22 Ways To Stop Vaccine ID Passports in 2022 and Why We Must! – “A Quick Dose of Reality You Can Relate To: The System Has Already Been Tested. The system they are creating for human beings has long been tested on pet owners of dogs, and most dogs are even chipped. It is also being run through the livestock industry via RFID tags, which Corey’s Digs previously reported on. They want every living being tracked and controlled because ultimately, we are all livestock to them” – Corey Lynn  – EXCELLENT READ FROM COREY AS USUAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Walensky Vs. Fauci Continues After CDC Director Says ‘No Plans’ To Change Definition Of ‘Fully Vaccinated’ – Tyler Durden

First Briton contracts deadly bird flu – “A case of the H5 strain has been identified in a person from South West England’ -RT  – COVID IS WANING, TIME TO TO AMP UP SOMETHING NEW!!!!!

Why does no one trust the media anymore? – Gee, i wonder… Watch as the hot question of the day from the press pool is “Hey, why isn’t the president meaner to 38% of Americans?” This is not media asking the tough questions like “Hey, why aren’t vaccines doing ANYTHING to stop spread? Or even hospitalization counts?” or “Why does the northeast look as bad or worse than last year on these metrics despite 95%+ vaccination rates?”” – El Gato Malo

The Population Is Being Killed Off with Covid mRNA “Vaccines” – “Why then are there vaccine mandates? Is this stupidity or a depopulation program? This is a legitimate question. The adverse effects, or side-effects, of the mRNA “vaccines” that are under-reported to VAERS are not side effects in the traditional sense, such as an allergic response to a vaccine or the effect of a substance in a vaccine on a person sensitive to that substance. What are being called adverse effects are consequences of the “vaccine” turning the human immune system into a weapon against its own body, as described by Dr. Sucharit Bahkdi and others:” – Paul Craig Roberts

Gaslighting from the WHO – “On November 23, 2021, the WHO did a Facebook post claiming the vaccines side-effects are mild. You’d never guess that from the 45,000 comments they received–all negative.” – Steve Kirsch

Scottish Newspaper Asks Readers if ‘COVID Internment Camps’ Should be Introduced – “One of Scotland’s largest newspapers is asking its readers if the country should follow Australia’s example by introducing “COVID internment camps.” Yes, really. The question was posed via the Daily Record’s official Facebook page. The vast majority of respondents to the question reacted with horror. “What a disgrace of a question???” 2020: “Wash your hands, everybody!” 2022: “Should we build COVID internment camps?”” – Paul Joseph Watson

Twitter suppresses massive study showing ivermectin reduced COVID mortality by 68% – “The Brazilian study revealed ‘a 68% reduction in COVID-19 mortality’ for those using ivermectin and a 67% reduction in hospitalizations.” – Patrick Delaney  – THEY CAN ONLY SUPPRESS THINGS SO LONG IF PEOPLE KEEP REPORTING ON THE TRUTH!!!!!


Biden decries Trump backers’ ‘dagger at throat’ of democracy – Mary Clare Jalonick, Lisa Mascaro and Zeke Miller  – THE GREAT UNITER SPEAKS. BASICALLY SAYING YOU AINT SHIT IF YOU BACKED SOMEONE BESIDES HIM.  TRUMP WAS FAR FROM PERFECT BUT HE WAS NEVER THIS DEVISIVE!!!!!!!!!

Who Are the Real Insurrectionists? – “Stone-cold sober elites are systematically waging a far more dangerous and insidious revolution in the shadows than anything threatened by the American Right. We are in a dangerous revolutionary cycle. But the threat is not so much from loud, buffoonish one-day rioters on January 6.” – Victor Davis Hanson  – VERY GOOD READ FROM VICTOR!!!!!!

No, the Capitol riot was not a coup – “A year on from ‘1/6’, we need to set the record straight. The Capitol riot was not any sort of organised attempt to take over the federal government. That it was a coup has been argued repeatedly and hysterically by the mainstream media, which also referred to rioters in buffalo-hide headdresses as ‘insurrectionist terrorists’. Per the Oxford English Dictionary, a coup is a ‘sudden, violent and illegal seizure of power’ from a government by some organised faction. Coups are almost always carried out by the military: the example given under the Oxford definition is ‘an army coup’. Even more bluntly, Webster’s primary definition of a ‘coup’ is simply a ‘coup d’état’, which it defines as a ‘military coup’.” – Wilfred Reilly

The sinister legacy of January 6 – “Almost one year on from the riot at the US Capitol Building, it continues to be used by those in positions of power to develop a culture of fear – yet another example of a threat being amplified and raising public insecurity.” – Frank Furedi

The NYT Perpetuates the Myth of a January 6, 2021 Capitol Hill Insurrection – “The NYT never met an indisputable truth about a key domestic or geopolitical issue it didn’t reinvent to serve its one-sided support for wealth, power and privilege at the expense of governance for everyone equitably and journalism as it should be. Throughout Trump’s tenure, it invented fake reasons to slam him over legitimate ones.” – Stephen Lendman

