CDC Not Investigating Myocarditis Death of 13-Year-Old Days After Pfizer Shot, Emails Reveal – “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is leaving it to state health departments to investigate deaths reported following COVID vaccines, including the June 2021 death of 13-year-old Jacob Clynick who died of myocarditis three days after his second Pfizer shot.” – Megan Redshaw  – 13 YEAR OLDS DYING FROM MYOCARDITIS.  EH, NOTHING TO SEE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Vaccine is a Dud – “To date, the most important and surprising information about the vaccines is that they do not prevent the vaccinated from contracting or transmitting the virus. The irony is that the CDC, a government agency, readily admits this, it is becoming increasingly evident that the reason why the Biden administration is demonstrably not “following the science”[iii] is that the irrational and probably unconstitutional vaccine mandates are not about public health at all but more likely about the implementation of a universal digital identification program that governments are labeling “vaccine passports.”” – Jeffrey Barrett  – AND THAT IS “THE BIGGER PICTURE”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


CDC just published a paper that admits that VAERS is underreported by at least 6.5X – “This was easy to miss since it wasn’t specifically called out, but a CDC paper published a week ago confirmed (once again) that VAERS is very underreported, even when people are urged to report by HHS. It’s hard to keep up with all the data coming out of the CDC, but I try my best. And sometimes, you strike gold every now and then.” – Steve Kirsch

Chicago Travel Advisory: Every state, 4 territories now on list – “Under the Travel Advisory, unvaccinated travelers should be tested for COVID before and after travel from any state on the advisory list and should quarantine upon arrival in Chicago. For domestic travel, the quarantine and testing recommendations do not apply to fully vaccinated travelers.” – WBBM Newsradio Staff

36,257 Deaths and 3,244,052 Injuries Following COVID Shots in European Database – Double Vaxxed 13-Year-Old Dies from Heart Attack – Brian Shilhavy

Why are northern European (except for Sweden) all cause deaths up in 2021 vs 2020? – “Covid deaths are way down, but overall deaths are up considerably. this is a puzzle that warrants attention.” – El Gato Malo

The demonisation of Novak Djokovic – “The Aussie fury against the unvaccinated tennis star is really getting out of hand. Something that could have just been hashed out between Djokovic and the powers-that-be has turned into an international furore. Serbia’s president has accused Australia of ‘harassing’ his nation’s sporting star.” – Tom Slater  – I AGREE, IT IS OUT OF HAND BUT IT SHOULDN’T BE JUST ABOUT DJOKOVIC. IT SHOULD BE ABOUT EVERYONE WHETHER YOU ARE A TENNIS STAR OR NOT!!!!!

Italy makes COVID vaccines mandatory for people over 50 – “28 million of Italy’s 59 million residents are over the age of 50, including 7 percent who remain unvaccinated.” – Raymond Wolfe


When That Ol’ Mojo Stops Workin’ – “What you’re actually seeing in the rhetorical hoo-ha over the January Sixth capitol riot is the main cattle-prod driving mob madness — fear of Covid-19 — losing its power to terrorize the public. The Party-of-Chaos put on a grand opera of lamentation Thursday to celebrate its unity in victim-hood — we wuz so traumatized by the riot! — but in the background, they can see their dearer dream of total vaccination — and total control of the population — fade in the winter mists.” – James Howard Kunstler

The Insurrection of January 6th – The Day of Infamy That Wasn’t – “Donald Trump’s presidency effectively ended one year ago today in the midst of a cockamamie riot in the US Capitol Building. On the evidence, it was essentially a happenstance outbreak of blind mob mayhem enabled by piss poor policing by the amateur cops who are pleased to call themselves the Capitol Police. Nothing that happened during that five hour melee remotely resembled the violent insurrection against American democracy it’s now cracked up to be. But like in almost everything else nowadays, narrative has supplanted reality. Completely. Absurdly.” – David Stockman

Joe Biden’s most disgusting, dishonest speech – “If you like dishonesty, and dollop after dollop of general disgustingness, Joe Biden had the speech for you.” – Monica Showalter

