Dr. Fauci: Americans Will “Just Have to Deal with” Yearly Booster Shots if They Become Necessary (VIDEO) – “Dr. Fauci on Sunday casually told Democrat operative and ABC’s “This Week” host George Stephanopoulos that Americans may need a yearly Covid booster shot.” – Cristina Laila – AS STEPHEN LENDMAN CORRECTLY NOTES EVERY WEEK. SUNDAY IS THE WEEKLY PROPOGANDA SHOW FOR FAUCI. REPETITION MAKES THE SHEEPLE BELIEVE!!!!!!!

“A Half Truth is a Whole Lie”: The Omicron Variant, Cross-Reactive Immunity, and the Manufactured Illusion of an Unprecedented Virus – “We need to remind ourselves that our immune systems are self-improving protective shields that need frequent exercise in order to maintain and update their skillset to keep up with an evolving enemy. The propaganda during Covid has not denied this fact, it has merely distorted it to the point where many people have lost faith in their immune systems,” – Julius Ruechel

The Omicron Variant: Deliberately Raising the Global State of Panic – Paul Anthony Taylor

Many Have Died from Being Hoodwinked by Media Orchestration of a Deadly Covid Pandemic – “Virologist Marc G. Wathelet provides 13 reasons that the Covid virus is not, and has not been, sufficiently dangerous to require extraordinary measures such as lockdowns, masks, and vaccination with an unsafe experimental “vaccine.” Dr. Wathelet points out that Covid’s lethality is on a par with the seasonal flu.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Have Professional Athletes Become the Canary in the Covid Coalmine? – “Amid studies showing a link between some vaccines and heart problems, professional athletes appear to be collapsing on the field of dreams like never before. Are these incidences normal occurrences, coincidences or symptomatic of mandatory vaccine programs? As more countries make vaccinations mandatory requirements for participating in many aspects of life, including that of sporting events, stadiums around the world have become something of testing grounds for determining the efficacy of the rollout. Thus far the results do not look particularly promising.” – Robert Bridge

Covid-19 natural immunity compared to vaccine-induced immunity: The definitive summary – Sharyl Attkisson

The tide is turning: former pro-vax PhDs are now refusing the booster – “Want to know what changed their minds? The credit for the attitude shift goes our best convincer: the vaccine itself. These researchers are seeing first hand how dangerous the vaccine is because they are involved in studies in hospitalized and/or outpatients and they see the numbers first hand.” – Steve Kirsch

Alert: Japan Places Myocarditis Warning on ‘Vaccines’ – Requires Informed Consent – Amy Mek

Status of Proposed Illinois Bill to Deny Health Insurance Coverage to the Unjabbed – “Last Thursday, the Chicago Sun Times reported that Carroll shelved his draconian proposal because of its “unintended divisive nature.” Not only was Carroll’s draconian measure a breach of international law and medical ethics, it violates Obamacare legislation — the misnamed Affordable Care Act. Providing coverage for preexisting conditions, it’s maintained no matter the change in health status.” – Stephen Lendman

Russia’s COVID cultists in full retreat? – “Promising signs of a total narrative collapse” – Edward Slavsquat


We Are Warriors. We Will Not Be Silenced. (VIDEO) – “For all those out there who refuse to be silent. For all the warriors fighting against tyranny.” – Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen  – GOOD VIDEO!!!!!!!!

Civilizational Suicide, Not Omicron, Is Killing Us – “Emergencies justify emergency powers, and emergency powers mean that you can push ahead with your agenda on all fronts.” – Roger Kimball

Julian Assange has a stroke in Belmarsh prison: Fiancée blames extreme stress caused by US extradition battle – Sarah Oliver

They’re Killing Him: Assange’s Stroke Reveals The Western Version Of The Saudi Bone Saw – “They are killing Julian Assange. Experts agree that they are killing him. Assange’s stroke is just another item on the mountain of evidence we already had for this. The US-centralized power alliance is murdering a journalist, as surely as the Saudi regime murdered Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi. The only difference is that Khashoggi was killed quickly by live dismemberment via bone saw while Assange is being killed slowly by lawfare.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Assange Verdict: Vengeance Is Ours, Saith the Agency – “Are the CIA and its contractors able to bully not only the U.S. Department of Justice, but also the UK judiciary? This is not hard to conclude after the High Court decision announced early Friday to bow to the US and extradite Julian Assange. Underneath the pettifoggery, the decision demonstrates that the British will lop the “juris” off jurisprudence and pay heed only to “prudence” in kowtowing to the security state in Washington and its junior partner in London.” – Ray McGovern

2022 Trends, Predictions, Collapse, Covid & Wars (VIDEO) with Gerald Celente – “There is the never ending Covid, Vax Wars, military wars, economic upheaval, and even new predictions on the future of Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Ron DeSantis. We start with what needs to be done to defeat the tyranny of the vax war on the global population. Celente says, “Vax War,’ look at the protests going on in Austria. Look at the protests going on in Germany, Italy, in France and the UK. . . . The only way this war will be won is if people unify under one umbrella and don’t leave.”” – Greg Hunter  – ANOTHER GOOD ONE WITH GERALD WHO SAYS IT LIKE IT IS!!!!!!!