Meet The Capitol Insurrection Hoax—Just Like Charlottesville, Another MSM Lie – “Not content with treading on Christmas with Hanukkah etc., the Democrat-Media Complex apparently has now decided to swamp Epiphany, traditionally the end of the Christmas season, with mass public ululations about their January 6 Capitol Insurrection Hoax. Thus Witchfinder in-chief Merrick Garland, in an overwrought speech opening the ritual, actually demanded a “moment of silence” for five (?) police officers who subsequently died. Garland must know, and he must know that we know, that not a single one of these deaths was in any way caused by Trump supporters, whereas the deaths of Trump supporters Ashli Babbitt, and arguably Kevin Greeson and Rosanne Boyland, if not more, certainly were caused by police action.” – Peter Brimelow

Kamala Harris Compares January 6 Capitol Riot to Attacks That Killed Thousands at Pearl Harbor and on 9/11 – Kristinn Taylor  – UH, NOTE QUITE, KAMALA!!!!!!!!!!!!

One year later: the unsolved Jan 6 pipe bomber case screams of purposeful neglect, or worse – “Do they not want us to know about the most concerning criminal of that day? The idea that somehow, someone could get away with a major crime — one that supposedly has the attention of the entire federal apparatus — is simply unfathomable. In the aftermath of Jan 6, the feds leveraged every agency in the federal government to track down virtually every single individual who participated in the protests that day. Judging by their public behavior, the FBI seems entirely disinterested in catching the most overt and dangerous criminal involved in the January 6 incidents.” – Jordan Schachtel

Twitter to hunt for ‘harmful content’ on Jan 6 – “The announcement comes on heels of reports of 700,000 new users joining the right-leaning alternative Gettr in less than a week” – RT

Kazakhstan: Hey, Liz! Here’s what a real Jan. 6 insurrection looks like: – “Congressional Democrats and their allies have been blowing a lot of hot air about the Jan. 6 “insurrection,” a pathetic crowd-control failure brought on by Capitol police incompetence, crossed wires among those charged with security, and quite likely some FBI pot-stirring, through agents provocateurs. It’s bee ess.” – Monica Showalter

AG Garland’s Remarks About Jan. 6 and ‘One Rule’ of Law Defy Belief – ““The central norm is that in our criminal investigations there cannot be different rules depending on one’s political party or affiliation,” he added. “There cannot be different rules for friends and foes and there cannot be different rules for the powerful and the powerless. There is only one rule.” Astonishingly, his tongue didn’t go up in flames immediately for this lie.” – Nick Arama


Humanity as it Exists Today Is Facing Extinction: An Inevitable Threat – “What Aristotle understood about tyrants and the weakness and pathetic nature of man over 2,400 years ago, still holds true today. The major difference today is that this attempted fascist and communistic takeover is a total global effort, so virtually every country on earth is under siege by evil governing forces and those who control them. In other words, there is a concerted effort by the so-called master class, to assure a global takeover of humanity, thereby stifling any and all thought of individual thought and freedom among the collective masses.” – Gary D. Barnett

The Terrifying Lessons of COVID-19 – “During the past 18 months, the relationship of the American people to the government has changed radically, as the Constitution’s failure to restrain the federal and state governments and to protect personal liberty has become manifest. We know that for the past 100 years the growth of the federal government has been exponential. And we know that while formally the Constitution still exists, functionally it has failed miserably, as the deterioration of personal liberty since the spring of 2020 has been as grave as the losses of freedom in the past 100 years.” – Andrew P. Napolitano

Biden Might Not Have ‘Time to Think’ but He HAS Spent 25 Percent of His Failed Presidency on Vacation – “I’m reluctant to say it. Again. But I can’t help it. You can’t make this stuff up. White House press secretary Jen Circle-Back Psaki on Wednesday claimed that our intrepid president has “no free time or time to think.” Spoiler: Having enough time to think is not Joe’s problem.” – Mike Miller

So much for NYC’s ‘tough on crime’ new mayor: Ex-cop Eric Adams backs Manhattan’s ‘progressive’ new DA, Alvin Bragg, who won’t seek prison for most crimes and will downgrade felony charges in armed robberies and drug dealing – Keith Griffith

Federal Judge Blocks DOD From Disciplining Navy SEALS Who Sued Over Vaccine Mandate – “In another defeat of Biden’s military vaccine mandates, a federal judge barred the U.S. Department of Defense from disciplining military service members who object to COVID-19 vaccination on religious grounds.” – Michael Nevradakis, Ph.D.