Why the Left Cannot Let Go of Jan. 6 – “The left cannot let go of Jan. 6. Indeed, it has fixated upon, exploited and exaggerated the riot to discredit and destroy the Trump presidency in the history books and to prevent Donald Trump from ever running or being elected president again.” – Patrick J. Buchanan

January 6 and the Enabling Act – “Ever since the January 6 protests got out of control, the mainstream press and the Democrat Party establishment have done everything they can to milk it for all its worth. The one-year anniversary today of that event continues that trend. Just look at the front pages of the mainstream press and you’ll see what I mean. Make no mistake about it: The statists are going to use this event as a way to further destroy the rights and liberties of the American people.” – Jacob G. Hornberger

J6 Hysteria Is How Media And Other Democrats Are Avoiding Accountability For Their Rigging Of The 2020 Election – Mollie Hemingway

The Histrionics and Melodrama Around 1/6 Are Laughable, but They Serve Several Key Purposes – “As Kamala Harris compares 1/6 to 9/11 and Nancy Pelosi introduces the cast of Hamilton to sing about democracy, today’s inanity should not obscure its dangers.” -Glenn Greenwald

Destroying a Democracy to Save it: Democrats Call for the Disqualification of Dozens of Republican Members – Jonathan Turley

Supreme Court Justice Exhibits Shocking Lack of Basic COVID Knowledge During Hearing – “The Supreme Court, which is hearing arguments over vaccine mandates, displayed a stunning lack of knowledge of basic Covid-19 facts during today’s oral arguments. The worst offender – Justice Sotamayor – who not only claimed that there are “100,000 children in serious condition,” with many on ventilators ” – Tyler Durden  – LOOKS LIKE WE WILL BE HAVING MORE MANDATES. IS THIS WHOLE COUNTRY A BUNCH OF MIS-INFORMED IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!

Media mostly ignores NYC DA’s plan to keep criminals out of prison – “Look, while I disagree with some of the criminal justice reform efforts out there, I at least understand where they come from. You can make the case that someone might steal things because they’re poor. You can argue that people engaged in drug use or sex work are victims and shouldn’t be treated as criminals. I can get where they’re coming from on that, even if I don’t think any of that should make a damn bit of difference. But this? There’s no way this should be tolerated by the people of New York. These are violent criminals.” – Tom Knighton

Loss of Constitutional Rights Underway, Fight for Freedom or Lose it Forever. (VIDEO) – Gerald Celente and Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

COVID Vs Opioids: Is The Media Hyping The Wrong Killer? – “Has the deadlier issue lost its political clout?” – Jeff Charles

They Are Hypocrites That Preach ‘Tolerance’ For Everyone – Except For The Groups That They Really, Really Hate – “Emmanuel Macron referred to the unvaccinated as “non-citizens”, and he stated that it was his goal “to piss them off”… What a terrible thing to say. So precisely how does he plan to “piss them off”? Well, he apparently intends to limit the ability of unvaccinated people to live a normal life “as much as possible”… What do you think would happen if Macron made that statement about a racial minority or the LGBT community?” – Michael Snyder

Self ImolaTED Cruz Appears with Tucker Carlson in Attempt to Regain Credibility, Fails Miserably (VIDEO) – Sundance  – SOME GREAT COMMENTS ON THIS ONE!!!!!!

The Lessons of I-95 – “The snow was so fierce and heavy it paralyzed traffic on I-95, which became a kind of extended parking lot for much of the distance between Richmond and Northern Virginia, which is more than 100 miles. Thousands of drivers were stuck inside their cars, for as long as 27 hours – which is more than one full day, if you’re counting. This is extremely inconvenient – as well as uncomfortable, assuming your car isn’t an RV with beds in the back and cable TV. It could be something else – if your car happens to be electric.” – Eric Peters