Biden Blows a Fuse With What He Calls Tornadoes – “Seriously, what is wrong with this guy? Does he not understand the difference? No, Joe, tornadoes are not hurricanes. This isn’t the first problem that he’s had over the term “tornado.” In September, he claimed that “we don’t call them tornadoes anymore.”” – Nick Arama  – THAT’S ODD. I LIVE IN THE MIDWEST. AN AREA THAT HAS TORNADOES EVERY YEAR, AND WE STILL CALL THEM TORNADOES. TORNADOES, DERECHOS, CYCLONES, TWISTERS, HURRICANES, YOU KNOW THE THINGS AS JOE WOULD SAY WHEN HE CAN’T REMEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Biden blames Kentucky tornado damage on ‘climate change’ to score political points – “Like a broken-down vaudeville performer of old, Joe Biden has just a few acts in his repertoire and he’s sticking to them. One of those acts that he drags act as often as possible is climate change. So it was that, after the terrible damage when a tornado devastated Mayfield, Kentucky, Biden immediately said that the tornado is proof of global warming.” – Andrea Widburg

Net Zero by 2050? Here’s What It Takes To Get It – “Here is what a reasonably objective study from the Geological Survey of Finland concludes on just how much more electricity generation will be required to retire natural gas and coal… The answer: a stink load!” – Chris MacIntosh

Will New York Times, Washington Post return Pulitzer for misleading Russia collusion stories? – “This is not the first time the prize was awarded for misleading and discredited coverage” – Hans A. von Spakovsky and Stephanie Luiz

The woke’s silence on Jussie Smollett’s guilt is deafening – “The opportunist politicians and celebrities who jumped on the bandwagon to denounce Smollett’s ‘assault’ two years ago seem markedly less keen to celebrate the fact there was no racism or homophobia involved at all. As evidence began to grow pointing toward the “hate crime” being staged, and by Smollett himself no less, many who had initially commented on the case seemingly lost interest in the story. One might have thought that discovering people hadn’t targeted a black, gay man for a hate crime would be cause for celebration, but in contrast to the explicit statements of support, there were few, if any, apologies or corrections released by the celebrity/activist left. In fact, many of the social media posts voicing solidarity with Smollett still remain up to this day, like those by Kamala Harris and Rashida Tlaib.” – Lauren Chen

No U.S. Boots – But Plenty of Arms – on the Ground in Ukraine – “By sending massive shipments of offensive weapons to a rabidly Russophobic regime Washington is demonstrating its witting culpability.” – Finian Cunningham

COVID hardly killed weapons biz: top companies see $513 billion in sales – “Brand new report shows industry giants shielded by government demand for the goods and services of war.” – Jim Lobe

Chinese state-run media says Beijing ready to use force against US – “A Chinese state-run media outlet has warned Washington that Beijing will not hesitate to strike US forces should they try to prevent China’s reunification with Taiwan, as promised recently by a top American official.” – RT


Chairman Powell Paralyzed With Fear As Inflation Takes Over – “One thing is certain, inflation is no longer officially “transitory.” It hasn’t, and isn’t likely to in the near future either. So the next natural question to think about is: What now, Chairman Powell?” – Birch Gold

Inflation Surges Near to a 40-Year High. Wages Aren’t Keeping Up. – “During November, average hourly earnings increased 4.8 percent, year over year. But with inflation at 6.9 percent, earnings aren’t keeping up. Meanwhile, the Fed will do little for fear of spooking Wall Street.” – Ryan McMaken

And Just Like That, Inflation Is About To Disappear? – “BLS has reported, starting next month it will adjust the weights for its Consumer Price Index basket, which will be calculated “based on consumer expenditure data from 2019-2020.” Alas, there is no further detail on this critical topic, although we will take any bet that post-revision reported inflation will drop because, well, “adjustments.”” – Tyler Durden  – DON’T LIKE THAT INFLATION IS GETTING WORSE? JUST CHANGE HOW IT IS CALCULATED!!!!!!!

Can “Bond Vigilantes” Ever Return To Set The Fed Straight? – “It was a lovely idea decades ago: bond investors would buck the trend and tell the Fed to shove their low rates up their ass. But with how the Fed has rigged the bond market, is it even possible now?” – Quoth the Raven


Lamentations 3:36   To subvert a man in his cause, the Lord approveth not.


I’m living with war everyday
I’m living with war in my heart everyday
I’m living with war right now

And when the dawn breaks I see my fellow man
And on the flat-screen we kill and we’re killed again
And when the night falls, I pray for peace
Try to remember peace (visualize)

I join the multitudes
I raise my hand in peace
I never bow to the laws of the thought police
I take a holy vow
To never kill again
To never kill again

I’m living with war in my heart
I’m living with war in my heart in my mind
I’m living with war right now

Don’t take no tidal wave
Don’t take no mass grave
Don’t take no smokin’ gun
To show how the west was won
But when the curtain falls, I pray for peace
Try to remember peace

In the crowded streets
In the big hotels
In the mosques and the doors of the old museum
I take a holy vow
To never kill again
Try to remember peace

The rocket’s red glare
Bombs bursting in air
Give proof through the night,
That our flag is still there

I’m living with war everyday
I’m living with war in my heart everyday
I’m living with war right now

( Living With War by Neil Young )