CHAOS A.D. – “There is nothing new under the Sun and as I see things, healthcare has finally succumbed to the rot that infected government and education. It doesn’t matter how many guests Joe Rogan has on his podcast or anything life insurance actuaries have to say because reform is impossible and compliance will only lead to our demise. Nope, we are gonna have to ride this sucker all the way down to the very very bottom. No one is coming to save us because all of our institutions are just for show now. ” – NickelthroweR  – INTERESTING READ, MAY OPEN YOUR EYES A BIT!!!!!!!!

Big Tech Censorship Is a Problem, but More Government Involvement Is Not the Solution – “The year may be new, but its problems are old.” – Hannah Cox

Jeffrey Epstein and the Mainstream Media Cover-Up, Part I – “Our media could not be less interested in Jeffrey Epstein’s child molestation ring and, with the sole exception of the Palm Beach Police Department, every arm of government has bent over backward to bury the case. As for media coverage, did you even know that the FBI found Epstein’s cache of sex tapes labeled “(name of underage girl) + (name of VIP)” — and then lost them?” – Ann Coulter

Critical Pedagogy: Your Children May Be At Risk – “Are you ready for your children to be indoctrinated in Marxist ideology? The truth is that C.R.T. or some derivative of it is being taught to educators as part of their training, not directly to the students. The teachers are indoctrinated in a particular ideology that informs the way they teach and how they frame the world to the kids. However, C.R.T. is only one small aspect of the Marxist doctrine known as Critical Pedagogy. Pedagogy is just a fancy word for education theory. The Brazilian intellectual Paulo Freire founded Critical Pedagogy, and his most influential work is the book Pedagogy of the Oppressed. According to Google Scholar, it was the third most cited book in the social sciences as of 2016. That gives you an idea of how massive is its influence on education.” – Caroline Adana

Only Fuzzbrained Human Livestock Fret About Communism – “This bizarre 1950s-throwback anti-communist hysteria is growing more and more common on the western right, particularly in the United States with its uniquely sophisticated and aggressive propaganda engine. This despite the fact that the US and its allies are no closer to coming under communist rule than they were in the nineties after the end of the first cold war.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Steppe on Fire: Kazakhstan’s Color Revolution – “Maidan in Almaty? Oh yeah. But it’s complicated. So is that much fear and loathing all about gas? Not really.” – Pepe Escobar

Soros, Sputnik V & Kazakhstan – “Not your typical “color revolution” What the heck is going on in Kazakhstan?” – Edward Slavsquat

Why Iran will never forget US killing of Soleimani – “Two years ago, the US ordered the assassination of an Iranian icon, Qassem Soleimani. Iran has since been calling for justice to be administered by the international community on the Americans responsible for this crime.” – Scott Ritter

Glyphosate damages blood-testis barrier and causes poor quality sperm – “US acceptable daily intake level found unsafe. Only pure glyphosate was tested in this experiment – there is no comparison with the formulated herbicides ( Roundup ) as sold and used, even though these have been found to be more toxic in many studies.” – GM Watch  – I CAN’T IMAGINE ANY LEVELS OF GLYPHOSATE BEING ACCEPTABLE!!!!!

15 Foods You Can Grow In Buckets All Year – Amanda Whittington


Wall Street Banks Have an Alibi for their $11.23 Trillion in Emergency Repo Loans from the Fed – It’s a Doozy – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Jobless Claims Unexpectedly Rose Last Week Led By Surge In New York – Tyler Durden

Omens and Signs – what lies ahead? – “Lots of small signals, rising rates, a tech wobble, Covid vs freedom, China’s Covid crisis and the anniversary of the Capitol riot make for a rich stew of confusion in today’s markets!” – Bill Blain

Money supply and rising interest rates – “Clearly, the outlook is for higher dollar interest rates. The Fed is trying to persuade markets that it is a temporary phenomenon requiring only modest action and that while inflation, by which the authorities mean rising prices, is unexpectedly high, when things return to normal it will be back down to a little over two per cent. There’s no need to panic, and this view is widely supported by the entire investment industry. Unfortunately, this narrative is based on wishful thinking rather than reality. The reality is that over the last two years the dollar has been dramatically debased as part of an ongoing process,” – Alasdair Macleod

Heads You Loose; Tails You Loose – “The Fed has a difficult choice to make. Will it crash the economy? Or will it crash the dollar? Whichever way this coin flip turns out — you lose.” – Peter Schiff

Global Bond Rout Intensifies as Fed Prompts Bets on Faster Hikes – Michael MacKenzie and James Hirai

Inflation: A Stealth Tax with No Maximum Rate – “The Federal Reserve’s printing press enables reckless DC spending, and now we’re all paying the price” – Brian McGlinchey

The Homeownership Dreams of Zoomers and Millennials Shattered by Prices – “Home prices and rent are soaring faster than wages. This shattered home buying plans of generations Y and Z and put them in a rent squeeze as well.” – Mish

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 12.13EUR


Isaiah 1:21    How is the faithful city become an harlot! it was full of judgment; righteousness lodged in it; but now murderers.