Living in Epoch-Defining Times: Food, Agriculture and the New World Order – “Farmerless farms manned by driverless machines, monitored by drones and doused with chemicals to produce commodity crops from patented genetically engineered seeds for industrial ‘biomatter’ to be processed and constituted into something resembling food. Data platforms, private equity firms, e-commerce giants and AI-controlled farming systems. This is the future that big agritech and agribusiness envisage: a future of ‘data-driven’ and ‘climate-friendly’ agriculture that they say is essential if we are to feed a growing global population. The transformative vision outlined above which is being promoted by the likes of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation amounts to a power grab.” – Colin Todhunter  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM COLIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Making of Lina Hidalgo: From Democratic Party Nursery to Omicron Hysteria Queen – “Despite her image as a progressive and political outsider, Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo is the ultimate insider and works with billionaires to crush the working class and poor, and usher in a new technocratic biosecurity state.” – Dan Cohen  – LONG, BUT VERY INTERESTING AND WELL RESEARCHED. YES, THERE STILL ARE JOURNALISTS OUT THERE!!!!!!!

With Venmo and CashApp Now Monitoring Transactions Over $600, Cash Will Become King Once Again – “The Biden administration’s plans to get into your personal bank accounts and monitor transactions over $600.00 was slapped down with the demise (currently) of the Build Back Better agenda. So, just as with the vaccine mandates, the Biden administration is using corporations to do his dirty work. A line item inserted into the American Rescue Plan will now be the “back door” to finding out how Americans are spending their money. Make no mistake: this is simply another ploy to target small business and weaponize the IRS against average Americans.” – Jennifer Oliver O’Connell

Chicago Thieves ‘Boast’ Of Ease Of Store Break-Ins By Dumping Loot On Democrat Governor’s Lawn – “A group of armed burglars broke into two Lakeview convenience stores, dumped their stolen cash registers in front of Gov. JB Pritzker’s home, and then burglarized the Burberry store on Michigan Avenue early Thursday.”- Tyler Durden  – THAT IS JUST STRAIGHT UP “IN YOUR FACE”, WILL LORI’S LAWN BE NEXT. AT LEAST PRITZKER IS JUST GETTING CASH REGISTERS FOR NOW, THE VIOLENCE HASN’T QUITE ESCALATED TO THE LEVELS IN MEXICO, YET. SEE LINK BELOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ten Dead Bodies Crammed Into Car Left Outside Mexican Governor’s Office – “In the latest sign of Mexico’s out-of-control cartel violence, ten bodies were abandoned outside the governor’s office, in a public square lit up with Christmas decorations, in the north-central Mexican state of Zacatecas on Thursday.” – Tyler Durden

Undermining US Global Hegemony Is Good, Actually – “China and Russia are right to try to undermine US unipolar hegemony. The planet is not America’s property and efforts to stop it being treated as such are good.” – Caitlin Johnstone  – MORE OBSERVATIONS FROM CAITLIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mayhem In Kazakhstan As 18 Police Reported Killed, Banks Offline, Shooting & Explosions Heard – Tyler Durden

Russia is Done Playing Politics Over Ukraine – “As we approach next week’s big summit between the U.S./NATO and Russia over tensions in Ukraine it’s important to understand just where things between everyone stands. Russia’s Foreign Ministry, normally the soul of understatement and infuriating politeness, has been ratcheting up the blunt over the past couple of months. Nothing else seems to get the attention of U.S. and European so-called diplomats and decision-makers. These are people who arrogantly believe it is their right and privilege to demean everyone else they don’t respect or agree with. They sincerely don’t like it when it comes back at them.” – Tom Luongo

Russia Outflanked – “Just as the Kremlin had steeled itself to face down the West over Ukraine, Washington initiated the destabilization of Kazakhstan on Russia’s central Asian border. At this time it is unclear how serious the situation is, but the Collective Security Treaty Organization consisting of Russia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Armenia, and Kazakhstan have sent troops in response to the Kazakh government’s request for help. Now the Kremlin finds itself with troubles on two fronts. In my view, it was a strategic error for the Kremlin to bank on diplomacy and Western good will. Perhaps Russian elites were unable to take seriously Washington’s intent to destabilize the Russian Federation in the interests of Washington’s hegemony. The question that remains is what is the point of next Monday’s meeting between Putin and Biden?” – Paul Craig Roberts

“My QR code is more anti-NATO than yours” – “Are we really going to do this? Please no. What is “actually” happening in Kazakhstan? Nobody seems to know. But we have a very uneasy feeling about things. We are worried people are falling back into their antiquated horse race way of viewing the world. “Muh NATO”; “Muh multi-polar world order.” People are actually cheering for various governments and military alliances while being cattle-tagged by these same governments and military alliances. It’s astounding. We are astounded. The Kazakh government uses a color-coded digital cattle tag system to control all aspects of normal life.” – Edward Slavsquat


The Economy / Market Look “Healthy” Until They Have a Seizure and Collapse – “Some readers occasionally make the point that I’ve been predicting a market crash for ten years and been dead-wrong for ten years.What I’ve been saying is that living on junk food and sugar-cocaine speedballs isn’t “health” just because a handful of pills has dropped cholesterol readings to “healthy” levels. ” – Charles Hugh Smith

Ending Fiat Money Won’t Destroy the State – Ryan McMaken

My Two-Bit Political Awakening – “Coin dealing helped me recognize early in life that a government promise is not worth a plug nickel. From 1878 onwards, the U.S. Mint printed silver certificates redeemable for silver coins from the U.S. government. In 1964, the Treasury Department repudiated that pledge, announcing that certificates were henceforth redeemable only for silver bullion, not coins. In 1967, Congress passed the Act to Authorize Adjustments in the Amount of Outstanding Silver Certificates. Congress “adjusted” silver certificates by nullifying all further redemptions. Shortly after my 15th birthday, the U.S. government drove the final wooden stake into the nation’s currency. In August 1971, President Richard Nixon announced that the U.S. government would cease honoring its pledge to pay gold to redeem the dollars held by foreign central banks. For almost a century, American coinage and currency policies have veered between “government as a damn rascal” and “government as a village idiot.” The dollar has lost 85 percent of its purchasing power since Nixon closed the gold window. I remain mystified how anyone continues trusting politicians after the government formally repudiates its promises.” – James Bovard  – EXCELLENT POINT FROM JAMES!!!!!

Media Slavishly Praise Strong Jobs Market as Being Saved by Vaccines – “That is what you say when you reach into your answer files and pull out the standard answer even when you are faced with a very non-standard surge in quits because you don’t stop to think about why on earth the surge would be so extraordinary.” – David Haggith

Markets Suddenly Hear Hawkish Fed: Stocks Sag, ARKK Plunges, Yields Jump, Cryptos (the New Hedge Against Inflation) Fail to Hedge, Plunge in Sync – “Quantitative Tightening coming sooner, faster, and bigger, according to the Fed’s minutes today.” – Wolf Richter

These Charts Are the Smoking Guns in the Fed’s 2019-2020 Emergency Repo Loan Bailouts – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

The Pain is Almost Over – “For once the Fed surprised the markets with a far more hawkish message than anticipated. How did the markets react? Stocks dumped almost immediately and closed at the low of the day. As forecast months ago, this caused real yields to spike higher to levels not seen since June. The dollar rebounded. The combination of these factors led to precious metals and miners getting slammed. None of this should be a surprise to you.” – David Brady

ALERT! JP Morgan “Borrows” Billions Of Dollars From Fed To RIG SILVER! (VIDEO) – “WHY is JP Morgan allowed to “Borrow” tens of Billions of newly created US Dollars every time they lose on a Risky Market Trading Bet? The latest revelations from the Federal Reserve is that JP Morgan and friends “borrowed” over $11T during the Repo Insanity…WHY DO THEY GET A BAILOUTS FOR RISKY BETS?! During that time JPM was the #1 Rigger of the price of Silver!” – Bix Weir

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 12.34EUR


Jeremiah 15:17      I sat not in the assembly of the mockers, nor rejoiced; I sat alone because of thy hand: for thou hast filled me with indignation.